Uninhibited Passion

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For months Jodi had been meaning to get the builders in to re-do her kitchen. It was a state. The cupboard doors were hanging off their hinges, the surfaces cracked and dated. She had never bothered to redecorate the kitchen, making do with a clean one rather than a fashionable one. But now it had grown too much, seeing the mess everyday. So she had resolved to make it as presentable as possible.

She was 19, and after her father died and left her most of his estate, she had no need to work. She did however, more to escape the boredom rather than to make a living. So Jodi hired some men to do the work. She wasn’t especially handy herself, and seeing as she had the money, she didn’t see what was wrong with it. Although Jodi was wealthy, she wasn’t frivolous. Sure, she has a good time, but she knew this money wouldn’t last forever.

So when the workmen arrived, on time and seemingly equipped to do the work she asked of them, she had no reservations about the sum they asked of her on completion of the job. Money well spent she thought to herself.

Jodi soon got used to the presence of the workmen, and went about her daily business while they did theirs. On the fourth day since Jodi hired them, they arrived just as Jodi was stepping out of the shower. She quickly wrapped a towel around herself and answered the door. Jodi was greeted by a sight not unwelcome to her.

He introduced himself as Jack, and said that he was the carpenter and would be fitting her cupboards. Jodi couldn’t help notice the way his dark hair fell into his clear grey eyes and the lopsided smile that he wore. As Jodi’s eyes travelled over his sculpted body hidden beneath a dusty flannel shirt, torn jeans and work boots, his eyes travelled over her soft petit frame and the curves that her towel hid. His eyes were drawn to the droplets of water her hair had left on her chest. He gazed at them there, lost in his thoughts until he was brought back to earth by Jodi waving her hand in front of his eyes.

“Hellooooooooooo! Anybody there?” As he shook himself and smiled that lopsided grin, she said “You were miles away there”. Yeah, I Guess I was sorry about that, late night” He replied. Jodi laughed and said “Well just make sure it doesn’t affect you work” she teased. And with that she turned and walked back to her bedroom, leaving him calling assurances after her.

For the next week, Jack was in and out of her apartment Each time he arrived, he was thrown into a frenzy of lust he kept under control. Everything about her made him want her even more. The way she walked, the way she ran a hand through her hair, the way she flicked her eyes away from his shyly every now and again and the way that she always seemed to be in cheerful mood, around him anyway. Little did he know, the young brunette who had been visiting his night time fantasies had also been fantasying about him.

Each night since she has first met bahis firmalar─▒ him, Jodi had lay in her bed, unable to sleep thanks to the images of Jack that were circulating through her mind. At first she tried to block these thoughts, thinking that he would probably be no good for her, a player, but the more she thought about this, the harder the thoughts were to shift.

Eventually, she gave in and let her mind wander the possibilities of an encounter with such a man. He was unusual to her, not like anybody she had ever met before. On the surface, she thought he was exactly what he seemed. A player, someone who trifled with girls hearts and wouldn’t be one for romance. But beneath that, maybe it was those clear grey eyes that hinted at it, beneath the swagger and bravado, she sensed someone who had his own code of morals, and never wavered from them, someone strong and protective.

It was both of these sides to his personality that intrigued Jodi. She longed for excitement but at the same time, she wanted security . Not to mention that she yearned to bite into his toned, broad shoulders in a moment of passion….and that was what her mind drifted to when she was alone in bed, and her hands were wandering.

The day that both of their fantasy’s were brought to life, was no different than the others that they had spent in each others presence. Him working hard in her kitchen, she at her desk. Jack had just finished up, and stepped back to admire his handiwork. He smiled to himself, and walked to her study to tell her he would be leaving and that he hoped she enjoyed the finished product.

Meanwhile, Jodi has gotten bored of the work she was meant to be doing, and had found herself surfing the internet absently, her mind filled with fantasies about Jack. Her hand had begun caressing her breasts, drawing small circles over the vest she wore. She found herself browsing porn sites, looking for something to quench her desire. After 10 unsuccessful minutes of surfing, she leant back in her chair and thought of Jack.

Soon her pussy was making itself known, throbbing dully, making her squirm in her seat. Jodi lifted the skirt that she wore over her hips and gently rubbed her clit, making circles around it. A damp patch had formed on the thong that she wore, so she pushed in down her legs and let it lie on the floor.

Her fingers slithered to her entrance, dipping in and out, driving her to the brink. With one hand clasped to her breast, massaging her sensitive nipples, she began franticly rubbing her clit.

She thought of Jack inside her, thrusting while he held her tightly. She thought of his guttural moans as she swallowed his hard cock. A hundred images flashes before her tightly shut eyes and she couldn’t help but moan out loud.

“Ohhhh….Jack…..” She breathed as her back arched and thought of the dusty workman she yearned after. Jodi shuddered as her orgasm hit ka├žak iddaa her, forcing her to bite her lip. She didn’t want to be heard.

