The Trainer’s Chronicles Ch. 03

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It had been over a year since my encounter with Corrine at my previous place of employment and my career had come to amazing fruition. My time spent with Corrine made me realize that many women came to the gym not only for the workout, but also for the same reason that most guys go to the gym — to see hot guys and fantasize about them while working up a good sweat. My results also spoke for themselves. A few months working with me and my female clients were performing better, losing weight and this never failed to increase their self-confidence significantly, for which they were always quite grateful. And of course, it was always a good boost to my self-confidence when my female clients started flirting with me. It was a welcome game that I always did very well at. This leads me to my next seduction.

You have to realize that in my line of business I see women in all stages of undress and wearing very revealing clothing most of the time. Tight black pants were standard gear and whatever was on top generally did not hide very much if anything at all. Most days my eyes would follow whatever middle aged tight bodied woman happened to be walking around the gym floor or stretching, and sometimes the younger girls who came in were enough to make you want to explode in your pants right there. I guess it is a perk of the job and one that I welcomed every day. Then of course, having a client you’re working with in this condition never helped. And the flirting that inevitably happened as well was tough. Then there were my coworkers, staff members behind the desk, and so many options to choose from it was hard to weed out the right ones.

Two months after I started at my new gym I got set up with another preliminary workout with a new member, and I have to say that when she walked in my reaction was much like it was when I first saw Corrine. However, she made no bones about flaunting her body to everyone at the gym. Her name was Lyndsey and she was only 24 from the bio she had written down. Her attitude came off of her in waves and we started the session off with a sit down interview. I also wanted to take the time to check her out as much as possible because I saw a lot of potential in her, and not only in her body. From the beginning though, she oozed attitude. She was blonde, tanned and gorgeous, but she was one of those girls that definitely knew it.

“So, Lyndsey, tell me about yourself and why you’re here, what you want to do with your time here at the gym?”

“Well, I already work out regularly and I used to be a competitive runner. Basically I’m just taking advantage of this session because it’s free but I’m pretty sure you can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.”

I always loved it when people said that. It was like a personal challenge to totally destroy them physically.

“Well, if that’s the case tell you what — why don’t I walk you through some more advanced variations of your standard exercises and we’ll see if it might help you out.”

Her large breasts were barely contained in a tight green tank top over a tan coloured bra that was visible. It was obviously designed to push them up and together and they were certainly hard not to stare at, but I managed to look her in the eyes when I was speaking to her. Her tank top tapered down over her mostly flat stomach and I saw the sign of a pierced belly button. Her shorts were dark blue and tight as well, and as she walked away from me it was obvious that she was wearing a thong under them. Her ass was really something to look at, hard and firm but she did have a few extra pounds on her back there and around her midsection. Of course, I made a point of mentioning that to her.

“So, Lyndsey, obviously you have some areas that you need to work on, most noticeably your stomach and hips and glutes. Would you like to focus on those areas?”

I could see that my comments annoyed her. She was probably used to guys following her around with their tongues hanging out and telling her she was the hottest thing in the world. The thing was, with girls like this their self-esteem was usually the one thing that you could manipulate them with. Chatting a little bit with her, I found out she was a bartender and wanted to get into triathlon for the summer. I got a little bit harder just thinking about her in a bathing suit because the view would be even better than the one I was getting right now.

The next hour was a lot of fun. Starting with some plyometric work I got her sweating after five minutes and didn’t let up for a good 45 after that. She was in very good shape, so I gave her everything I had, enjoying watching her squat, move and grunt. The abdominal exercises were especially fun because I had the chance to get more hands on and made sure that I was touching her hard stomach, and then would flip her over to get her lower back, which forced her ass up in the air. I was going crazy in my head just thinking about this girl naked and breathing hard casino siteleri while I fucked her. By the time 30 minutes had passed her body was soaked with sweat, and when she was on her back it pooled in between her breasts. Her shorts became quite damp, as did her tank top so it was easy to see what was underneath and this only added to my fantasies.

The thing was, as we worked together she took every challenge in stride and pushed herself really hard, which I also find incredibly sexy. All throughout she was shooting me dirty looks but by the end I think she realized that I knew what I was doing and could really challenge her. At the end of the workout I always took the opportunity to stretch people out myself, especially her because I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get my hands on her a little more. I knew she wasn’t going to be a regular customer because she had made that clear at the beginning.

As I put her leg up in the air, exposing her panties from inside her shorts I started my soft sales pitch.

“So Lyndsey, did you enjoy the workout today?”

“Oh my God, it was awesome. Can you do that to me once a week? I usually work out on my own but that was getting pushed harder than I normally do.”

I was surprised but of course I jumped at the opportunity.

“I think I have some room in my schedule for you. How would next week at the same time be?”

“That would be great! I have to do this in the morning because I work nights.”

“Great! Next week we will go over all of your problem areas again and hopefully soon you can see some results.”

At that she shot me a look with eyes like daggers but I could tell I had earned her respect.

