Tim’s Confession

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“Tim’s Confession” is a continuation of the story started with “Jenny’s Confession”.


“What do you mean you fucked Anita when David was out of town?” Jenny asked with more surprise than anger in her voice.

“One night when David was out of town, I went from your house to Anita’s and fucked her”

“You had actually seen me that day? I can’t believe you two did that.”

“I’m sorry, but since you are confessing, I figured I should too.”

“I guess I really can’t be angry with you since I did have a threesome with David and Anita and played around with Anita when you were out of town. So, how did it happen?”

“When I called you at work one day, I talked to Anita for a while. We spoke about David going out of town and we joked about me coming over to see her.”

“It was planned? At least I can use the excuse of being drunk. You two planned to get together.”

“I’m sorry if it bothers you, but it was just sex. Besides, you know she is good in the rack. How could I resist?”

“Since I know it happened, I might as well know all of the details. I just can’t believe she would do that.”

Tim remembered back to that night and began recounting the details to Jenny.

It was Labor Day; Tim had spent the day hanging out with Jenny. During the day he thought about the conversation he had the previous week with Anita.

Anita had told him that David was leaving her alone over the long weekend while he went out of town to visit his mother. She was playful about how she would be alone the whole weekend, and wished that she had someone to keep her company. Tim had volunteered to be her company and Anita had told him she would welcome him with open arms and other body parts.

Tim wondered if Anita was serious, or if she was just being flirty? What would happen if he went over to her house? Would she really be open to having sex, or was she just being a tease?

About 7:00pm he decided to head home to unwind a little, before heading for bed. It was about a forty-five minute ride to his house from Jenny’s, but only about a thirty-minute minute trip to Anita’s.

As Tim drove, he came to a crossroads. He could go straight and go home or turn left and head to Anita’s. The head in his pants won over the head on his shoulders and any feelings in his heart subsided.

Tim drove for several minutes and found a payphone to call Anita.

“Good evening. Do you still want me to come over?”

“Where are you?” she asked.

“I’m about fifteen minutes from your house.”

“I can’t stop you from coming over Tim, but give me about half an hour. I just put the kids to bed and I want to make sure they are sound asleep.”

“Fine, I’ll see you in about thirty minutes.”

Tim hung up the phone and returned to his car. He took a longer route to Anita’s and stopped for gas to waste a little more time.

Tim became a bit pensive on his journey to Anita’s. He was excited about the chance to fuck Anita again. He wanted to suck on her big tits and meaty nipples and to slip his hard cock into her. He really wanted to see what she would be like without Jenny’s involvement.

Yet, he was a little torn about cheating on Jenny. However he found a way to rationalize his cheating. Since he and Jenny had a threesome with Anita, it would not be someone new he was fucking, she was a familiar. Besides he thought, it was only sex.

Tim arrived about thirty-minutes later. He parked several houses away. Walking up the sidewalk he found the porch light on and the front door open. With a light knock on the storm door Anita appeared sipping on a drink.

“Make sure you keep it down so you don’t wake the kids,” Anita said as they entered the foyer.

Anita was dressed in tight blue runner’s shorts, which showed off her tanned legs and a tight grey t-shirt which highlighted her large bosom.

Both seemed a little uneasy about Tim’s presence, yet there was a sense of excitement in the air.

“Well come on in,” Anita giggled as they walked to the kitchen.

Anita then leaned back against a counter while Tim leaned against the bar.

They engaged in a little small talk about the long weekend, what each had done that day and the upcoming week.

Suddenly there was a bump, which startled Tim and made him duck beneath the bar thinking he may have been discovered by Anita’s children.

“It’s the cat,” Anita laughed, pointing at the cat that had jumped from the top of the couch. “Besides,” she asked, “what good does ducking behind the bar do?”

All Tim could do was laugh.

“So did you just come over to talk?” Anita asked suggestively.

“No, I came over to fuck you.”

“You really surprised me by coming over.”

“I surprised myself too,” Tim said, “but I want your pussy.”

Tim moved closer to Anita, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a long deep kiss.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Anita asked.

“Yes,” replied Tim.

“OK, but you can never tell anyone and neither will I. This bahis firmaları is our secret. Jenny and David can never know.”

“You and Jenny have fooled around and we have had a threesome. While she may be upset, I don’t think she would kill us.” Tim said.

