Touching You

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It’s late, and you’re tired. Without even bothering to undress you flop down on your bed, face buried in the cool pillows. You lay there, exhausted, your mind already drifting into sleep when you feel my lips press to the back of your neck. You smile as my body settles over you and I nuzzle you, holding you close.

“Long day?” I ask, my hands caressing your sides.

You mumble something in reply, your eyes slipping closed again as I begin unbuttoning your shirt. I slide it off your arms and lay it aside, my warm hands moving up your back, pressing firmly, massaging. They work slowly, firm but gentle, not pressing too deeply. My fingers and palms rotating over your flesh, relaxing you, bringing warmth into aching muscles. They work down, over your arms, your hands, and then sliding down your back they catch at the waist of your pants.

These, too, I begin removing. In your half-sleeping thoughts you realize I have taken your panties with them, and that I am removing your socks as well. You moan softly and spread your legs a bit, already wanting to feel my touch. I ignore the way your body is already pleading, and I slide my hands across your buttocks, massaging them as well. You moan again, and I smile as my hands work down your thighs. I can feel the tension flow from you as I massage your calves, and finally begin to work on your feet.

Sleep has almost taken you again when you feel the light kisses on the soft bahis firmaları flesh of your ass. You shift again, lifting it up for me, and you feel my hands on your hips, holding you in place as my mouth travels down, kissing the back of your thighs, the inside of your knee, and travelling up again. I am teasing you, and you understand this almost immediately.

Slowly, I guide you onto your back. You press your eyes tightly shut, a faint smile on your lips as my hands work down your body, massaging every part of you gently. There is a brief tingle as my fingers slide over your nipples, but they do not remain and your smile widens as they brush over your sex once… and then again.

I kiss you, and you open your mouth to mine as our tongues press against one another. You place your arms around my neck and I smile, I lean in closer, my lips to your ears and whisper to you, telling you how beautiful you are. How much I love you and want you. You smile, and I need no other response.

Your eyes closed, you sigh as I pull away, but then realize I have not moved far, only to the edge of the bed. You can hear me removing my clothing, and the tingling begins to heighten in anticipation.

There is a noise, as if something is tapping gently on glass for a moment, and as you wonder what it might be you feel my body hovering over you again. You raise yourself just a bit toward me, wanting, and you gasp as you feel me take kaçak iddaa a nipple between my teeth, and then again as my lips slide over it and you feel a tremendously cold sensation as I suck and nibble gently. I have taken ice into my mouth, and you feel your juices flow as I work over your breast.

I move to the other, sucking and licking, the cold rasping sensation of my tongue across the tip, and you moan softly as I tug at it with my lips.

I kiss you, and the warmth of your soft mouth takes the edge of cold from mine. I press my body to you, and you can feel the excitement of my hard cock against your wet sex. I want you, now, but I am torturing both of us.

Again I move away, and the soft clink of ice in a glass is heard again. It’s almost too much for you, and you force yourself to keep your eyes closed. I move up from the bed, and your curiosity piques as you sense me move to the foot of the bed. I grasp your legs and gently pull you to the edge of the bed, lifting them as I kneel between your legs and slide my cold mouth over your pussy.

You exhale sharply as the sensation hits your clit, shooting chills up your spine as my tongue glides over your button. I lick and suck, sliding my tongue down and inside you, curling it up and then back down… inside you… I feel your warmth and after a moment can taste you as the cold leaves my tongue. I don’t stop.

I suck and lick, kissing and nibbling. I can kaçak bahis feel you writhing as I slip a finger inside you, touching and probing, my lips on your clit as I slide it in and out of your wet pussy. It slips from you and I push both your legs back, opening you further. My tongue slides from your clit down… inside you, then further… I tease your ass a moment and smile as you giggle nervously. Back up again, and kissing your clit one last time as I come back up to me knees.

I stand, sliding between your legs and pulling you to me. Again you feel my hard cock pressed to your waiting sex, and this time I no longer tease. I push inside you, and my lips cover yours as I fill your warm, wet pussy.

Finally, your eyes open. You can taste yourself on my lips as we kiss again, and I begin to slide in and out, back and forth, pumping my body into yours as your legs wrap around me. I watch you, smiling, and almost unexpectedly you cum for me. A groan of pleasure escapes your lips and you pull me tighter to you. It is your turn to whisper in my ear as you beg for me to fuck you harder, faster.

I grasp your hips and begin thrusting furiously. Now we both want only for my cum to fill you, for our bodies to be so tightly merged that our spirits touch. I want to feel you tighten on me, and before I can tell you to you instinctively do so. I groan, and you can feel me cum inside you. The force of my climax fills you and you almost scream as you cum again, pulling me deeper into you.

I hold you, feeling warmth and love and belonging there in your perfect embrace. I kiss you, and you smile as you feel me harden again inside you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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