And that was that. We started working together every week and it was one of my favourite sessions. It was like working out with one of my favourite porn actresses, because she looked exactly like them. All the men in the gym looked quite jealous when we were moving and grunting together. Not only was she smart and funny, but there were other obvious benefits. She would always show up in revealing tight clothes of varying colours, to the point where the one day she wore long pants I actually made fun of her about it. Her bras and tops always barely contained her breasts, which she informed me were 34C. She also said she was looking to get implants, which I told her she certainly didn’t need because her breasts were spectacular. Her ass was a work of art, and frequently I would notice that there was no panty line. It made stretching her that much more difficult because my cock would be hard just thinking that the only thing separating me from sliding myself into her pussy was my pants and her thin lycra shorts.

What really killed me though was her scent. One day she walked into the gym wearing my favourite perfume, one that an ex of mine used to wear and since the incredible sex we had it always made me think purely of hard, long and loud fucking. Of course I didn’t mention that to her, but I did mention that the perfume was my favourite and it drove my crazy. She proceeded to wear it every week after that, and I think it was intentional to make me crazy. Then during the sessions it would mix with her sweat and it would be almost impossible for me not to picture pulling down her shorts and bending her over a bench, pounding my cock into her from behind while grabbing those gorgeous tits. She was a massive flirt, and would often get into provocative positions like all fours (my personal favourite) and arch her back at me suggestively, knowing that it would drive any man crazy.

During our time together of course we talked about various things. Quickly I learned that she was completely insecure and moved from guy to guy in her life like throwing out Kleenex. She would obsess over guys for two weeks and “fall in love” and then have sex with them, and then as soon as they showed interest she would dump them. It seemed like the easiest way to get into her pants was to treat her like crap. It pained me sometimes to hear of her getting drunk after work and sleeping with her co-workers or having one night stands so I would usually cut her off and ignore it when she brought it up.

Then one day things turned a little bit different. It had been a few months and we had a comfortable rapport together, and I knew she trusted me. I often asked about things going on in her life as a way of making conversation and often she would tell me about dates she had, or guys that would hit on her at work. Often the guys were only looking to get into her pants, not surprisingly.

“So I went out with this guy on Sunday night and he was such a terrible kisser. Why is it that guys can’t learn how to kiss a girl properly?”

“I don’t know, I usually just go with whatever the girl wants to do but I usually end up just drooling all over them anyway.” I said with a laugh. She giggled.

“How would you kiss a girl you were out with for the first time?”

“I canl─▒ casino hate that. Honestly, it’s one of the most awkward things in the world not knowing if a girl wants to kiss you or not. I prefer dates where there is such good chemistry that you finish the night already knowing that you want to take the person home and just spend hours enjoying them.” I didn’t talk about my own sex life at all usually, but I could tell she was a little curious.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I get really turned on by just making out with a woman. I mean exploring their mouth with mine, feeling her hands roaming all over my body. I guess it’s an anticipation thing. That’s really my favourite part.”

She was looking at me quite intently. “Are you serious? You would rather be making out with a girl then have her drop to her knees and….you know?”

“I’d rather get her all hot and bothered first. I get much more fulfillment from pleasing my partner then having her please me. I guess that’s why all my exes keep calling me!” I said with a laugh.

“I wish more guys thought that way.”

“Well, maybe if you didn’t meet guys at a bar every night you would find one who actually wanted to talk to you.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “And don’t stick that thing out unless you’re planning on using it.” I grinned at her.

Then all of a sudden she turned and stepped closer to me, looking straight into my eyes. There was probably an inch separating us and the room was empty. I froze, not knowing what to do with my hands at my sides. She leaned into my body and I could feel her breath on my neck. My cock instantly hardened. She had to notice because it was now poking her thigh. We stood there for the longest 30 seconds of my life. I think she was waiting for me to grab her or something and I didn’t. Her breasts pressed into my chest and her eyes looked up into mine. Honestly, it rattled me a little bit which is what I think she wanted. Eventually she stepped back and went to get some water while I composed myself. My hard cock unfortunately didn’t go anywhere. When she walked back into the room her eyes lingered over it for a second.

Well, I thought, if she is going to try that then two can play at that game. All through the last few minutes I kept my cock hard and put her into positions where she was forced to bend over or spread her legs. Then when it came time to stretch I took advantage of the position she was in. One of my favourites was to pick up one leg, rotate the ankle inside and push it back over the body to stretch the glutes. This also exposed her crotch to me. Leaning in a little more, I let my raging hard on press against her. She flinched a little bit but kept looking away so I took that as an invitation and started to gently grind my cock against her pussy. There were other people in the room by now so I couldn’t be obvious about it but I was able to press lightly and make small circles with the head of my cock right against her pussy. If it wasn’t for our clothes I would have been fucking her. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me but she didn’t pull away either. I held her there for a while, switched sides and did the same thing. Again, she didn’t move. Her pussy was hot under my body and I could feel that she was turned on and damp between her legs.

When she got up she looked a little rattled and I didn’t say anything as I walked her towards the locker room. We walked down one of the back hallways and suddenly she stopped.

“You know, if you’re going to tease me like that at least you could do it properly.”