“We can’t tell anybody about this.”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“Let’s go,” Anita said as she grabbed Tim’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

Anita turned on a lamp for a little light, closed the door and pulled Tim onto the bed.

The two lay side by side kissing, while Tim massaged Anita’s ass. They broke from kissing as Tim pulled Anita’s t-shirt over her head, dropping it on the floor. Tim did the same with his own shirt. Anita ran her hand over his hairy chest.

Tim then pulled off Anita’s shorts, leaving her clad in just a pink cotton bra and panty set.

The two resumed kissing and caressing. After a few moments Tim reached one hand around and unhooked Anita’s bra, pulling it away to expose her naked breasts. Her pale tits were a considerable contrast to the rest of her tanned body.

“I love your boobs,” Tim said with a smile.

Tim was definitely a breast man. Jenny was usually on the receiving end of Tim’s obsession with her “perfect nipples”, but Anita’s “D” cups dwarfed the size of Jenny’s “B” cups.

Anita’s tits were large and firmer than one would expect from a thirty-something year old mother of two. Her aureoles were large and a pinkish brown shade, while her nipples were long and thick.

Tim sat there for a few moments massaging her tits and pinching her nipples. Anita’s tits mesmerized Tim.

Suddenly as if awakened from a daze he leaned down and attacked Anita’s tits. Tim moaned as his mouth latched hard onto Anita’s nipple. He tried to engulf as much of Anita’s tit as much as possible in his mouth. Tim began to suck on Anita’s boob like a man possessed, and then he would switch and suck the other with an equal hunger. All Anita could do was moan and rub Tim’s head in appreciation at the love her tits were receiving.

After several minutes of giving her tits his full concentration, Tim slipped his hand inside Anita’s panties. His fingers worked their way through her pubic hair, to find Anita’s nice wet pussy. Anita sighed as Tim worked one, then two fingers into her pussy.

She lifted her hips and slid her panties off, leaving herself completely exposed for Tim. Tim continued working his fingers into Anita’s pussy, while his palm pressed against her clit.

He loosened his grip on Anita’s tit, and brought his fingers from Anita’s pussy sucking her sweet juices from his fingers. After, he began kissing his way down her stomach. Anita knew from her conversation with Jenny and from their threesome, that Tim loved eating pussy. She was eager to have her pussy adored by Tim’s mouth and tongue.

Anita parted her legs as Tim kissed his way down between her thighs. Tim began lightly kissing Anita’s glistening pussy lips as the fragrance of her excitement filled his nostrils. Tim began to lick Anita’s lips, giving her clit a little flick with each lick.

“Mmmmm,” Anita sighed with delight.

After a few minutes of teasing licks, he plunged his tongue into Anita’s tasty honey pot and clamped his lips around her pussy and clit. Tim began to suck on Anita’s clit, alternating his tongue from plunging into her pussy and tickling her clit. He also reached his hands up, and began to pinch Anita’s nipples for added stimulation.

“Eat my pussy,” Anita hissed as her hands flew down and grabbed Tim’s head holding him tightly as she bucked her hips up and down and ground her pussy hard into Tim’s mouth.

Tim was sucking and licking vigorously, as Anita continued to grind her hips forcefully into his face.

Tim could sense Anita quivering. He heard her breathing become heavier and knew she was on the verge of an orgasm.

He gave Anita’s nipples a firm pinch and focused all his attention on her clit.

“Ooooooo, I’m cumming,” Anita shrieked as an orgasm overtook her body.

Her thighs clamped down on Tim’s head, while her fingers pulled his hair. Tim however, did not give up his relentless sucking and licking until Anita’s body became completely relaxed from her orgasm.

Only then did he lift his head from between her thighs, his mustache and chin soaked from Anita’s cum. Tim then moved up until his body was positioned between Anita’s legs.

Anita reached down and grabbed his dick, pulling it toward her pussy.

“I’m so turned on, I don’t think this will last too long,” Tim said looking into Anita’s eyes.

“I don’t care. I just want you to fuck me now. I hope you have more than one load to give me though.”

“I’m sure I can work up a couple,” Tim said as he slowly slid his cock fully into Anita.

Anita pulled Tim down for a kiss and they lay motionless for a few moments, the warmth and wetness of Anita’s pussy enveloped Tim’s hard cock.

Slowly he began to move his hips, working his cock in and out of Anita’s pussy. Anita kaçak iddaa began moving her hips in unison, slowly rising to meet each of Tim’s thrusts. As they became accustomed to each other, the pace began to quicken. Tim began to slam harder and faster into Anita’s pussy, his balls slapped her ass with each thrust, her tits swayed with their rhythm.

