The Trip Ch. 02

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Once again Oldnakkeddad has provided for the editing of this story. This is the second chapter of a stand-alone series of probably just three stories, that refers to the same characters as Chapter 2 of the Long Road Back.


He walked out of the airport and into the perfect afternoonÔÇöa shining sun, a light breeze, and an absolutely perfect temperature.

As Debbie was arriving at the terminal, she saw him and lightly tapped the horn. She noticed he’d packed lightÔÇöall he had with him was a carry-on in one hand and his computer bag casually draped over his shoulder.

As he was looking around (trying to find Debbie), he finally saw the familiar SUV pull up to the curb and thought to himself, ‘There she is!’ as he started walking toward the truck. She parked and jumped out to greet him.

When he saw her coming around the front of it at a fast walk, he dropped his bag when she got to him, reached out, and pulled her close. He found her mouth with his, they immediately parted their lips, and their tongues began the dance they’d been going without for so long.

A slight cough from an airport cop interrupted their passion before giving them a quick wink and a smile after they’d parted lips and looked at him.

“Hello, folks. I must remind you that this area is a no parking zone.”

The two separated from their embrace and, as he looked her over, he noticed everything about her was so much better than he’d rememberedÔÇöshe was more beautiful, her smile was brighter, her eyes were more vivid, her hair was shinier, and her skin was glowing. She had her eyes glued to his, and they revealed the strain of the last few months but in a good way.

He had the same easy smile, the laid back approach, and his kisses still melted her soul. She couldn’t wait to get him back to the B&B so they could start their weekend together…alone!

The drive was a quiet one. He softly rubbed his hand along her arm and thigh as she was driving to the wharf for a bit of sightseeing before dinner and before driving back to the B&B. Both were lost in their own thoughts for the moment as they wondered what the weekend would bring to their relationship and what the future might hold.

He broke the silence with a soft apology.

“Debbie, I have a confession to make. I couldn’t wait to see you before I had to take matters into my own hands and I stroked myself to climax on the plane.”

“That’s okay. While I was waiting for you in the cell phone lot, I had a little session myself! I was thinking back to the first time we were together.”

“I was thinking about the last time!”

They simultaneously said.

“Let’s skip dinner!”

She made the next turn and drove toward the B&B bedava bahis while he was sliding his hand higher up her thigh to the waist band of her pants. After unfastening them, he slid his hand inside and felt the dampness from both her earlier self-exploration and his present exploration.

He slid one, then two, fingers between her lips and up and down along the cleft that led to the entrance to her core. He found the hard button at the top of her valley and deftly flicked his fingers against it, which caused her breathing to come in gasps as she tried to maintain her focus on the road.

Her moisture had started to flow once again and the natural lubricant made it easier for him to slide his fingers inside of her as his thumb stroked her hardening clitoris. Her aroma was strong, and her scent filled the car as the pheromones drove him onward while leaving him breathless with desire.

She pulled into the parking lot and drove around to the back of the B&B, slammed the car into Park, and before he could say a word, had her seatbelt off, his seat pushed back, and his pants open.

He pushed her pants and soaked panties down as she pulled his off of his hips. His hard penis popped free of his underwear and stood straight up into the air. She straddled him with her knees on the seat, reached down to guide him, and then plunged down, enveloping his hard manhood with her hot, wet, essence.

They both gasped at the intensity of that first push, paused until they became comfortable with one another again, and then he started to thrust up into her. She matched his strokes by rising up when he was on the down stroke and crashing down as he’d thrust up into her.

The friction and the heat were rising, and her juices were flowing. He had his hands on her hips and was helping to lift her, and then pull down, as they pounded each other.

It wasn’t the same love making they’d enjoyed so many times before. It was differentÔÇöless and more at the same time. It was raw, unadulterated sex! Two bodies crashing together while the penis of one was driving into the vagina of the other.

Debbie grabbed his head and pulled his face against her chest. He pulled her shirt up and shoved her bra up so he could find her breasts and nipples with his mouth. He closed his teeth on her nipple as he tugged and pulled at the other nipple with his fingers. He used his free hand to knead and cup her breasts before sliding it down between them to play with her hard clit.

She was moaning, and her juices were flowing freely and soaking everything below them as her orgasm was quickly building. He was also moaning as the wetness running between his legs only heightened the intensity of the bedava bonus pleasure he was feeling.

