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I pick up the pillow and throw it back on the couch and found another trophy. It is her black lace thong panties. I kneel down and pick them up and bring them up to my nose. I inhale deeply and can still smell her there. Damn did Heather look hot in those, although she was not in them for very long last night. I twist them around my fingers remembering how well they outlined her ass. I sat on the sofa and winced a little from my sore back and looked around this hotel room. While I am holding them I close my eyes and replay her visit.


I arrived first booked the hotel and then waited for her text saying she was there. I walked around the room, tried to watch TV, read, but nothing could calm me down. God I wanted to see her again! I so wanted to look down at those brown eyes pleading for me to make her cum. I missed seeing those gorgeous breasts wrapped around my cock and covered with my cum. Those dreams still made me hard, but that’s all they have been…dreams. But now I get to see her again. My phone started to beep and alerted me to her text telling my she had arrived. I then sent a text back with the room number and started pacing in anticipation; my dick was already hard just waiting to see her again.

The knock on the door was firm and determined. I was there at the door in seconds and then opened the door. And there she was at last. Her brown eyes were looking me over as well, hopefully approvingly. She had on a nice looking skirt and a blouse the showed off plenty of cleavage. I told her hello and stood aside for her to enter the room. She returned my greeting and I somewhere in my mind it still was not registering that she was here. I was still waiting for me to wake up, open my eyes and she would be gone. Before wasting another moment I grabbed her head and kissed her with my eyes open making sure she would not vanish. My tongue slipped into her mouth easily and without meeting any resistance from her lips. I heard a few thumps on the ground as she dropped her bags and pulled me close to her. My hands moved down starting to feel her form. Yes she was here and she was real. More than that she was as sexy and as luscious as that dirty mind of mine always remembered her to be.

I grabbed her ass and pulled it against my crotch and she started to grind against me making a quiet moan. We broke the kiss and she made a little giggle, “My goodness Tom… feels like you are excited to see me.” She then took my hand and guided it to her panties. I could feel the wetness through the fabric. “I know that I am excited to see you too. Mmm you hand feels so good there. Do you know how difficult it has been for me not to bring out a toy and play with myself bahis firmalar─▒ today… to wait for you.”

I started to strip her right there. I stood back and took a look at her with just her black panties on. I walked around her, my hands never leaving her skin. I told her how sexy she looked and she just smiled and giggled blushing lightly. I then pulled her panties down and threw them onto the sofa. I stuck my fingers deep inside her and then started to kiss her deeply again. This time I closed my eyes and just reveled in her smell, the feel of her lips, the taste of her tongue as it brushes against mine, the sound of her moans in my mouth, and the pressure of her breasts as her breath quickened against my chest. She removed her lips and I took her to the edge and then with an increase in speed of my hand she came for the first time.


I bring the panties up to my nose again and inhaled her scent and remembered the way she looked in my arms cumming like that as I fingered her. Sighing, I suddenly got a little depressed that I don’t really know when I will see her again. Well it had been quite a night and the memories will remain for quite some time.

I lift myself off of the sofa, put the panties in my bag and looked around for anything else that I might have left behind in the room. While walking I stepped into a wet spot in front of the door. Oh yeah… that was from the surprise I had planned for her.


Later in the night while taking a break from our passions, I asked for her to go and get some ice from the ice machine around the corner. As soon as she was gone, I turned off the lights, and waited for her to return. When she came back to the darkened room I remember hearing her voice asking if I had gone to bed and then when I did not answer her hand went to the light switch. That is when I grabbed her hand and yanked her forcefully into the room.

There was just a momentary cry before my hand covered her mouth and the ice spilled to the floor. I told her in a rough voice not to scream as I pulled her in and locked the door. She did not scream, but she did squirm and started to offer up a bit of a resistance. I was ready though and I pulled her arm behind her back and forced her face first into the bed. There I took her hand and applied the handcuffs I had brought. I then grabbed the other hand and locked it behind her back. I lifted up her robe she had on and gave her ass a hard slap. She started to cry out and then I forced her to flip over and put my hand to her throat. I grabbed a condom, tore it open, threw the package across the room and put it on. I forced her legs apart and then I positioned my dick ka├žak iddaa right at her pussy and forced my way in. Unlike the last encounter where I my touch was gentle slow and soft, this was hard and harsh. With one hand on her throat keeping her on the bed, my other was mauling her tits and pinched her nipples.

