Too Close for Comfort Pt. 01

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(Hi! Thanks for reading. As always, please pardon any errors. Feel free to leave constructive comments. I appreciate the feedback as I’m still new to this genre. I planned this to be a series but we’ll see where it goes.)


She was under him. Hands pinned over her head, eyes half-closed. Dark, wavy hair poured over pillows as he buried his face in her locks. Her breasts smashed delightfully against his chest as her legs wrapped around his waist. Lips parted slightly as she exhaled the scent of rice wine down as he thrust deep inside her. Her long fingers, an artist’s fingers, cupped his face before he kissed her such that he gave her all the breath in his lungs.


Asa woke up, equal parts annoyed and turned on as he blinked the ceiling into focus. It was quiet in this part of the neighbourhood but already, he could hear the bustle of the city. He reached out to the side and sighed. That side of the bed was empty because Akane was already up. Pushing the dream out of his head, he walked to the bathroom and washed his face. The cold water helped him to regain some sense of control but he couldn’t shake that lingering feeling of guilt. It was inappropriate to keep dreaming of her. What was wrong with him? He had already made his choice!

With an iron will, he smothered the dream into the back of his mind and focused on getting ready for the day.

“Honey!” Akane’s cheery voice called out from the tiny kitchen. “Would you like a packed lunch?”

“I could always grab something from the konbi,” he replied, towelling off as he eyed the clothes she had already laid out for him. Akane was always sweet. It was what attracted him to her in the first place. He had to bear that in mind.

“Yes but this way, you won’t have to.”

He could hear the pout in her voice. Walking out, he smiled at her. This sweet young thing in shorts and a tee-shirt with a pink apron. She was much shorter and he obliged her when she went on her tiptoes to kiss him on his cheek by crouching just a little. When she grinned, he could see that slight snaggletooth that he found quite adorable. “Thank you.”

“Will you be having dinner here?” she asked him as he grabbed the sandwich she prepped as breakfast. She sat across from him, playing with a strand of her long bleach blonde hair.

Asa hurriedly chewed his food. “Probably. I’ll text you.”

Akane smiled brightly. “Okay, then. Let me know so I can get the food ready if you are.”

The morning routine ended with her walking him to the door and waving at him as he climbed into the car and drove off. His work bag and packed lunch sat next to him with that familiar air of domesticity. Asa sighed and pulled up, parking his car carefully in the underground lot. Working as a university lecturer with tenure had its perks. People generally treated you with respect and you had a nice little office where you could work in peace. Once he started his routine, the dream was blessedly forgotten for most of the morning. Two lectures and some meetings later, he finally had the chance to sit down and eat his lunch. Trust Akane to make him these adorable lunches, he thought as he lifted the lid. She was really into this whole domestic goddess thing. Maybe he really should consider asking her to move in. He was about to take a bite when a sharp, playful laugh snapped the silence of the afternoon.

“Surely not?” he mumbled.

Putting down his riceball, he walked to the door and slid it open just enough to pop his head out into the hallway to see what was going on.

“I’m telling you, it’s our pleasure to have you as our artist-in-residence,” he heard his colleague say.

Of course, it was Watanabe. He was new and ill-informed. Not that Asa’s business was anyone else’s.

“Your work in ceramics is just beautiful. I loved your Dark Sea series. It really reminds me of The Great Wave. In spirit, of course.”

The woman he talked to was one Asa knew well. Too well, in fact. Beautiful women were his downfall, he thought. He wondered if that was as destructive as being an alcoholic.

Almost as tall as he was, this woman was effortlessly beautiful. Her long dark hair was worn loose and pinned just to keep it off her oval face. She wore her ‘uniform’ – blue jeans and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She smiled charmingly at his colleague, probably unaware of how forward she seemed. “Thank you. I’m very honoured that you would liken that to Hokusai’s work.”

“The patterns in the glaze… Truly magnificent, Varna-san,” Watanabe said effusively. The man was into art history so Asa supposed his treatment of her was not unexpected. “I heard you were looking into exploring other art forms?”

“Something more interactive, yes,” she nodded. “I’ve seen this part of the university actually. Would you mind if we moved on?”

“You have? Then, no need to waste your time.”

Varna smiled, looking to the floor for a split second before she met Asa’s eyes over Watanabe’s shoulder. Her eyes hardened for a second before she focused her attention back güvenilir bahis on the man talking to her. “Thank you.”

