Valentine’s Night

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This is my first erotic story. Feel free to leave comments and advice. Don’t forget to vote!!!! I’m submitting it for the Valentine’s Day contest. I hope you enjoy it.


Amalie was excited. For once she got to prepare a proper Valentine’s Day for her and her new boyfriend. This year would not be another overly romantic holiday spent alone. It had been so long for her, Valentine’s Day was starting to lose its appeal. Luckily, she met Damon. However, because of the newness of the relationship, the goal was to be sensual over sappily romantic which suited Amalie much better. She loved setting scenes and decided this one was going to one of the best.

She changed her regular sheets for black, satin sheets with red and white pillows. She only used the couple bed side lamps to light the room with a delicate glow. She skipped the candles, but placed the two flower arrangements her boyfriend sent around the room. They were beautiful. Each was made of white Calla Lilies; her favorite flowers.

Just then, the door bell rang announcing the arrival of Damon. He was 5’10 with fiery green eyes, dark, longish hair, and a toned stomach. She answered her door and saw him standing there with their picnic supplies.

“Hello.” She shyly told him. Around him, her stomach turned to butterflies and she frequently found herself without intelligent thought.

“Hi, beautiful. You look delicious.” He was admiring her from head to toe. She was wearing a low plunging, breezy black dress and five inch black, strappy stilettos. Damon thought of her as perfect with her curly, dark hair, full breasts, and sensuous lips.

“Thank you. You can put the…Ooh!” As she was stepping back from the door, Damon who was lost in his lust for her, walked in, dropped the supplies onto the foyer floor, and swept her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

While one of his hands was around her waist, the other traveled up over her breasts, rubbed one of her nipples, and then lodged itself in her hair. Amalie sighed when their tongues tangled together and he pushed her against the wall. The aggression was making her extremely horny so she locked her arms around him and rubbed herself against his body. His hand dislodged itself from her hair and moved lower to grab her firm, round ass further pushing her against him. Damon’s hips were grinding into hers causing her to get moist. Then, as abruptly as the kiss started, it ended with a gentle bite on Damon’s lip.

“Mmmm. Picnic time sexy.” Amalie slipped by him and went to get a couple glasses and dishes. She loved foreplay and the sizzle of chemistry bahis firmalar─▒ before fucking. The intention was to make sure tonight’s fun lasted all night. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Who knows? Maybe they could make it into a Valentine’s week.

Damon noticed the spot in the corner of the apartment with a quilted blanket on the floor and went to start setting up the food. He picked up baked fish and vegetables from the restaurant on the corner and brought champagne from his private collection. It was necessary to have a good bottle of champagne on hand; Damon was always prepared.

Together, they finished setting up the meal. They talked, ate, and gazed at each other.

“How was your week? Have you made progress on your dissertation?”

Damon told her about his dissertation and his most recent research results. When he was finished, Amalie shared her experiences and antidotes about class with Damon. They were both graduate students and bonded over the experience. Amalie and Damon made a lovely couple. Both were a bit nerdy and they loved silly jokes. Damon was fluent in eight languages, enjoyed comic books, and loved playing piano. Amalie was a, slightly socially awkward, fanciful writer and dreamer. The skills that attracted them to each other were the same skills mocked by their peers when they were younger. Many would consider them the most attractive, nerdy couple anyone has seen. Fortunately, their sexualities matched as well.

As they were finishing their meal, Damon made his second move. He started by running his hand up her body and playing with her nipples through her dress while she was still talking. The action caused her words to cease. Predictably, Amalie lost her concentration around him. Then, he neatly lifted himself on top of her avoiding toppling over the glasses. He kissed in between her breasts while fondling them and worked his way towards her neck. Amalie was a quiet one, but she could feel herself getting wet while Damon nibbled and sucked on her neck. However, Damon wanted a show and as he gently bit her ear, he said “get up and strip.” He pinched her nipple and rolled onto his side setting her free.

Amalie got to her feet and turned on some slow music with the remote. The champagne went straight to her head relaxing her for her performance. She danced and swayed, pushing her breasts together, and letting her hands run over her body. After a few moments, she turned her back to him and let the top part of her dress fall. She wiggled and let the rest of it fall to the floor. Damon watched as her nice ass was brought into view ka├žak iddaa barely covered by her red and pink hip huggers. To his surprise, on her lower back was a tattoo. In a neat script it said “Damon.” His cock jumped in his pants. Amalie turned again and he got an enchanting view of her 34 DD breasts held up by a lace, barely there bra. Her large, hard nipples were poking out. As she watched him with her dark brown eyes, she pulled on her nipples harder. Her pussy was getting wetter and she felt the need to rub it. Her clitoris was dying to be played with. Instead she said, “Sit on the bed.”

