Together at Last

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She stepped out of the shower, surveying her body in the mirror. After six months of steamy IMs, sensuous emails, and even a couple of uninhibited phone calls, she was finally going to meet him in the flesh. Their virtual relationship had been a whirlwind of fantasy that neither one had ever dared explore with anyone else, not even their own spouses. But tonight, they would finally discover if reality lived up to months of fantasy.

They had chosen a hotel that was halfway between their respective towns, and she had arrived first. She wondered if he was feeling the same level of excitement and nervousness as she was. Her sexual excitement had recently grown intensely drawn to the idea of doing things she wasn’t supposed to do, of going against the quiet conservative Midwestern values she had always been taught to adhere to. This tryst, this physical culmination of an online affair was the height of naughtiness that she was able to actually go through with. She thought about all the fantasies they had shared, and wondered which they would begin with while she smoothed lotion over her soft body.

He knocked on the door, and she felt her pulse racing as she moved to open it, not bothering to cover herself. He slipped in, smiled, laughed softly, and barely had time to say hello before she began kissing him hard on the lips, laughing with him. He smelled of sun and wind from his drive, and she inhaled his scent for the first time. Her hands moved eagerly to undress him, trembling with eagerness and desire, while his hands made a quick survey of her flesh.

The appearance of their bodies was not foreign, as they had dared to share photos with each other, another naughty little indulgence of theirs. But the excitement of touching the skin, caressing the curves, fondling the most sensitive places that they had only dreamed about was nothing less than electric. They had to mutually pull away from each others’ hungry hands, not wanting to reach climax so immediately.

She pulled him toward the cushioned high back chair, her hair falling forward on her face as she leaned over to place a pillow on the floor in front of her. She sat on the edge of the chair and swept her hair back, smiling as she took both his hands and pulled him down to his knees on the pillow. She placed his strong hands on her knees, covering them with her own delicate ivory ones.

She guided his hands up her creamy thighs as he gently pushed her legs apart, slowly revealing her sacred secret places. He felt his rigid cock jump at the sight of her dark pink folds of moist skin, and he ached to be touched, to be enfolded in her. But he knew what his first pleasure would be. He looked up at her with hungry eyes, and she returned his look with an inviting smile and barely perceptible nod.

He leaned toward her, following the heady scent of her waiting flesh, his mouth watering in anticipation. She placed her hands gently on his shoulders as his fingers moved closer to her slit. He stroked her velvety skin from top to bottom, circling gently around her hole, watching with delight as her glistening depths began to open up under his first tentative touches. She dug her fingers into his flesh as he tapped gently at her clit, swiftly arousing the bud. He slowly ran his finger between her lips, down one side and up the other, then teased her clit with little circles. She moaned softly, and he knew she was ready.

He felt a drip of slick wetness on his thigh as his cock rested there when he shifted his weight to move closer to her. She wriggled slightly closer to the edge of the chair so that she would be freely accessible to his attentions.

She moaned softly at first then with increasing intensity as he placed his tongue flat against her mons and began stroking her from bottom to top over and over. She grew intensely wet with her own juices as his tongue moved all over her pink and throbbing pussy. He savored her sweet taste as he employed long slow strokes interspersed with short little flicks at her clit, followed by languorous circles, his hands gently kneading and caressing her thighs.

Her passion was increasing so intensely, so rapidly that she couldn’t maintain any self-control. She placed her feet on his shoulders, opening up completely to him and began thrusting her hips at his mouth as he licked and sucked her to amazing heights of pleasure.

He began rocking illegal bahis his own hips, moving his cock against his thighs, rubbing his head in a small sticky pool that had collected there. He plunged his tongue deep inside her and lapped her juices while she whimpered and moaned and thrashed against his face. He dipped his pinky in her pussy to wet it, and gently slipped the tip into her other hole while his tongue probed deeper into her pussy.

She gasped at this new sensation, and moaned even more loudly as he began stroking her with his pinky in a counterpoint rhythm to his tongue. Her hands flew to grasp the top of the chair and her back arched while her hips began moving faster. He knew she was on the verge, and he couldn’t wait to send her over the top. A flood of ecstasy swept through him at the thought, and he had to take a deep breath as he pulled his tongue out of her.

With his free hand, he slipped one, two, three fingers inside her while his tongue danced on her clit. He had every pleasure spot covered and was driving her insane with the movement of his hands and tongue. He could tell his strokes, swirls, and taps were drawing her closer and closer to orgasm because her moans grew louder and her gasps quicker.