Watanabe turned around to see Asa’s door closing. “Of course. My apologies,” Asa heard him. “He usually eats out. That’s Professor Tachibana. He teaches a course in medieval Japanese history. Would you like to meet him?”

“I don’t think we have time,” He heard his ex-wife’s diplomatic tone. “Can we leave? I need to pick up my sons from school soon.”

“Of course. Well, the good thing about being an artist-in-residence is that you don’t really have to be based here with us,” Watanabe joked in an effort to make sure Varna wasn’t offended in the least. “I was told as long as you put in the hours, you can come and go as you please.”

Varna laughed, her voice clear as a bell. “Lucky me. Shall we?”

Asa leaned against the closed door and waited till they walked away. No longer having an appetite, he shut his lunchbox and walked to the pantry to get some coffee. The conversation abruptly stopped once he opened the door. “Did I interrupt something?” he asked, unable to resist the jab. Bloody gossips.

“Of course not,” one of his colleagues assured him. “We were just… talking.”


The strangled silence was quickly ended with a question. “Is that lady with Watanabe… the sculptor… was she really your ex-wife?”

“Still his wife,” the other colleague corrected him. “Right?”

At least, they came out and just asked him this time. “Yes. We’re currently separated. We can’t get a divorce unless we file for it in Indonesia because that’s where we got married.”

His first colleague nodded sympathetically. “Should have just gotten married in Japan. Trust Watanabe to bring her here.”

Asa shrugged. “He’s new and doesn’t know. I can’t blame him.”

“But you’re living the dream, eh? How do you get these women who are way out of your league?”

Asa laughed and shook his head. “Trust me. I don’t.”

“Come on. Varna is gorgeous, if a little on the tanned side-“

“Well, she’s Javanese.” Asa bristled at that. “How else is she supposed to look?”

“And Akane? I still remembered when she was your teaching aide. So adorable. In the end, you came back to one of our own, eh?”

Asa’s other colleague put a warning hand on their friend. “Mind your words. Getting a little too ‘casual’ there.”

“Am I? Sorry but at least, your kids are grown up so… no issues, right? How are they?”

Asa poured himself a coffee and sat down. He wasn’t one for day-drinking but he could understand why that existed. “Our sons are fine. Kei has decided to go into sculpture and Ryuu is in his final year of high school. He’s thinking of becoming an accountant.” He smiled slightly, thinking of his children, all of whom chose to live with Varna. “And the twins are… you know, the twins.”

“Giving their mother a run for their money, I’ll bet,” his colleague joked.

“I suppose,” Asa answered to fill the silence. He caught a reflection of himself in the shiny reflection of his colleague’s thermos. He wasn’t bad-looking. He had broad shoulders and the starting of some salt and pepper hair. But he did look tired. Maybe spending time between three houses tired anyone out. It was just par for the course.

“But they’re good boys so…” his more socially-aware colleague grinned and got up. “Nothing to worry about eh? I’m going to make a move. Got some assignments to grade. Excuse me.”

“Me too,” the other chimed in and hurriedly got up. For a moment, it looked like he was going to say something but he settled with just patting Asa awkwardly on the shoulder before leaving.

Asa gave a slight bow and tried not to look too relieved that he was left alone. Of all the places to be an artist-in-residence, she had to choose the university he worked at? He didn’t want to talk to her but maybe it would be good to set up some boundaries and all that. He drained his coffee and walked over to her studio that was quite some distance away. He caught her just as she left the building, handbag on her elbow as she brushed some invisible lint off her shirt. He wondered how he should approach her. Hi? Hello?

“What do you want?’ she asked him in English, putting him out of his misery.

“I just thought I’d come over and say hello,” Asa replied. “It’s a little weird if we just left things hanging at the hallway like that.”

“There are a thousand things I could say to a stupid answer like that,” Varna’s eyes flashed annoyance. “I don’t have time for you to waste anymore.” She made a step to walk past him, one long leg already stepping past his own.

“What are you doing here?”


“Did you sign on as an artist-in-residence?” he pressed.

Varna turned to look at him and bit the inside of her cheek. “Yes. The money is good. I don’t have to rent that expensive studio any longer since the university will allow me one on their grounds. I get to give the boys a little more on top of what you’re contributing every month and it’s close enough to the twins’ türkçe bahis school, which I have to be at so,” she switched to fluent but accented Japanese as if making sure he understood her. “You’ll excuse me.”

