Variations on a Theme

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His hands hovered over her breasts. They were without a doubt his favorite part of her. Oh she had a great mouth that could do all kinds of wonderful things to him and his cock felt oh so right sheathed deep in her velvet glove, but neither of those things did it for him the way her ample bosom did. Maybe it was a sensory thing…maybe it was seeing her nipples swell in anticipation, feeling the firm fleshy mounds, the sweet smell of her arousal, or the taste of her stiff peaks against his tongue. Whichever it was, those beautiful mounds were now the soul focus of his being. He knew with utter certainty he would die if he couldn’t possess them.

“Touch me.” She urged softly, arching up off the bed to meet his moist palms. And they were surprisingly damp in their eagerness to know her again. It seemed like they had been apart forever, too long had it been since he had last worshiped her luscious globes.

Slowly his fingers sank into her willing flesh, savoring the texture, relishing the moment when their skin met again. He gently kneaded the melons in his hands, taking his time to re-learn every precious millimeter of the supple mounds beneath him. Her nipples came to life against his palms, small pebbles casino siteleri aching for his attention. With thumb and forefinger he rolled each in turn, eliciting a small mew from her luscious mouth.

Only once he had ascertained that they were every bit as wondrous as he remembered did he allow himself to repeat the exploration, only this time with his mouth. Deliberately he mapped his way from her ribcage up with measured, cat-like laps of his tongue, stopping just short of the nipple and repeating the process on the other sloping mound.

When he was sure he couldn’t bear the wait any longer she guided him forcefully to her dusky nub, forcing the stiff teat between his lips. So hungry was he for her taste he latched on like a baby, licking, sucking, even nibbling to her apparent delight as she writhed beneath him. And God help him but there were two of those incredible creations begging to be consumed. If possible her other nipple tasted even sweeter when he finally worked his way over to it.

Seemingly out of nowhere she pressed a bottle of lubricant into his hand, granting him ultimate access. Inflamed as he was he didn’t question the gift she offered. Instead he positioned himself canl─▒ casino above her, knees against her sides, and drizzled some of the proffered liquid into the palm of his hand. His cock surged up in anticipation as he rubbed the clear lotion between his hands, warming it slightly before applying it to his stiff rod.

So desperate was he to possess her that every slide of his slick fingers over his aching staff was torturous. The purple head already glistened with pre-cum his need for her was so great. He should wait, back off and take a few deep breaths so that he wouldn’t cum too soon, but then she arched up and squeezed her tits together and he was lost in his desire for her.

He positioned the head of his dick just beneath her breasts and sunk between the fleshy mounds. It was nothing like the lapping suction of her mouth or the tight, moist tunnel of her pussy. The way her creamy flesh wrapped around him in a loving embrace was almost more than he could stand. He could already fill the pressure building in his balls and he tried to fight the urge, not ready to for this exquisite pleasure to end. His hands curved over her breasts, helping her push them closer around him, his fingers pulling ka├žak casino on her stiff nubs as he plunged between her tits again and again.

He was fascinated with the view of his cock head pushing through the tops of her boobs, aroused by the way her wicked little tongue would snake out and race across the tip of his rod before he retreated back into her warmth, snuggly encompassing him again completely. He pushed out again, allowing her lips to close over the head, savoring for a moment in the seductive warmth before returning to his true goal.

Almost too late he realized that he was cumming and sprayed the first spurt of jizz over her collarbone, a string of pearls against her flushed skin. He eased out of her pillowed confines and aimed the second wave over her nipples, coating both in his creamy essence. One more surge over the valley between her mountains, trailing a final strand over the gap he had so recently occupied.

Using the head of his cock he gently spread his cum over her rosy peaks, allowing the tender tip to caress her straining nubs. Eyes dark with desire, she put her chin against her chest and pulled her tit up to her mouth, lapping at the cum there and purring her appreciation. He shoveled some from the puddle just beneath her chin and drizzled it onto her waiting tongue, rewarding her for the gift she had just bestowed upon him.

Later, when his strength returned, he would definitely return the favor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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