She settled into a brief staccato of whimpers and hip thrusts before she froze momentarily, all her muscles tense and drawn, and then exploded in waves of loud wails and deep thrusts against him. He stroked her inside with his fingers, feeling the strong pulses of her muscles as they seemed to want to pull him in deeper. He matched the strong laps of his tongue to her rolling orgasmic rhythm, drawing out the experience to its fullest, slowing as she slowed, but not stopping. He could sense she wasn’t finished.

She writhed in the chair, her hands still above her head, making her hard nipples stand out even further. He glanced up to see her eyes closed, her lips parted slightly in a soft O, framed by the mounds of her breasts made slightly dewy with sweat. The sight of his effect on her sent a rush through him that focused his efforts. He stroked with his fingers and licked her clit in circles, slowly, gently, bringing her down from the climax into a state of euphoric pleasure, waiting, waiting for the sign. And there it was…the slight quickening of breath and she began increasing her rhythm and moaning again. This time, he wasn’t making this happen, she was. He let her use his tongue and fingers as she controlled the tempo and rhythm.

She climaxed again, this time with even more intensity and duration than the first. Watching her made him so incredibly aroused, and he had to control himself or he would take her before she had fully finished. And as her moans subsided they were replaced with gentle laughter.

He kissed her quivering pussy. “What?”

“I can’t stop,” she said between gasps, and with a hard arch of her back she was bearing down on his hand and he felt them squeezed by her muscles as her juices slid down his fingers while she climaxed again. He placed his tongue against her clit and moved it slowly as if to calm her while he slid his fingers out of her.

Her moans subsided again into soft little laughs as he looked up to see her smiling at him.

“I think…I think I’m finished…for now,” she giggled sheepishly.

“I’m only just getting started,” he said. He helped her feet down from his shoulders and stood slowly, his cock pointing hard at her. He pulled her up gently, knowing that her legs would be weak, and held her against him as they kissed eagerly. She loved the taste of her juices on his mouth and swirled her tongue around his, sucking and biting gently. While they kissed, he maneuvered them to the bed, never losing bodily contact, their hands all over each other.

Even though he wanted to make love to her all night, he was so aroused from giving her pleasure that he knew he would have to fight hard to hold back, to enjoy her as much as she had enjoyed what he had given to her already. He pulled her onto the bed with him. She was lying on top of him and they were kissing passionately, his cock was pressing between her thighs. She was rubbing her legs and hips against him, eager to take him in.

He rolled them over on their sides and pulled her leg up over his hip. He pushed the tip of his cock into her wetness, then let it slide back and forth at her clit, moistening illegal bahis siteleri her lips again and again. He did this twice while she ran her hands over his back and arms while her mouth worked on his. The third time he pushed the head of his cock in just a little deeper, and her eager moan almost took him over the edge. She swirled her hips gently with his cock half in her, and he had to pull out again.

He rolled her on her back and nestled his head between her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, trying to hold back the inevitable for a few more moments. She lay there with her legs open, inviting him, and he ached to be deep within her. He rose up on his knees, sat on his heels like he was on the floor, and pulled her hips up hard toward him. She rose up on her legs, spreading them wider as he finally plunged his hungry cock deeply into her throbbing pussy. He slid in all the way to the base, his balls pressed hard against her as if he wanted to push those into her, too. And then he had to start pumping into her, his hands holding up her hips while he thrust his cock all the way to the depths of her, taking her over and over.

He felt his breath growing quicker, he felt the deeply satisfying tingling begin somewhere in his core, spreading new warmth to all his extremities. She felt his muscles begin to tighten, his intensity focus. He pulled out of her long enough to put her hips down and lay fully on top of her. This is how he wanted her, their whole bodies pressed against each other, kissing passionately.

She was watching him closely, waiting for him to open his eyes. As he plunged into her again, she wrapped her arms and legs around him welcoming him into her. She kissed him with lips and tongue and willed him to open his eyes as he made love to her with increasing intensity.

As if he read her mind, his eyes opened to hers, and for a few moments they were completely united, bodies, lips, eyes, souls moving together in perfect harmony. Like an electric charge, the orgasm came upon them both so intensely, so suddenly that their eyes closed and lips parted as they both gasped and cried out. But where they lost contact with eyes and lips, they were joined in a more complete way, beyond mere physical contact. They existed together in that moment in a way that they occupied the whole universe, and the whole universe seemed to exist in them.

As their climactic cries wound down to low moans, their movements melted into slow rolls and their muscles began to unclench. She opened her eyes to find him looking at her again as they settled into post-coital euphoria. They kissed again, this time more deeply and more slowly than before, struggling to bring their breathing back to normal. She began to laugh softly.

“Now what?” His voice hummed against her ear, tickling, making her laugh even harder. He was annoyed for a moment, but then her laughs made her muscles squeeze his sensitive head and he gasped at the shock of the sensation.

