Tyler’s Treat

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It was a lazy Tuesday afternoon in dreary and rainy suburban Seattle and Tyler, a 32-year old and rather successful salesman for Brownie Points Incorporated (a radio and television sales agency), sat in his office sifting through paperwork on a deal he recently closed with a local sports bar. Tyler loosened his tie knowing he was the only member of the sales team in the office today. He was about 6’1″ and had very little body fat because his part time job as a minor league baseball umpire in the Pacific Coast League kept him in shape. Tyler spends most of his weekends on the ball fields, but manages to mingle with locals at bars near his hotel after games. Needless to say, Tyler was fairly attractive but much too busy to settle into a marriage at this stage of his life.

Tyler put the paper work aside and checked his e-mail for his umpiring schedule for the following week. Salt Lake City was the destination and his flight would leave Friday morning at 7:45 AM. Tyler walked to the door of his office and marked it on his calendar – he turned around to head back to his desk when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Starla taking a call at the front desk.

“Oops” he thought, he forgot that someone else was in the building – but it’s only the receptionist so he can leave his tie loose for now.

Starla was a 19-year old college co-ed who just started last week. She’s a sophomore majoring in Behavioral Psychology with a minor in Technical Writing. She had just finished her freshman year at Oregon State University and came home to find a job that would help pay for the fall semester. Tyler had met her when she started last Friday but had been too busy to converse with her since then.

Tyler took one image of her in his head while walking back to his desk.. the beautiful smile and slight blush she was making while staring at her computer and talking on the phone. It had been a slow day at the office and she hadn’t taken too many phone calls but was hard at work taking messages for his five sales associates who were visiting clients that afternoon.

The image stuck with Tyler and his curiosity got the best of him… “What is it she’s blushing at? What can possibly be putting her in such a chipper mood on a day like today?” he thought to himself. Tyler flipped on the “Carnivore” system that he had downloaded off a site one day to spy on an ex-girlfriend’s computer. He linked into Starla’s (just across the office) and was surprised to see her chatting with a fellow who apparently lived in Anchorage. “Maybe she knows him from school..” he quandered. Either way, he was suspicious and a bit rattled that the new receptionist was chatting while on the job for merely her third day.

Tyler snooped through her dialog box and noticed that their conversation was fairly steamy. He assumed – at that point – that the guy in Anchorage must be her boyfriend. After all, in his college days, his girlfriend lived on the East Coast during the summer and their only connection that they could afford was U.S. Mail.

Tyler zapped back to reality and thought about confronting Starla “just to keep her on her toes” for when things got busy. He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to approach her. He looked back to her dialogue box and suddenly they were swapping stories with each other. These stories could have been actual tales from OSU – but he considered that Starla’s interest in creative writing might inspire her to write a tale or two of the nature he was reading.

He surely had no idea how to approach her at this point, but that was merely an afterthought after he allowed his senses to take over and realized he himself was becoming slightly turned on. Tyler walked to the office door and shut it, then sauntered back to his computer and continued reading. Tyler’s urge got the best of him and he let his hand wander down to his pelvic area and massaged himself ever so slightly while reading Starla’s vivid description of a game of Strip Poker gone awry.

This scene stayed the same for about 3-minutes until he heard a knock on his door. Tyler quickly jumped up into his chair and shouted, “Come on in”. Starla entered and quickly inferred that Rodger (the sales guy one office over) had just cut a deal with the downtown casino that set the company over its monthly quota. Tyler asked if Rodger wanted to talk to him but Starla explained that Rodger wanted her to spread the word because he had to get back to the meeting to close the deal. Tyler thanked her.

Starla was about to exit his office when she noticed his face was slightly flushed (red) and he was sweating a bit. “Are you bahis firmalar─▒ feeling alright today Tyler? You don’t look all that good. Can I get you some coffee?” Tyler nodded and she bolted out the door to the coffee machine.

“What do I do now?” he asked himself. He felt like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar even though Starla never saw his computer monitor.

Starla came back in and set the coffee on his desk right next to the computer. Seeing a bit of sweat still falling near his ear, she said “Hey, I know I’m new here, but I am a Psych major and would love to offer some advice if anything’s ever bothering you. I surely hope you feel better Tyler. I’ll be here for another hour or so until I clock out.” Tyler smiled and said, “I’m afraid there’s not much hope for what’s bothering me, but I appreciate the offer.”

Tyler’s admittance to being bothered by something set Starla’s curiosity into stride. “Ty, the phones are fairly quiet right now, so talk to me!” she exclaimed. Starla invited herself to grab a seat on the edge of Tyler’s desk – at which point Tyler nearly had a heart attack. He realized she had a pretty face, one that looked angelicÔÇŽ round, soft, and innocent making her look not a day over 17 Years Old – but never had he found time to admire the new gal’s figure. She stood just over 5’3″ with a darker, almost Puerto Rican complexion, dark brown hair, and big puppy-dog hazel/brown eyes that could make a Hershey’s bar melt in its wrapper; firm, round breasts – nicely rounded hips, and an ass that made his knees weak just sitting down! This was also the first chance he had all day to admire the relatively short skirt she wore that rode up half way above her knees to the top of her thigh while she sat on his desk.

