The Younger Model Ch. 02

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Nick woke the next morning to find Angela had already gone downstairs.

He rolled out of bed and remembered his night time ‘distraction’ and chided himself.

‘You’re happily married. At least it’s only in your head.’ Nick thought to himself.

He strolled into the bathroom and looked himself over.

He was tall, toned and lean. Still in good shape from his running days, though he hadn’t expected any decline in his later 20s. He ran his hand through unruly brown hair and a think brownish beard.

He turned on the shower, stepped into the torrent of steamy water and set about washing himself.

His mind began to wander and soon he was thinking of the long curvaceous legs of Elena, his eighteen year old neighbour. His hand found his member, already swollen from the heat.

He imagined her toned stomach, the firm, full breasts above them and the hidden flower between her legs as he proceeded to stroke himself.

“Nick!” Angela yelled.

Nick practically felt his heart stop and he jumped with shock.

“Jesus! What?!” he shouted.

“You’ve been in there for ages. Get downstairs. I need you for a favour.” Angela explained, oblivious to Nick’s defensiveness.

Nick sighed with relief and finished up.

“You cannot pull this shit again” Nick barked at his reflection in the foggy mirror.

He got dressed into a faded band t-shirt, jeans and battered black Converse.

He made his way down to the kitchen to find Angela dressed in a blouse and skirt.

“No. You’re not going in, are you?” Nick said disappointed.

She made perabet a face.

“Yeah I do. Also, I need you to drop this next door.” Angela said indicating a pot.

“To the Reyes?” Nick asked hopefully, already knowing the answer.

“No, to Elena. You know students, they don’t know how to eat. I’ll call you later and let you know what time I expect to be home at.” Angela replied. She kissed Nick on the cheek and promptly left.

“Ugh, fuck.” Nick cursed and picked up the pot. ‘Better get this over with.’ Nick thought.

He left the house and hurried over to Elena’s house.

He rang the doorbell and waited patiently for a few minutes. He checked his watch.


‘There is no way a student is up this early.’ Nick thought to himself.

He took out the spare key and opened the front door.

He slipped inside and locked the door after him. The house was similar to his own, but he was too busy to notice any differences.

He walked through the hall to the kitchen carefully and warily put the pot on the counter.

He turned around and was nearly nose to nose with Elena.

“Fuck!” Nick yelled in surprise. Elena screamed and threw herself into his chest. Nick reflexively put his arms around her.

They both stood for a moment and let their hearts settle again. Nick could smell the blend of a enticing perfume and coconut scented hair. Her taut body pressed into his. Elena could smell his Old Spice aftershave, he smelt like a man to her. His toned body firm against her. She almost swore she felt something hard press into perabet giriş her stomach before he stepped away from her.

“You scared the shit out of me.” Nick exhaled.

“Hey. It’s my house.” Elena retorted.

Nick noticed she was wearing a tight beige sweater and the same skirt as yesterday. She was somehow hotter, despite showing less skin. Her hair was the same and she had applied just enough make up to enhance her natural beauty.

They both chuckled at their reactions.

“Well here’s some food. I didn’t think you’d be up.” Nick remarked.

“Aww. Thanks. Well I usually get up early.” Elena explained.

“I’m surprised you don’t have a guy in here, considering your parents are away.” Nick joked.

Elena stepped towards him. “I do have a guy in here with me.” Elena observed suggestively and stepped right in front of Nick.

“Well, I suppose I was wrong to say that. You clearly have a religious attachment.” Nick deflected.

Elena reached into her sweater and pulled the crucifix out.

“You mean this?” she giggled. “I wear this so that the wrong guys think ‘I’m saving myself’ and my parents think something similar.’ Elena finished slyly.

“Besides, surely the wrong thing with the right guy evens out.” Elena murmured and leaned in to Nick.

“Elena. I’m married.” Nick stated.

“I know, but Angela and I are ridiculously similar. Except I’m taller, younger and more ‘blessed’ in certain places’ Elena smirked as she placed her right hand on Nick’s shoulder.

“You’re like the younger model” Nick mumbled to perabet güvenilir mi himself as he drank her figure in.

“Hmmm, I like that.” Elena said with a mischievous expression. “I am a model too actually.” She added proudly and stepped across to press her waist into Nick’s.

“Elena. I have to go. You’re-” Nick began, before Elena interrupted him.

“18? Hotter than your wife? Alone with you in an empty house that we could have all sorts of fun in?” Elena suggested sweetly and leaned in to kiss Nick.

Their lips met and Nick felt a wonderful tingle across his entire body.

He embraced her and deepened the kiss, their mouths opening and tongues joining.

They kissed passionately, hands running across the other’s body. Elena ran her fingers down to his stiff cock through his jeans and gripped it.

This somehow snapped Nick out of his stupor and he recoiled. “I can’t do this.” He blurted out and fled.

Elena tried to shout after him, but the door had slammed. She felt defeated for a moment before she looked back on the counter and her face lit up with a grin.

Nick practically ran back into the house and realised what just happened. ‘You just kissed an 18 year old. You’re married.’ Nick berated himself.

He retreated to the bedroom and plugged his headphones in, letting the music wash over him.


Elena looked over the bracelets in the shop with mild curiosity, until the sales woman returned.

“So just the one key cut?” the woman asked.

Elena looked over Nick’s keys. There were 4 and a car key.

“No. I think a full set would be good. He’s always leaving them in places he shouldn’t.” Elena chuckled.

“You’re a very forgiving wife.” The saleswoman commended her.

“No.” Elena replied.

“I’m just the younger model.” Elena whispered to herself.

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