The Wave (Him)

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This story is also available from HER point of view, named “The Wave (her)”.


It was sunny. I looked up momentarily from my book to look at the rolling waves, pounding against the beach. I had been there for about half an hour, sitting in the deck chair I’d brought, glad for the shade of the trees behind me. I didn’t like the heat very much, and the steady wind from the ocean made the day at the beach quite enjoyable. As I looked up, I noticed a trio of 20-something girls to my right, walking along the beach, carrying their towels and a cooler, obviously looking for a spot. When they chose a spot about 15 yards to my left, I happily realized that I was probably not going to get any more reading done!

Ordinarily, I would have minded my own business, but I was recently single, having left my girlfriend when I caught her cheating on me (but that’s a different story), so I allowed myself the freedom to let my eyes wander a bit.

All three of the girls were pretty, but one of them drew my attention most. She tended to talk a little louder and more joyously than the others, and seemed to be the happiest about being on the beach. She had nearly shoulder-length, straight black hair and in general, very nice curves. As soon as they had set up their site, she was the first to run into the water, diving into the first wave that crashed onto her. I liked her unmatched bikini; it had a black top and bright turquoise bottom with ties on the sides, and was fairly modest as bikinis go. Most guys may have liked to see something more revealing, but then again, I think turtle-neck sweaters are sexy.

The other two girls joined her, reacting to the cold water with screams as the waves hit. One of them was wearing a black single-piece, and the other a bright orange bikini, both were quite flattering on them, but my eyes kept returning to the first girl. I pretended to continue reading, but was watching through my sunglasses as the three of them grouped together . I could tell they were chatting together, but I couldn’t make out any words. At one point, the two girls seemed to be teasing the first about something, and I could make out giggling.

Several times, the first girl reached up to her neck to adjusted her halter top tie. It was a bit of a rush each time she did, since I fantasized that she would let it fall down, then turn around and wave at me, or even better, invite me to join her. I heaved a tense sigh and went back to reading a few more pages, for real this time, but glancing frequently at the water.

Suddenly, they were walking out of the water back to their spot. I liked the way she walked. I flipped a page for show and tried to hear what they were saying.

“…all over the place. We should see if we can find it.” said the one in the orange bikini. She picked up a towel and pointed back the way they had come from. “It’s over that way somewhere,” she said as she dabbed her hair long, curly blonde hair. “Aaaaugh!” she exclaimed suddenly.

The turquoise girl had been shaking her head, making her hair spray the other two. She laughed mischievously.

“Quit it, Stephanie!”, hollered the girl in the black suit, covering herself with another towel to avoid the barrage of droplets aimed at her. Although I had been watching covertly up until now, I deliberately looked up at the three of them, and smiled slightly, showing that I was amused by the spectacle. Stephanie glanced at me too with a full grin. Was she showing off?

“Ok, let’s go,” said Stephanie. It was nice to hear her voice, finally, full of energy and care-free. The three of them started off, walking past my spot. I was feigning interest in my book again and I distinctly saw all three of them take one or two quick glances my way. I started to get aroused, hoping that it wasn’t showing. I strained my eyes to watch them as they got further away, keeping my head pointed toward my book, and I was rewarded for the effort. I saw Stephanie look back at me over her shoulder, followed by what sounded like muffled giggling. I looked up to see the other two shrugging their shoulders in laughter as they continued walking.

When they were nearly out of site, I put my book down and closed my eyes, visualizing Stephanie’s face. She was, in my mind, the cutest of the three. Normally I like longer hair, but her chin-length bob haircut framed her heart-shaped face beautifully, giving her a sweet, innocent look, and it charmed me. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her…to hold her…to make love to her. I realized that I had gotten quite hard suddenly. I checked and saw that there was an all too obvious bulge in my swim trunks.

I sat up and looked around, making sure there was no one walking past, then I tried to calm myself down. I went back to my book for a while, trying to ignore my daydream, none too successfully.

