Two Strangers Ch. 03

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I wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted me on opening the bedroom door. The room was lit by candlelight, four on either side of the bed. Patti was in bed, a sheet pulled demurely up to her chin. As I stood at the bottom of the bed she smiled at me.

“Take hold of the bottom of the sheet and pull it; slowly” She watched me as I slowly slid the sheet off her, exposing her neck, her shoulders, now her large breasts, sheathed in a half-cup bra, her nipples resting on top; still pulling gently, savouring the moment,her stomach, her hips, and finally her shaven pussy, no panties, the folds glistening slightly. The sheet caught slightly as I pulled it further down, catching on the nylon of her holdup stockings.

“Worth waiting for baby?” she asked breathily.

My cock was making a tent out of the towel in answer.

“Come to me Garry” she begged.

Unwrapping the towel, I lay next to her on the bed kissing her neck as she bared her throat to me.

“Lie still Patti, let me make love to you” I whispered.

She lay there unmoving, her head thrown back as she savoured the touch of my tongue in the hollow of her throat, moving slowly down to the slopes of her breasts.

She gasped as I gently took a nipple between my teeth, pinching her other one between my thumb and forefinger. Sliding my hand inside her bra I lifted her full breasts out, resting them on top while I kissed and nibbled all around and underneath them. I’d never seen tits so perfect before, and I wanted to simply bury my head in them.

I felt her hand on my head pushing me lower, wanting me between her thighs.Teasing her, I trailed my tongue down her stomach, stopping before I reached her pussy, my fingertips stroking her sides lightly. Moving back up to her breasts, then down again, always stopping short of her pussy.

“You bastard” she breathed, “lick it, eat my pussy, please!”

“Not yet; you’re gonna suck my cock first.”

I pulled away from her, stretching out on the bed beside her. She knelt over me, pushing a finger into herself before slipping it between my lips.

“See what you’re missing?” she asked. I closed my eyes as I felt Patti’s tongue circling my nipple, her fingernails gently scratching the inside of my thighs. her head moving lower, her tongue lapping its way down my stomach, twisting herself so that her ass was by my head.

She opened her legs, knowing that the folds of her pussy would open too. I reached out and stroked the tops of her stockings, moaning as I felt her tongue licking the length of my hard cock. My fingers inched up her inner thigh, feeling the dampness in her groin; she lifted her head, watching as my finger slowly pushed inside her; this time I held my finger to her and she sucked it greedily.

Her hand cupped my balls as I slowly fingered her, first one then two fingers deep inside her. My thumb reached out and canl─▒ bahis found her clit; she moaned, and lowered her head to my cock, taking me in deeply. God, her mouth felt good, warm and wet.

“Patti; sit on my face, I want to taste your cunt baby”

She lifted a leg either side of my head and I gazed at her open folds. Her mouth slid all the way down to the root of my cock before sliding all the way back up; up, down, up, down. I took hold of the cheeks of her ass, pulling her open for me, my tongue reaching out and delving deep into her pussy.

She began grinding herself against my face, trying to position her clit on my tongue, a muffled moan coming from her full mouth as I hit the spot – we were both fucking each others mouth as we sought release. I could feel her tensing as she got close to her orgasm, her mouth sliding faster and deeper down my cock; my hips bucking trying to touch the back of her throat. I stroked the crack of her ass with my fingertip, pressing gently against her puckered little asshole.

Fuck! I was gonna cum! Patti must have sensed this, as she quickly pulled me from her mouth, my cum shooting all over her breasts; and I pushed my finger deep into her ass taking her clit between my lips and sucking gently, she screamed as she came too, her thighs gripping my head as the shudders hit her.

We lay together, curled up in each others arms, totally spent.

“That” she said quietly, “was absolutely fantastic”

“Definitely sweetheart, wanna go some more?” I asked.

“Let’s just sleep together tonight Garry, we’ve six whole days to make love, starting with tomorrow morning – tonight I just want to be held by my new,naked lover”

It had been a long day; that, combined with the lack of sleep we’d had the previous night when we’d stayed up talking in my motel room had tired Patti. She was soon asleep, her head resting on my shoulder, her soft breath tickling my ear. I lay there, a beautiful woman in my arms, the taste of her sweet pussy still on my lips, gazing at the ceiling, fighting sleep,not wanting to miss a single moment of the time we had together.

I must have slept a little though – as my eyes opened I noticed it was light outside. Easing gently away from her, I climbed from the bed noticing an almost surreal quality to the light filtering through the window. I looked outside; it had snowed heavily in the few hours we had slept, the watery early morning sunlight causing small rainbow-like little patterns to bounce up from the virgin snow.

I made myself a coffee and sat by the window, just a sheet wrapped around me for warmth, marvelling in the turn of events that had led me to feel happier than I had for years.

“Penny for them” a voice whispered in my ear.

The window had a small boxseat; I swung my legs around a little and Patti squirmed onto my lap, wrapping the sheet around us once bahis siteleri again.

