The Weekend

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It’s the weekend –

WOW what a week. Running everywhere and it’s OVER!! On you way home you pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and your thoughts are to just LOCK THE DOOR and enjoy yourself. You open the front door, close it behind you and lock it. You stroll through the house, dropping your purse on the table, and putting the wine in the freezer for a quick chill. Then to the bedroom to get your clothes off and then just relax!!

You head back to the living room put on your favorite CD the it’s to the freezer to crack the well deserved bottle of wine. As you pour your first glass you fill it about ┬Ż way up and put the bottle back into the freezer. You can hear the music and go to the couch, set your wine on the coffee table and prop yourself up. Tonight you just have on panties. You get comfortable and begin sipping on your wine. It begins to relax you right away. You can feel the warm relaxing sensation in your stomach as you continue to finish the first glass the pour yourself another.

Returning to your position on the couch you continue to sip on the wine as your whole body begins to relax for the first time this week. It has been one of those super busy stressful week when nothing really went wrong but nothing really went right. It was an uphill battle all the way. As you relax your mind start to focus on the songs, they bring back good memories and some pretty hot ones as you begin to relax even more. Your concentration is broken as you take the last sip from the glass and get up to refill your glass.

And its back to the couch where you pick up right where you left off. The memories are very good and the wine is only enhancing them. You soon realize the no only is the wine creating a warm feeling in your stomach but the memories have began to arouse you. You can feel your pussy beginning to have that itch that just needs to be scratched and your as you rub your hand across your belly you can feel your nipples quickly becoming rock hard. Your reach to the table and get another drink of wine and then you let your had roam to your titties.

You know just how to touch and rub them to get the best sensation. You moisten your fingers and rub them around your nipples squeezing your nipples between your thumb and forefinger. It feels like it is directly connected to your pussy at your pussy instantly reacts with excitement. You continue to play with your nipples getting your fingers wet again, the heat from your spit almost feels like a hot mouth as your rub around and squeeze them again. Your other has slowly moved down your belly and just under the top of your panties as your fingers begin to feel your pussy hair. As you slide your had down further your pussy is crying out to be touched and as your fingers slip across your already aroused clit you can feel your juices are flowing and have already soaked your panties.

You just allow your fingers to rub across your outer lips as they make their way to the bottom of your pussy and you feel the sensation as they touch you asshole. As you reposition your hand you slide two fingers up your pussy as you can’t help but arch your back to get them in even faster. You move your hand in and out rubbing your love lotion over your clit as your begin to finger fuck yourself. As you lay there rubbing your nipple between your fingers and fucking yourself you hand is also rubbing across your increasingly sensitive clit. You think to yourself that you would love to have someone between your legs just licking you.

That would just eat you for hours until you couldn’t cum anymore. As you picture this in your mind you can feel your first orgasm beginning to build. You quickly think of who you would like to eat you and Casey immediately comes to mind. Her soft tongue, her small but ample fingers and feeling her face between your legs. It is too much as you feel your climax rushing to completion. You shove your fingers as far up your pussy as you can making sure you base of your hand is continues to rub your clit and your pinch your nipple long and hard as the sensation builds to a good and needed climax. As it subsides you think back about how excited you became kissing her seeing her naked and sucking her tits. Not to mention when she sucked yours.

But what you most remember is the first time you felt her fingers touching your illegal bahis pussy for the first time. The feeling was like none you had ever had before and when her tongue first touched you, you knew that this was GREAT. She knew just how to touch you with her fingers, and her tongue as she stroked your pussy with both until you’re cum covered her mouth and cheeks. You reach for another drink and Shit the glass is empty again. As you return you slip your panties off knowing that tonight your are going to please yourself over and over again.

You sip some more wine and remember how she ran her tongue along the outer lips of your pussy until they parted and She ran her tongue up your little wet hole. Then she let her tongue slide from your hole toward your clit as you could feel her tongue touch your clit for the first time. Swirling it around your clit, then gently pulling it’s hood back for total exposure and pleasure as she put her mouth over and you could feel her sucking and licking it. As the night wore on you must have climaxed two or three dozen time. As you just climaxed thinking about Casey eating you. But as the hours passed you feel asleep, dreaming about how much you would like to be with Casey again. The fun you had, the experience was too good. As you sleep your mind is dreaming about one, two and even more girls touch, rubbing and eating you. What a wet dream.

