Videos And Sex, Sex, Sex Ch. 04

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Julio lit another of his appalling Gauloise, which stank out his small editing suite, and inhaled sharply. “Now lemme get this right, Sharon,” he said, “you want me to splice a lot of the juicier scenes of you seducing the entire fuckin’ Zachary family and add in little spots with you doing some sort of commentary, correct?”

I nodded. “You’ve got it, Julio,” I said. “I’m going to wear an erotic dominatrix outfit, I’m going to learn my lines – no need for an autocue, or whatever you call it – and I’m going to need those scenes with me as the dominatrix to be introducing the scene that’s coming up.”

Julio grinned, having seen all three videotapes of me seducing ZeeZee Zachary, the 55-year-old Hollywood movie mogul, his wife, Stella, 40, a former lingerie model, and Stazee, 18, a daughter from ZeeZee’s first marriage. Stella, by the way, is wife number three.

“What’s it going to be called?” he leered. “Going Thru the Family? Sharon’s Seductions? Sharon Rides Again?”

“I haven’t decided,” I said, grimacing as a waft of the awful French cigarette drifted across my features. “Perhaps something really mundane, like Sucking Up To Sharon. How the fuck do I know? I just want something that’ll keep ’em on the edge of their seats when they first see it.”

Julio gave me another leer. “Well, they had me on the edge ofmyseat, Sharon, I’ll tell ya that for nuthin’,” he laughed. “OK, can do. Now, where we gonna shoot Madame Domina doing her commentary stuff?”

“You tell me,” I said, “then we’ll both know.”

Julio pondered. “It’s best we shoot it in my studio using a little lady I know,” he said. “Presumably you’d prefer to do it in front of a woman than a lecherous male, eh?”

“Depends,” I grinned back at him, “if the lecherous male is a hunk, maybe I’d go with a man. But, sure, if the lady knows her business, we’ll use her.”

Julio picked up his mobile and punched in a number. “Mel,” he said, “Julio here, how’s it hangin’?” They exchanged small talk, Julio made his pitch, then hung up.

“She’ll be here tomorrow, if that’s soon enough for you to learn your lines, and she’ll shoot you at 3 o’clock. How long will ya need?” he asked.

“As long as it takes, why?”

Julio grinned a nicotine-tooth stained sneer and said: “Depends how much I charge you for the use of my little studio, After all, someone’s got to buy baby new shoes.”

“Don’t worry, Julio,” I assured him, “you’ll find I’m going to be very appreciative of your efforts. But don’t tell me you haven’t enjoyed my little performances.”

The recording and taping expert gave me one of his Grade A lecherous leers. “Enjoyed ain’t a word good enough for it, Sharon,” he laughed. “I’ve taken copies of the three tapes and I wank off to ’em every night – well, two of ’em.”

“Don’t tell me,” I said, playfully, “me with the two ladies of the house?”

Julio nodded. “Seeing you with the big-cock movie mogul don’t do a thing for me,” he admitted, “but those two darlings, wow! Tell ’em, if they ever want to be in a porno to call me.”

I looked sharply. “I don’t think they’re the types, Julio – and you make sure those fuckin’ tapes don’t fall into the wrong hands. Whatever you may think with your tawdry little mind, these tapes are not going to be used by me for blackmail. Got it?”

My tone must have been sharper than I intended. “Hey, Sharon, it’s me, Julio,” he said, in a pained tone. “Baby, I’ve got tapes of Hollywood’s Mr and Mrs Illustrious doing things that would turn your stomach. I mean the top ranking fuckin’ stars. They play around like you wouldn’t believe. Compared to them your tapes are ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’ stuff, geddit?”

“Jack and Jill went up the fuckin’ hill? What on earth are you talking about, Julio?” I asked.

“It’s a nursery rhyme, ain’t it?” laughed Julio. “Well, your stuff is kindergarten compared to some of the dirt I’ve got.”

“I’m with you, Julio, only make sure it stays safely under your lock and key. I’m not planning on doing anything that will upset Mr Movie Mogul in this town, OK?”

Julio nodded, stubbed out his stinking Gauloise, and I drove home to learn my lines.

The following afternoon at Julio’s office, I was introduced to Melissa, an attractive but hard-faced blonde in her mid-30s, big boobs, long legs, but there was nothing I liked about her, except her professionalism.

“Let’s get into the little studio, get you into your gear, get it done and then Julio can work his wonders with it,” she said, after we’d been introduced.

In the studio I donned a black leather quarter cup bra I’d purchased from some seedy little sex shop downtown, pulled on the accompanying black leather boots which came half-way up my thighs, and then sat perched on a sort of high bar stool. Behind me, the wall of the studio was draped with a dazzlingly-white sheet.

