To Pose, or Not To Pose

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Steve lay on his bed, naked, reading a rather racy and humorous paperback concerning the exploits of a reluctant philanderer. Steve was waiting for his wife to emerge from the bathroom. When she did, he looked up expectantly, his cheerful and ever hopeful erection only causing her to sigh in mock despair, hands on hips of her stunning and equally naked body. She wagged a disapproving finger at him.

“You know I’m going out this evening, so it’s no good getting all excited and making that thing of yours go all big like that.”

“Can’t help it – a countess and her niece have just graphically shagged the hero and each other senseless in his secret flat.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be reading books like that – what if your mother knew?”

“Actually, the author’s my mother’s sister, Jennifer, and mother publishes them for her.”

“Exactly! So she wouldn’t want you getting all hot and sweaty over your aunt’s imagination.”

“Actually, I used to get more than a little hot and sweaty over more than my aunt’s imagination … she always was my favourite aunt, and I her favourite nephew.”

“What! You didn’t?! Your aunt?! You pervert! Wait, when was this?”

“Don’t worry dear, it was when I was a teenager. And she’s only five years older than me. Haven’t seen her for ages – she’s married and working in California now. I’ll tell you all about it when you’ve got more time, as I’m sure you’d want to hear it told properly.”

“Quite. Sounds distinctly like the sort of thing you country gentry would get up to. I suppose you’ve had it up half a dozen cousins and every female servant on the estate under fifty as well.”

“No, silly. I only have two girl cousins. They were rather obliging though … and we only had a housekeeper, who was being poked by my father. Her daughter fucked like a rabbit, mind.”

“Oh my God. You lot had far too little to do to keep you occupied. Anyway, I’ve got to get ready.”

She opened the bottom drawer of her bedside unit, rummaged around and pulled out a set of love-eggs and a tube of lubricant. Standing facing him, she flexed her knees, eased open her labia with the fingers of one hand and gently worked a generous blob around and just inside her vagina with the other. She pushed the first egg inside herself, then the second, and then carefully rubbed the excess lubricant around her vulva and anus, all the while smiling at her husband as he avidly watched her. She climbed on the bed, straddled him and raised his penis to her vagina, then carefully eased herself onto him, tightening her vaginal muscles so that his thick shaft forced the eggs deep into her as she pushed down. When she felt the first one pushing hard at the top of her vagina, she lifted herself from him and climbed off the bed.

“Thank you. Most useful.”

He groaned in frustration, and she obligingly grasped his now shiny penis and gave it a single firm masturbatory stroke, then rubbed her hand over her breasts.

“There – you’ll either have to do it yourself or wait ’til I get home. Now, I must get dressed.”

He began to masturbate as she pulled a silky black G-string from her top drawer and slipped it on, pulling it tight over her neatly trimmed mons and adjusting the thin band between her buttocks.

“Wouldn’t want an accident on the dance floor.”

Black silk hold-up stockings, black strappy stilettos and a clinging black mini-dress completed her outfit. He was very close to his orgasm, his hand working vigorously, his body tense with concentration as he looked at her. She bent over him and slipped her lips over his glans at the precise moment that he came, squirting copiously into her gently-sucking mouth. She swallowed his come, then pecked him on the lips and skipped away from him before he could grab her.

“No! I’m going now – be grateful! Bye!”

He heard her leave, her car start and growl off into the early evening traffic. He got up, slipped on his dressing gown and went down to the kitchen, pulled bahis firmaları a bottle of wine from the fridge and uncorked it. He’d just poured himself a large glass when the doorbell rang.


He squinted through the spyhole to see the ballooned face of a woman. He opened the door slightly and peered round. A woman in her late twenties, he guessed, tall, very attractive and very expensively dressed in a two-piece suite.


“Mr Curtis? Hello, I’m Georgie Hewitt, your neighbour … ” she pointed vaguely at the house to his left ” … I was just wondering if I could have a quick word with you?”

“Er, yes, of course, please – do come in.”

She stepped into the hallway and he closed the door behind her.

“I’m Steve – excuse my state of dress: just had a shower. Come through to the kitchen.”

She followed him and took the seat indicated by the table.


“Only sometimes, when I’m really depressed. I usually talk like this … “

“Er, oh, yes, ha ha.”

He poured another glass and offered it to her, then sat down opposite. “Well, what can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s rather a delicate matter, actually, but I’ll come straight to the point – please understand. You see, I’m an artist … yes, I know, I’m not quite in the traditional mould of impoverished, unwashed bohemian – daddy was stinking rich, Hugh – my husband – is stinking rich, and so I’m well-groomed. Anyway, I need a model – the one I hired has gone down with something nasty and can’t make it.”