Tyler looked her in the eyes and stuttered, “I guess I’m in a bind because” – Starla stopped him and looked down seeing the bulge in his pants, “Oh my Tyler, is this a bad time for me to be in here?” He replied “not at all Starla; I have to admit that I am thoroughly impressed with your writing abilities. By orders of the VP, I was asked to monitor your computer to make sure you didn’t have the problems our last receptionist did. She was let go for transferring viruses through our computer system while taking a break from answering phones.”

Starla was shocked “Oh my, I had no idea you were spying on meÔÇŽ I guess I’d be terribly offended and upset normally, but judging from the reaction it’s caused you, I guess I’ll take THAT as a complement.”

Tyler felt defenseless. “Starla, I know I risk lawsuits beyond belief when I say this, but your writing sent my mind into a frenzy, and your figure sitting on my desk is sending the rest of me into overdrive right now. I’m not sure you should be in he-” ** she put a single finger over his mouth and said “Tyler, stop while you’re ahead of yourself honey.” She jumped up from the desk, went to hers and turned on the voice mail, and then came back into his office and shut the door.

She walked every so slowly leaving Tyler’s eyes in a trance. The sight of her glistening well-toned legs caused the bulge in his pants to reappear as she walked seductively to him – and behind his chair while wrapping an arm around his neck and chest and leaning over to his ear whispering, “You’ve had a pretty strenuous day as it is, why don’t you just sit back and relax and let me work the stress out of you.” Tyler about lost his mind at this point. She began unfastening the buttons of his shirt when he put his hand over hers and forced her to stop. “Dear, as great as this dream is turning out, I would be in sheer ecstasy if I could taste you; your sweet, young, innocent looking body.” Starla blushed and thought to herself “and I’m getting paid for this?” When it came to sex, she was the most selfish person she knew. She had only given head twice before (to her boyfriend at Oregon State), but had let a select amount of guys please her over the last couple years.

Tyler fingered her hair and licked the outside of her ear. She took the initiative to swing herself around the chair and sit on his lap while he traced an “S” on her earlobe. She tasted succulent. It had been 7-years since he had pleasured a girl this young and beautiful, he almost felt like pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Tyler traced a line of wetness from her ear to her neck and nibbled right below her collarbone. Starla let out a soft moan and closed her eyes while biting her bottom lip. Tyler used his tongue to massage her throat before nibbling on her chin and parting her lips with his tongue. He tongue wrestled the beautiful ka├žak iddaa co-ed while taking his finger and slowly sliding the shoulder strap of her shirt off her arm leaving her tank top clung to her breasts. The passionate kiss lingered on until Starla broke off and crossed her arms (as only a female can do) and guided the stretchy material over her mounds – throwing it towards the door where it caught itself on the doorknob. Starla’s top was tight enough that she didn’t feel the need to wear a bra. Tyler’s eyes enlarged to the size of saucers as he took in the aura of her perfectly shaped breasts. He squeezed one of the nipples ever so gently while locking his lips with hers again. Luckily his desk was cleared (paper work set off to the side) except for his computer. He got up from his chair and laid her over her desk so her legs hung over with her butt on the edge of the desk. He broke away from the kiss and worked his way back to her neck. Starla constantly reassured him of his actions by emoting soft moans from deep with-in her bounty.

Tyler used one hand to feel her right leg tracing lines from her knee to her thigh while his nibbling adventures worked their way down from her neck to her right breast. He licked around the base of the symmetrical shape and stopped to take a deep breath when he settled in the valley of the two perfectly shaped mounds. How wonderful she tasted and how beautiful her young skin smelt. He licked a line from the top of her chest, down below her breasts – and around the left one before tracing the sides of the top of her left breast and eventually working his way to the rose-colored peak. He licked circles around the nipple before taking his 2 top and bottom teeth in the middle of the mouth and nibbling on the bud. Finally he gave in and took the rest of the top of her breast in, sucking and licking circles while drawing moans from Starla and feeling her legs wrap themselves around his fully clothed waist.

Starla cried, “Oh god, that feels so good. I can’t take much more of this!” Tyler continued massaging her nipple with his tongue while bringing one hand up to massage the right breast and using the other hand to unbutton the skirt that she wore tightly around her hourglass figured hips. After he felt the last button fall to the desk, he took his hand out and felt the dress fall onto his hand. He finished with one last lapping of her nipple by his tongue before tracing another wet path from the nipple just below her breast and into the swell of her stomach right above her belly button. He traced it down and moved his head to the side of her stomach into her kidney areaÔÇŽ he felt her breaths increase in frequency and the moans become deeper and deeper. He licked the side of the ribs (above the kidney) and nibbled a bit before tracing his tongue back to her belly button and letting his tongue dive into the button. Her rapid breaths continued as he tried to move his head to her stomach that pulsated with every breath she took. He darted his tongue into her button one final time before beginning another trace southbound. He licked his way over her bladder and moved to the side of her pelvic area to lick and kiss and suck the skin surrounding the pelvic bone. She arched her back slightly as she became increasingly frustrated at the need of a release. He traced a wet tongue back across the area over her bladder just centimeters away from the hidden treasure.

