To Bask in Breastford Ch. 02

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Big Dick

The night grew darker as Coach Blue drove his car down what seemed to be an abandoned road. Autumn colored leaves covered the entire length of the trail like a blanket. Of course, it had to have been a road at one point. But now all you could make of it were crushed leaves. And it wasn’t the only road, either. The trees hid some 100 similar looking roads, each as hard to see as the last.

The trees were in abundance. Coach Blue felt as though he were driving through a never-ending gauntlet of maple, and it was making him uneasy. The only thing that kept him driving was the thought of what these tries might be hiding. He felt very much like a mouse hoping to find cheese at the end of the maze.

The darkness did not help to ease his tension. In fact, had it not been for Gretchen pointing him in the right direction there was no way he would have ever attempted this. The busty vixen had volunteered to be his navigator for the night. She sat in the passengers seat of his car, slurping on a fountain drink she’d taken from the store. She’d been eerily quiet for the last ten minutes. She had even ceased speaking, choosing to point to where he should go instead. Indeed, she seemed to be lost in thought.

“Where do I go now?” Coach Blue asked.

Gretchen gave a slight jump, causing her 36D breasts to bounce up and down under her light yellow tee. Coach Blue fidgeted as he noticed the bounce-age. Some ice managed to fly out of Gretchen’s cup and land on her blue jeans.

“So…where do I go?” Coach blue asked again.

“Oh sorry.” she said, shivering as she wiped the ice off her thighs. “Just keep going straight. I’ll let you know when it’s time to turn.”

“Alright.” Coach Blue said. “So you mentioned earlier that you walk to work?”

“Yeah I do. Except when I feel like a workout. Then I jog.”

“But that’s gotta be at least 10 miles…”

Gretchen giggled.

“I know a shortcut!” she announced, giving him the most innocent smile she had.

Coach Blue eyed the beautiful brunette.

“If you know a shortcut…then why the HELL am I driving through these damn back roads?”

Gretchen removed a lock of hair from her chest. Her long brown hair was usually straight, but she had decided to curl it last night for no real reason. She had wanted her hair not to look curly, but wavy, like the models. She had succeeded although now it was beginning to lose its wavy definition. She stared down at the wavy lock and brought it to her nose.

“I had to get you good and lost.” she mumbled.

The coach looked frustrated.

“Why?” he asked.

“Well…the people where I’m from aren’t very keen on outsiders. We like our privacy. Is that really so weird?”

Coach Blue sighed. “I guess not…”

He looked at the busty beauty. She looked so innocent sitting there twirling her hair and avoiding eye contact. But he knew that she was anything but. Her dangerous curves made sure of that. That long brown hair flowed down over her chest, which stuck out tremendously above a flat stomach. Her jeans stuck to her skin like paint, and hung dangerously low. He could make out the showings of a white and pink thong; and not to mention the roundness of her beautiful behind…

“Damn.” he thought. “She is one hot piece of of ass.”

He couldn’t believe what had happened between them back at the store. Seeing her boobs bounce earlier and watching them move in unison with her breathing was only making him remember how good they felt. What he wouldn’t give to just touch them one more time…

“COACH!” Gretchen shouted.

“What??!” Coach Blue looked at Gretchen, startled. He realized he had been staring at her chest. He quickly turned his head to the road just in time to notice a huge tree. He swerved to the right, just narrowly missing it.

He struggled to get back on the road, and to retain some sense of dignity. He tried not to look at Gretchen. But he felt her gaze on him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Gretchen let out a soft breath.

“Yeah.” she replied. “I’m fine.”

Coach Blue let out a sigh of relief as he turned his attention back to the road.

“No more distractions.” he thought.

Gretchen stared down at her legs. During all the commotion she had spilled some ice water. It had splashed mostly on her legs, but a few drops had gotten on the bottom half of her tee shirt.

“Turn left.” she said.

Coach Blue did as he was told, and made a sharp turn to the left.

“Do you have a towel or a cloth or something?” Gretchen asked.

“Yeah. In the glove box.”

Gretchen opened up the glove box to find a whole mess of things. Envelopes, pens, various pieces of paper, and a pair of womens panties.

“Typical guy.” she thought.

“Here.” she said, handing the coach her ice water. “Hold my cup.”

As Coach Blue took the drink from her he couldn’t help but wonder about the other cups she had on her, and the goodies that were inside…

Gretchen finally pulled a small wash cloth out of the box. She began güvenilir bahis to wipe her pants dry. As she wiped what little moisture there was on her shirt she thought about having a little fun. She reached behind her back and hiked her shirt up just far enough to get her hands in it. Then she undid her bra.