“Ah, that’s a pity – I guess you need one in a hurry?”


“Unfortunately, you’ve just missed Jenny – she’s gone out on the town with her friends.”

“Ah, no. I need amale model.”

“Oh, Isee. Hmm. Well, not sure I can help – I don’t know any male model types.”

She stared at him, a brief flicker of a smile, and comprehension suddenly dawned.

“Me? You’re kidding?”

“Not at all – you’ll be perfect: you have a great physique.”

“Physique … what kind of painting is it that you do?”

“I knew we’d get here eventually … I need a nude model for some drawings for an erotic magazine. And I need you now.”

“What?! Nude?! Me?! Now?! Can’t you just make it up?” he spluttered.

“Mm hm … nude … you … now, and no, I can’t make it up.”

“But I haven’t told Jenny – what will she do when she gets back and I say ‘Nice evening, dear? Me? Oh, I went and posed nude for the artist lady next door.’ She’ll be just thrilled, I can tell you, particularly when she meets you.”

She giggled and sipped her wine. “Is she the jealous type?”

“No, not really, but the thought of me posing nude for a woman as attractive as yourself might just get her a little miffed. Imagine if it was the other way round, and your husband came round and asked my wife to pose nude for him to draw.”

“Oh, he wouldn’t do that.”

“Why not? Jenny isvery attractive.”

“I know, I’ve seen her sunbathing in your garden … it’s just that my husband is blind.”

“Oh. Sorry … “

“He models his subjects in clay. Has to feel his subjects, so you might not want her to pose for him … I’d like to draw her next, though.”

“Well, I’m sure she’d be delighted to pose for you.”

“Good. So, come round in ten minutes and we can get started.” She swigged down the rest of the wine, stood up and led the way to the door. He let her out, then went upstairs and dressed in jeans and jumper, wondering what on earth he’d let himself in for. She was rather tasty though. He left a note for Jenny and went next door. Georgie let him in and led him to the back of the house, into what had been the lounge but was now clearly used as a studio. Paintings, drawings and materials were stacked neatly in a large shelving unit along one wall. A computer with an enormous screen stood on a large desk, a colour printer and scanner beside it – all clearly very expensive equipment.

She had changed out of the kaçak iddaa suit into a baggy jumper and paint-smeared jeans. A stool stood in one corner by the window; a large sketch pad leant against it.

“Ok. Kit off and stand there in the middle.”

“Er … “

“Come on, don’t be shy – I’ve got to have these done ready for tomorrow morning.”

He pulled off his jumper, slipped off his shoes and took off his jeans, throwing them all into the corner. Georgie manoeuvred a couple of spotlights into position to point at him as he stood nervously contemplating his surroundings. He became aware of her staring at him.

“What? No good?” he laughed nervously.

She walked around him slowly, appraising him from every angle. “No, not at all. Just fine in fact.” He couldn’t help noticing her gaze lingering on his tackle “Just fine. You’re in good shape.”

“I go to the gym with Jenny, used to play sport quite a bit before a knee injury.”

“Hmm. Good.” She walked over to the stool, picked up the pad and sat down, then regarded him silently for several minutes. He felt uncomfortable.

“Look away, over your shoulder … ” she gave him further instructions until he was posed to her satisfaction. He heard the quiet scrape of a pencil on paper, working swiftly. As each sketch was completed, she posed him anew. Apart from instructions on the pose to take, she worked in total silence – he knew he shouldn’t try and make conversation, and was grateful. He actually quite enjoyed the silence, watching her sketching when the pose allowed. Occasionally she would come and stand close to him, sketching a detail in close-up, then squatting on her haunches as she moved around him, drawing his tackle and bum. After an hour he was beginning to tire of holding himself still. Even as he thought he’d ask her for a rest, she spoke.

“Rest now. Lie down on the floor.” She then sketched him lying and sitting.

“Kneel up straight … now, can you get that up a bit?”


“Your penis – can you get it a bit bigger? Not a full hard-on just yet …”

“Er, well, I don’t know … “

“Come on, think of something sexy.”

“Well, I’m a bit embarrassed … “

“No need to be.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“Nonsense. Look, let me help … “


“Silly! I wasn’t going to touch you!” She stood up and pulled the jumper over her head. She was bra-less, and had beautiful breasts. She walked over and stood close in front of him, looking up into his eyes as he looked down at her. She knelt in front of him and stared intently at his penis, then opened her mouth slightly and licked her lips slowly and deliberately, then looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

“Good. That’s better.” He was hardening rapidly as he looked down at her.