As Jodi lay exhausted, she felt a presence in the room behind her. She looked back, and there in the doorway was Jack, sporting that lazy grin of his and a hard on in his pants.

“What…how…!” Jodi sputtered as she adjusted her skirt to cover her modesty. “How long have you been standing there!?” she said, her voice tinged with panic and anger. “Long enough..” he said, still wearing that lopsided smile and his eyes full of mischief. “I came to tell you I was done in the kitchen, but it looks like I’ve got some more work to do here….”

He strode over to her and pulled her standing. He wasted no time in romantic small talk, but leant in towards her and guided her mouth to his with the hand that was resting on her neck. He kissed her, softly at first, but his passion could not be constrained. Their tongues danced, and he could feel her soft breasts mash into his chest as he held her to him.

Eventually, she stepped away from him, all the while, holding his gaze. She pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped the black lace bra that confined her 34 C breasts. She flung her bra to the floor and stepped out of her skirt. She stood before him, wearing only the cotton thong she put on that morning.

She stepped towards him, her hands running over his toned chest. Slowly, she undid the buttons of his shirt which he let drop to the floor. Her mouth found his neck and she kissed lightly down it, to his stomach. He bent his head back, eyes closed as her moist lips found the edge of his jeans. She undid them quickly and reached into his underwear, allowing her to see his straining cock for the first time.

Jodi smiled as she got to her knee’s. If there was one thing she loved to do, it was sucking cock. She tentatively licked the head of his dick, which stood, at full mast to be seven inches, maybe eight if she guessed right. It was thicker than she had ever seen and smooth despite its hardness. As Jodi caressed his cock, Jack couldn’t believe his luck. All the fantasises he had pumped his cock to wildly while alone, were coming true.

Jodi continued to lick the end of him, her tongue swirling and dancing over the most sensitive part of him, while her hand cupped his balls. Jodi drew back, and wet her lips with her tongue, gazing up at Jack as she did so. She slowly moved her head over the end of his cock and all the way to where the dark curls of his pubes reached. She inhaled his scent and moved back up slowly, swirling and flicking her tongue as she did. She watched him, gauging his reaction, with a fervour that showed just how much she loved to do it. Jack put her hand on her head and she looked up at him questioningly. “I’m close.” He said. “I don’t wanna finish like this.”

He pulled her close to him and she could feel the beat of ka├žak bahis his heart beneath his damp chest. She embraced him, her breasts heaving. She felt the rivets of sweat that ran down his back as she dug her fingers in, dizzy with lust They kissed savagely, growing dizzier by the moment, their tongues dancing and their lips locked passionately. As soon as the embrace had started it was over. He swung her round and bent her over the desk. With one hand on her back, keeping her from rising, he used his free hand to push down his jeans and shrugged them silently to the floor.

She bent naked, quivering with lust, feeling exposed as he surveyed her long smooth legs and perfectly rounded ass. She gasped as his fingers traced the outside of her pussy, shivering with anticipation. He spread her fragrant wetness to her clit and gently circled her most sensitive spot. Jodi squirmed beneath his forceful hand, begging him not to stop, pleading for more.

“Holy shit, that’s it….” she breathed. “Oh god, don’t stop….please…don’t stop….” As soon as Jodi uttered had the words, Jack withdrew his hand from her smooth, shaved slit.

Instead, he moved it slowly up her ass cheek, tracing the contours of her body with his fingertips. He moved along her spine and out, admiring her tiny waist, causing her to forget the urgency of her passion mere moments before. He was teasing her. Her soft white flesh rose in Goosebumps as his fingers found her breast. He tickled the side, never touching her nipples, causing them to ache against the hard surface of the desk

“Please… just fuck me…I need you inside me…” Jodi groaned, griping the edges of the table beneath her.

He bent over her, his throbbing cock resting lightly between the cheeks of her ass. He pressed into her back and breathed in the scent of her sweat. Slowly he ground his cock between her ass cheeks as she writhed beneath him.

His stubble brushed her neck as his tongue darted for her ear. Jodi quaked beneath him, lost in the primitive lust that had taken her over. He drew his hips back and nestled his cock at the entrance of the pussy he had waited for so long to have.

He pushed into her, grunting as he did so, his grip on her hips tightening. He bent over and kissed her naked white shoulders. Jack straightened up and slowly withdrew his whole length from her velvet warmth. He plunged back in suddenly, causing Jodi to gasp in pleasure and pain. He was far larger than any man she had slept with before. He carried on in this rhythm as Jodi drew closer and closer to climax. Her moans bounced off the walls of the room

“I’m cumming…oh Christ I’m cumming….” Jodi gasped, curling her toes and grasping the hard wood beneath her.

Jack let go of any restraint he had to begin with, thrusting into her with abandon. He felt Jodi’s pussy muscles contract as she came, causing his balls to tighten. He grunted as he splashed the walls of her pussy with his hot seed and finally collapsed beside her.

As they both lay on the wooden desk breathing hard, both unable to move, He turned to Jodi and said “So, what are you doing tonight?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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