The Third Date

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┬ę Bad Hobbit

Beth was a little apprehensive as she rang the doorbell. She’d left the overnight bag in the car. She didn’t want to seem needy or forward. Then she smiled at the thought. Needy or forward? She’d worn the light coat to come to the door so that no-one else would see the ladder-sided dress she was wearing. The gaps up the side made it clear that she wasn’t wearing — couldn’t wear — anything underneath. The shoes were remarkably comfortable, considering they were her highest and sexiest ‘fuck-me’ shoes, that she only wore for special occasions. And of course, some big earrings, as well as make up and lippy to complete the look.

Beth had a rule; never fuck on the first date. On the second maybe, depending on the guy — what he was like, how he behaved, how horny she felt. If there was a third, then clearly both of them would be feeling very comfortable in each other’s company. She didn’t date teenagers, so both of them would be adults, and it would be time to check sexual, as well as emotional, compatibility.

Jack was nice; really nice. They’d met at a gallery. He’d smiled. She’d smiled back, feeling an attraction that she hadn’t with guys recently. Although a mature woman, Beth was still clearly attractive, but sadly she seemed to be attracting the wrong sort of guys. They were either physically unattractive or had the wrong sort of personality; self-obsessed, domineering, or worse — football fans. Jack was different. He’d asked her opinion about a couple of paintings. They’d chatted pleasantly about the work on display and art in general. Then he’d asked her if she’d like a drink — and she’d accepted.

Jack was easy company, attentive and considerate. He was interested in her, enquiring about her interests and opinions, and only offering his own when she’d returned the compliment, and then only briefly. He’d suggested a meal in a nice French restaurant. Afterwards he’d kissed her, quite gently, on the lips, and then left the situation hanging. But Beth didn’t fuck on the first date.

So next time, they went to the theatre, then afterwards to a lovely, chic little Italian place. Jack had insisted on paying, and Beth had let him. Again, the kiss at the end of the evening, a gentle embrace, a stroke of her bare arm. She could have invited him in, but she still wasn’t sure.

So date number three, and it was time. Beth hadn’t had an orgasm with a man for several months. Jack wasn’t a real hunk, but he was certainly handsome enough and clearly fancied her. She’d made her mind up when he’d invited her to his place for a meal. On the way over, she wondered what sex with Jack would be like. Would he take time for foreplay? Would he be good with his fingers and his tongue? What would he be like to fuck? Would he have a big cock? Whilst that might intrigue some women, Beth’s pussy had remained very tight, but not as moist as it once had been. She’d taken the precaution of slipping quite a lot of lube inside her, and putting the dispenser in her handbag. If he was big, would he be gentle?

The prospect of having a new lover’s cock inside her after quite a while made her feel increasingly horny. Everyone thought of her as being a shy, strait-laced woman. It’s true that she wasn’t really into anything very kinky, but she illegal bahis enjoyed sex as much as anyone, and she loved to come, preferably with a guy rubbing or licking her clit. Sometimes she liked it if a guy finger-fucked her in both holes at the same time. She didn’t need penetration — being fucked — to enjoy herself. Still, there was something about opening her pussy for a handsome man, guiding his cock inside her, feeling her cunt — guys seemed to love it when she used that word — being stretched and filled, having him move powerfully and skilfully between her thighs, that carried a real thrill.

Jack opened the door, and smiled. He was wearing a smart pair of chinos and an open-necked shirt. He looked very attractive. As she stepped inside, he gently placed his hands on her upper arms and kissed her. This time, the kiss lasted quite a bit longer than before. It seemed he’d understood that tonight — assuming he remained as charming as he had on previous dates — his luck was in. And most probably, so was his cock.

He took her coat, and then did a double-take on her outfit.

“Wow, Beth, you look amazing! You always look really pretty, but this is — exceptional. What an outfit!”

“Yes, I don’t often get the chance to wear it. I thought that tonight would be a good opportunity.”

“Well, it’s fabulous — and so are you. Can I offer you a G&T?”

They sat on the sofa for maybe fifteen minutes, chatting, and it was clear that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She wondered whether he would make his move before dinner, but she was quite hungry and wanted more than a mouthful of cock to sustain her. Then the oven timer sounded, and he ushered her to the table.

The meal was simple but very tasty, and all through dinner, and a couple of glasses of wine, he kept making eye contact. The hungry looks that she noticed on his face told her what she wanted to know.

After dinner, he refilled their glasses and they went back to the lounge. They put their wineglasses on a nearby table, but before she could sit down again, he gently touched her upper arm and turned her to face him.

“Beth, you’re beautiful, and you look so sexy in that dress.”

Then he bent to kiss her. This kiss went on for a long time, as he gently caressed her arms and shoulders, running his hands down her back, exploring the areas of skin exposed by the ladder openings. Her hands were initially on his shoulders, but slowly slid down his back onto his hard, peachy bum. He took this as a signal to move his own hands lower, cupping her bottom through the thin, clingy fabric and pulling her hips toward him. They were still joined at the mouth, and her breasts were now pressed up against his firm chest. It was time to take this to the next level. Either he needed to lift the hem of her dress, or…

She slid her hand around his hip, slipped it between their bodies and started to unzip his chinos. He got the message, moving his hand lower to her bare thigh, then slowly up against the smooth flesh. When the zip was fully open, she slid her hand inside. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that, like her, he wasn’t wearing underwear, and her hand found something hot and hard. It wasn’t excessively long, but felt quite thick. The thought of this penetrating illegal bahis siteleri her, stretching her, made her feel a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Did that excitement make her a slut?