“You like it when I fuck you like this don’t you Candy. You are such a slut for liking it rough like this you know. Tell me you like this. Come on Candy tell me!” Her bedroom name was so appropriate for her. Hard, sexy, delicious, and oh so sweet.

There was a voice broken with each of my thrusts. “Yes – I – love – it. So — good. — please – fuck – me – harder.”

I pulled out of her and forced her back over. Her face was now in the mattress and reached over and grabbed one of her toys. “So you like to be fucked hard huh. Well I don’t think I am ready quite yet Candy. I am going to make you beg for me to fuck you. Right now you are there helpless to stop me. So I am going to take this toy and I am going to shove it in your ass. What do you say to that Candy?” Without waiting for an answer I took some of the cold lube and squirted it onto her anus. I heard a little whine coming from her and I then started to shove her toy into her tight ass. I again heard her make noises from the bed, but it did not concern me. I kept on fucking her ass with her toy, knowing that she was not likely to come from this but it would drive her crazy. After a little while of this treatment, I then flipped her back over leaving the toy in and I could hear her moans more clearly now. “So Candy do you want me to fuck your wet pussy now, I bet you are ready aren’t you. Oh I be you are going to be so tight with that toy still in your ass. Do you want to watch as I fuck you. I bet you would you like that?”

“Please Tom… please… yes I want to see … oh please….”

I moved into position and started to rub her pussy with my dick. I reached behind her and pulled up her head and shoved pillows under her head. “Now watch as I push into you. Keep your eyes on my dick. ” I start to shove into her and her eyes grew wide watching me slowly disappear into her tight pussy.

“Oh yes Tom. Please now fuck me… please fuck me hard.” And this is what I did. I started to fuck her with hard strokes that made her breasts giggle. I reached down and started to play with her clit. I know that she was starting to get close, but I keep my strokes hard, deep, but slow. I could feel how tight she is with something in both holes. I could feel the vibrations coming from the other toy. I could see her climax building in her face with each thrust. Her voice rose and then I felt her tighten even more as ka├žak bahis I suddenly began to speed up faster. Her pitch continued to rise as she exploded and started to cum on my hard dick. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm making it last as long as possible.

After she finally finished I then pulled out, remove the condom, came up to her head and had her suck on me. I took her head in my hands and started to guide her head. I then finished by jerking off into her mouth as I stared into those brown sparkling eyes of hers.


I smile to myself. I reach down and grabbed the condom package and throw it into the garbage. I turn and then in the mirror I see something else. This time it is something she left behind from just a few hours ago. I turn and look at my shirtless back and can see the long red lines from where her nails scratched my back.


I had woken up first. I moved to my side and spooned up next to her. My arm reached over her and I cupped her breast. She was a light sleeper and woke at my touch. She started to purr a little and then her butt started to move back and forth, stroking me to hardness. My hand started to massage and fingering her nipples making them hard. As they harden I slightly pinch them and pull them, twist them making her areola hard. Even though I could not see it I was picturing them growing darker. She moaned and rolled over on top of me. She reached down and inserted me into her. My hands grabs her breasts and she slowly started to ride me. Her form silhouetted in the dark. I can felt her tighten herself as she slowly rode me moaning.

I rose up and fliped her over, she wraps her legs around my waist. She pulls herself up against me as I penetrated her deeply. I reached down and pulled her into my lap and there we slowly fucked each other. My hands ran through her hair, her hands were on my back holding me close. Our lips kissed and tongues entwined. Neither of us could reach our climax like this, but still we continue. We were testing the limits of the other; how long would it be before the other gave in. She won this battle when I could take no more and I just needed to come so badly. I pushed her onto her back and with he legs still wrapped around me, I fucked her hard and deep. I feel her nails digging and scratching my back as we both come one last time.


I smile as I finish packing my bag. The clock says I still have another hour before checkout and feel a need to linger just a little longer. “What’s the point?” I ask myself. So, I grab my bag, look around for anything else and then head towards the door. Then I hear a knock and expect it is just room service. I go and open the door and there is Heather again. “Do we have time for one more Tom?” I drop my bag, pull her into my arms and lock the door. There is still plenty of time for one more trophy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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