Vacation’s End Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning to Marilia stroking my semi-erect cock. Wanting to see what she had in mind, I pretended to still be asleep. It only took a moment of her gentle attention to bring me to full hardness. After a couple more strokes for good measure, she straddled my cock between her gorgeous tits, pressed them firmly together and began sliding up and down the length of my erection. The feel of the warm, soft skin of her firm tits surrounding and sliding along my shaft was amazing. Still believing me to be asleep, she gently toyed with me, and through barely cracked eyelids, I watched her. Her mouth was set in a wide grin and she was watching my cock as she poked it up through her ample cleavage, slid them up until I nearly slipped out, then slowly slipped me back up and out, nearly to her chin. I lay there enjoying this for a couple of minutes before opening my eyes and smiling at her.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” I said, admiring the sight of my cock between her perfect breasts. “This is definitely a pleasant sensation to wake up to… the view can’t be beat, either.”

She released her tits and moved up to kiss me. “I’m sorry… I was going to let you sleep, but I was horny and my fingers just weren’t doing the trick.”

“That’s fine… Besides, I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to help satisfy a goddess like you.”

Marilia giggled as she sat up and guided my cock between her wet, swollen lips. She slid down onto me and began riding slowly. I cupped my hands around her luscious tits and circled her dark nipples with my thumbs, feeling them harden under my touch. “Are all the girls from Brazil as beautiful as you?” I asked playfully.

She giggled sweetly. “You already got into my pants last night, and I’m naked and on top of you right now. I don’t think bahis firmalar─▒ you need any pickup lines.”

“I was serious!” I told her, feigning irritation as she kept a steady, slow pace on top of my cock. “If there is another Brazilian girl as good looking as you, I wanted to have a threesome.” I gave her my cheesiest grin and she laughed, shaking her head at me.

“You men… You hardly know what to do with one woman, let alone two.”

“I could handle it!” I continued. She gave me an ‘Oh, really?’ look and squeezed her legs together, grinding my cock with short, quick movements of her hips. She leaned back and quickly brought me to the brink of what I knew would have been an explosive orgasm barely thirty seconds later.

“See?” she said, smiling. “One woman can make you barely last longer than if it was your first time. What would you do with two?”

“I would figure out something,” I told her as I lay there, trying not to blow my load yet. I pulled her towards me and we kissed passionately while I waited for the feeling to subside, my cock wanting to release inside her tight, warm pussy. Our tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouth as I ran my hand through her long, silky hair. When I felt I was safe again, I told her to turn around and ride me backwards.

She agreed and soon her ass was bouncing lightly off of my hips, her rhythm a little faster than before. She leaned forward and shifted slightly so that the head of my cock rubbed that sensitive spot on its way by. She was moaning softly as I grasped and squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands. I gave her cheek a small, firm slap and caressed over and around each one as she rode me. I watched her move her hips forward, my cock nearly exiting her pussy, then slide back down along it, quickly burying ka├žak iddaa it again. After a while her moans became more forceful as she greatly shortened the movement of her hips and focused on rubbing the head of my cock against one small area inside of her.

As I watched her ass move quickly forward and back, I slapped one cheek gently, then a little harder. “Mmmmm… do that again,” she told me. I smacked it again, her firm ass jiggling lightly under my hand.

“Don’t stop…” she whispered. She slowed down and started grinding more firmly, building the sensation deep inside her. Her moans became long and deep. She slid a hand down and played with her clit, heightening her pleasure. I felt the first, short tightening of the walls of her pussy as she neared orgasm, then she stopped for a brief second to let the feeling subside. I gently shifted my hips a bit, teasing her with my cock. She moaned softly and I felt her muscles clench.

“Hold still…” she whispered. “I want to make this last.”

After a few seconds she started again, slowly rubbing my cock along her most tender area, her finger still slowly stimulating her clit. She slowly increased her pace and then stopped again, pausing for a couple of seconds. Again she started, slightly faster this time, her wet pussy maddeningly teasing the head of my cock. Soon she paused, letting the sensation subside.

She started again, faster, harder, and even sooner came the pause. Soon she was giving only one or two thrusts before I felt the tell-tale twitches inside her and she would stop, right on the brink. I knew she was using all of her willpower not to give in and ride me like her body was screaming for her to do…. Not just yet, anyway.

I was enjoying this now slow, drawn out dance with her warm, wet pussy ka├žak bahis as my cock tingled with pleasure. As good as it felt, I was still a ways away from cumming.

Marilia kept moving in short, shallow strokes as she maintained herself right on the verge. She took one quick, short breath at each dip of her hips, the feeling of pleasure slowly spreading from her groin, up her belly and down into her legs.

Remembering what she said the night before about hoping I would put it in her ass, I ran my thumb up the inside edge of her cheek to the puckered spot at the top. I ran my thumb slowly, firmly around the edge of her tightly clenched hole and then thrust it inside her.

That was all she needed to send her over the edge.

She screamed out loud and drove her hips down, burying my cock deep in her pussy as it clenched hard around me. Her entire body stiffened while the cunt-crunching orgasm coursed through her, and I felt her warm juices gushing over my balls, stomach, and thighs.

Marilia howled/moaned for a full ten seconds before she fell silent, eyes clenched shut, her mouth in a gaping ‘O’. Spasms continued to wrack her body for nearly a minute as she gave short, jerky movements on top of me.

Finally her orgasm ended and she pulled herself off of my still hard cock, exhausted from her ordeal. “I haven’t done that in a very long time,” she told me as she lay back down next to me. “Your finger on my butt there at the end… that was good… really good… thank you.”

I kissed her as she started to drift off to sleep, deciding I would wait until later to get mine.

“I need to figure out how to do that for you …” Marilia said. “When I wake up again…” she lifted her head and looked over at the clock next to the bed, “… say 7:30… I want you to get off… and we’ll make it a good one. Then we are going to talk to Sandy at breakfast… She isn’t Brazilian, but after how good I feel, you deserve your threesome, big boy.”

I liked the sound of that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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