Coach Blue nearly swerved off the road again. The sound of her bra unclasping in this quiet little car was like that of a cannon. He could feel his pants getting tighter.

“No distractions…no distractions….” he thought, giving the road his full attention.

Gretchen let out a small giggle. Then in one swift movement the busty brunette managed to pull her bra off and pull it through her sleeve. Coach Blue could clearly see the black boulder-holder dangling from her left hand in his peripheral vision. He tried his best to keep his eyes on the road.

“Sorry,” said Gretchen. “I was just a little hot. I hope you don’t mind.”

Coach Blue seemed to be having trouble talking.

“N-not at all.” he replied. “But you know I do have an air condition. Want me to turn you on-IT on? Want me to turn it on?”

Gretchen laughed. She loved messing with this horny man.

“No.” she said. “But why don’t you hold on to this for me?”

She placed her black bra on his lap so that it covered the clearly visible bulge in his pants.

“Umm. Ok.” was all the horny coach could say.


“What’s that?”

“Turn right. Up here.” Gretchen said, pointing.

Again, Coach Blue followed her finger.

“Poor guy.” Gretchen thought. “He has no idea what’s coming.”

“It’s still so hot in here!” she announced. And with that warning she lifted the cup up above her generous chest and tilted it over, letting it’s contents spill out over her shirt-covered rack. Water and ice splashed over her luscious melons and trickled down her shirt to her jeans. It spilled down into the seat of the coach’s car.

Gretchen gasped and shivered as she watered her big melons. She breathed deeply and held her breath as the cold water hit her bra-less boobs. She could feel every drop, ever ice cube as they trickled over her amazing rack, completely drenching her big melons. She gave a particular “aahh” as an ice cube landed on one of them. She bounced her chest up and down slightly trying to get the ice cube off. It bounced off of Gretchen’s big bouncy balloon and flew through the air in front of her face. Gretchen watched as the cube sailed through the air making a bee-line descent for her other balloon. The cube hit her other breast then finally bounced off of it like a trampoline.

Coach Blue was stunned. He had been watching the display through his peripherals, but had finally turned his head when Gretchen’s shirt became a little more see through. He was vaguely aware of what was happening on the road; he knew that he wasn’t going to crash anyway.

Gretchen was impressed. The coach had managed to stay on the road during her little wet t-shirt contest.

“That’s much better.” she said, gesturing to her drenched jugs. They were clearly visible through her light yellow shirt, which may have well have been white. It did nothing to cover her massive mountains.

“Yeah…” Coach Blue replied, still getting over the shock. “I’ll say!”

He watched as Gretchen straightened her wet t-shirt out. He could see her nipples pointing out slightly. She must have been getting used to the water already. He continued to admire her busty-ness as she reached forward and opened the air vents on her side of the car. She positioned them so they were pointing straight at her wet breasts.

“I’ll take that air condition now.” she said.

“Are…um…are you sure?” asked Coach Blue, in a small worry-tone.

Gretchen gave a devilish smile. Although the coach was trying to let on like he was worried, she could still sense the eagerness and the sense of “YES! Thank you God!” in his voice. Somehow, she thought that her catching a cold was the last thing on his mind.

“Positive.” she said, pushing her chest out. “Now come on Coach! Turn it on. Turn ME on! You know you want to. Now do it!”

“Ok…” Coach Blue said, trying to hide his excitement as he turned the air condition on.

Gretchen arched her back, pushing her enormous jugs out to meet the cold air from the vents head on.

“Aaaahhh….” she gasped lustily, as the cold air began to blow over her big boobs. “Colder!” she said.

Coach Blue turned the air condition on to the max, hypnotized by the busty brunette’s display. Her nipples were already standing straight out. But he wanted to see just how far they would go.

Gretchen shivered as even more cold air rushed over her dripping wet tits. She could feel every gust as her melons began to dry into damp pillows in the cold air. She was gasping so much she thought she might be having an orgasm.

“Oohh!” gasped the busty teen. Her nipples had never been this hard before. The sensation was incredible. She could see the coach’s face out of the corner türkçe bahis of her eye. It was priceless!

She lifted her arms up above her head and shook her chest from side to side, making sure every inch of her big rack felt the cold hair from the air conditioning vents. They bounced and jiggled under the fabric of her tight fitting and soaking wet t-shirt.

