Two In One Cyber Stories

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On the Couch – Emma

You push me up on the wall and give me an enjoying kiss I giggle and push you back a lil…. Playfully of course… then I back away from you and spin round quickly and run down the hall to the lounge room….

As I quickly turned round I flash you showing you quickly that I don’t have anything on under my skimpy lil skirt I stop at the end of the hallway and smile seductively at you before going into the lounge room you follow me instinctively…. And find me sitting on the arm of the couch….

You walk over to me and I undo your pants, you kick them off, and then push me backwards onto the couch you kiss me deeply… mmm I moan at ur touch as you slowly unbutton my white blouse to reveal my bare boobs. You take one boob in your hand and play with the nipple, sucking and nibbling on my rock had nipples your other hand wanders…

Down it goes, down under my skirt…Your fingers rub along my pussy…. Its sooo wet… you make my whole pussy wet rubbing it with your fingers you play with my bahis firmaları clit, gently squeezing it and tickling it… giving my boobs the same treatment. Underneath you I’m moaning louder… louder…you shove 2 fingers inside of me…. Thrusting them back and forwards….

Kissing me passionately through my loud moans of pleasure you roll a condom on and slide inside of me lifting my legs up onto my chest holding my legs under my knees and start pounding into me I rock back and forth so fast…. I’m enjoying every moment….

Harder you go, harder n faster until my body rocks and we both collapse into an orgasmic slur…

On the Bed – Emma

I’d push you back on the bed and climb on top of you and take your shirt off… real… slowly then I’d kiss you long and deep I’d kiss your lips…. Your neck… your chest… your tummy…. And all around your lower tummy then I’d kiss you again… harder this time…. and gently stroke your neck with one hand with the other hand it’d work its way down…

Down…. kaçak iddaa down…. To your pants, slowly unbuckle your belt… and then your fly on your pants…. I stare long and hard into your eyes, melting them with a seductive smile…. Then I pull down your pants a bit… and claim my prize into my eager lil mouth… mmm tastes so good I lick softly…. Around the base… Then a long lick up each side then I put the head into my mouth a suck gently… gently … then slightly harder….

I swivel my tongue round the head of your cock… sooo warm… Then I take the whole thing into my mouth, all the way down then back up. Up and down I go; faster n faster I get… all the time sucking gentle and slightly harder. I slow down… and go back to sucking the tip… swiveling my tongue around… then a lick on both sides then a few licks around the base and a kiss on the tip before getting out a condom…

I reach into my bra and pull out a condom…. I open it and take it out of its wrapper and place it into my mouth then I wink kaçak bahis at you… and go down on you again, this time deep throating straight away …rolling on the condom with my tongue slowly….

I get your arms, and wrap them around me and you take off my lacey white bra, unleashing my boobs from their containment. I stand up above you on the bed and turn around so my back is facing you and I slowly bend over, taking off my matching lacy white g as I go down.

When my hands have slid down to my ankles I quickly kick away the g and turn back around to face you… naked. I lower myself down, down, down until my shaven pussy is hovering just above the tip of your hard cock. I moan softly as your dick rubs gently again my clit I lower myself down onto your dick slowly penetrating …then I drop myself and your whole dick buries deep inside me.

Oh, I moan as I rock my body back and forth grinding myself into you. I swivel my hips around and around grinding down harder and faster you thrust your hips back and forth sending shudders through my warm body … you buck your hips faster and faster… I’ve got my hands in my hair I’m screaming now… feels so good but you keep going… faster and faster… until I MOAN with satisfaction!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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