After what seemed like hours, I spotted the girls walking back. When they got closer, I put down my book and headed into the water. I still had a bit of a bulge, illegal bahis but it probably wasn’t noticeable. I dove into the crashing waves and went out to where the waves were peaking. After jumping over a few of them, I saw a good large wave coming and body-surfed it in. I used to do it a lot as a kid, and it was still fun. I caught several more waves successfully before I noticed that Stephanie had made her way into the water not far from me, and was body surfing too. We caught each others’ eyes.

“Oh, hello! I’m Michael,” I said with a smile. She smiled back.

“Hi! I’m Stephanie.” she said, “You looked like you were having fun, so I thought I’d try.” She bobbed in the waves while we waited for another big one. I started inching my way closer to her. Despite the cold water, I was getting hard again.

“Here we go,” I said as I spotted a large wave approaching. We started pushing towards the shore, paddling our hands to pick up speed. I caught the wave just right and felt myself being pulled along by it. Just before the wave lost its strength, I felt a hand on my back. I instinctively came up and rolled over; the wave had pushed us together. Stephanie, once she also surfaced and rolled over, ended up sitting neatly sideways in my lap. We both laughed loudly.

“Oh, hello!” I repeated, jokingly. “Good to see you again!” I gave her a quick shoulder-hug.

“Yes, it’s been ages, darling! We simply must catch up!” she said with a fake, fancy accent. She laughed and we stood up.

“Hey look!” I took her hand with an exaggerated gusto and pointed out to the water, “There’s the very spot we first met, remember?”. We both laughed again and started walking back into the waves, neither of us releasing the others’ hand. I walked a bit ahead hoping to hide the fact that the water made my swim trunks stick skin-tight to me, and I had gotten fully hard in the last few seconds. I tried to relax a bit.

We surfed several more waves together, never colliding again, sadly. We talked casually each time we waited for a good swell. About how nice the weather was, how vacation was going, the fact that her friends don’t like the water very much, stuff like that. I even asked if she was seeing anyone. She seemed to avoid the question by posing her own.

“You know what I like most about the ocean?” she asked me. I looked at her expectantly. “It’s how the waves hide us for a few moments at a time from everyone sitting on the beach, like having a few seconds of complete privacy right in the open.”

I moved closer to her and held both her hands. “Like this?” I asked. Together we watched as the next wave came and hopped over it. I pulled close to her and pecked her on the cheek. We pushed away again as the wave collapsed.

She tilted her head. “Not exactly,” she said and bit her lip with her mischievous smile. Another wave passed and she quickly pulled herself towards me, her hands behind my head. We kissed on the lips softly and slowly, savouring the short moment. She wrapped her legs around my back and squeezed. Just as quickly as it started, Stephanie jumped away and glanced towards the shore as the wave collapsed, revealing the beach and her friends once again.

I stared into her light brown eyes for a full minute, neither of us speaking, floating over the waves, letting them pass by without notice. I wanted her, so badly. Finally Stephanie broke the silence.

“It kinda makes ya wish there was something that lasted longer than a wave, huh?” she said suggestively.

“Most definitely,” I replied.

We didn’t bother to surf back in, just walked back to our separate spots. I grabbed my towel and started to dry off. While drying my hair I heard one of Stephanie’s friends comment that she and the other girl were going to walk the other way down the beach, and invited Stephanie along. I didn’t hear her reply, but when I next looked over, she was lying back on her beach blanket, watching the other two stroll off. Her friends, who seemed to be in a good mood, both glanced back quickly then continued on their way.

When they were a good distance away, I put on a shirt and walked over to Stephanie. “Not joining your friends?” I asked, rhetorically. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Nah, I like it better here.” She sat up and reached for my hand, and I helped her up. “You wanna go for a walk?” she asked as she wrapped a towel around her waist like a skirt.

“But you just said you liked it better here.” I said, a little confused.

“I said…” she grabbed both my hands, squeezed them and brought herself against my chest. “…that I liked it better *here*!” she finished. She was about 6 inches shorter than me, and as she looked up at me our lips were nearly touching. “Come on!” she said, loudly, and pulled away, keeping grip on my right hand.

