Undercover Basketball Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Undercover Basketball is a multi-chapter work. Readers are encouraged to start from the first chapter, as the story contains a significant plot that cannot possibly be summarized in one or two paragraphs. I am confident that you will find the plot intriguing, as it is full of twists, and the sex exciting. Hope you enjoy!

Daniel made his way to the administration building of his college late that Friday night. It was a cold and windy November night, but he knew that he would quickly warm up. When he reached the admissions office, he had to knock on the door, as it was locked during the night. Carol, an admissions counselor at the college and the mother of Daniel’s friend Katie, opened the door for him.

“Wow, it is so cold out there tonight,” Daniel said as he removed his coat. “I hope you are ready to warm me up!”

“You bet I’m ready,” said Carol as they moved together toward her large office in the corner, the office that just happened to have a very large couch.

Of course, the couch was meant for prospective students and their families when they visited the college. However, over the last couple of years, Carol and Daniel had found other valuable uses for it. Yes, Carol and Daniel had been having sex for two years. This actually began because of medical reasons. The Martin family doctor had informed Carol and her husband Mark that Mark was suffering from early, but severe erectile dysfunction. This news had come about two years prior to this date. Both Carol and Mark knew that the two would never be able to have intercourse again. They also knew how important a healthy sex life was to a person. They agreed that Carol should find a loving partner to have intercourse with to keep her sex life active. Mark left the decision solely up to Carol, except for four rules. 1) The man could not be married, 2) She could not have sex with him in their home while he or any of their kids were there, 3) She had to trust the person entirely, and 4) She had to tell him who she chose.

Carol found these rules to be very reasonable. She knew that whomever she chose would be someone that was a friend. It also had to be someone that would not want to develop a relationship outside of the sex. At first, she was thinking about men around her and Mark’s age, 40. She had a very difficult time meeting rule number one when doing this. Also, she would probably break her own rule of finding someone who would not become attached.

Thus, she turned to younger, much younger, men. Naturally, her thoughts traveled to Daniel. Daniel was a good family friend. He was someone that she trusted, and, being a college student, knew that he would be interested in having sex with her. Before she ever mentioned it to him, she told Mark about her decision. At first, Mark was surprised and even a little angry. He soon began to see her reasoning and fully supported her decision. He suggested that they invite Daniel over so the three of them could discuss the situation together. Carol did not like this idea at first, but she gave in to her husband.

When Carol and Mark explained the situation to Daniel, he felt very sorry for both of them at first. Then, when Carol told him that she wanted him to be her partner, Daniel refused at first. Yes, he found Carol to be an extremely attractive woman, but could not imagine doing such a thing. It took much convincing, especially from Mark, that this was what both Carol and Mark wanted. Finally, Daniel gave in. In fact, Mark and Carol had arranged for the house to be empty that night so that Daniel and Carol could have sex immediately. It had been almost an entire year since Carol had experienced sex. Although they were both a little uncomfortable, they spent most the night together. After that night, Daniel was addicted. He was addicted to having sex with Carol, and Carol loved having sex with him.

Back to the present: Carol unlocked the door to her office and Daniel stepped in.

“I’ve been thinking about this all week, Carol. Two weeks is just too long to wait. I hope you are as ready as I am.”

“I am so ready for you, Daniel. Yes, I know two weeks is too long, but I have been away. However, because it’s been so long, I brought a surprise for you.”

When Carol finished her statement, she began to open her long black trench coat that covered her entire body. As she opened the coat, Daniel could see the small, black, lace nightie she was wearing. Carol dropped the coat and turned, showing Daniel the tiny black g-string she was wearing with it. She walked slowly towards her desk, moving her ass side to side, as she went. When she reached the desk, she bent over, putting her face on the desk and her ass high in the air for Daniel to see.

At just under six foot, Carol was a tall woman with long legs to prove it. Daniel loved long legs. As Carol continued to wave her ass in the air at him, Daniel just admired the long, tanned legs that led to her large, but curvaceous ass. At forty casino siteleri years old, Carol was damn good looking. Yes, the effects of gravity were beginning to have a small effect in some places, and her ass did seem to get larger with time, but Daniel loved it. Her face was still as young and tight as ever, and she had the experience that went along with the body. Carol could drive Daniel crazy like no other woman ever had. (Not that he had that many more to compare her to, but he knew it could not get much better.)

