Train Ride

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It was around Christmas time, I took Karen to the old amusement park in our area, that was famous for the train rides around the cranberry bogs, which had all these Christmas scenes.

On the way to the park, Karen was telling me how she loved train rides, they really turned her on, the motion of the train.

She reached her hand over to my crotch and rubbed my hardening cock through my pants, I had never seen her this excited, and couldn’t wait to get to the park.

The park was all lit up, with music playing. I remember going there as a child, but after this night I will never think of it the same way ever again.

It was a very snowy night, and even though it was coming down really hard, at this point I didn’t care, I had to get her on the train.

There weren’t alot of people there that night, and they announced that they were going to have one more train ride.

We picked out the last car and got on, no one else was in our car, we had it all to ourselves, I couldn’t believe our luck.

Well the train started, and we sat down looking out the window.

Karen’s jacket was open and I let me hand slip inside and began to fondle her perfect tits, 34C, I had her nipples hard in a flash.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, and then reached over to my crotch and grabbed my hardening cock. Her fingers stroking up and down the shaft.

I pressed my lips to her neck and nibbled at her earlobe, she moaned softly.

I slipped my hand inside her top and unhooked her bra, my fingers found their way to her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and finger, again she let out a moan.

She canlı bahis started undoing her top, and pulled my lips towards her breast, telling me she wanted me to lick her nipples. My tongue made circles around her nipples and I tightened my lips and pulled her nipples, and then I gently nibbled on them, bringing forth a louder moan.

I was a bit surprised, but really shouldn’t have been when Karen started to undo my belt, she pulled the zipper down, reached her fingers inside the waist of my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers.

She leaned down and let her tongue lick up and down the entire length of my hardening cock, her saliva coating it’s entire length. I watched as she lick a drop of pre cum from the tip.

Her lips parted and she took my hard cock into her mouth and was sucking my cock, her head was bobbing up and down, while her hand was playing with my balls.

She used her other hand to stroke the shaft, feeding more and more of my hard cock deep inside her mouth, I just watched in disbelief as she sucked my cock all the way into her throat, I had never been deepthroated before, the sensation was unbelievable.

Once she had me on the very edge, she pulled her mouth off and stood up.

She then undid her own jeans and slid them down, along with her soaked panties.

She turned to face me and straddled my hard cock. She was really wet, I can’t remember her being this arroused before. She lowered her pussy down and placed her arms around my neck.

Karen looked me in my eyes and said “I don’t know how much time we have, so fuck me hard and fast”.

I was bahis siteleri more than willing to do just that, I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and started lifting her up and down my hard cock, the movement of the train adding to the experience.

I started sucking her nipples again, while my fingers twisted and pinched her other nipple.

Her cunt muscles clenched my hard pole as she rode up and down. Faster and faster I rammed my engorged cock deep inside her wet cunt.

She started screaming, fuck me Bud, fuck my cunt, I love your hard cock in my cunt, fuck me, fuck meeee , and with that she started cumming, gushing her cunt juices, they were dripping down her thighs.

I wasn’t done yet, I pulled her off my cock and turned her around and bent her over and rammed my cock in deep doggy-style. I slapped her ass hard, leaving a hand print, she cried out for more, yes, yes, spank my ass, oh god, I love it.

She held on to the windowsill, I held onto her hips and fucked like crazy, pulling my cock almost completely out and then thrusting it in hard and deep, the train was almost back to the station. I was on the verge of cumming and told Karen.

Karen told me she wanted my cock in her mouth, she wanted to taste my cum.

With no time to waist, she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock all the way in.

Tasting her own cunt juices, just as the first shot spilled into her waiting mouth, she swallowed quickly, spurt after spurt, she just kept on sucking, using her fingers to milk every drop from my hard cock.

The train came to a stop, and she pulled her mouth off, a bit of cum dribbled bahis şirketleri out onto her chin, she took her finger and scooped it up and sucked her fingers clean.

We very quickly got our clothes in order, and exited the train. Karen than told me she wished she could see the response of the person who cleaned out the train.

I asked her what she meant.

She just smiled and told me she left her panties behind.

By the time we got back to Karen’s place, she was horny as hell again, and begged for my cock again.

When we got inside I told her she needed to be spanked for forgetting her panties, I pulled her jeans down and turned her over my knees and started spanking her bare behind.

I slapped her ass hard about 10 times, and I swear she was getting off on it. I moved my fingers to her crotch and sure enough, she was dripping wet.

I flipped her over onto the bed and shoved my tongue in, licking her cunt juices, I had never seen her so wet. I parted her cunt lips with my fingers and slipped my middle finger inside.

Karen begged for more, so I slipped in another finger, and then a third.

I added a forth, still she was grinding her cunt onto my hand, I squeezed my thumb inside and gave a shove, Karen was so wet my hand went all the way inside, right up to my wrist, I was fist fucking her.

Karen screamed that she was cumming, gushing was more like it, her cunt juices were pouring out of her.

I eased my hand out of her well stretched cunt, coated with her juices and she reached for my hand and licked her own juices clean.

I kissed her full on her lips, I could taste her sweet juices on her lips.

I will never forget that train ride, but what happened later was un fucking believable.

Thank You Karen for some of the best memories from my younger days. I will never forget you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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