But as the night passes and the morning arrives you awaken feeling much better. No hangover, just a really wet and horny pussy. You get up go to pee and as you are wiping across your pussy your clit is begging for one more time. You lean back on the toilet and begin to gently rub your swollen, very sensitive, and horny clit. It only takes seconds until you can feel the sensation starting. As you slide your fingers past your clit your hand never looses contact with your clit and then you slide your fingers up your pussy again. The climax is almost there and with a few more strokes, RELIEF as your body jerks from your first climax of the morning.

As you look out the window the day is really nice not too hot but not too cold. It is one of the GREAT weekends. You decide to slip away to the park, this will keep any of your friends from just “dropping by” and besides you deserve getting out and enjoying nature. You get showered, slip on your gauze dress and some sandals. Grab your purse and head out the door. It is now mid afternoon and you remembered that you didn’t eat last night.

You swing by pick up some food and you’re on your way to the park. This is a special part only because it has some tables build out over the edge of the lake and you can feed the fish, however they are somewhat secluded from the lake and very secluded from the rest of the park. As luck would have it, as you are walking toward the table another couple is just leaving. You put your stuff down on the table and just sit back for a minute to take in the view. It is great. The clean smell of out doors, the wind as it blows through your dress and just the peacefulness.

As you finish your food, you can hear footsteps in the distance coming closer and closer. As you glance around to see who it is, the person is heading out toward your table. He asked you how you are doing, explains that he is new to the area and asked if it is OK for sit and talk with you. You don’t see anything wrong with this, he seem to be very nice, soft spoken and has a very southern accent. As you talk you can feel the sun starting to slip behind the trees on the other side of the lake and the coolness of the afternoon beginning. As you continue to talk you feel very comfortable talking with him small talk about the area turn to more conversation about you and him.

He is much older than you are, he is average weight, in good shape and has a nice well kept beard. The one thing that intrigues you the most is his concentration and attention to you. It looks like he is looking into your soul. His brown eyes never leave your eyes and you are feeling very special that you are the center of his attention. He makes you feel like you are the only thing around! When he talks to you it is smooth and directly to you. As the cooling wind shifts your dress and blows through it you remember that you didn’t put on any underwear and you can feel your nipples reacting to the cool breeze. illegal bahis siteleri You continue to talk for a while longer then he stands up walks to the end of the deck the table is you and just looks out over the lake.

The part of the lake you can see is very calm and all you can hear is birds chirping. You shift to stand up and gather your things. He turns around and asks if he can carry anything. Then he reaches toward you pulls you close to him with a very gentle hug and gives you a kiss on the cheek. When he reached you put up some resistance but there didn’t seem to be a threat and as he held you, you reached to hug him back. He looked at you and you at him knowing that both of you wanted and need a kiss, you turned your head slightly to the side and you could feel his soft lips touching yours.

You can feel your nipples pressing against his chest as both of your tongues touch and the hug become more of an embrace. His hands slowly slide down your back as your tongues dance in each other’s mouth, as his hands pass your waist and cup your ass in his hands. He pulls you even closer to him as you can feel his soft cock with your leg. As you continue to embrace and he holds you close, you can feel that nice warm feeling beginning between your legs and to intensify your feeling you feel his cock growing down the leg of his pants. You can feel his hands’ slowly pulling up your dress and his fingers cupping your naked ass. The feeling is great.

But what next? He breaks the embrace and helps you back over to the table, sets you on top of the table slightly spreads you legs, as your dress flows down your legs. He slips in between your legs on the bottom seat, slips his head up your dress as you can feel his hot breath on your thigh. You can feel his beard and tongue as the trace from your knee up your thigh through your pussy hair, past your clit and down the other thigh to your knee. WOW what a tease. But you know there is more to come. The next pass is slightly lower as he goes the other direction back to the original starting location. This time his tongue passing just above the hood of your clit. You can feel the excitement as your nipples and hard, not for the cool air but for the sensual excitement hidden by your dress.

You decide to lay back on the table as he begins his third pass. His beard only adds to the sexual excitement of his tongue as you feel his tongue slowly moving up your thigh. You can feel your love lotion beginning slowly slip out of your pussy crack. As his tongue passes the crease in your leg, moves through your pussy hair then stops briefly right on top of your clit. You feel his mouth gently circle your clit and his tongue slowly roll your clit round and around. Then he releases his grip and with dismay he passes through your pussy hair and back down your thigh, this time stopping just past the crease in your leg. The he starts back, his tongue passes just under your clit, over your lips hesitating only for one lick between your lips to taste your love.