After keeping the same rhythm for a few minutes, Tim stopped.

“Why did you stop?” Anita asked, a longing to be fucked in her voice.

“I was about to cum and I want to keep fucking you for a while.”

“I don’t care if you cum, just keep fucking me.”

Tim needed no other encouragement. He resumed ramming his cock into Anita while she continued raising her hips to meet his thrusts. In only a few strokes, Tim knew he was at the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum,” he announced.

“It’s okay, cum for me” she said.

Tim withdrew his cock from Anita’s pussy and grabbed it with his hand.

“Unnngh,” he grunted as his cock shot several streams of hot white cum onto Anita’s stomach and upper thigh.

When his cock had stopped twitching, he slipped it back inside Anita. He stayed still for a minute, making sure he was not too sensitive to keep going. Surprisingly, Tim’s cock was not overly sensitive and lost none of it rigidity. He began moving slowly.

Soon the two began to increase their rhythm. Jenny liked sex. She liked to get kinky and she liked to be fucked hard. However, she didn’t like to be fucked long. Jenny would achieve her orgasm and was ready for Tim to cum soon after. Tim could sense Anita was different, that she wanted it to last longer.

“You like to fuck don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes I do, I like to have a hard cock slammed in my pussy.”

“Well that’s what you are getting you dirty little slut.”

Anita spread her legs as wide as she could and wrapped them around Tim’s lower back, opening her pussy for Tim to pound her deeper. Tim started thrusting harder and faster, pounding her pussy unmercifully. Their bodies were slapping hard into each other, balls and tits bouncing uncontrollably.

“Yes, Oh God yes. Fuck my pussy,” Anita muttered.

The room was filled with the sounds the bodies made as they slapped against each other. The sucking sounds Anita’s drenched cunt made as Tim slammed his cock into her , groans, and the unintelligible muttering was driving them both wild. Anita and Tim were both getting sweaty as they continued their animalistic fucking.

Anita’s breathing was getting faster and heavier, she was almost panting. Anita could feel a huge orgasm building and she knew it would soon be unleashed.

“That’s it baby keep pounding me hard, I’m so close.”

Tim continued fucking hard. Anita was running her hands up and down his back. Her legs, which were still wrapped around Tim’s back, were beginning to tremble.

Anita could not hold off her orgasm any longer.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, throwing her head back as the orgasm ripped through her body.

She thrust her head up and buried it in Tim’s shoulder to muffle her screams, as her pussy continued convulsing with waves of pleasure.

Anita collapsed spread eagle on the bed, spent from her orgasm, while Tim slowed his pace.

“I didn’t mean to be that loud,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind.”

“David’s lazy ass hardly ever gets on top, so it feels so good to have someone do the work for a change.”

“I’m happy too. I’m usually on top anyway.”

The two continued chatting and slowly fucking for a few minutes, while Anita recovered from her big orgasm.

“Now it’s my turn to do some work,” Anita said with a smile.

“I’ll be glad to let you.”

Tim rolled off Anita and positioned himself in the middle of the bed. Anita climbed on top of him and hooked her feet under his legs. She held Tim’s slippery cock and slowly lowered her pussy over his shaft. When she reached the bottom, she began to rock back and forth, grinding her clit into Tim’s pubic bone.

After a few minutes of grinding, she began to move slowly up and down , raising her hips slowly until Tim’s cock almost popped out of her pussy, then sliding all the way back down..

Tim was rubbing his hands on Anita’s back and ass. He would occasionally give her ass a nice squeeze. As Anita began to pick up the pace, his eyes were glued to her tits bouncing up and down.

“You like watching my tits bounce, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes I do.”

With that Tim leaned up and sucked one of Anita’s nipples in his mouth. Even though they were sweaty, Tim got a lot of joy sucking Anita’s tits. He began to alternate sucking on each tit as Anita began fucking him harder.

“That’s it baby, suck my tits.”

Tim was doing all he could to suck Anita’s tits. He began bite Anita’s nipples, swirling his tongue around Anita’s large areoles while clamping her lengthy, plump nipples in his teeth.

The sucking sent Anita over the edge again.

“Arrrgh,” she moaned as she had another kaçak bahis orgasm, this one not as strong as her last.

After her orgasm subsided, Anita climbed off Tim, moved in beside him and began stroking his cock.