“You could have discussed with me first,” he pressed, blocking her way by stepping in front of her.

“You have some fucking nerve, Asa,” she snapped. “Why don’t you go back to your little pachinko parlour mistress? I owe you jackshit.”

“Just quit being angry for a minute,” he replied, taking her by the elbow.

“Touch me again and I will kick you in the nuts,” Varna’s long fingers gripped his wrist and twisted it painfully. Being a potter, she was physically stronger than she looked but there were signs. Her arms were toned. Her physique was a little more filled out than Akane’s with lean muscles instead of soft flesh.

Even in her fury, she was beautiful. Warm brown skin, a full mouth and large expressive eyes so dark it was like looking into the abyss that stared back. She had changed her perfume, he noted as he released her. “I’m sorry. I just want to make sure that we have a good working relationship. Or at least, a civil one.”

Varna chuckled bitterly. “Talk to me if you have something to say about the kids. Otherwise, stay the fuck out of my way.”

Asa ran a hand over his face. There were no two ways with Varna. She was always intense and spoke her mind. She wasn’t the easiest person to love and when he told her the reason why he found the younger, sweeter Akane a ‘less stressful’ match, he realised that he opened a deep wound. “Okay. How are they?”

“They’re doing well. Kei’s joined the photography club.”

“I thought he was into sculpture.”

“I encouraged him to try a new art form. Don’t want him following in my footsteps,” she explained. “Ryuu’s team won first place at the Math Olympiad. Bayu and Taufan are planning to spend the summer with my parents in Jogja. They miss the food but I suspect my parents spoil them and that’s why they want to go.”

“They should go. It’s been a tough time for them.”

“And whose fault-” Varna stopped herself as a bunch of students walked past. Her sons had been through enough. “Anyway, I told them they should spend more time with yours but they keep looking up plane ticket prices,” she folded her arms and forced herself to speak calmly. “Anything else?”

Asa shook his head. “I just… wanted to see how you were doing.”

Varna rolled her eyes in disgust and walked off. Asa turned to see her leave without so much as a goodbye. Though, what did he expect? Basic courtesy was a luxury for cheating husbands.

He decided to skip out on having dinner with Akane. It was best to have some time alone and to sleep in a bed without the hassle of her snuggling up to him like a puppy. He ran the shower, allowing the hot water to wash over him. He imagined playful fingers walking up his back before her arms wrapped around his chest from behind, soft breasts against his back as a sharp chin sat on his shoulder.

Akane would hate it but he remembered the numerous times Varna and he enjoyed themselves in the shower when the kids were out. How he still rushed back for ‘lunch’, knowing full well that she rarely fixed a meal when the kids weren’t home. How she giggled when he kissed his way down her neck and over her stomach. Those thin white lines and that long horizontal scar which marked Ryuu’s difficult birth. Most times, they simply talked about their day in the most intimate yet mundane part of the house. Sometimes, Varna told him the dirtiest things that shocked and excited him.

Asa groaned and, to his shame, realised that this was going to haunt him tonight unless he did something about it. Closing his eyes, he leaned into the water and gripped his cock. His hand felt nothing like hers but he imagined them wrapping about his length in a firm grasp, not unlike the one he felt this afternoon. His thoughts meandered to one lazy Sunday when the kids were out and she had crept into the shower in the way he imagined her now. Her fingertips teased the skin of his hips before taking him into her hands and stroked him, gently at first before increasing in urgency. The soap made her grip pleasantly slippery enough as she stroked every inch of his cock. “Stereotypes are lies,” she whispered as she squeezed his cockhead and rubbed her thumb over the very tip.

Asa was in too much pleasure to give a coherent answer when she was handling him lewdly like this. One hand gently cupped his balls whilst the other pumped along the shaft. Her own breath quickened as she watched his cock twitch and beg for relief. “You’re so handsome. I could touch your body all day.”

“Fuck’s sake, V,” he sighed hotly.

“I love watching you cum.” How she loved kissing his neck, bringing him right to the edge before nibbling his ear and making him laugh before she took him back to the aching depths of near-orgasn. “And the sounds you make-“

“What… about you?”

“Shhh,” she cajoled, squeezing him enough to make his knees buckle. “Just güvenilir bahis siteleri cum, Asa. Imagine it’s my cunt.”

The profanity was just enough to drive him over the edge despite his desire to return the favour. He came hard, groans echoing off the bathroom walls. Thank God, the kids weren’t home.

