The Tantalizing Twins Ch. 01

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Bet That

Terri and Traci were freshman at UCLA this year. They’d moved from Georgia cross-country. And the road trip had been a blast. If it was any indication of the things they’d get into at college then UCLA was in for four fun years.

The two identical Georgia peaches had left home with their civic and a small u-haul trailer. The naive little country girls were excited to be moving to a big city in fast paced Los Angeles. They couldn’t wait to try out all the dance clubs and see all the sites of California.

Traci would be going in as a writing major, and her sister Terri would be pre-med. They both knew that they had better have some fun on the trip down and their first few days before classes started. Because after that they’d have to live for the weekends and keep their heads in the books the rest of the time.

They drove all day the first day it was boring for the most part but Terri had some fun playing with the truckers on the interstate trying to get them to bahis firmalar─▒ honk for her. She even flashed her perky B’s at one of them.

That night when they made it to the hotel around 11 they chunked their duffle bag into the room, freshened up a bit and headed down to the hotel bar. It was a nice bar with a small dance floor and some TV’s to watch sports on. It was filled with mainly men. And a lot of them were still in their stuffy business suits.

Terri ordered a screwdriver and Traci ordered a blue orgasm. Which the hottie bar tender enjoyed watching her ask for…he had made her repeat herself a little louder each time three times in a row. Just to see her squirm.

The girls dropped some money in the jute box and sat at the bar to enjoy their first drink. The bar was pretty empty, maybe 10 other people in the room. And they were the only women around. With their long Blonde hair glistening in the bar lights they were the complete center of attention.

The ka├žak iddaa only way to tell the twins apart was by their hair. They both had natural curly Blonde locks, but Terri blew hers straight every day so that people could tell them apart. The fun thing though was that if she left it natural they could still pass for one another. And they had the distinct feeling that would come in handy at college if either of them were sick or hung over and couldn’t make class. They’d been sure to schedule their classes so that one of them could still make it to all of them if they had too…it would be a long day…but with pre-med you couldn’t miss much! And at least the other sister could tape the lecture and take good notes for the one that was sick.

After a second or third round of drinks the bar began to thin out and there were only a couple others present besides the twins and the bartender himself. The girls decided to hit the dance floor together and let off some steam. But to ka├žak bahis anyone else in the room they were creating the steam…and a lot of it!

Finally the bar cleared and the two Blondes on the dance floor were the only ones left. As the two of them came back up to the bar for another round the bar tender let them know that he’d be closing up soon…it was almost 2 AM, and time for last call. He filled both their glasses again and told them that this round was on him. As a thanks for livening up the place for the evening.

“It can get pretty boring every night behind the bar…too many suits, cell phones and briefcases if you know what I mean.” He confessed.

“What’s your name?” The twins asked simultaneously and then laughed at each other, it was like they thought with only one brain sometimes.

“Steve.” The bartender replied.

“Well Steve, Traci continued why don’t you come out here and dance with us? We won’t tell. And there is no one here to tell that you were on the wrong side of the bar.”

Steve chuckled, “Tell you what, I’ll put the closed sign on the door a few minute early. Let me grab the sign and a beer and I’ll meet you on the dance floor.”

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