The UPS Man

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It all started 7 years ago that big brown truck pulled up in front of my house to deliver a package. I had my infant daughter on my hip and my 2 younger girls next to me. I looked terrible (I thought) in just a baggy t-shirt and shorts and my hair up in a ponytail. I had been working around the house cleaning and chasing the girls when he knocked on the door. He was cute and very sweet and didn’t hide the fact that he was looking at my semi-erect nipples poking through my shirt as it was pulled tight while holding my daughter.

We made friendly chit chat since we had met before and I told him I am sorry he had to see me looking so bad and he told me that I looked sexy as hell! Of course I blushed and said thank you. He had to leave so I waved and off he went.

Over the next several years whenever he would stop by to deliver a package we became friends and he always greeted me with a ‘Hi Sexy’ and a great big smile! He would always comment on how I looked as I had been trying to drop some baby weight over the years. He made me feel sexy even though my I didn’t really think I was. Whenever we saw each other there was always fun flirting and sexual innuendos said and we had fun.

With my husband gone all the time working and only home on the weekends or every other weekend I of course get lonely and I always looked forward to seeing Terry drive by! I would always wave and if he had time to stop he would if he was delivering next door or something.

Things started going up a notch about 2 years ago. He would stop and I would invite him in when he had time, even if it was just a minute. By this time he started greeting me with bahis firmalar─▒ a nice soft kiss (if the girls weren’t home) as soon as he was in the door out of site of the neighbors. His hand always found either my breast or ass for a quick fondle or squeeze. One day he stopped at the neighbors and the kids were with friends and he saw me outside and walked over, it was a warm day and I offered him a bottle of cold water. He came inside and the kiss was hotter and with more desire. He told me I looked great in my snug Capri’s and v-neck shirt. He told me he didn’t have a lot of time but he wanted me bad. Oh to be desired by another man, it was delicious. I told him the same and said some day hopefully he will have enough time. I bent over sticking my ass up at him while getting the bottle of water for him out of the refrigerator and of course took the hint and grabbed my hips and ground his hardening cock on me. That was his tease for the day. With a long kiss and a thank you he left to go back to work.

About a month later he stopped by and pulled up in front of the house knowing the girls were gone and I was the only one home. He pretended to be delivering something but he wasn’t really (had to make it look good for the neighbors). I opened the door and I let him in and he grabbed me up and kissed me long and hard and told me he had some extra time to spare and wanted me NOW. Talk about excited, I felt the juices already starting to dampen my thong. He wanted me to get into something a little sexier so I complied and went to my bedroom to change while he sat on the couch waiting patiently. I found a very sexy gold/black lace teddy and slipped ka├žak iddaa that on with a black thong.

I walked out into the living room and he stood up and his eyes lit up with desire. He looked me up and down several times and growled under his breath and told me how good I looked. After another long passionate kiss we went to my bedroom and he lost is clothes in a pile on the floor. He had a huge erection telling me he really liked what he saw and I took that cock of his in my mouth and started my slow sensual assault on it. He loved it so much, told me his wife wasn’t nearly this into cock sucking like I am. He made me stop, not wanting to cum in my mouth today so I did.

He pushed me back on the bed and ran his hands up my legs and found my damp thong and removed it slowly, exposing a neatly shaved pussy, which apparently he wasn’t expecting by the reaction I got. I sucked in a breath of shock and removed my thong completely and spread my legs so he could devour my shaved pussy.

He started slowly running his tongue around my pussy lips and sucking on them gently. Then he spread my legs even more and found my clit with his tongue and that velvet tongue of his did things I had never felt before. Instead of sucking on my clit he would run his tongue up to it and stop and press is tongue flat on my clit and with pressure he would hold it there for a second. If felt wonderful. The juices were flowing more and he removed his tongue from my clit and lapped them up and stuck that tongue of his as deep into my pussy as he could. He tongue fucked my pussy while he rubbed my clit with one finger and then he stopped with his tongue and ka├žak bahis slid 2 fingers from the other hand in my pussy fast and hard. I was starting to get close and he could tell so he went back to my clit with his tongue and finger fucked my pussy for a little bit.

I was getting so close to a big orgasm and he wanted me to have a huge one knowing I haven’t had any for awhile. He removed one finger from my pussy and found the tight hole of my ass. He gently started rubbing that with is soaked finger until he could slide it in ever so slowly. A velvety tongue on my clit working magic and a finger in my pussy and another in my ass fucking both those holes and that did it. I came so hard and it seemed to last forever. My body bucked and convulsed and as I started coming back down from that intense orgasm he slowly removed his fingers from both holes and his mouth from my clit, I moaned not wanting him to stop yet.

He could tell I still wanted more and he still hadn’t cum yet so he stood up and crawled on the bed over me and slid that nice cock of his in my very wet and waiting pussy and with one big thrust of his hips he filled me to the hilt. He stopped and we both enjoyed the feeling. He started a good rhythm and we were both ready to cum together quickly. His thrusts hastened and he was getting close and my pussy was tightening around his cock trying to milk him as my orgasm started and he couldn’t take it anymore and we both exploded into a very intense orgasm together. We both were spent and he kissed me softly as we lay there for a minute recovering.

It was time for him to go so he dressed and I didn’t. I walked him to the door and he grabbed my bare ass and pulled me to him and kissed me again long and hard and said thank you very much and we need to do this again soon. Then with a good bye and a huge smile he was gone, until next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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