“Not too much now – think of footballers’ legs or something.” She giggled as he looked away from her and fought to think of something else.

She resumed sketching. “Give it a tweak to keep it like that.”

“No need.” He spoke through gritted teeth. Each time he felt himself softening he reprised the memory of her kneeling in front of him, or looked across the room at her perched, still topless, on the stool sketching. Her breasts really were gorgeous.

She looked up, then giggled. “This is good – I have to get Kris – my usual male model – to bring one of his gay porno mags with him for this stuff. Perhaps I’ll show him these sketches next time …”

“Very funny.”

“Ok. Now I need a full hard-on.”

“Please … “

She giggled again, stood up and unzipped her jeans in front of him, slipping them down over her hips with a sexy wiggle. Knickerless. Shaved. Slim legs. Utterly gorgeous. She kicked the jeans off and sauntered up to him, slipped her arms round his kneck and pressed her body gently against him as she rose on tiptoes to kiss him passionately. He rose to the occasion as she stepped away and looked down.

“Stroke it – get it as big as you can kaçak bahis – my, that really is rather impressive, Steve.”

He gulped. “Er. Oh God, you are gorgeous.”

“Mm. And you want me, I know. Just stand still for a few minutes.” She knelt in front of him, sketching.

“Start stroking it. Good. Hold that.”

After several minutes of detail sketching, she walked back and sat on the stool, feet resting on the crossbar of the frame, her knees apart. Steve could clearly see her vulva, her labia parted – she was aroused. She looked up and smiled at him

“Yes, I’m turned on too. And I want you to fuck me … good … ” as his penis flexed, bulging his glans even more “Make yourself come.”

He began to masturbate as she sketched.

“Wait – don’t come yet … stand over here next to me.” she reached across to her desk, opened a drawer and took out a small, digital video camera. She placed it on the top of the desk, pointing at the two of them.

“Ok, go for it.”

Standing next to her, he resumed masturbating, and was stunned as she faced the camera, opened her legs wide and began to masturbate, looking down at his penis as he stroked it vigorously. He came intensely as he watched her, his body rigid with muscular tension as his semen squirted out to land on her thigh. Within seconds she was gasping out to her own orgasm as her fingers worked a flurry over her clitoris. He reached out and caressed her breasts, ran his other hand down her back. She slumped sideways against him, and he lifted her chin and bent down to kiss her. He felt her hand gently clasping his penis, then start stroking it back to erection. He moved round between her legs, flexed his knees and entered her easily, picking her up with her legs hooked round his thighs and kneeling down to lay her on her back on the floor. He fucked her gently, sliding his penis slowly in and out of her, savouring the pleasure of her newness, then began to increase the tempo and vigour of his strokes until his second orgasm came with great pounding thrusts that had her crying out with pleasure. She held him close on top of her as they regained their breath.

“Mm. You have a gorgeous prick. Feels lovely and big inside me – stretchy and pushy at the top. Jenny’s a lucky girl – hope she doesn’t mind sharing you occasionally.”

“Oh Christ! She mustn’t find out about this. Please don’t tell her, Georgie.”

“Twit. Of course I won’t – that’d mean I wouldn’t get to make love with you again.”

He clambered to his feet, pulling her up after him. “What about your husband?”

“He’s away at the moment, teaching in Edinburgh.”

“I see, so you’ve been feeling lonely … “

“No, not really, and no I don’t fuck around when my husband’s not at home – you’re my first affair in six years of marriage – I really was very turned on by what’s just happened, and yes, I really do want to make love with you again, on a regular basis, and yes, I will be discrete, and yes, I am very adventurous sexually, so whatever sort of kinky thing you want to do, with certain exceptions, I will participate invery willingly. And I think you’re gorgeous. Now, how about you?”

“Phew! You are something! Beautiful, talented, sexy as hell, a wonderful body, agreat fuck, a lively, dirty mind … what are the exceptions?”

“I justknew you’d ask that!”


“I’m not into pain, violence or fear, for me or anyone else. And I won’t have a man treating me like a possession – you can be macho only in a way that respects me. No jealousy.”

“That all sounds pretty normal to me.”

“Good. I knew it would.” They held each other tightly, kissing passionately. She released him as he started to harden again.

“No – Jenny will come home from her friends feeling horny and want to fuck you senseless – you’d better be able to perform for her.”

She grinned, gently grabbing his sticky penis, then dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth. He groaned softly as she sucked and licked him, sliding her mouth up and down him slowly. After a couple of minutes she released him and stood up

“There: all clean so she won’t taste me. Now, get dressed and go home.”

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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