We walked back the same way the three of them had walked before, holding hands, towards a more crowded area. Umbrellas, chairs, towels, and beach toys littered the shoreline as we walked through the illegal bahis siteleri surf, kids playing noisily, parents yelling at them once in a while. We observed it all in silence, and occasionally I would steal a look up and down at her wonderfully curvy body. Eventually, we passed the last few people and continued on a little ways. I suddenly got a hunch that Stephanie was actually leading us somewhere. Maybe somewhere private?

She spoke up just as soon as I had had that thought. “Um, I was walking here just earlier, and I found something that you…maybe…might, um, find interesting?” I looked at her but she was looking straight ahead. We reached an enormous boulder the size of a large house on our right, which marked a slight bend in the beach. Once passed it, I could see that the beach was littered with millions of seashells. This must have been the place her friend was talking about. Stephanie tugged my hand and we turned around the boulder, walking away from the water.

There were bushes and trees up where the sand stopped, but there was a hidden cave-like opening into the overhanging brush. Stephanie removed her towel and gathered it up, then stooped down and went in. I followed, happily observing her from behind. The opening widened into an area as big as a large tent, completely covered by thick layers of leaves. The dirt ground was slightly inclined away from the beach, and the whole area was very well hidden. Stephanie had already laid her large towel on the ground. She knelt on it facing me, keeping her sandy feet off the towel.

“I think this place lasts longer than a wave,” she whispered. I knelt on the opposite side so that we were face to face.

“You’re right,” I whispered back, “I find this place simply fascinating.” I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She moaned softly and started breathing a little faster. She reached behind her back and undid her top, interrupting the kiss to pull it off over her head. She leaned back to give me a nice look at her tits, which were nice and perky after being in the water. I pulled off my own shirt and she put her arms around my waist, pulling herself close again to continue making out.

After only a moment I could feel her fiddling with my drawstring. Remembering that she had ties on the side of her bottom, I reached down to undo them both at the same time. We stopped kissing and looked each other in the eyes. With a single look, it became a competition about who could get the others’ bottom off first!

Stephanie looked down and pulled hard on the strings to get them undone, at the same time pushing my hands away from her. I got hold of her strings again and yanked. They both undid easily, but even as I pulled the piece off of her, she lunged downward, forcing down my trunks with one hand on each side, and in a single motion, caught my already hard cock in her wide open mouth.

The suddenness of it all caught me off guard. The warmth of her mouth gliding over me was extra stimulating after being in the cold water, and I could feel my stiffness maxing out already. I gently brushed my hands up and down Stephanie’s back, reaching as close to her ass as I could. She arched her back and moaned.

She gave one last long hard suck, then came back up and laid back on the towel, pulling me onto her, her legs wide open. She was fully shaved and completely smooth. I wanted to go down on her, but as I started to move she pulled me back.

“No,” she said, “I want you in me, now!” She pulled my hips toward hers until we were touching. She closed her eyes, waiting for me to push into her, but I just teased her for a while, sliding my cock slowly and gently over her clit. I could feel she was already wet, and even brushing her on the outside was quite stimulating. But she was ready for more.

I repositioned slightly and let myself slide into her, easily thrusting in my entire length, she was so wet. “Oh!”, she gasped loudly and then covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. I thrust using my full length, coming all the way out before slowly easing myself all the way in again. Stephanie closed her eyes and sighed each time I pushed into her, her hands gripped the towel. I took the opportunity to admire her naked body, gently swaying with my thrusts.

“You are SO beautiful,” I said longingly. “Am I dreaming?”

She opened her eyes again, then reached her arms up around my back and pulled me down closer so we were face to face. “If you are, then I NEVER want you to wake up.” We stared into each others’ eyes. The tiny points of sunlight that made their way through the leaves danced around us as the wind rustled the leaves.

Stephanie started to breath more heavily and her mouth opened slightly. I started to thrust faster and she tensed up a little and put her arms around my neck. “Yeahhhh,” she breathed quietly, and closed her eyes for a few seconds. I put one arm around her back and lifted her towards me slightly. She moaned and opened her eyes again, looking at me canl─▒ bahis siteleri intensely. She pulled her face towards mine and we kissed deeply as I continued to get faster.