She wore a black and orange bikini (this was the first time he noticed) with “Beavers” (Oregon State’s nickname) written across the front. He let his senses take in the surroundings and breathed in a solid gasp of a smell that made his knees even weakerÔÇŽ He could smell her juices as he moved his head around her hips and pelvic area taking in the sweet smell of the young Lolita. His nose became fixated to her crotch as the aroma nearly knocked him out – surely he became a little dizzy.

At this point, Tyler decided to work out a kinky mini-dream that he had always wanted to try with his college girlfriend. Her breaths stayed rapid after his 45-second nasal analysis of the vixen. He leaned over the right side of her pelvis and took the elastic top of the bikini between the same 4 teeth he used for her nipples and dragged it a little bit down her right thigh. Then he moved to the other side of the bikini and repeated the action taking it down her left thigh. He repeated this action until the elastic band was below her crotch leaving her neatly shaved treasure staring him in the face. The aroma was making him very dizzy and his body had gone into overdrive again at the sight and smell of ka├žak bahis Starla. He used his hands to help pull the rest of the panties below her butt (which was easy to do because she arched her back in preparation for him to finish her off) and then put his hands on the edge of the table to balance himself. He took the panties between his teeth again. He slid them down the rest of the way without a problem and pulled them past her feet and off her body. He yanked his head back and the panties covered his face. He inhaled one deep breath, which he would savor for a lifetime.

He opened his mouth and dropped them on his chair – then he gathered her left foot and took her big toe into his mouth. He suckled each of the toes on her foot causing her breaths to increase in succession again. After licking every curve of the sole of her foot and her salty tasting toes, he darted his tongue out and traced a line from her ankle – up her left leg to her knee. He continued the journey up her thigh as she instinctively tensed up and attempted to lock his head with her thighs. He took his hands and motioned for her to turn over. Starla was confused at what was happening but obeyed his odd command.

Tyler ducked as she repositioned herself with her hips on the edge of the desk and her legs still flailing off. Tyler licked the back of her thigh and used a finger to trace up the other thigh just an inch below her moistened lips. He ventured up farther and licked her cheek in circlesÔÇŽ occasionally kissing it and sucking in a bit of the perfectly round flesh. He continued to massage her ass with his tongue working cheek to cheek for over 5-minutes. Starla finally quivered and he felt her body tense up as if she was about to finally emit her orgasm she so desperately craved. He stood up tall and leaned over to her face – he whispered “Do this for me” – licked her ear – and then got down on his knees and laid down on his back next to his desk.

Starla tried to get off his desk and as her feet hit the floor, her knees gave out and she fell atop him. She re-positioned herself and crawled on top of his fully clothed body. She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and worked her naked body to the top of his chest resting her aching pussy on his ribs. Tyler had the most stargazed look on his face as he looked up and saw her glorious figure mounting him. On her knees already, she crawled up closer to his chin and rubbed her soaking wet lips on his chin allowing him to feel her folds while ingesting the aroma that made his mind spin out of control.

She finally crawled up a little further and dangled her crotch a couple inches above his eagerly awaiting mouth before composing herself and taking a seat on his face.

Tyler was in heaven. He let his tongue dart out and split the outer folds of her pussy while slurping up the juices that streamed like a waterfall into his mouth. Starla’s body began bucking while her breathing picked up to near record paces. She moaned quietly but strongly as Tyler tongued out the insides of her luscious labia. His magic wand searched every forbidden area of her treasure sending vibes up her body and intense pleasure to her groin. He finally reached her clitoris and tongued circles around the engorged nub that pulsated to the rhythm of his dancing tongue. He sucked on the clit and tongued circles around it for a short time until Starla’s legs tightened up again and her body convulsed into a mind-blowing orgasm emptying her juices all over his mouth and face. He slurped as much as he could while letting the rest soak into his face. Starla must have reached 3 to 4 orgasms within a 2-minute period of ecstasy while riding his tongue. Tyler looked defeated as he lay there drenched in her fluids making no attempts to interfere with the wave of powerful release she was experiencing; instead he enjoyed the reward that he worked so hard for. Finally her body became limp and she fell backwards with her butt resting just above his chin and her head cushioned by the top of his toes.

After reviving themselves a few minutes later, Starla and Tyler dressed themselves back up and glanced at the clock. It read 4:40, they were supposed to have left 10-minutes ago. Starla smiled as she reached for her purse and proclaimed to Tyler, “That was the most amazing set of orgasms I’ve ever had in my life, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as I’ll enjoy writing about them tomorrow. Just remember, every great story has a sequel to follow it!”

Tyler, in a daze still after the most incredible 40-minutes of his life, nodded and embraced her. After she left, he walked back into his office to clean up. Much to his surprise, the panties remained on his chair. He tucked them into the drawer of his desk and locked up his office knowing that the summer had just began and he didn’t ever want it to end.

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