She glanced over at Coach Blue. His face could not decide if it was happy, or shocked. But there was definitely no mistaking the tent he was pitching in his jeans. She smiled at the reaction she was getting.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. “Thank you, Coach.”

Coach Blue finally came back from his trance. He quickly glanced at the road to make sure everything was okay. He couldn’t exactly chalk up any mistakes to highway hypnosis.

“No problem.” he said, doing his best to sound collected.

Gretchen turned around so that her chest was in his plain sight.

“So Coach. Are you enjoying my little wet t-shirt contest?”

“Oh yes. You look…amazing.”

Gretchen smiled at the compliment. But her innocent smile quickly turned to a naughty one. She began to knead her big tits through her wet shirt, wringing them out.

“You sound a little distant, Coach. Am I distracting you?” she asked, bringing her boobs a little bit closer to him.

“No.” Coach Blue replied quickly. “Not distracting at all. I’m absolutely focused right now.”

“Good.” replied the busty teen. “Then you won’t mind if I get a little more air.”

And with that she lifted her shirt over her head exposing her bare orbs, both to the horny coach and the cold unforgiving air vents, in all their glory. The cold air rushed to her bare chest making her gasp and shiver some more. She noticed her bra slowly rising up off of his jeans.

“What a tent.” she thought to herself and giggled.

“Holy shit…” Coach Blue muttered. He thought of the fun he had had with those glorious globes, and his manhood ached to be buried in them once more.

Gretchen took her blouse and wrung it out. Then she placed it between her heavenly hooters and ran it between them back and forth, licking her lips as she did so. The horny coach let out a small moan as his cock gave a particularly hard throb through his jeans.

“You know, I’m reeeallly proud of you Coach. It seems being the only judge in my wet t-shirt contest hasn’t distracted you at all.”

“Yeah…well…I try.” said the coach, trying to hide his erection.

“I think you deserve a little reward.” she said, leaning over and placing a hand on the bulge in his pants. She pushed the bra off and began to rub his cock with her hand.

“Or maybe…” she continued. “You deserve 2 really BIG rewards…”

And with that she took his right hand off the wheel and placed it on her heaving rack, urging him to touch them.

Coach Blue moaned as he felt the busty teen’s abundant titflesh sinking into his palm. They were so soft.

“Mmm…Coach.” Gretchen moaned. “My boobs are really cold. Warm them up for me?”

“Ohhh….” moaned Coach Blue. He ran his hand over every inch of her breasts. Touching them and feeling how soft they were. His fingers found her hard nipples and he began to tweak them between his thumb and index finger. Gretchen moaned as she felt a soft tingle move through her body.

Her hands finally found his fly. They began to work his pants off and within a few seconds they had set his manhood free.

“Oh wow!” Gretchen cooed. “If I knew you were ready we would have done this a lot sooner.”

She gripped his penis in her hand and began to stroke it up and down. Coach Blue was moaning as he felt up this busty slut’s boobs. He could feel their weight as they hung down. He began to thrust into Gretchen’s hand thinking if he could just thrust high enough…

“Left.” said the busty teen.

“What?” Coach Blue began. “Oh right.” he said, realizing she wanted him to turn the car. He turned left down yet another road. At this point, he didn’t care how long it took to get to Breastford; he wouldn’t mind if it lasted all night.

Gretchen’s hand became a blur over the coach’s hard prick. She could feel it throbbing in her grip. The force of her handjob was causing her jugs to jiggle, but she didn’t think the coach would mind. He seemed to be having fun feeling them up and watching them bounce. She began to slow her hand down.

“Okay Coach.” she announced.

“Oh no!” Coach Blue thought to himself. “Don’t tell me she’s gonna stop!”

The thought horrified him beyond belief. But the busty girl continued.

“In order to make sure that I hold the town’s beliefs on outsiders I’m gonna have to make sure that you get good and lost.”

“uuuh okay” Coach Blue managed. He was desperately trying to thrust into Gretchen’s pretty little hand as hard and fast as he could for fear of losing his one chance at a climax.

“So…” Gretchen continued. “I’m gonna ask you to just drive. That’s all you have to do. Make random turns. Head down any road. Just drive. güvenilir bahis siteleri And in the meantime…” she trailed off…

“I’m going to…distract you.” she said, licking her lips.

And with that she buried her head in the coach’s lap, engulfing his entire length into her throat.