She stepped towards me again and pushed me against the wall of the hallway. Then she stepped into me again, pressing her breasts into my chest and started to grind her crotch against my raging hard on. Still no touching or kissing besides just the contact. I had to stop this and I pushed her away hard. She laughed and walked away, flashing her tight ass at me as she went into the locker room. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I did know that I had to rush home to stroke my cock until it exploded, just remembering her body pressed against mine and the smell of her hair and sweaty body. I was actually nervous about what was going to happen next week when I saw her.

The following week she showed up wearing a new workout top with no bra underneath. Her shorts showed obvious lack of panty line so basically she was taking the time to torture me. I figured that I would try to take things a little further this time, but I needed a private area so that I wouldn’t get fired. I took her into one of the studios in a far corner of the club. She looked confused when I set up a circuit routine for her.

“What are we doing?”

“Well, you always ask me to make you sweat, so this time I figured we could sweat for the entire hour.” I then explained to her that she would be moving through from exercise to exercise. Basically every movement involved either jumping (so that ka├žak casino I could see her gorgeous breasts bounce), squatting (so I could check out her ass) and prone positions on all fours. She gave me a disgusted look and started. By ten minutes into it she was out of breath and sweating like crazy. After twenty she finally sat down and stopped moving. I could smell her usual sweet scent of the perfume combined with her musk in the air.

“What, you need a break? Maybe I should stretch you out.” I laid her back and grabbed her legs. She stretched her upper body out, exposing her breasts through her shirt and her nipples were rock hard from the exertion. I pushed her legs up and slid my hand down the back of her legs. I moved my hands closer to her pussy and felt how warm it was there. My cock got hard thinking about sliding my tongue inside her. It was definitely time to make my move.

“Now, make sure you don’t move and I’m going to try a new technique.” I turned her over on her stomach and finally straddled her firm ass. My cock was hard and I knew she could feel it pressing against the material on top of her ass. Like before, if we had been naked I could have easily slid my cock into her tight pussy from behind. I leaned forward and slid my fingernails up her back slowly, knowing that it would give her goosebumps. She stretched her hands up and put them in position, and I took that as an invitation to grab her wrists, basically pinning her down. Again, she stayed quiet and didn’t move. I leaned forward further and took in her scent, my mouth barely grazing the back of her neck. Obviously she didn’t mine the position and I was quickly reaching the point of no return.

This was the crucial point where either she would scream bloody murder and get me fired, or she would let me have my way with her. From all signs I would be okay, but I was still a little nervous. At this point anyone could walk into the studio and see what we were doing but I would be able to hear someone coming up the stairs.

I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked the back of her neck. She flinched and I felt her body stiffen up under me, and then relax. Her hands clenched into fists and then I saw them relax and I knew that she was okay. I started to slowly kiss down the sides of her neck, from the back to one side, and then the other. Then my body pressed a little harder down onto her ass and she pushed up against me as well, grinding into my cock from underneath me.

“I told you I liked to take things slow and easy.” I whispered into her ear. She mewled and twitched under me, but couldn’t move easily. My tongue continued to trail down one side of her neck, to her ears, sliding around the edges and sucking lightly on the lobes. At this point things were getting out of control and my cock was almost ready to explode in my pants. Taking her by the wrist, I turned her over and kept my body straddling hers. She looked into my eyes and I could see how turned on she was even though her eyes looked like she wanted to get free. Her pussy was obviously damp through her shorts, and not just from the sweat, and her nipples were hard on top of her chest, which was heaving from her hard breathing.

Leaning down I pressed my lips against hers. She responded by opening her mouth and sliding her tongue into mine, kissing me deeply. We lay there with me on top of her, making out slowly. Her mouth tasted like heaven and her tongue explored every inch of my mouth, tracing the outline of my lips. She moaned into my mouth and her hands started to roam over my body. I pushed her hands back and held them over her head again, wanting to drive her completely crazy. Again, my tongue moved to her neck and ears, and she started to squirm underneath me. We lay there kissing for over ten minutes until I heard a noise of someone coming. Quickly standing up off of her, I walked across the room so nobody would see what I had just been doing to her. She lay there panting for breath. After I walked back over to the mat she sat up and looked at me.

“Um….that was….really incredible. I don’t think anyone has ever kissed me like that.”

“I told you I enjoyed taking my time. I might as well admit now that you drive me crazy and I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

She looked down and saw my cock straining against my pants and smiled in a catlike kind of way. Moving towards me slowly she pressed her body against me and slid her tongue into my waiting mouth to kiss me again. Our arms wrapped around each other as our kiss got harder and deeper. The two tongues wrestled against each other and we explored every inch of each other’s face, lips and neck. My cock was ready to explode in my pants at this point. And it was almost time for our session to end. I was ready to just throw her down and mount her there on the floor but I knew it was too risky.

“Okay, we need to stop.” I said as I pushed her away from me. She grinned.

“Is our time up? I was just getting warmed up.” She slid a seductive hand down the front of her shorts and pressed it in between her legs, obviously sliding her finger into her wet pussy. I groaned audibly, knowing that I was minutes away from fucking her.

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