Tied Up For Non-Stop Pleasure

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*This is a true story that happened between me and my ex gf after years of separation. She never let us have sex in highschool. But that all changed later. And she realized exactly what she was missing. All participants are 18 or older.*

You know that one girl you always wanted to sleep with but never had the opportunity to? Well that was Abby to me. She and I dated in high school but in the year and a half we went out, the furthest she ever let me get was an ass grab. We broke up before I went to college but remained close. But that all changed one night when she came over to see my new place. Maybe it was the alcohol. Or maybe it was all the pent up sexual desire we never explored when we dated. But that first night, oh that first night… It was as if someone turned a switch on in us. We went at it for hours. Exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. Producing orgasm after orgasm until we finally were so exhausted we fell asleep.

Abby left the next morning for school. She was a senior in college while I had already graduated the year before. I thought it may be a one time thing. But the conversation over snapchat helped us to make plans to see each other again. I told her the next time she came in, I would push her over her pleasure limit so much, that any and all orgasms she had ever before with me or any other guy would be but distant memories. This is that story.

Six months after our romp together, I received a sexy picture from Abby via snapchat saying she was in town for Christmas break. I wanted to tell her immediately to come over, but there was a little prep work now to do.

I strode with confidence to my room. Going into my closet I pulled out four ties from the rack. I took the ties and wrapped them tight around the corners of my queen sized bed. I checked that the distance was sufficient. Next I moved to cleaning my room and stripping off any unnecessary sheets from the bed. Next I went to my T-shirt drawer and digging all the way to the bottom pulled out a bottle of lube, a pocket sized vibrator, and a blindfold. I set them on the nightstand and then walked to the shower. I jerked off so I had more stamina for the night and cleaned myself thoroughly.

Stepping out of the hot shower I took my hands and wiped away the steam on the mirror leaving only enough covering to hide my 8″ manhood. Being 5’8 and muscular, I admired myself for a moment in the mirror then took my phone and snapped a photo. With the tease of my cock being hidden behind the steam and everything else clearly visible, I sent the picture to Abby with a caption that read “come over now!”.

It was 9:00p.m. I double checked that everything was ready to go. I slipped on my tightest pair of underwear and threw on my t-shirt and jeans. Throwing a belt through the loops; I took one last look at myself in the mirror. And after throwing on my favorite cologne and flexing I made my way to the living room to wait.

At around 9:15 my phone lit up with another snapchat notification from Abby. The picture, which was a selfie taken from the driver seat of her car, revealed the dress she was wearing hiked up around her hips with her black lace panties moved to the side to reveal her wonderful pussy. The caption simply read “I’m here.”

I made my way to the front door. Opening it as my sexy partner moved toward me with a slow sensual walk up the driveway. I admired the 5’0 brunette as she walked towards me. Her smooth legs went all the way up to a curvaceous bottom that was accentuated by the tight black dress she was wearing. Her perfect tits teasing me as the sides of them were revealed through the armholes of this dress. Perfectly round and unencumbered güvenilir bahis by any support of a bra.

“Well hello there beautiful” I said as she moved passed me into the house.

I closed the door behind her and immediately brought my arms around her waist and pulled us together for a kiss.

The kiss was long and passionate. We both knew what we were here for. It wasn’t long after that our tongues started to move in each other’s mouths. I grabbed Abby’s long brown hair just behind her neck and pulled her bread to the side so that I could access every square inch of her neck. My lips made their way down the sides of her neck until they reached the neckline of her dress. Then I took my tongue (Abby knows I love to use my tongue as often as possible) and brought it up until I reached her earlobe; which I then nibbled with my teeth until a soft moan escaped the lips of my companion.

I held Abby as she reached her foot to her ass and undid the heels; letting them drop to the floor. I took my left hand and found the zipper on the back of her dress; slowly pulling it down her back. I brought my hand back up to her shoulder and slid the straps off so that she could move her arms through the holes and free them from the constraints of her dress. My hands wandered until I got a good hold of her dress and pulled it down. When it cleared her curvaceous backside it easily fell to the floor. Leaving Abby in a pair of black lace panties.