“Well, that’s one slippery cock,” Anita said giggling.

“That’s because it’s been in your slick pussy.”

After having his dick and balls rubbed for a few minutes, Tim pushed Anita onto her back and entered her again. They fucked for a while, and then the phone rang.

Anita looked at the clock. It was a few minutes after ten.

“Shit, its David, be quiet” she pleaded.

Tim crawled off Anita as she reached for the phone on the nightstand. David and Anita were talking about his trip and what she had done over the weekend.

Being mischievous, Tim began playing with Anita’s tits while she was speaking. She was slapping his hands away playfully with a smile on her face.

Tim leaned down and began licking her pussy. Anita’s pussy now had a mucky smell from the fucking she had been receiving. Tim enjoyed the taste of a well fucked pussy, but Anita was not in the mood to have hers eaten at this time, she pushed his head away.

“I love you honey, see you tomorrow,” Anita said before hanging up the phone.

“You little shit. You made it so hard for me to concentrate on talking to my husband, with all the playing you were doing to me.”

“That’s all part of the fun. Besides, what do you think he would say if he knew you were getting fucked when he called?”

“Probably the same thing Jenny would say.”

“You are probably right, but they won’t know.”

“It must not have been much fun since your dick is limp now.”

“Well help me get it up for some more fun.”

Anita reached her hand down, cupping Tim’s balls and cock. She began pulling on Tim’s cock, before burying her head in his lap.

Her tongue reached out licking some of the precum off his head. Holding the shaft with one hand, she began running her tongue around Tim’s head before finally sucking it into her mouth. She sucked on just the head for a few minutes until she finally engulfed Tim’s entire length into her mouth.

Anita began to slowly bob her head up and down the length of Tim’s cock, sucking on him hard while her tongue quickly flicked on and round his cock. This was certainly different than Jenny’s blowjob, not better but different. Tim had never had someone suck his cock that used their tongue so much. After a few minutes of sucking his cock was hard as a rock again.

Tim pulled Anita away, her mouth made a popping sound as she released her grip on Tim’s rigid dick. Tim pushed her onto her back.

“Time to let me have your pussy again,” he said as he slowly entered Anita.

They continued fucking for a while, switching positions several times with Anita climbing on top, Tim taking her doggy style for a while, before finally moving back to the missionary position. . The sex was not as wild as it had been earlier in the night. It was now two people enjoying the sights, sounds, aromas, and feeling of prolonged fucking. As they continued on, Anita glanced at the clock.

“It’s almost eleven o’clock.”

“I guess we’ve been at this for a while.”

“We have to stop soon. David will be home tomorrow and expecting me to give it up and I know already my pussy is going to be sore after this marathon fuck session.”

“Well then I better get busy on cumming then shouldn’t I?”

“You do that,” Anita said as she again wrapped her legs around Tim’s waist, giving him the opportunity to fuck her as hard and fast as he wanted.

“I’m more than satisfied for the night. Don’t worry about making me cum again, I just want you to shoot your load in my pussy.”

When Tim heard that he picked up the pace and started fucking Anita with abandon again.

Anita started kissing his ear and talking dirty to him.

“Yes, Tim, fuck me hard,” she whispered in his ear.

Hearing Anita’s dirty talk excited Tim. It sent chills down his spine, causing him to try to fuck as hard as he could.

“I’ve had fun being your little slut tonight,” she continued.

“I want you to fill me up with your cum. I want you to drain your balls deep in my pussy.”

Tim was fucking as hard and as fast as he could, grunting as he endlessly plowed hard into Anita’s gaping pussy.

“I enjoyed having someone crawl between my spread legs and just use my pussy while I just laid back and took it all. You have been in total control of my body tonight Tim.”

Anita could tell by Tim’s breathing and the tenseness of his body that he was about to explode.

“Come on baby; let it go, shoot your hot load in me.”

Tim gave a loud grunt and with a hard thrust, he began to deposit his seed deep in Anita’s womb.

“Arrrrgh,” he continued to moan as several streams of cum continued shooting from his cock.

Then he finally collapsed, spent, onto Anita’s chest.

They were motionless for a few minutes, until Tim finally leaned up and gave Anita a tender kiss.

He rolled off and looked at her and laughed. “We have made a real mess.”

Both their hair was a mess, damp with sweat. The sheets on the bed were crumpled and soaked with their sweat and combined juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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