“Oh shit!” Coach Blue moaned. For a second, he almost swerved off the road again. Gretchen’s hot mouth felt so good wrapped around his cock. He ran his free hand through her long brown hair, then under her chest to feel those monster jugs of hers.

Gretchen’s expert tongue snaked out and lapped the head of his cock as her lips closed around the shaft, creating a marvelous sensation that made the coach moan. Her head bobbed up and down furiously, her tongue licking the head as if it were a lollipop the whole time. Coach Blue moved his hand from one big tit to the other, squeezing them and rubbing them as if they were on inspection. His fingers found their way to her nipples, and he pinched them gently as the busty slut moaned around his manhood.

Gretchen’s hands found his balls and she began to rub and squeeze them the same way he was doing with her breasts. She took her mouth off of him to breathe but quickly replaced it with a lightning-fast hand. She put her mouth back around his shaft and tried to suck on it from the side. Coach Blue thought that felt amazing.

Her lips couldn’t close around it’s diameter, so as she tried to close them they ended in a kiss. She started to smother the shaft in her kisses slowly kissing her way to the top. She finally kissed his cockhead and precum leaked out of it. Her tongue immediately darted out and scooped it up, savoring the taste.

“Oh wow!” Coach Blue moaned, still kneading her enormous jugs. “You’re so good!”

“Thanks.” Gretchen said, looking up at him as her tongue ran up and down his entire shaft. “Are you lost yet?”

“I think so.” Coach Blue replied. “I mean…not yet! Not yet!”

Gretchen laughed at the coach’s response. Then she put his cock in her mouth one more time and gave it a good once over. Next she placed her hand back on it in place of her mouth, stroking it slowly, and got up licking her lips. Coach Blue’s hand stayed on her tits the entire time.

“Now.” she said. “I’m going to tell you the RIGHT way.”

“The right way? You said-“

“But…” she cut him off. “I’ve still got to make sure you don’t know where it is. So I’ve got to continue distracting you.”

“Okay.” Coach Blue followed. As long as the “distractions” went on he wasn’t going to complain.

“And I’ve got to be able to see where we’re going.” Gretchen continued. “So no more BJ Queen. Got it?”

Coach Blue sighed. “Alright sure.”

His sigh was settled once Gretchen began to stroke him a little more vigorously. Once again, her hand was becoming a blur over his rod. Her tits bounced just inches from his face. He wanted to bury his face between them but knew that was out of the question.

“Left.” Gretchen said.

Coach Blue turned left.

Gretchen stared out the windshield, watching the road. This wouldn’t work. The coach was not distracted enough to forget the way to Breastford. She looked down at her hand as she jerked him off. Then her eyes drifted back towards the windshield. It wasn’t very high.

Once again, Coach Blue was staring right at her tits, trying to thrust his dick into her hand as high as he could. That was it! That’s how she could get him distracted enough.

She slowly lowered her upper body so that her boobs were dangling just a few centimeters from the coach’s aching cock as it jerked through her hand. She stopped right there and looked up at the coach.

“Is that what you’ve been trying to do, Coach? Fuck my tits?”

“Yeah!” Coach Blue moaned as he bucked his hips up even harder.

“If you want ’em, you’ll have to work for ’em, Stud.”

“Aw fuck!” Coach Blue shouted. Sweat started to form on his forehead and face as he furiously tried to fuck the busty slut’s tits.

“Left.” she said. “C’mon Coach. Don’t you want them? Don’t you want to feel them jerking you off again?”

“Yes! Fuck! Your tits!” Coach Blue shouted. He managed to get the head of his cock into her cleavage, but the slut’s hand was slowing him down.

“Aww…so close.” she teased. “Left again.”

Coach Blue turned left once again. And once again, his dick came up just a few centimeters short of heaven.

“Dammit!” he thought. “Why couldn’t I be just a little big bigger??”

He had slowed his driving to a virtual crawl for obvious reasons. He just hoped Gretchen understood how slow he was willing to drive.

Gretchen continued to encourage him. “C’mon, Stud. What are you waiting for? Fuck these tits.”

“FUCK!” Coach Blue yelled. He was really getting irritated.

“Right.” Gretchen said.

Coach Blue turned right, he was really getting pissed.

“I’ll tell you what.” the busty slut proposed. “I’ll meet you halfway.”

And with that she lowered her chest a little bit more, but still stayed high enough to watch the road.

“YEEES!” moaned the coach, as his aching dick finally slid through the busty brunette’s amazing cleavage.

“Mmmm.” she moaned. “That’s it, Coach. Bang my boobs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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