“So, are we going to do it like this tonight, stud?” Carol asked, referring to her bent over position. “Or, did your cock have something better in mind? I know this pussy is ready for that meat of yours,” she said as she moved the tiny string covering her ass and womanhood to the side, running her fingers up and down her wet folds.

Daniel was not sure if he had ever seen Carol this excited. Usually, it would take a good half an hour to an hour of foreplay to get Carol ready for sex. Tonight, though, she was a woman on a mission: she wanted to fuck. This, of course, did not bother Daniel in the least. He was ready to go, too. He was planning to go all night long, if she was up to it.

Daniel got off the couch and began to move towards his willing lover. When he reached her, he put his hands on either side of her wide hips and pushed his now rock-hard, jeans-covered crotch against her elevated ass and pussy.

“This is how you want it tonight, uh? I think that might be possible, but it’s going to take some work from you to get it like you want it!” Daniel informed her as he continued to grind his crotch into her.

With great enthusiasm, Carol spun around and engulfed Daniel’s mouth with her own. She pushed him back towards the couch, throwing him over the arm and landing on top of him in the process. Just as quickly as she had him on the couch, Carol had Daniel’s shirt on the floor and had his jeans half way down his legs. When Carol had to get off the couch to remove his jeans completely, Daniel reached for her nightie, lifted it over her head, and began squeezing her breasts. Carol was not as well endowed as her daughter, but she still had beautiful breasts. They were a full B cup, with dark aureoles and large, dark nipples. Her breasts did have a bit of a sag in them, but they still rested quite high on her chest, especially for a forty-year young woman.

“What work do I have to do tonight, Daniel? Do you want me to suck that big, hard cock of yours? Of course you do. I do give the best blowjob in town, don’t I? Or, do you want me to sit on that dick and take it in my ass?”

Daniel continued to play with Carol’s breasts as she asked him what he wanted. Carol’s questions were getting him even more excited, as his member was beginning to strain hard against his boxer briefs. In truth, he wanted it all, and he planned to get it.

“All of it. I want all of it, Carol. I want you to suck my fat dick. I want to eat your hot, wet pussy. I want to fuck your tits. Then I want to bend you over and stick it in your tight ass. Then, your pussy can get my dick. Your pussy is going to get my dick all night long.

Daniel’s selfish speech turned Carol on. She loved pleasing him. She loved feeling his big dick hit the back of her throat. She was not concerned about her own pleasure. That always came. Daniel treasured tasting her pussy, and he was so good at it. She would probably orgasm at least three times when he ate her, and then again, when he fucked her.

“All right then. You want it all, so you’ll get it all,” Carol said eagerly as she reached for Daniel’s member inside his boxers.

Carol grabbed his long shaft through his boxers. As she began to stroke his cock, she looked at him and stuck a finger in her mouth, simulating the oral sex she was about to give him. Daniel loved it when she did this. He loved watching her take the finger all the way down, closing her eyes in the process. She would then roll her tongue around it and pull it back out, licking it the whole way. Daniel felt like he could deliver his load right now, but he knew he would not. Over the last two years, he learned to control his orgasms, as Carol knew all the right buttons to push. At first, it was a struggle for him, but Carol understood. She knew what she was doing. She knew how to make a man more excited than he thought he could be. Now, Daniel was able to hold off until she was ready to feel his load, either inside her or all over her.

Carol was ready to suck his cock now, and Daniel was ready to be sucked. Carol pulled the boxers down his legs, freeing Daniel’s thick eight-inch beef stick. Before Daniel knew it, Carol was bobbing up and down on his penis, while her hands lightly played with his balls.

“Suck my cock, Carol. That’s it. Suck it like the cum slut you really are.”

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck my mouth you sex god. Make me taste your cum,” Carol said between her bobbing

Daniel and canl─▒ casino Carol often talked very dirty to each other. This was something they found turned them both on very much. However, they knew that the talk meant nothing, that it was only in fantasy that they said these things. Carol continued to suck Daniel off as Daniel moved his hands to Carol’s dark, curly hair. Daniel had always been more attracted to brunettes than blondes. Not to mention there was something about blonde pubic hair that just did not seem right to him. He wished that Katie had gotten her mom’s hair genes instead of her dad’s.

