TVD: Myst’s Bedroom

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TVD…Myst’s Bedroom
(night one at The Velvet Dungeon)

We are back on the scene of T carrying Myst into her back bedroom. The bartender, Mark, has just given the announcement to all that Lady Myst has retired for the night…

T kisses Myst softly on the forehead and then gently kicks the door open…”Oops! My bad… ” ~smiles and backs out of the room pulling the door closed behind him. Leaving the occupants of that room staring in shock…
~Myst giggles softly and shakes her head at T~ ” Last bedroom on the right hun…”

~T smiles and pushes the door open, the room opening up into a huge room twice the size of the other bedrooms. In the very center of the room stands a huge bed fit for a queen. It’s posts reaching so high that they seem to be molded into the ceiling. A rich burgundy material seems to spill from the ceiling down each post, pooling on the floor. A sheer, soft white material is draped between each post. To the left of the doorway, an oversized setee upholstered in black leather, holds a white velvet floor pillow. To the right, is a table, dressed with a white lace table cloth, an arrangement of dark, velvet, red roses and four white candles. He notices that each wall holds a portrait of either a white tiger or a black panther, in a few the scenes are of the panther and tiger playing together. He smiles at Myst acknowledging the portraits.

T looks up and notices that the ceiling above the bed is raised, sealed in glass to allow the moonlight to spill directly onto the bed. He smiles and pulls the drape back with his foot and gently lays her down on the perabet bed, her head softly touching the huge feather pillows encased in black velvet. The white comforter is folded down neatly at the foot of the bed.

The coolnes of the silk black sheets caresses her body and she sighs as she snuggles against them as he watches her. He begins to remove his shirt, his gaze locked with hers as he lets the shirt fall to the floor. Her eyes wander to his broad shoulders and then to his chest. She smiles softly, he is solid.

Quickly her eyes move back to his and she realizes that he is smiling at her. She begins to blush slightly. He continues and removes his pants, revealing that he has nothing underneath either, and he is rock hard, aching for her. Her eyes have again wandered and he lets out a soft laugh, the laugh that drives her wild. He crawls onto the bed and kneels beside her. He begins to remove the leather strap at her thigh, letting his hand barely move against the sweet flesh between her legs. He tosses the dagger and the strap to the floor and pulls the drape closed. The light from the full moon above spills onto the bed, making her glow like an angel. He smiles knowing full well that she is nothing of the sort. An angel with the desires of the devil is how he would describe her. She is like nothing he has ever came across in his life, she brings out the animal in him, driving him mad with desires he never new that he held.

He leans in and gently removes the cat mask that she wears, tucking it under the pillow, and then kisses her deeply. She moans softly at the touch perabet giriş of his warm lips against hers. As he kisses her he spreads her hair out across the pillow, her hair is soft as silk and long. Even now it still smells of vanilla, intoxicating him, making wild visions come to his mind.

He whispers softly to her, ” I want to love you m’lady, no more punishment, let me love you like no man ever has.” He places his hand on her cheek, and kisses her tenderly, their tongues meeting as he begins to make love to her sweet lips. Her fingers finding his long hair and becoming entangled, pulling him hard against her lips as she takes the kiss even deeper, making him moan. He pulls her up slightly and cradles her in his arms as they kiss. He lifts her up by her waist and pulls her across his lap, wrapping her legs around him. As he lowers her against him, he penetrates her deeply, making her moan loudly as he captures her moans with his mouth. He breaks their kiss, licking his way down to her breasts, taking one in his mouth as he lifts her again, easing himself out of her as he groans and then drops her down plunging himself deep inside of her again, making her cry out with pleasure. He fills her deeply, completely, stretching her tight against him.

He sucks hard on her nipple and then bites piercing the tender flesh, shuddering as the sweetness touches his tongue, the taste of her is exotic, addictive. He hasn’t tasted her in so long and now as he does his mind is flooded with memories of her. She lets her head tip back as he bites her again and again, the sensations making perabet güvenilir mi her weak, her wild moans making him burn with desire. He moves up on his knees holding her against him and falls forward, the force causing him to thrust hard inside of her and she lets out a soft scream, as he continues to thrust harder into her. She squeezes her legs against him and rakes her nails down his back as he pulls her hair, turning her head so that the tender flesh of her neck is exposed to him. He looks her deep in the eye and then plunges his teeth into her neck, making her scream.

He is exposed to her and she laughs softly, the image of their last meeting coming to mind. She grabs his hair to hold him and sinks her teeth deep into his neck, feeling his body jerk against her in shock. They are now locked in each others bite as he thrusts hard into her, their bodies trembling against each other as they roll, hitting the floor. The darkness of the room swallowing them as they climax together. His seed spilling into her as she drains him. She pushes him away, making him release his bite. She kisses him hard, letting the blood on their lips mingle, the tastes on their tongues mixing together. He pulls away and kneels picking her back up and placing her on the bed with him.

Smiling, ” Sorry, m’love… it always seems that we end up on the floor.” he says with a laugh in his voice. She smiles and pulls him close, ” Or tearing up the walls…” They both laugh softly and he dips down to lick the blood off her lips. He lays down next to her and snuggles close…” I have missed you m’lady” She leans closer and nips his lip, ” And I you, m’lord”
They fall asleep holding each other, dreams of passion filling their minds…..

As usual, she awakes to find him gone once again…” Damnit, I vow to put an end to this!”

((to be continued))

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