Damon flung his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans as he made his way to the bed; he wanted to be ready for her. Amalie danced her way to him, straddled his lap, and started grinding against him. Damon, enjoying her ministrations, slid his hands up her back and undid her bra. Her huge breasts were in his face; he took as much as he could into his mouth and sucked. When one nipple was painfully erect, he would turn his mouth to the other while his hands squeezed them together. Amalie was soaking wet and moaning. She couldn’t take it anymore so she jumped off of his lap. Turning around, she bent over completely giving him a fantastic view of a slick, shaved pussy and round ass. As she was rubbing her clit for pleasure, he spanked her hard once on each cheek. Other than a yelp, she said nothing. After a couple more smacks, she rolled her panties off wiggling her ass for him. Damon felt her wetness and slid a finger in. Slowly, he finger fucked her with two fingers.

As much as Damon was enjoying her bent over position, he wanted more. He removed his hand, picked her up, and gently threw her onto the bed. “Spread your legs as far as you can, baby.” Amalie got on her back and did as she was told giving making Damon groan in appreciation. She looked hot spread out for him in nothing but her five inch heels. Her milky skin was a beautiful contrast to the dark sheets. It was a memorable image. Damon positioned himself above her and shoved his cock in her pussy. She was incredibly tight and wet. Damon held her throat gently and squeezed her ass as he fucked her hard. Amalie loved it; she loved being fucked as hard as possible. Normally it would hurt, but Damon knew how to please a woman. It felt perfect. “Fuck me. I love your cock. Harder. Harder. I like it.”

“Baby, don’t cum yet. I want to see you rub my cum into your breasts first.” With that, Damon pulled out and came all over her breasts. While Amalie played with her breasts, licking his cum off her nipples and pulling them, Damon drifted ka├žak bahis down below and started licking her pussy. He licked her clit while finger fucking her as hard as could. He enjoyed glancing up and seeing her enjoying his cum. She looked like she was having the time of her life lost in heightened arousal. Her body arched when he clamped down on her clit and she came hard gasping his name. He thought she looked stunning.

“Mmmmmm, again. I want more.” Amalie rolled over on top of Damon and slowly began making her way down his body. She kissed his flat, hard nipples and rubbed his cock. She loved licking and sucking his body. The V his body created was her favorite part to nibble on; it always aroused her the most. Damon lay back enjoying the view of his girlfriend covered in his cum licking his body. Finally, she made it to his dick. She held the base in her hand while she started licking the plump, juicy head. She licked the pre-cum and circled her tongue around the head before she kissed and licked her way up and down his whole shaft. She used as much spit as she had to make it a sloppy, wet blow-job. Amalie enjoyed the feeling of having her mouth full of him. He was also massaging her head and guiding her up and down on his cock. It felt like she was fulfilling all her natural instincts when she had sex with Damon. It even felt good when his cock almost reached the back of her throat. Feeling his cock there made her pussy wetter.

When she was done making love to his cock and licking his balls, Damon pulled her up and placed her on all fours in the center of the bed. Kneeling behind her, once again, he noticed his name scrawled across her back. “Nice tattoo.”

“It’s henna; I wanted to belong to you tonight, my love. Fuck me.” On that note, Amalie shoved her hips backwards and Damon slowly entered her. He gently pulled her hair and enjoyed the view of his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. She was slick and it was dripping down in between their bodies. Although known as a quiet one, Amalie couldn’t help moaning for more. She was sore, but in the best way possible. She couldn’t get enough. Damon started fucking her as hard as he could; the way she liked it. He could feel her orgasm. He thrust a couple more times, held her hips, and came too.

He wiped up as much of the mess as he could with tissue. Right before Amalie fell asleep; she noticed they never had a chance to make it to dessert. Images of her dripping warm chocolate on Damon’s cock danced in her head. She knew she was too tired right now, but thought it would be a great way to start once they woke from their nap. Amalie was happy the dinner went so well. She thought they should do this for more than just the holiday. It was worth the effort. Finally, she drifted off to sleep with pleasant, wet dreams awaiting her.

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