Melissa checked the light, checked the background, announced “That white backdrop against your tanned body and the black leather is stunning” and we began filming.

It took sahabet güvenilirmi me an hour to get it right, we had to do several “takes” because it was harder than I thought. I guess when it comes to acting I’m good at seducing the next door family, but I’m never gonna get an Oscar.

Back home, I called Stella and invited her and her husband and lovely daughter over mid-Saturday afternoon for poolside drinks.

The following day – a Thursday – I drove to Julio’s and he cut and spliced, or whatever film cutters do, until I was satisfied with the way he’d made one movie out of my triple seduction scene. He said he’d make two copies of it and they’d be couriered to my home. I wrote him out a cheque for several thousand dollars, not a dime of which was badly spent, in my opinion.

Saturday rolled around hot and sunny, as it usually does in La-La Land in midsummer, and I laid on lots of drinks and finger food. I wore a much more demure bikini than the job I’d had on when Zee perved me, although I thought it was still pretty darned sexy.

ZeeZee wasn’t wearing a thong to show off this time, just a pair of shorts, but he looked tanned and toned, even quite handsome in a sort of Clark Gable way, if you like Clark Gable that is.

Stella wore a white one-piece which looked sensational on her superb, tall figure. Stazee was her usual stunning self, but she too had gone the more sedate way – her bikini would only have set off a minor riot on Santa Barbara beach, not a major one.

We enjoyed drinks – Stazee sticking to orange juice – and around 4 o’clock I made my pitch. “Come on into my entertainment center,” I told my guests, “I’ve got a little movie for you all to enjoy.”

We trooped inside, Stella and ZeeZee settling on a long leather couch in front of the big screen, Stazey hunched down on the floor in front of them. I don’t know what they were expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Citizen Kane!

I pushed the cassette in and waited for their reaction when the shot of me in my dominatrix outfit came up on the screen – my big breasts, all 39 inches of ’em, in superb uplift, my nipples erect, my pussy shaved, my legs encased in the black, gleaming leather boots.

My audience was a “captive” audience – they all leaned forward, eyes almost popping out. Hell, even I paid attention and I knew what was coming!

“Hi,” I saw myself announce from the big screen, “and you may be wondering why I’ve called this meeting.” I gave my audience a small smile. You could have heard a pin drop.

“I’ll come to that in a minute,” I went on, from the big screen, “but first I’ll ask you to hear me out. Please watch this video to the end, then you’re free to go. But one point I must stress.”

I paused on screen. My three guests eyes were glued to the screen.

“This is not, I repeatnot, blackmail. It’s just a little fun video and at the end I’ll have an offer for you. OK? Right, now are you all comfortable?”

Again, a pin dropping would have caused an explosion.

“Right,” I heard myself continue, “then let’s begin. First up, what brings you all here? This.”

Then the scene changed to the video ZeeZee had taken of me. The screen was filled with a shot of me in my metallic green, scandalously brief, gleaming little bikini. My fingers were stroking the tiny little strip covering my pussy, you could see the outline of my labia lips straining against the taut material.

The camera roamed over my body, then I was up on the screen removing my bra, my nipples erect, proud. Then the scene returned to me, seated on the bar stool in my domme’s gear.

“Right, now that’s got your attention,” I said, “it’s time to show you who the cameraman was. And isn’t this just the prettiest little picture!”

Now the screen was filled with my video of Zee stroking his eight inches of uncut manhood, of his cock surging, its veins purple and standing out, then him trapping his semen when he clamped his thumb and forefinger over his foreskin to prevent “making a mess”.

The bulge of his foreskin, containing as it did his cum was rather cute, I decided. ZeeZee looked uncomfortable, but his eyes were still glued to the screen.

Cut back to me in Julio’s studio. “Such a sweet old man, ZeeZee, not wanting to make a mess in his daughter’s bedroom. Shit, I only wish everyone was so thoughtful. Now we move to the really interesting bit, eh ZeeZee? How’s this, just for starters – don’t worry, just a brief ‘teaser’, there will be more.”

The scene switched to the motel cabin up in the Valley. Again I was wearing my little green bikini, and ZeeZee was nude. I was kneeling beside him, paddling his suntanned ass with my big leather punisher.

Then the words came up, loud and clear: “Stella do this to you, baby?”

ZeeZee visibly reddened as he heard his reply boom out into the room: “Hell no, no fuckin’ way. I have to pay for this. I go to a big-busted black girl.”

Then my question followed. “She sit on your face, Zee?” I asked.