And then at the same time we both froze. A group of four or five people had walked around the giant boulder, talking loudly, their sudden voices startling us. I sat up to peer through the thick brush and Stephanie twisted herself around to look too, causing us to separate. One of them was walking straight towards us as though he knew about the hideout!

We ducked down and held still, hoping the angle of the ground would hide us even more. The intruder stopped only feet away from the thicket, but then he merely bent down and picked up a large piece of driftwood, observed it for a moment, then carried it off towards the others. Stephanie was on all fours now, watching him walk away. Knowing that we were safe, I came up behind her, knelt, and pushed into her again. She gasped and turned her head to look at me with a surprised grin and stifled a giggle.

Holding her hips, I started pounding again. Stephanie stood up on her knees and brushed the sand off her hands. I glided my hands from her hips to her tummy, then caressed her breasts gently. She let her head fall back until it rested on my shoulder, so I began kissing her neck, starting at her shoulder making my way up to behind her ear. She started moaning softly again.`

I moved my hands back to her hips and concentrated fully on making strong thrusts, going even faster than before. Stephanie reached up with both hands and held on to a thick, low-hanging branch that made up part of the ceiling of our hideaway. She stiffened up, so I went even faster again.

“Yes,” she gasped, “yes, just like that!” Her approval made me get even harder! Her whole body was shaking visibly and her knuckles were white as she gripped the tree branch. I kissed her behind the ear again. I felt her tighten up inside, and she became completely rigid, her mouth hanging open. She let go of the branch with one hand and covered her mouth. I heard several muffled screams as her orgasm rocked her, and I continued to thrusting diligently until she started to relax, though still trembling. She turned her head on my shoulder and we kissed again; both of us breathing heavily.

Stephanie moved away from me and stood up. She put her hands on my shoulders and guided me to lie down on the towel. “It’s your turn now,” she said between breaths. I was still very hard, and once I was lying down she straddled me and pushed me back into herself. She held onto the branch again and used it to help her move straight up and down along the full length of my shaft, her feet supporting most of her weight. I watched her smooth motions, gliding up and down, giving me waves of the incredible feeling of her tight pussy taking me in over and over. I was so hard it almost hurt, and at this new angle I could feel myself being pushed rapidly to the finish line.

“Are you gonna cum in me, baby?” she asked in an overly sweet voice and then laughed. It was obvious she was mocking a cheap porno film or something and I couldn’t help but grin. I was actually glad for the distraction.

“Not yet,” I panted, “I want this to last longer, to be with you longer.” I concentrated on keeping myself from blowing. “I’m not going to yet! I won’t!”.

Much to my relief, she slowed down. She dropped to her knees and laid herself down onto me; her breasts felt glorious as they rested on my chest. She hugged me as she continued to pump up and down slowly. She whispered into my ear, just loud enough to hear over the rustling leaves and the crashing waves.

“You are,” she breathed. “You are going to cum in me right now. You’re going to blow everything you have into me and I’m gonna take it all. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

Even though she had slowed down, just hearing that nearly put me over the edge. Stephanie wrapped her feet over my thighs and grabbed my wrists, pinning me down with all her weight. Normally I would have been able to lift her off of me, no problem. But with the combination of her weight, the exquisite feeling of being inside her, and her promise spoken in the sexiest whisper I had ever heard, I was completely helpless. And then, unmercifully, she sped up again.

She was right. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I sped past the point of no return as she continued to rock her body back and forth over me. My eyes closed involuntarily and I could see stars in the darkness as my breath caught and my head fell back. It was here. Stephanie yelled in victory, “Ohhhh, YES!”

I exploded. She held me tight and kept thrusting as I blew a month’s worth of cum into her. Each time I pulsed I could feel another huge load erupting into her, each as big as the last. The whole world seemed to rock in slow motion. Waves of relief flooded over me.

She slowed down her pumping so that it felt like we were floating in the ocean again. I started breathing again and opened my eyes and looked at her.

Stephanie had her eyes closed and her mouth dangled open in a dreamy smile, her hair waving back and forth with her wonderfully slow movements. She looked even more beautiful than before.

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