“I think…mmmm….I think I still need to…” She wrapped her legs around his hips and took his soft cock securely into her. She rocked her hips against him, head thrown back, her gentle laughs turning again to quiet moans. He closed his eyes, drowning in her moistness wrapped so hungrily around him, moving him so that he began to stir again. He realized that she was using his body for her own pleasure, and suddenly he felt a surge of arousal at the idea that she needed him so badly. She seemed to know instinctively how their bodies should fit together, and he kissed her hard on the lips and neck, whispered encouragement in her ear. It wasn’t long before she had worked up a frenzied rhythm that was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her moans grew louder as she thrust and bucked under him, bringing him to another full erection. He could tell she was ready, but was holding back as if waiting on him.

“You need this so badly, I want to hear you scream as loud as you want.” His voice was so husky, so full of eagerness and desire that it sent her soaring. She willingly gave in to his suggestion and wailed long and loud, forgetting he was there, forgetting there could be anyone on the other side of the walls. He felt like he could listen to her over and over and it would never fail to excite him more than anything. But he could tell that this time she was completely satisfied by the way her canlı bahis siteleri body went immediately limp after she climaxed.

When she regained consciousness of his body, she knew he wasn’t ready to quit either. She wondered how long they could go on like this, trading off orgasms. She kissed him and grinned as she brought her legs down and rolled him onto his back. She was way beyond any reservations or tenderness she may have felt when they first walked into the room that night. Now she was a sex goddess, and she intended to have her sacrifice. It was his turn to laugh expectantly as she trailed hot wet kisses down his chest and belly. Her hands were all over his arms and chest, stroking and teasing with her fingernails. The urgency of her mouth made him think he was about to be devoured.

She hummed with delight as she brought the full length of her tongue against his slick shaft and licked him hard from base to tip. Their mingled juices on her tongue were like ambrosia and she lapped at him fervently until she had satisfied her cravings. He stroked her hair and watched mesmerized as her pink tongue worked its way over his dark skin.

He shuddered and rolled back his eyes as her wet mouth closed down around his shaft, her lips wrapped around her teeth. He felt her tongue flit and swirl around him as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth, always increasing the pressure around his swollen head. She made sure she kept her mouth as wet for him as her pussy had been, and she felt him growing harder and longer as she took him deeper into her mouth.

He tried to lay there and let her have her way, but she was making him so crazy with desire that he had to start thrusting into her mouth. She responded to his increased intensity by cupping and stroking his balls, then squeezing and stroking his shaft while her mouth balanced the give and take of satisfying him. In a moment of excitement, her fingers found their way past his balls to his little puckered hole and teased the soft skin with tapping circles.

His gasps encouraged her so she quickly slicked her pinky in her mouth and began to push into that forbidden opening. Her tongue felt salty slick drops of liquid that told her he was enjoying this as much as she was. Her pinky was stroking and caressing him from the inside, while her mouth and her other hand were stroking hard on his shaft.

She began to moan as she felt the last surges of heat in his cock that preceded his orgasm. She loved having his cock in her mouth because she could feel his orgasm so much more strongly this way. Her mouth was more sensitive than her pussy, and could feel every stage, every sensation of his pleasure. Her moans thrummed in her throat and vibrated on her lips, making her wet mouth the most amazing place he could ever imagine having his cock. She felt the waves of his muscles contracting before she felt and tasted his hot liquid in her mouth.

He was shouting a crazy mixture of vowels and curse words that subsided into puppy-like whimpers while her mouth pulled every last drop from him. She swallowed twice, his cock still in her mouth, and then began licking and sucking him softly as he grew flaccid, making sure she savored every moment.

She kissed his tip softly as she gently laid his cock on his belly and moved up to lie beside him. His eyes were still closed, his breath still shallow, but he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close as she laid her head on his shoulder and draped one leg across his.

“How are you doing?” he asked softly.

“Much better now, thanks,” she whispered.

Neither one of them said anything for several minutes. They lay there listening to each other breathe, listening to the air conditioner hum, listening to the occasional car drive by on the road outside. She traced abstract patterns in the hair on his chest, and let her fingers wander down around his belly button.

“Know what?” He finally opened his eyes to look at her again.

“Hmmm…what?” She was mesmerized by her pale ivory hand contrasting his tan belly and black hair. Just beyond her hand lay his cock, and she was mesmerized by that, too. She grew warm just thinking about the wonderful sensations that centered around it.

“Reality is so much better than fantasy.”

She looked at him mischievously. “But in our fantasies, you go for hours nonstop.” Her hand moved down and teased him between the thighs.

“Oh…give me a minute.” He pulled her face up to his and kissed her passionately, stifling her soft laughs. And he was true to his word, as she found out after she returned his kisses for another minute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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