“I know, I know,” she teased as he caught his breath. “So clean yet so dirty.” She kissed him fully on the mouth before she reached for the towel to dry herself off.

“What was that about?”

Varna shrugged and tossed him his towel. “You looked like you needed it.” She smiled at him as she stood before him, unabashed in her nakedness. She folded her arms, very much an Indonesian Galatea with that proud, playful smirk. “Do you feel better?”

“Yes and no,” Asa dried off. He eyed her as she walked towards him. Golden-skinned and shapely like the art she created. Varna was intoxicating. It was amazing how fifteen years in, she still made him giddy. “Now I don’t feel like going back to marking assignments. You’re too much. I’m going to be thinking of this all day now.”

She secured the towel around her and threw her arms around his neck, nuzzling his nose with hers. “That’s the point,” she whispered against his lips, fingernails taking his scalp as she played with his hair.

“You know, they said sex usually dies off within the first few years of marriage,” he told her in between kisses as he pushed her against the sink.

“Well, we have four kids,” she gasped as he forced her thighs apart and plunged a finger into a dripping wet cunt, deliberately working it in and out of her. “We must be doing something right.”

“Hmm,” he replied nonchalantly, his thumb now rubbing her clit in circles. He was sure they could both hear the wet sloshing sounds he made between her legs. “You can’t expect to play with me like that in the shower and expect to get away with it.”

She bit into his shoulder as his fingers fucked her. She pressed the side of her face against his, eyes closed in pleasure. “Kei’s going to be back any min-“

“Then you’re just going to have to be quiet,” he replied, grabbing her throat and having her fully at his mercy. “If I’m not getting any work done today, neither are you.” He pushed another finger into her to make his point.

Varna moaned lustily. “We need a bigger place.”

“Kei just needs to move out.”

Varna laughed in between her groans. His hard cock slapped her thigh deliciously. She loved looking at his erect cock whenever it presented itself. “He won’t for a few more years!”

“Too bad.”

“Oh fuck… fuck…” she closed her eyes and gave in, wriggling her hips instinctively. “Fuck me.”

“You’re so rude, V.”

“Please, Asa.”

He ripped the towel off her and lowered his mouth to her nipple. “That was easy enough,” he said, alternating between each shapely breast. His tongue ran over each nipple before sucking on it hard, enjoying how she moaned and begged him for more. “God, your tits are gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. So fuckable.”

“Hurry up and shove that fucking cock in my hot cunt!”

He turned her around so they could both see their reflections in the mirror, expressions hungry and unrecognizable.

Varna closed her eyes, parting her legs as Asa stabbed his cock deep inside her. “Oh God, yes…” She leaned her weight on her forearms and watched him in the mirror. The sight of him fucking her gave her almost as much pleasure as his actual cock fucking her up.

“This cunt,” he whispered, kissing her one last time before he stood up straight so they could both see themselves clearly. “It feels so good…” His hips slapped against the curve of her bottom. “People at the office ask me why we have so many kids. I want to tell them my wife has the best cunt… I can’t keep away from it…”

“Mess me up,” she groaned, lifting her hips to offer more of her pussy to his cock. She could feel him burying his cock in her to the hilt but it wasn’t enough. “Harder!”

Asa growled. V had always liked it rough. “Greedy.”

Varna smirked at him. “For your cock.”

“Fuck you, V,” he pushed her face down against the sink as her palm steadied them against the mirror. Her moans joined his own as he fucked her relentlessly.

“Fuck me! Mess my pussy up!” Varna whimpered as Asa slapped the curve of her ass. She gasped but defiantly stared him in the eye, matching his rhythm. “Come on… fuck my hole! Just … like…oh my God… yes… all the way in…”

He felt his knees buckle again as the orgasm built up within him. “Oh fuck .. fuck…”

“Cum in me! I want to see your cum dripping out of me…”

Asa groaned, fucking her furiously as he imagined his cum leaking out of her pink slit. Her hot cunt squeezed around his cock in anticipation. He collapsed on her, biting down on her shoulder as he shot his cum in her. “Oh fuck… yes!”


“Varna!” His groans echoed in his ears as he came into his own palm. Hot wasted cum splashing against the shower wall as he caught his breath and pulled himself back into the present moment. At least, there was minimal clean up, he thought. It was normal to fantasize about your estranged spouse, right? After being together for so long, of course your body was going to remember it, he told himself.

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