As she carefully pulled Jack’s cock out, and slowly started stroking it up and down, his hand moved up her thigh until he finally reached her pussy. The first contact was hot, sexy, electrifying. His hand cupped her bottom, while a long, clever finger slipped into her slit from behind. She was glad that she’d added extra lube to start with, though she was now sufficiently excited that most of the juices were probably her own. He kept teasing deeper, slipping back and forth along her pussy, occasionally probing her wet cunt. This was working out very well.

“God you’re so sexy, Beth,” he said breathlessly as they finally broke the kiss.

“You’re pretty gorgeous yourself, Jack,” she replied, kissing him again — and then breaking the kiss and slowly sinking to her knees. The pre-cum on the tip of his cock was a little salty as she ran her tongue around it, then opened her mouth and very, very slowly let her lipsticked lips slide over the head, taking it inside, holding it there, treating it to some more tongue-work. He moaned loudly. Beth relished the feeling of power she had over this attractive and considerate man, hoping that, quite soon, he’d show her some more consideration with his fingers and tongue.

For several minutes she knelt, playing his rather-meaty cock with her mouth, licking it from balls to tip, sucking on the head, occasionally taking around half of it deeper, letting him savour the warm wetness in anticipation of some warm wetness elsewhere. Whilst she quite enjoyed giving blowjobs, as long as they didn’t last too long and make her mouth tired, there were other pleasures to be enjoyed, and she wasn’t going to let him have everything straight away.

Finally, just as she felt he was nearing the stage where he might want to start fucking — and maybe even coming in — her mouth, she eased back. Reaching up for his hand, she motioned for him to join her, kneeling on the floor. She pulled her skirt up to her waist, and was almost immediately rewarded with a clever finger sliding into the revealed slit in front, while his other hand snaked around and teased it from behind. Then he was kissing and licking her neck, her shoulders, her upper arms. Oh yes, this was working out very nicely.

As he played with her pussy, she unbuttoned his shirt. She liked his smooth chest, quite muscular but not overly so. She bent to flick his nipples with her tongue, but then he eased her down onto the carpet, spread her legs a little and started to work her clit with his tongue. Then a finger slid into her vagina — her naughty, tight little cunt — and started teasing her g-spot. She let out a moan. Soft, gentle rubbing movements, whilst his tongue just lightly tantalised the tip of her clit. Yes! And then another finger teased her tight sphincter, sliding inside. Oh. My. God!

Within a few minutes, Beth was riding a wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure, teased inside and out. But she knew that she couldn’t let him just take her into the zone of no return. If she did that, then, with a cock as thick as Jack’s, she might not be able canl─▒ bahis siteleri to keep being fucked for long enough for him to come. And she did want him to fuck her. And to come inside her. And ideally, for her to come around his nice, meaty cock. And the thought of that — the raunchiness of wanting to take a new lover’s cock into her holiest of holes, of pleasing that cock, of feeling him come inside her — inside her cunt — made her feel even more turned on.

“Jack — Jack, please. Please — can we — can we — fuck now? I want to feel that cock. That nice, thick cock — stretching my cunt. Please…”

And then they were sitting on the sofa. Jack, now naked, and she, her dress pulled into no more than a band around her waist, straddling him, carefully lowering her cunt onto his cock. Fuck, he felt big in her. She was proud of her tight little cunt, a hole that men really seemed to enjoy, but that first thrust, taking something hard and thick to its full length, wasn’t always the most comfortable experience. Jack seemed to sense that she was apprehensive, and took care to lower her very slowly as she adjusted to the stretch.

“Fuck, Jack. That’s — that’s a big, thick cock. Can you feel how it’s — it’s stretching my — my tight little cunt?”

She could almost feel the involuntary twitch in his cock as he registered — and was clearly excited by — her dirty talk. To be honest, it also excited her to be such a genteel lady 99% of the time, and a dirty-mouthed slut when she had a few drinks and a cock inside her.

“Oh my God, Beth, you’re — you’re so tight! It’s — it’s like I’m taking your virginity.”

“Would you like that, Jack? If I was a virgin, taking my first ride on a thick, meaty cock? How will it feel when you’re all the way in? Right up my tight little almost-virgin cunt. Will it feel good for you? I don’t know how it will feel for me, Jack. Will it feel nice and full, or — or will it stretch me too much?”

Beth slowly slid lower, Jack’s cock pushing deeper, deeper. Then she was sitting on his thighs, and his hand came around to the front of her pussy, his finger finding her clit and gently rubbing it. Oh yes!

“How does that feel, Beth. Full enough?”

“Oh God yes, Jack. I’m not a virgin but I’ve never — never had such a big cock — inside me before.” Not really true, but bigger ones hadn’t really pleased her that much. Jack’s fitted snugly and his finger was working her clit deliciously, while he licked and nibbled at the side of her neck.

Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself up on his cock, then lowered again, making him moan. His thumb circled her clit, sliding up and down, side to side, which made her moan. Slowly, then a little faster, they continued their erotic dance, Beth impaled on Jack’s cock, slowly relaxing as the thrusts became more urgent.

“Fuck, Beth, you have a beautiful wet cunt,” he gasped.

“It’s — it’s all for you, for your big, thick cock, Jack. Use it. Fuck it. Fuck it gently, slowly, deep. Rub my clit. Yes, just like that. Yes, yes!”

Around two, maybe three minutes later, Beth came. The gentle but insistent rubbing on her clit, the thick rod of flesh inside her cunt, the increasingly horny sensations of a new lover, a new, thick cock, fucking her, tipped her over. She cried out.

Moments later, Jack also cried out, as she felt the first throb of his climax, deep inside her wet, tight cunt. Mission accomplished. She turned her head and kissed him.

It had been an excellent third date.

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