Carol could tell that Daniel was getting closer to climax, as did Daniel. Carol decided to tease him a little now, but Daniel was expecting this. Carol removed his hard shaft from her mouth. She started with his balls, as she slowly sucked them each into her mouth, rolling her tongue all over them. She moved to his penis as she continued to play with Daniel’s balls with her hand. Starting at the bottom of his manhood, she licked it ever so slowly, using only the tip of her tongue, until she reached the head. When she reached the head, she rolled her tongue over it as fast as she could, driving Daniel so crazy that it was almost painful.

Carol wanted to keep teasing him, but knew that it could not go on forever. Just as he had asked for earlier, Carol moved up Daniel’s body and placed his cock between her soft breasts. As she pushed her breasts together, Daniel began moving his hips, sliding his dick between his forty-year young lover’s breasts. Both Carol and Daniel knew that he would never climax this way. Carol enjoyed feeling his thick cock sliding between her soft breasts, while Daniel just enjoyed looking at her take his dick in her cleavage.

“Is your ass ready for this stiff rod yet?” Daniel asked as he maintained his tit fucking of Carol.

“My ass is ready to take your meat any time,” the fuckee replied. “Let me get the KY first.”

Carol got up from her kneeling position in front of the couch and moved towards her desk. She bent over to reach into her bottom drawer, elevating her ass and pussy right to Daniel’s eye level like before. Carol kept the lubrication in her desk because the two of them would often have their sex in her office at night, when no one was around. However, there had been a few occasions when Carol would be feeling particularly horny during the daytime. On those days, she would give Daniel a call, and if he were free, (which he usually found a way to be free in these cases) he would come over and the two would have a quickie (or not so quickie) during the day, when the office was full of counselors, secretaries, and students. The two agreed that those days produced the most invigorating sex, as it was so dangerous.

Carol was having a difficult time finding the lubrication in her desk. Nevertheless, Daniel did not mind this one bit. He was getting a perfect view of Carol’s wide ass and tight pussy, both of which he was soon to fill with his large member. Daniel began stroking his penis in anticipation of filling Carol’s tight asshole. Eventually, Carol found the lubrication, turned, and saw Daniel staring at her exposed sex and stroking his cock.

“What do you think you’re doing? That is definitely my job. What is it? Am I not pleasing you enough tonight?”

Daniel knew she was only giving him a hard time. She knew that he enjoyed looking at her ass and pussy high in the air. That is why she took so long to “find” the lubrication. Carol always applied the lubrication when Daniel fucked her in the ass. First, she would apply it liberally to his dick, then would turn, bend over, and lubricate herself the best she could. Once again, this was because she wanted Daniel to get the view that he loved so much. Carol really enjoyed Daniel fucking her ass, as long as there was plenty of lubrication. Sometimes, Daniel would spend up to half an hour ramming his cock in and out of her asshole. Carol would have to apply lube quite often, but she enjoyed it, as she usually would orgasm several times during this.

Carol turned back around and moved towards the couch again. Daniel was standing, awaiting Carol’s arrival. As Daniel watched with great excitement, Carol put her knees on the middle cushion, laid her chest over the short back of the couch, and arched her back, putting her wide open asshole at the perfect height for Daniel to access. Daniel moved behind his bent over partner, grabbed the top of her tiny g-string, and pulled it down her legs to her knees. He clutched his stiff, lubricated cock, and rubbed its’ head over Carol’s puckered asshole. As he continued to tease her, Daniel used his free hand to reach around and play with Carol’s now soaking pussy. He ran his fingers up and down her folds, intentionally grazing her clitoris every few passes.

Carol could not take it any longer. “Daniel, stick that dick of yours in my ass now, or I am going to have to do it myself. ka├žak casino Go ahead, fuck my ass.”

Not in any mood to argue with his blazing hot lover, Daniel took her orders and began to push the head of his cock into her ass. Daniel and Carol did not have anal sex often. Carol only liked it when she was way beyond turned on. Because of this, it took Carol a while to get herself accustomed to the size of Daniel’s cock. Daniel knew that if he shoved his penis in with one stroke, Carol would feel like she had been shot and would lose the desire to have Daniel fill her ass.

