The Wrong Door

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Vacationing at the mountain lodge was one of his favorite things to do. The snow-capped mountain peaks were such a contrast when compared to the heat of the valley below. It was a large log structure with a great stone fireplace. Evenings were spent sitting by the fire talking with old friends from years past and making new ones. Some of the familiar faces were unchanged, others noticeably older. It was always nice to see some younger ones in the crowd.

‘Some crowd.’ he thought to himself, ‘there are only eight rooms in the lodge.’ This year there was a new face.. a young woman with dark hair and warm eyes. Young hardly seemed right… what label would fit? He hated labels… she was certainly no teenager.. early thirties perhaps.

She had introduced herself as Elizabeth, but added with an unconvincing smile, “Most people call me Liz or Beth.”

“Well, I am pleased to meet you, Elizabeth.” He said as he extended his hand.

She shook his hand.. a soft warm feminine handshake, as a smile came to her face. He thought to himself, ‘Not may people know how to give a good handshake. Her’s was a pleasant exception.”

Her smile was the result of the warm tingle she felt at her core. The way he said her name… ‘E – liz – a – beth’ as if he was tasting each syllable as it rolled over his tongue. He held her hand for a few moments longer than most handshakes which brought a blush to her cheeks.

She was comfortable sitting with the older crowd sipping what appeared to be hot chocolate. He was enjoying his evening bedava bahis coffee, not thinking about how his body would be affected by the caffeine. A fire was crackling in the fireplace, the host having just put on another log.

They were up late talking some but mostly just sitting and relaxing. He was enjoying a second cup of coffee, not wanting the evening to end.

It was nearing midnight when he yawned. “Time for bed?” she asked.

“Yes, I think so.” he replied, “Good night. See you at breakfast.” He walked down the hall past several similar looking doors to the common restroom at the end of the hall. Then back to his room to dream.

His sleep was interrupted by the need to pee. ‘Darn,’ he thought to myself, ‘I guess I’m paying the price for that extra cup of coffee.’ Not wanting to disturb anyone, he left the light off and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. He hung his robe on the hook next to the door, then looked down at himself. A serious erection reminded him of the erotic dream that had just been interrupted. It was like getting up in the middle of having sex… how awkward… he hoped he could continue with that dream when he returned to bed. His thoughts were still holding on to the image of that lovely young woman sitting by the fireside. He blushed as my cock twitched. It is difficult for a man to pee with an erection like this… careful aim is needed and not very comfortable. He managed to avoid making a mess, then slowly went back to bed.

He hung his robe on bedava bonus the bedpost, and slid back under the thick blanket. ‘It was nice to have a big bed,’ he thought as he started to dose off, wanting to return to that dream, he found myself wondering why the bed was so warm. Usually returning to bed meant returning to cool sheets. ‘Hmmm.’

He was surprised how fast his erotic dream resumed. He rolled over and landed on top of that warm body from his dream. Still naked and half asleep as in his former dream. The room was very dark, but the face of the woman in the firelight stayed with him. He reached out and began to caress a breast… gently but firmly pinching and rolling the nipple. His attention was rewarded by a soft moan. Pushing the blanket back, he latched his mouth onto that stiffening nipple and sucked as his hand wandered down across such smooth soft skin.

Such a realistic dream…

Legs parted.. inviting a more intimate exploration. Fingers dipped into a delicate flower, then moved upward, drawing the sweet nectar up to that swollen bundle of nerves. Lubricated fingers twirling around that sensitive nub. He had not felt skin so soft and hot in such a long time… since… He shook his head to clear the unpleasant memory that was invading his dream.

She helped him forget as he felt her hand on his cock.. squeezing and stroking.. pulling it firmly and using it to replace his fingers on her clit. His oozing pre-cum mixed with her juices as his fingers thrust into her. Pushing deneme bonusu his hand aside, she steered his rigid cock to her waiting entrance.

He was momentarily surprised that his dream woman was taking matters into her own hands. His dream taking on a life of it’s own.

He felt her legs wrap around him as her hands grabbing his ass. Her hips thrusting upward as she pulled him into her. With one long forceful stroke, his pulsing cock was buried in her hot clutching pussy as their bodies collided. Their lips met in a hot wet kiss as his swollen, throbbing cock continued to pound into her hot cunt. He felt her stiff nipples against his chest as they continue their horizontal dance.

No dream can be so real…

He became aware of the morning light shining through the window.. realizing that his eyes were open. He was awake, staring into those beautiful eyes that he last saw in the firelight. His mind was confused, but his body needed no direction as it was consumed by the act of fucking the delicious woman beneath him.

There was no stopping either of them as their mutual orgasms begin to rumble from deep within. His mind was no longer confused and it followed their bodies as they tensed and erupted. They seemed to share a single orgasm as her pussy squeezed his spurting cock… matching the beats of their pounding hearts.

Finally, feeling his body relaxing.. getting heavy on her. He rolled over pulling her on top of him. They stayed jointed for a minute, then his deflating cock slipped out of her, and his body was bathed in the delicious mix of juices that flowed out of her.

She looked at him and said, “Good morning! These rooms all look alike in the dark don’t they?”

“Yes, they do.” he said with a smile, “I’m so glad I picked.. The Wrong Door!”

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