We moved our activities to the living room.

“Are you ready to experience pleasure like never before?” I asked.

“If you think you can handle it.” Abby whispered in my ear.

Abby began trying to pull my shirt up over my head. But I grabbed her wrists.

“Oh no you don’t!” I started to say and then bringing my lips close to her ear I whispered “tonight, you have no control.”

Another moan escaped her lips. I still held one of her wrists and led her to the bedroom. Kissing her again I threw her down on the bed. Taking her legs until they were in the position I wanted. I grabbed the first tie and wrapped it around her left wrist. Then did the same with the right.

I made my way onto the bed between her legs and kissed her lips again. With Abby unable to move her arms, I began to kiss her body. Starting from the left side of her cheek, down her neck, over every part of her left arm, and then slowly back up to her lips. I did the same to her right side and then once making my way back to her lips, I moved down the middle of her neck into the middle of her cleavage. I began to kiss and suck on the medium sized tits in front of me. Every movement of my lips made my partner moan with pleasure; especially when I bit hard on her nipple (she goes crazy for nipple play.)

I continued my trek down her body until I was just above the line of her panties. I let my hands wander down the sides of her torso and teasing as if I was going to remove them, slid my hands passed her underwear. Leaving my hands on her outer thighs, I planted kisses over the fabric of her mound. She began to squirm. The teasing was driving her insane. When I figured she had enough, I took my hands and slid her panties down. She kicked her feet up to give me easy access and I threw the unneeded fabric on the other side of the room.

Moving back off of the bed, I took the two remaining ties and tied her ankles so that her legs were restrained and she was spread open in front of me. Abby picked her head up and looked at me with desire in her eyes. There was no denying she was in total pleasure mode. I moved to the nightstand and grabbed the blindfold and moving back over her tried to place it over her head.

“Please! türkçe bahis Before you do!” Abby began “Take your clothes off! I need to see it!”

Grinning and staring deep in her eyes, I shook my head and put the blindfold over eyes. Now all she could do was listen and feel every sensation around her. Knowing she could hear it, I took my shirt off and then moved to my belt buckle. I intentionally made the buckle as loud as possible as I unclasped it. I watched as my tied up subject turned her head towards me; only being able to imagine what was going on. I slid my jeans down to my ankles. Leaving me in only a sexy pair of tight fitting underwear that in the right light, showed off every inch and vein of my cock.

Deciding to tease her more, I moved my package close to her hand. And then grabbing her hand, I placed it on my now semi-erect cock. She just held me for a second before trying to work me. I quickly moved her hand away and slapped it. I was in control.

I climbed over her once again. This time making sure she could feel my manhood on her. I whispered “Tell me how bad you want me.”

“Ughhhh” she screamed “Please! I want you inside me! Please!”

I grabbed the bottom of her blindfold and teased her as if I was lifting it up. Letting just a little light shine through until letting it fall back over her eyes completely. She squirmed under me. Unable to move.

Now I have dreamed up this moment for the last few weeks. Knowing every step I would take. Knowing every move before I made it to make sure that Abby would feel intense pleasure. Now she knows I like to use my tongue. And whether she likes it or not, she let’s me have at it when I want.

Beginning down at her right ankle I moved my tongue on the inside of her leg all the way up to her inner thigh until my tongue touched the outside of her pussy lips. Then I repeated it on the other side. Both times I moved towards her pussy she let out a moan. I bent down in front of her and draped my arms over her legs so that my hands were at the tops of her thighs. I moved my face close to her opening. Smelling the odor of her glistening pussy. I know she could feel my presence.

I lightly blew across her slit to tease her. A light moan escaped her mouth. Sticking my tongue out, I very lightly made contact. Her pleasure began to intensify. Then using the flat top of my tongue, I licked over her entire slit from bottom to top. Taking my tongue over the top of her mound, over her stomach, through the middle of her breasts, and over the side of her neck until I broke off and kissed her passionately.

Knowing she was in a total pleasure zone. I reached over and grabbed the purple, pocket sized vibrator, and turning it on ran it slowly over her nipples.