“Just wondering how I got so lucky baby” I replied.

She smiled, taking my face between her hands, pulling my mouth to hers to kiss me deeply. She still had that “bed-warmness”, and her lips were a little dry after her sleep, I licked them gently, sharing my moist lips; she eased away, looking through the window.

“My! Look at all that snow! Where did that come from?”

My cock began stirring as she wriggled on me. “Ooooooh! What’s that?” she asked me.

“A little present for being a good girl” I whispered lasciviously.

“Not yet!” she laughed, jumping off me, “I’m taking a shower – make me a coffee!”

With that she was gone, my cock waving forlornly in the air, neglected for the moment. I headed for the kitchen to make her a coffee.

“Want some breakfast?” I shouted over the top of the running shower.

“No thanks; I want to work up an appetite first – and not in the way you think” she laughed, “we’re going outside exploring!”

I busied myself making a pot of coffee, waiting for her to finish her shower. She ran from the bathroom, tits jiggling, a towel covering her modesty as she went into our bedroom to dress. Knowing from past experience how long it took a woman to dress persuaded me that now might be a good time to get dressed myself!

Within 10 minutes I was back in the living room; no sign of Patti yet, so I busied myself preparing and lighting a fire for us, we’d be cold when we got back, and a roaring logfire was something to look forward to.

“C’mon – I’m ready!” I yelled.

Patti must have crept out of the bedroom while I wasn’t looking, and was standing by the door before I even had my boots on! I was surprised to see her wearing a long skirt instead of trousers though.

“Hurry! Before it melts!” she shouted.

I quickly finished dressing; this wasn’t the way I had planned to spend our first morning in the cabin together but I was caught up in her excitement, and she pushed past me as I opened the door, running out into the deep snow.

Locking the door behind me, I felt a thud in the middle of my back.

“Hey! No fair! I wasn’t ready!” I shouted as she continued to bombard me with snowballs. I ran to catch up with her and she curled her arm around my waist as we walked.

We talked incessantly – we were like two kids on a first date knowing we only had an hour before I had to get her home. Although the snow had stopped falling, the morning sunlight reflecting off the pure dazzling whiteness blinded us a little.

“Let’s go that way” Patti said, leading us off the beaten track, “we can always follow our footprints back!”

I took her hand as she led me deeper into the woods.

“Ssssshhhhh!” she whispered.

I looked around, wondering what she’d seen; a small young female deer was bahis ┼čirketleri nibbling at one of the bushes. We carefully skirted around her, not wanting to alarm her.

As we walked further into the dense woodland, the gaps between the trees got smaller, until suddenly, Patti led me into a clearing about the size of a small room, devoid of any vegetation except two broken trees forming an almost perfect oval table.

“Here will be perfect” she said.

“For what?” I asked innocently.

“For you to slide that stiff cock inside me for the first time” she whispered.

Fuck! She’ll have to find it first! I’m so cold my shrivelled cock is nestled up against my asshole!

She walked me backwards to the two upturned logs, easing me down onto them.

“Wanna see why I wore a skirt?” she asked.

Moving around to my head she planted one leg either side of my face, letting me look up her skirt – she wasn’t wearing panties!

“You planned this all along didn’t you Patti!” I laughed.

“Well I’ve made you wait to fuck me so I decided to make our first time interesting!”

Giggling, she lay on top of me, her tongue working its way into my mouth, searching for mine. Although it was cold, I felt my cock beginning to stiffen as she squirmed against me, her pubic mound grinding into me. She sat up across my thighs, reaching into my pants, rubbing me through my shorts.

“Looks like my friend needs a little help waking up” she teased, sliding my pants and shorts halfway down my thighs.

Damn it was cold! I gasped as she suddenly darted forward and took my semi-hard cock into her warm, willing mouth, licking and nibbling until it grew in her mouth. Her hand was under her skirt, teasing her clit.

“This is just a quickie babe” she moaned, positioning herself over my now erect cock – easing slowly down as she guided me in.

The contrast between the coldness of the snow on my thighs and ass, and the warm wetness of her pussy was unbelievable. Leaning forward and placing her hands on my chest she began to ride me. The cool breeze teased my cock each time she raised herself, only to warm it again as she sank back down. We stared deep into each others eyes, not needing words this first time; this was just pure animal lust. Patti started moaning as her orgasm approached. I pushed upward trying to get even deeper into her wet cunt, my hand reaching down to stroke her hard little clit.

“Oh God” she gasped. “I’m cumming baby!”

I thrust harder into her, my balls tightening not just from the cold but because I could feel myself about to come too.

“Fuck me Garry! Come inside me!”

That did it; I gripped her ass as I started to come, filling her, bouncing her up and down as I shot my load deep in her pussy.

She fell forward, kissing me passionately.

“C’mon lover” I whispered “let’s get back – don’t know about you but that’s given me a helluva appetite! And there’s a nice warm fire waiting for us”

We stood and straightened our clothes, our arms wrapped tightly around each other as we followed our footprints back to the cabin.

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