Waking Up in Austria

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You find yourself awakening in an Austrian winter palace bed. The room is filled with antiques and beauty, but nothing compares to you. You notice that you are alone, and that there’s already breakfast waiting for you beneath the silver cover plate.

You remove the warm comfortable blanket, and in your naked glory, you walk to the window. You can see that it has been snowing for a while. You decide to forgo the pleasure of breakfast and you go into the bathroom to spoil your body with a nice warm shower.

The bathroom is a splendor of white marble, with heat tiles. You step into the shower, slowly turning on the water to hot, and then letting it cascade over yourself. You close your eyes and relax.

I quietly enter your chambers and notice that you are no longer in bed, but I can hear the water running in the bathroom. I remove my clothing and make my way to join you. I open the door and stare at your naked body, drinking in every curve of your flawless and exposed skin.

I enter the stall without disturbing your thoughts. I nibble along your neck and shoulder, startling you. You attempt to turn around, but I hug you tightly, preventing you from seeing who is nibbling.

As you slowly calm down and enjoying being nibbled upon, I let my hands caress your body. My hand explores your curves, they cup your breast, tweaking your nipples and slide down your stomach. I lightly scratch your inner thigh as you spread your legs apart. I ignore your intimate part, and stop nibbling you.

I turn you around to face me, and our mouths meet each other passionately. Tongues dancing with one another perabet and our hands explore the naked flesh. My hands find your ass and gives it a squeezes, pressing your body into mine. Your hands slides between us and reaches for my cock, and gently strokes it. You groan as you feel my cock harden and grow at your touch.

I quickly grab you by your wrist and put them above your hand, I kiss your mouth, and work my way downwards. I lick and then nibble on your nipples. My tongue snakes downwards, as it reaches your navel, I nibble along your stomach. I spread your legs, and I get on my knees, I start to nibble along your inner thigh. I avoid your pussy, kissing and nibbling all around it.

You run your fingers through my hair and shove my mouth right onto your pussy. I slowly lick your pussy and clit, teasing it before sucking and nibbling more on your clit. I slide a finger into your pussy, feeling your juices flowing freely. I keep nibbling and swirling my tongue against your clit. I slowly stop, nibble on your inner thigh, before nibbling on your pussy lip and slide my tongue into your pussy and getting a taste of your nectar. I finger your pussy faster and harder, while my tongue keeps working it’s magic.

You moan louder and louder as my tongue drives you wild with pleasure and lust. You pull me up from my knees and quickly devour my mouth with your own. After a couple minutes of frenzy kissing, and feeling my hard cock pressed against your pussy, you whisper into my ear with a moan “Fuck me, it’s my birthday and I order you to give me the fucking I desire!”

I grin, perabet giri┼č and turn you around, giving your ass a nice spank. You stick out your ass and spread your legs, giving me an eyeful of your horny pussy. I rub my cock along your pussy before I shove it all the way with one stroke. You gasp with pleasure as you feel every inch sliding into your tight wet horny pussy.

I lean forward, grabbing your breast and squeezing them. I nibble along your neck as our hips rock and back and forth. I nibble on your earlobe, and slide my hand down to rub your clit. My cock slides in and out of your pussy harder and faste. The water continues to cascade our wet naked body as we moan and groan with pleasure.

I slowly pull my cock out of your pussy, and you quickly turn around and give me a glare and say “What do you think you’re doing, put it back in, I was so close”.

I replied with a grin, “I know, that’s the point, to prolong your desire.” I rub my cock along your pussy, press my mouth to your, and kiss you.

I turn you around and pick you up. You quickly wrapped your legs around my hips and I slide my hard cock back into your wet pussy. I press you up against the wall and slowly we rock our hips. We kiss each as your hand caresses my face.

You start to bounce up and down on my cock with greater urgency. You start to bite into my shoulder while moaning. I keep thrusting in and out of your pussy, as I can feel your body start to shudder. I hold you tightly, while running my fingers through your hair.

Once you’ve relaxed and started to playfully nibble on my neck, I run perabet g├╝venilir mi my fingers along your back and give your ass a squeeze. I am slowly rocking my hips; so that my cock slides in and out of your pussy.

“Thank you, this is most definitly the present I deserve,” You whisper into my ear contently. You slowly untangle our body, so that we are standing underneath the shower. You lean and start to kiss my chest. “Now it’s my turn to return the teasing,” you say mischieviously.

You get on your knees, and looking up to me with your beautiful eyes; you stick out your tongue and lightly lick the head of my cock. I shiver with delight and try to feed you more. You move away and kiss my thigh, while running your nails along my back.

I stop moving, realizing that I am not going to get anywere. You smile and start to lick my balls as you stroke my cock. Finally getting the cooperation you desire, you start to slowly lick the length of my shaft before you engulf my cock.

You bob your head up and down along, I lean my head back, groaning. I run my fingers through your hair, you caress my balls as your tongue focuses on the head of my cock. You can feel me quivering and getting there. You stop everything you’re doing to my cock, and playfully nip at my thigh.

You slide my cock between your breast, so you can just lick the tip of my head. I slowly rock my hips for you as you keep teasing me with your tongue. I pick up the pace, rocking my hips faster and faster, as I am driven with desire. I let out a loud groan as I start to cum all over your breast and nick. You keep stroking my cock as it becomes sensitive. You suck on the head of my cock before taking more into your mouth. I squirm about, as it is too much.

The water starts to get cold, and I quickly turn off the water before we dash for the bedroom for more pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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