Daniel allowed the head of his cock to rest in her ass for almost a minute while he perpetuated his playing with Carol’s pussy. When Carol was ready for more of his dick, she would begin to rock her hips back into him just a little. In time, Carol began to feel like she was ready for the whole thing. This time, instead of just rocking back gently, she engorged herself with the 21-year-old penis. The entire eight inches, of which she could barely get her entire hand around, was in her ass, and its’ owner was ready to fuck her with it.

Carol’s sudden action had Daniel going at full speed from the start. He could tell that Carol was ready to be fucked, and fucked hard. Daniel was still pleasuring her pussy with his free hand, while the other sat atop Carol’s ass, guiding it back and forth; as his dick drove in and out of her now wet asshole.

“Yes, Daniel! Fuck my ass hard. Fuck me like I’m the town whore. Tear me in half with your huge cock,” Carol screamed as she listened to her ass slap hard against Daniel’s crotch. “Keep fucking me lover. Make me cum all over your hand.”

Daniel was now getting close to his orgasm. Sometimes, Carol liked it when he filled her ass with his white juice. He knew that he was going to fuck her pussy later that night, but he did not care. Carol had been teasing him for too long.

“That’s right you town whore. I’m going to fill your huge, tight ass with cum,” Daniel growled at Carol. “I’m going to shoot my load in your ass and then pull out and cover your ass with it. And, you will like it you slut.”

This had Carol ready for Daniel’s juices. She knew he would recover in plenty of time to fill her pussy later. She did not want him to shoot it in her ass, though. She wanted it all over her face. She wanted to taste his cum. Daniel quickened his pace even more now. He was fucking her has hard and as fast as he could. Carol knew that he was ready to finish. With cat-like reflexes, she stood up, spun around, knelt to her knees in front of Daniel, and swallowed up his raging cock. Daniel was not disappointed by this in the least. Carol did give the best blowjobs ever, and he loved finishing in her mouth.

Daniel grabbed the back of Carol’s head with both hands. Before Carol knew what was happening, Daniel was just fucking her mouth with no abandon. This meant that Daniel was ready to explode. He did not like to fool around when he was close, and he was close now.

“Here it comes you cum slut!” Daniel directed. “You are going to taste my load. Then, you are going to clean me off with your slut tongue.”

Just as Daniel finished giving his directions, his balls tightened and he shot the biggest load he ever had right to the back of Carol’s waiting throat. The second shot came just as big and fast as the first. Carol tried to swallow as fast as she could, but she could not get it all. She pulled Daniel’s ejaculating dick out of her mouth just as he was unloading again. The rest of Daniel’s cum ended up all over Carol’s face. Carol enjoyed the feeling of his hot juice all over her, especially when it was on her face.

As Carol licked her cum drenched face, Daniel grabbed her and sat her on the couch, spreading her legs at the same time. Daniel positioned his body between Carol’s spread eagle and began kissing her neck softly. Carol knew what was coming. What she enjoyed the most was Daniel’s maturity when it came to sex. She knew he was going to taste his pussy. Daniel knew he was going to as well. Daniel did not jump right to it, though. He could spend up to half and hour making his way from Carol’s lips to her wanting pussy. By the time he reached her jewel, Carol was always more relaxed than when he started. Carol enjoyed the oral sex much more this way. She wanted her lover’s to run a marathon when they ate her out, not a sprint.

Daniel knew this and knew how to do it well. As he nibbled on her neck, Daniel raised his thigh to rub against his soon to be ‘meal.’ Daniel always looked forward to this meal. He was yet to taste a pussy he did not love. As Carol become more excited, her breathing became heavier, and her actions more aggressive. Carol had her hands in Daniel’s hair, (which felt remarkably similar to Katie’s hands doing the same thing) and began to push his head down her body. As his head reached her breasts, she lowered it to her right nipple. Here, she experienced a preview of what Daniel’s tongue was going to do a little farther south. So lightly that she could hardly feel it, Daniel rolled his tongue over Carol’s nipples. While sucking on one, Daniel would pinch the other with a hand, sending shivers all over Carol’s body.

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