“She sahabet yeni giriş sure does, big smelly ass, lush pussy lips, I love it.”

Stella was glaring at the screen, furious – but not so furious that she wanted to look away.

Then the scene turned back to yours truly, seated on my bar stool. “That’s enough of the husband, for now,” I said. “Now, how about his wife? What do you think of this, Stella?”

And up on the screen came a shot of me in my sexy little black playsuit and Stella, as bareass naked as the day she was born, kneeling in front of me, planting a kiss on my pussy and begging: “Oh Sharon, please spank me, whip me, paddle me, I’ve been such a naughty girl.”

The next scene showed me stroking the former lingerie model’s pussy, with Stella’s begged “Oh fuck, stroke me there while you spank me, darling” and then I was paddling her glorious ass.

Cut back to me on the bar stool. “Such a sweet scene, don’t you think? But that sort of behaviour is not confined to just stepmom and pop in this family, is it Stazee?”

At the sound of her voice being mentioned the 18-year-old jerked her head as if she’d been struck with a barbed wire whip!

And then the huge screen showed me and Stazee, both of us naked, and me whipping the lovely blonde’s ass with the little leather lash. As with her stepmom, I was stroking her pussy, and Stazee was pushing her ass back for the flogger. “Oh yes, don’t stop, please” came her plea as I whipped her beautiful buttocks.

Then I was up on screen again, on my barstool. “But wait,” I called out, “there’s more!” My audience’s attention was riveted to the screen.

“This family loves a little domination, sure, but it also lovessex,” I was saying. “Just watch these little games, team.”

Then the video showed ZeeZee fucking me, showed him giving me a tit fuck – great shots, those! – and then me sucking him to ejaculation and swallowing his semen.

Next, the screen was filled with Stella and me going at it like crazy, followed immediately by Stazee and I doing a sort of “instant replay”.

There was the confession of Stella to her affair with the lingerie model in Hawaii, of how much she loved the rubber-glove spanker, of how she fancied her stepdaughter. Then Stazee’s confessions as to how much she wanted her stepmom. It was all there, and it was wonderful!

Then it was back to the “mistress” of ceremonies, if you’ll allow me my little joke.

“Right, team,” I told them, “I’m going upstairs now and I’m going to get into this rather naughty little outfit I’ve been wearing to introduce this videotape. There’s about 10 more minutes of highlights of our fun and games to go on the tape.

“Please watch it, then if you like you can remove the tape and take it home with you – I’ve got a copy. But if you want to stay, when I come back down here, I’d like to see you all lined up, on your knees in the middle of the room here, all stark naked. Then, we can play some games.

“Either way, let me assure you there’s no blackmail involved in this at all. Right, I’m off, and I hope to see you down here in about 10 minutes. If you’ve left, I’ll quite understand, but I’d just like to thank-you all for some marvellous sex. See ya later.”

Then I paused, climbed from my stool, turned so my naked buttocks were facing the camera, and I turned and looked over my shoulder at the camera and winked, before adding: “I hope!”

I walked slowly upstairs, hearing the sound track of a lot of huffing and puffing and oohing and aahing. There was not a sound from the audience. Up in the bedroom, I stripped naked, pulled on the boots, fitted the quarter-cup bra so my breasts stood up in stunning uplift and picked up my little leather lash.

Then I arranged my black silk stockings, tying them to the four corners of the, as yet, unoccupied bed.

I gave what I hoped was my still captive audience a couple more minutes, then slowly walked downstairs. My heart was thumping, pounding, I desperately needed a large margarita, but I had to see whether they had responded to my suggestion.

Turning into the entertainment center, I hardly dared look at the floor, instead looking up at the ceiling. Then I allowed my gaze to lower. And there, kneeling side by side – ZeeZee in the middle, flanked by his wife and daughter – was the Zachary family in all its naked glory!

I knew Zee was aroused, his eight inch cock was sticking up stiff and proud. I hazarded a guess that the two women on either side of him would have moist pussies.

Slapping my leather lash against the upper part of my boot, I stepped into the room and smiled down at the trio, whose faces were all upturned to mine.

“Excellent,” I said, in a voice I hoped was not too smug with satisfaction. “Now we can play some games.”

It was time for me to exert my authority, so I snapped at Zee: “ZeeZee, up on your feet, stand beside that easy chair.” The naked male did as he was told.

“Now Stazee, be a darling and put your high heels back sahabet giriş on, we need you to be almost as tall as your darling stepmom for the first little game.”

