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Traci, Age 32…Single…Business – PR….

I met Traci at Maria’s lingerie party. She was one of the ladies who enjoyed her night of adventure playing a game called “Suvorov’s Vodka.” I distinctly remember her because of the sexy sheer bra and panty set she wore from a well known lingerie store where I shop as well. Traci portrayed herself as a conservative woman, but that night at Maria’s party she became just as slutty as the rest of us. Another game we enjoyed at Maria’s party was “condom crazy” where you had to cover the courgette using only your mouth, and there was nothing conservative or sophisticated about her that night or the morning after when the girls and I talked about having another wild party soon.

However on this particular day, she was every bit of the classy chick who demanded respect. I didn’t notice Traci right away and it wasn’t until I heard her laughter that I knew it was her. It was the same laugh I recalled from the night of Maria’s party. I thought at first she might have hit a bar for lunch with cocktails because of the nervous laugh but then I realized it had something to do with the gentleman with the brief case.

She only has contact with high clientele people. Which are men and woman that invest millions of dollars with the company she works for. She is a woman who’s good at what she does and never apologizes for kissing some client’s ass to make her boss and the company successful. So I waited until she ended her conversation with the customer before walking over to say hi. Traci knew me right away and invited me to her office for a chat. She indeed was a woman in command. The wall in her office was filled with business school certificates and a Master’s Degree she was definitely a woman on a mission. Traci offered me a drink from the mini bar in her office. I declined and reminded her about the last time we had drinks together and how it ended the next morning with Nicole’s feet across my back.

We shared sparkling water as we reminisced and laughed about the fun times we had at Maria’s lingerie party. From that night on we kidded ourselves saying we were “Conservative Girls Gone Wild” and promised to make the next party better than bahis firmaları the last. We lost track of time until Traci’s assistant buzzed her phone to remind her she had a conference call in thirty minutes. She thanked her assistant and we ended our conversation. I knew she had to prepare for the call so I promised to talk with her later.

We said our goodbyes and I left. As I started to walk through the revolving doors of the building I heard someone call out my name; it was Traci. She caught up to me and asked if we could have another girl’s night out later that evening at a posh little bar and grill joint that went by the name “Tom’s” a few blocks from her office.

I said sure, and then asked Traci if it would be ok to invite Nicole and a few other girls’ for the evening. She said yes and she was looking forward to tonight’s plans. .

I called Nicole gave her the 411 and told her to pass the word to Julie and the other girls and meet me at the bar around seven thirty. Nicole said ok; as if I thought she would decline.

The visit with Traci had left me famished so I went home and prepared a light snack and took a catnap before meeting the girls for drinks and dinner at the bar.

After my nap I called Nicole and asked if she was ready for the evening plans. I also asked her if she remembered the petite lady with the platinum blonde hair name Traci from Maria’s party. She told me she did and had talked with Traci a few times since the party.

“Why?” Nicole asked.

“Well, she invited us to join her at this bar and grill joint a few blocks from her office. I also asked her if it would be okay if I invited a couple girls to hang out. So I was going to invite Julie, Maria and Yvonne but the only three who could make it was Julie you and me. Besides I remember Tracie telling us at Maria’s party that she travels in small groups and avoid entourage crowds.”

Nicole wanted to know what I was wearing to the bar. I told her probably a pair of black skinny jeans with a pink halter top and a pair of kitten heels. I was not in the mood to wear a dress to a bar and grill joint. I only wore dresses for special occasions preferably to a club or a house party. kaçak iddaa And this was no party it was just a few girls hanging out at a bar joint for drinks and girl chat.

I asked Nicole to call Julie and invite her because I was running behind time and had to meet Traci at her office and from there we would meet the two other girls at the bar.

When I saw Traci I knew right away it was her. The platinum blond hair was piled high on top of her head. She wore this body conspicuous one piece black pant suit exposing her 36DD breasts. If I were a guy I would definitely ask to suckle the big breasts that stood out proudly on her chest.

Damn Girl you are hot hot hot I said as I walked up and embraced her. Traci laughed and said I was hot and sexy too. You know if I were a guy, I would have to ask in a polite way of course if I could pop one of those nipples into my mouth. I said.

And I would say yes if you allowed me to suckle on your perky nipples as well said Traci. We laughed aloud as we walked to the bar to meet up with Nicole and Julie.

Nicole outfit left nothing to the imagination her ensemble was a sheer one piece designer garment. Instantly the cool breeze caused her nipples to harden.

“Oh my Nicole I love your outfit.” said Traci.

“Thanks Traci but I love your outfit even more so don’t be surprised if you catch my fingers pinching those bubbies before the night is over.” Nicole warned.

We all laughed and turned our attention to Julie. I had to ask the question, that I knew Traci and I both wondered. What the hell are you wearing, Julie?

Nicole said she had asked Julie the same question when she first saw her.

Julie wore the spitting image of the Schoolgirl outfit Britney Spears modeled in the music video “…Baby One More Time”; pigtails included.

Julie thought there was nothing wrong with what she had on and proceeded into the bar as she flipped up her skirt to reveal her bare ass to us.

“Oh Hell no.” said Traci, “We got to fix this trick now. Girls walk with me to my office I keep a spare outfit in my office for emergencies and this would definitely be one of those occasions.”

I volunteered to stay with Julie kaçak bahis to make sure she would not be group groped by the men in the bar as Traci and Nicole headed off to Traci’s office for an outfit for Julie. I couldn’t help but think of Julie’s school girl outfit as an invitation for men to pay a great amount of money to tap that ass. And a fine ass she does have.

I saw Julie standing by the juke box as I entered the bar. Drink in her hand, her body swaying to the tunes on the juke box. She was already on her second white Russian; the first dead soldier resting in peace on the juke box; and she became more seductive in her moves with each sip from the alcohol. I knew it was time to intervene before she got out of hand and end up eagle spread on the pool table in the back room of the grill. I found a booth next to the bar and sat Julie down while we waited for Nicole and Traci to return. It wasn’t long before they arrived. Traci and Julie went to the ladies restroom while Nicole and I ordered a round of drinks for us.

I advised Nicole that Julie had two drinks previously and we need to monitor her booze intake. We knew Julie could handle it but we weren’t there to give the men an impression that we were sluts for the evening; at least not with them anyway.

When Traci and Julie returned to the table…Julie looked like a totally different woman. Traci had pinned Julie hair up into a bun; she dressed Julie into a white blouse, and a black mini skirt with thigh high stockings, a garter belt and a pair of four inch purple pumps. I thought the first outfit was safer. We all laughed when Traci showed us the black bra she brought, Julies A cup boobs would never fit Traci’s bib boulder holders.

The men in the place went crazy over Julie’s makeover. We received applause after applause with a few whistles thrown in and for the rest of the evening our drinks were paid for by the horny men in the bar.

We entertained the men that evening with our smiles, the revealing clothing, seductive dances, and great conversation was their reward for the free drinks and the well behaved approach as gentlemen. However, the men were a little embarrassed by the hard on we gave them from the scantily clad clothes we wore. And so we left them with an idea before leaving the bar. They should each go home and give their significant other a good slow fuck courtesy of the babes from Tom’s Bar and Grill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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