“How badly do you want this in your pussy?” I asked.

“Please, I need it in my pussy! Please, I just need to be fucked!”

Even though it didn’t need it, I grabbed the bottle of lube and moistened the tip of the vibrator. Then aiming it at her slit, plunged it inside her. The moan that escaped her mouth was just short of a scream. And it intensified with every slow thrust as I pulled the vibrator in and out of her wet hot hole. Watching her movements I could see she was getting close to the edge. And still wanting to tease her more, I pulled the vibrator out, turned it off, and brought it to her mouth. She opened enough to where I could insert the rod. She closed her lips around it and I slowly pulled it out. She licked her lips. Taking in every taste of her juices.

“I’m a little thirsty.” I began telling her “I’ll be right back.”

I thought Abby was going to go insane. It almost sounded as if güvenilir bahis siteleri she was about to cry as she said “no! Please! I’m so close! I need to cum so bad!”

“And you’ll get your chance” I said before kissing her lips. “But not yet! I promise it’ll be worth it.”

I exaggerated my footsteps as I left the room so she could hear them.

“No! Please! Please come back! I want you so bad!”

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. Looking at the clock it was 9:55. I figured I’d wait about five minutes before going back into the room.

“Derek! Please come back to me!” Abby shouted from the bedroom. I chuckled as I knew just how badly she was to cumming.

10:00 rolled around and I made my way back to the room. I walked in to see Abby spread naked over my bed, tied up, and blindfolded. She was breathing heavily. Sensing my presence she said

“Please Derek. I need you now! I want you inside of me”.

It was at this point that I was more than happy to oblige. I pulled down my underwear, allowing my now fully erect cock to bounce free. I moved over to her hand and grabbed it. Letting it run all over my outer thigh so that she knew I was naked. I moved her hand to my cock so that she wrapped her hand around it.

“Is this what you want?” I asked

“Yes. Oh my God yes!”

Before she began to stroke me I moved her hand from my erection and made my way back in between her legs. Taking my cock from the base in my hand; I rubbed the tip over her slit. Abby moaned in delight knowing she was finally going to get what she wanted.

With no more hesitation I found her opening and slid my shaft inside her. Slowly I moved back and forth until I was finally able to plunge myself as deep as possible. Every thrust elicited a moan. Cries of pleasure came as I moved faster and faster. Pumping hard and making skin slap with every motion.

Within a few short seconds of me thrusting Abby screamed “I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!”

Hearing her say this made me only pump harder and faster. Soon Abby writhed in pleasure. Shaking and unable to move, her body convulsed as a wave of pleasure from her orgasm crashed over her entire body. She let out a scream until finally she stopped shaking and rocked her head back and forth allowing the sensations to overtake her. She fell limp. Breathing hard I slowly pumped into her a few more times before withdrawing myself and crawling over Abby to kiss her.

After a few seconds of kissing I removed the blindfold. Her eyes adjusted to the light and she lifted her head to furiously kiss me.

“Untie me.” She whispered “It’s time for me now to take care of you.”

I untied Abby. As soon as the last knot was undone, she sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed me furiously on my neck before she threw me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. Taking my shaft in her hand she guided it back into her hole and began moving up and down. It didn’t take long before my own pleasure waves began and I screamed

“I’m cumming!”

“Cum inside me! I want to feel you cum inside me!”

With that said I let loose and blasted my load deep inside her cunt. We both just fell limp on each other. Abby raised her neck and kissed me long and deeply.

“Thank you” she said. “That was absolutely incredible.”

I had no words so I just kissed her. She laid on top of me and we kissed for several minutes before she led me to the shower; where more making out in-sewed.

We fucked for hours. Experiencing orgasm after orgasm. At around 4:00 in the morning we both fell asleep. Waking up next to Abby at 11:00 the next morning was wonderful. We were naked and cuddling.

“This is going to be a hell of Christmas break” I said.

All she could do is smile as she climbed on top of me to begin the next round. What a hell of break it ended up being indeed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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