Her pace quickened and he tried to match her pounding. The heat and friction were building until he couldn’t take it anymore and his cum exploded out of him as his body tensed and then started to convulse, and each convulsion pumped more of his cum into her hot, wet, vagina.

As she felt his explosion, it put her over the edge. She dropped down onto him one more time as her own orgasm ripped through her body and caused stars to form in front of her eyes.

As she locked her legs against his, she pulled his face harder against her chest. Her flesh became more sensitive as her senses were heightened from the exquisite feeling of his teeth on her nipple. Then it passed and she collapsed against him as he wrapped his arms around her to hold her.

She was resting her head on his shoulder with his penis still inside of her, but it was beginning to soften slightly.

Several minutes passed before he softly asked.

“Are you all right?”

Before climbing off of him and sitting on the seat beside the bed, she softly kissed him.


A few more minutes passed before they started to dress again and make their way to their room with the view of the sound.

As they arrived at the door to their room, Debbie noticed a note on it. She quickly read it while she was unlocking the door and realized the owners were more astute than she’d thought.

‘We weren’t sure you’d make it to dinner tonight, as you’d planned, or if you’d end up back here instead. I left some fruit, cheese, smoked salmon, and crackers in case you didn’t make it to dinner. There is also a bottle of champagne chilling on the counter and strawberries in the room’s fridge. Breakfast is at nine.’

She opened the door and entered the room with him close behind her. As the door closed, she heard his bags hit the floor and, once again, she felt his hands and arms around her as he pulled her into his embrace.

After he spun her around in his arms, their mouths and tongues met once again as they caressed each other up and down their bodies. He undressed her, and himself, as he slowly walked her toward the bed.

As he backed her against the bed, he gently lowered her onto it and climbed on top of her. Their mouths locked together and their tongues were dancing as she was opening her legs to allow him access.

The air was thick, the passion was palpable, and their tongues were still entwined in an erotic dance. As he lowered himself between her legs, his long, hard member was easily slipping into her because the fluids from their previous coupling had lubricated the path into her, which deneme bonusu gave him the feeling of entering a molten core.

He couldn’t contain the moan that was escaping his lips. He pulled back until he was almost all of the way out, and then slowly pushed his way back into her as he continued to slowly ease his rock-hard member in and out of her hot, wet vagina.

The slow, rhythmic thrusts increased the heat that was building between their bodies. She started to raise her hips against him as he’d thrust down into her, which deepened the penetration they were able to achieve together.

They continued to thrust against one another as he broke away from the kiss, lowered his mouth to her breast, and sucked on her nipple as she reached up and grabbed onto his hips.

His thrusts became harder and she pushed back to match him while lifting her legs and wrapping them around him. During his strong thrusts, she pulled him deeper into her, and her pushing up against him was enough for him to feel it the same as she didÔÇöthe head of his penis was pushing up against (and then through) her cervix and penetrating her womb!

They cried out in ecstasy, and her body convulsed as her orgasm blasted through her, wave upon wave. His body tensed as he felt his penis growÔÇöthe tightness of her cervix around his shaft was increasingÔÇöas burst after burst of thick, creamy cum exploded from within him.

They gasped for breath as their bodies became rigid and locked were together so they were unable to move as their orgasms rolled through them over and over.

Finally, she unwrapped her legs from him, her hands and arms fell to her sides, and he collapsed next to her while trying to catch his breath. They laid together while their bodies were slowly coming back from the edge, their breathing was returning to normal, and their hearts were slowing.

Their eyes locked on each other’s as he rose upon one arm and softly kissed her on the mouth before she turned onto her side to face him, and he faced her. Her soft, rhythmic breathing was a comfort to him as they reached out and held each other before drifting off into a deep sleep.

He woke up just as it was getting dark and stared at the sleeping face in front of him. The softness of her hair, the smoothness of her skin, and the smile on her face were beautiful to him.

He once again felt the uncertainty that prodded him while on the plane. He knew their love making was extraordinary, and they’d grown so close in their emails and chats since they’d last seen each other.

Even their erotic chatting had taken a different turn. It was still extremely sexual but with more personal feelings involved and more time spent chatting about their feelings and the cuddling after the fact. He continued to lay there with his arms around her and their legs intertwined while thinking about what he was feeling.

He snuggled in closer to her so he could feel the beat of her heart before drifting back to sleep.

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