Stazee stood swiftly, I could see the anticipation on her face as she stepped into her wedge-styled high heels. Then I went and sat in the easy chair, ZeeZee’s cock at face level pointing towards his chin. I placed a hand on his shaft and kissed the moist helmet of his cock, then stroked his heavy ball sac.

“Now Stella you can get on your feet and stand in front of your stepdaughter,” I ordered, and Stella did my bidding. The two full-breasted blondes were about two feet apart, their lovely boobs heaving in expectation.

“Feet apart now, Stella,” I instructed her, “wider!”

Stella placed her feet until they were about a yard apart.

“OK, Stazee,” I said, “move behind Stella’s back and trace your nipples against her back – but very gently, very lightly.”

The teenager did as I asked, and then Stella let out a little moan as she felt her stepdaughter’s nubbins brushing against her lovely bronzed flesh, circling over her shoulder blades.

“Now down to her buttocks, darling,” I told the girl, and Stazee knelt on the carpet and rubbed her erect nipples very lightly across Stella’s superb buttock mounds.

“Stella,” I ordered, “bend over slightly, place your hands on your knees – over!”

The 40-year-old did so, and I asked her stepdaughter: “Can you see her anus, Stazee?”

“Yes,” she replied, in a voice throbbing with excitement.

“Great, rub your nipples across it,” I said.

The 18-year-old complied with my order.

“Now lower, across her sex, both nipples, Stazee,” I said.

The teenager again complied, then I commanded: “Stand up!”

Stazee did as instructed. “Cup your breasts, push them up,” I told her.

When she had done this, I told her stepmother: “Now suck her nipples, Stella.”

The 40-year-old bent her face to the girl’s boobs and sucked tenderly on each nipple in turn.

“Back to attention, Stella,” I said, “place your hands clasped tightly behind your neck.” The former model did, the position enhancing the uplift of her lush, heavy breasts delightfully.

“Now Stazee,” I said, in a low, quiet voice, “place the fingers of your right hand on her pussy and stroke her there. Is she wet?”

Stazee’s trembling hand reached out and her fingers played with the 40-year-old’s minge. “She’s sopping wet, Sharon,” said the 18-year-old in a hoarse whisper.

“Good,” I said, “now get your fingers really moist and then rub them all over her left breast. Go on!”

The teenager caressed the older woman’s breast, kneading her fingers across the globe, pressing her palm against Stella’s erect nipple.

“Now lick and kiss the breast, Stazee,” I ordered, and the girl lowered her mouth to her stepmother’s breast and kissed and licked eagerly at the firm, full peak.

Above me I heard ZeeZee give out a low groan as he watched his daughter sucking at his wife’s breast. I pulled his hard-on slightly towards me and sucked on his helmet, sipping at his pre-cum. It didn’t taste too bad, actually.

“Right, darling,” I addressed Stazee again, “now as you’re having a nice suck and lick there, put your left hand on her minge and get those fingers nicely wet. When you’ve done that, stop licking at the left breast and smear your freshly-perfumed fingers across Stella’s right breast.”

The blonde teenager did as I told her, then bent and licked and kissed her stepmom’s right breast. I gave the heavily-breathing ZeeZee another sweet suck on the first couple of inches of his erection. I don’t think the daughter or stepmother even noticed, so rapt were they in their sexy little game.

After a minute or so of her breast adoration, I informed Stazee: “Time’s up, darling. Now it’s your stepmom’s turn. Feet apart, Stazee, there’s a good girl.”

The teenager spread her feet wide, and Stella looked over at me expectantly. “I think you know how it goes by now, Stella,” I told her with a smile. “Off you go.”

And with that, the former lingerie model placed her fingers into her stepdaughter’s sopping wet pussy, then transferred the sex juice from her fingers to the girl’s brilliant breasts, before bending over and worshipping the perfumed peak.

As she did so, I once more took Zee’s raging hard-on in my mouth and gave it another long sucking – it really did taste quite nice! I was warming to the old goat!

While stepmother and stepdaughter played their pussy juice-to breast game, I stood, slapped my lash against my boot and whispered to ZeeZee: “On all fours and follow me up to my bedroom.”

Turning to the two blondes, I said: “We’re all going upstairs now. Follow Mr Hard-On, crawling, there’s good girls.”

ZeeZee fell to his hands and knees and began crawling behind me, no doubt casting lecherous looks at my bare buttocks as I led the way in my stunning, haughty boots. I was quite a way ahead of the trio when I reached the bedroom, so I had time to press the recording button in the tassel below the hat box before they arrived.

When they had all assembled, and were kneeling obediently at the foot of the bed in front of me, I announced: “Time for some hotter fun, team. Stella – up on the bed!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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