Then to the other side. Then back again, as you feel him lifting your ass off the table and cupping it with each hand. His tongue slips into your pussy hole for one lick to taste you again then you feel him raise your ass slightly off the table. He moves his head almost to the table as you feel his tongue parting your ass cheeks. You can feel him slowly tracing his way up the crack of your ass as his tongue slides over your asshole which is now wet with your love lotion. He continues as his tongue reaches the bottom of your pussy parting your lips slipping deep into your hole then up to your clit. He does this several times as your excitement continues to build. The excitement of a stranger under your dress so you can’t see him licking you in places you have never been licked and just the way his is doing it is almost too erotic for your body to handle. His hot breath on your most sensitive areas, his beard against your tinder skin as his tongue caresses every inch between your legs.

Then he moves to your clit as he places his mouth around your clit. His tongue circling your clit the making direct passes over the top of it exposing it to the fullest as you feel him gently easy his hands from under your ass. You are arched you back to give him better access to your special parts as you canl─▒ bahis siteleri feel him his fingers tease your outer lips then slide between the finding your pussy hole. Your excitement is reaching the point of no return. As you feel him slowly slide one then two fingers into your pussy. You feel them pass through your opening as your stomach begins to quickly tighten, as your climax begins. He continues sliding his fingers down your love canal and begins to gently rub your cervix.

Your initial climax is intense but you can feel another different climax quickly coming as his fingers gently rub around the outside of you cervix. And before the first one is complete a much more intense climax has reached it’s peak sending shock waves through your body as you push your pussy hard into his face holding the back of his head your stomach jerks with the intensity of the moment. As you climax’s reach their peak you don’t want them to stop.

This is a new experience for your body having multiple climaxes for multiple area all at once. You don’t want it to stop but after about a minute of fiercely fucking his face both slowly subside. The sensitivity index of your body is higher that it has ever been. You can still feel little pulses of climax as you begin to relax. He doesn’t move, he is perfectly still you can feel his mouth still around your clit. You can’t feel his tongue but you can still feel his fingers deep inside your pussy as it begins to release it’s grip from your climax. You can feel a pleasant rush of love juice as it trickles out of your pussy and runs pass your asshole down the crack of your ass. You can feel him gently move away from your clit and through your dress, he says, are you up to it again?

You immediately raise your ass off the table and you can feel him run his tongue from your pussy hole back to your clit where he regains his position. His tongue begins to lick and gently circle your clit you can feel his fingers slowly moving out and back in your pussy hole deep into your hole rubbing your cervix again. As you slowly begin to rotate your hips you can feel that your last climax was only a sample of the next one to come. You try hard not to focus on what is happening to you but the feeling is just too good. Then he slowly pulls his fingers to the entrance of your opening you can feel you opening stretching even more as he inserts his third finger.

Having your pussy stretched adds even more as you can feel his tongue licking all around your clit and gently sucking on it. You can feel your stomach muscles in the early stages of tensing, but so do he as he pushes his fingers deep within your pussy and now three fingers massages your cervix. This is too much, this is pleasure you have never experienced as he continues to lick you with his fingers all the way up you. You can’t hold off any longer, this is too much as your focus goes from delay to his tongue and fingers. It quickly starts as you feel him slightly slide his fingers out and then you can feel his last finger beginning to enter your asshole.

It enters easily as he pushes it all the way in, you grab the back of his head and began to rotate wildly fucking his face harder than before. The extra sensation of having something up you ass takes you over the edge with a mind-blowing climax. You are rotating your hips you can feel his fingers rubbing your cervix and against the one up your ass and his tongue against your clit. As your climax intensifies your almost raise off the picnic table as you try to get even more up your holes. Your were right this one is much more intense that the last. Probably from the sensitivity from before and also the extra intrigue of having something up your ass.

This climax last more that a minute as your continue to have wave after wave of climax. You can feel him starting to slide his fingers in and out both of your holes along with your rotation continues to hit spots which haven’t climaxed yet but it seems like every part of your body has cum. But as all thing it slowly begins to subside. You push my head away from your clit, You can’t even stand to have him breath on it and you can feel him slowly remove his fingers. He lifts your dress up looks over the top to see your satisfied face smiling back at him. He gets up from the bench walks to the other side of the table where you have your head puts his hands on your tits and give you’re a long and deep tongue kiss.

He says he really needs to go but would really like to do this again, he gives you his phone number and says when you want to really cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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