The Taming of Natalie Ch. 03

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Doris wanted to make me eggs and toast, but I wasn’t hungry. I could barely put together coherent sentences. My mind kept going back to Natalie’s face, the soft swell of her naked breast, the perky pink nub of her nipple, the feel of it on my tongue as caressed it.

My eyes must have glazed over because Doris put a comforting hand on my shoulder. “Poor dear,” she said. “You look tired this morning.”

I accepted a piece of buttered toast and a cup of coffee, but brought them into the living room. It felt very wrong to be thinking of Natalie while under Doris’s scrutiny.

I had my car keys in hand, the slim metal cool against my palm, and was leaning against the front door when Natalie finally came downstairs. Her mom—sorry, our mom—greeted her with the usual hug. I couldn’t see them from where I stood, but I could picture them well enough. Doris, her frizzy blonde hair in a tangle from the early morning garden work, had rushed over to Natalie and hugged her with both arms, then clasped her face in two crinkly hands.

“I put a bowl of cereal out for you,” she said. A pause, and I guessed she kissed Natalie’s cheek.

“Mom, I’m late. I don’t have time.”

“Nonsense, you won’t have energy if you don’t eat.”

“I’ll get something at the store.”

“I don’t know why you—”

“Mom, Josh is waiting.”

“Fine, but tomorrow set your alarm earlier so this doesn’t happen again.”

I grinned, pleased with myself. I could guess why she was late. My daring kiss had thrown her completely off. That’d show her I had some backbone, that if she was going to tease me, she’d have to deal with the consequences. And if this was a game of one-upmansship, I had stepped up when it was my turn. My cock stiffened at the thought of what she’d do to pull ahead.

Natalie stomped out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the living room toward me. Her supermarket uniform was just about the ugliest, frumpiest thing I’d ever seen—a stomach turning combination of greenish-brown (a color I thought of as ‘ripe baby poop’) and beige. But she filled it out nicely, her breasts pushing at her shirt and her hips stretching her pants. Wavy light bright brown hair cascaded over her shoulders in a manner that could only come from meticulous brushing.

When I made eye-contact with her, a secret little smile curled her lips, her cheeks turned a maidenly-shade of pink, and she suddenly found her shoes very interesting.

“Ready to go?” I asked when she stopped in front of me.

“Ready,” she replied in a small, sweet voice.

“What kept you?” I loved having the upper-hand with this coquette for once.

Natalie crossed her arms in front of her ample chest, must have noticed that she was doing it, and dropped them to her sides. “Nothing … I mean, I had to … nothing. Thanks for waiting, big brother.” She looked up at me, stepped forward and gave me an unnecessary peck on the cheek.

“I wasn’t going to leave without you, Natalie.”

She nodded and smoothed the front of uniform’s brown slacks. Her amaranth-colored nails a strange contrast to the drab supermarket earth-tones.

When we were both in my Honda and I was pulling out of the driveway, Natalie flicked the radio on and turned the dial until she found something that suited her. A morning show crew was prattling on about nothing, but they seemed to find it very funny. Canned sound effects punctuated their jokes.

Once we were out of our development, I talked over it. “You were up before me, what took you so long?”

She giggled a little and turned away to look out the passenger side window. “You know what took me.”

Yeah, I could imagine, but I wanted her to tell me. In great detail if it was convenient. “I don’t, actually,” I said, playing stupid.

We were stopped at a red light, so I had a chance to look at her. She bit her lip and said, “After you … kissed me, I had to do some things.”

I smiled, satisfied with myself. “What things?”

“Stop it,” she said with a smile in her voice.

“C’mon, I’m your big brother, you can share anything with me.”

“Can I?”

“Yes.” All of this to get her to say she masturbated because I drove her wild. I knew it at that point, but wanted bahis firmaları to hear the words out of her mouth. I could feel a distracting bit of arousal in my crotch, anticipating her answer.

“Fine,” Natalie said with a huff. “I closed and locked the door to my room, laid on my bed and touched myself. I lost track of time after the first one.”

I raised an inquisitive eyebrow. “The first what?”

“Josh!” She smacked my shoulder. “Why are you making me say it?”

“Because I want you to.”

She hummed thoughtfully at that. After a few heartbeats, she said, “My first orgasm.”

The light turned green and I turned left toward the SaveMart Shopping Center. I must have beamed with happiness because she shot me an indignant look.

“Then what?” I asked.

There was a tremble in her voice when she said, “I dressed, but then I had to take my panties off. I got them wet.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of lavender panties. I could see right away they were damp at the crotch. “This is all your fault.”

I felt heat rising in my cheeks and my cock stiffen. “Why … why did you have them in your purse?”

Natalie giggled a second time. “To give them to you, silly.” She dropped them in my lap. “I’ll want them back, so be good to them.” The wrinkled fabric lay between my legs and I thought I could smell a faint musky odor coming from them. “I can’t stop thinking about what you did. I’ll probably get this second pair wet too.”

“Good,” I said. Not exactly a suave reply, but aside from driving, my cock was demanding most of my attention.

I pulled up to the supermarket like I did every time I dropped Natalie off. The parking lot was mostly empty at that time of morning, populated by darkened lampposts and a few scattered cars. At the far end, an elderly woman with a cane hobbled toward a stationary store. The SaveMart’s lights were just coming on.

Natalie unbuckled herself, stray locks of hair falling down her forehead. Without warning, she leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were warm, soft and slightly damp. They felt glorious and I couldn’t help but kiss her back. Her free hand fell on my crotch, palm against my erection. She squeezed, sending a shuddery thrill through me.

It might have been the morning sun, but I thought I saw a mischievous glitter in her eyes. “Good,” she said, and pushed her way out of the car.


Doris decided we needed to have a semi-regular activity—to bring us closer as a family. Considering how close Natalie and I had become, a family activity seemed laughable. The idea was discussed around the kitchen table and my father backed up Doris’s suggestions enthusiastically. With both parents advocating it, I knew it was already a done deal. The least odious choice became ‘Movie Night’ and it was decided that we’d start the tradition that very evening. I grumbled about it, even though I liked watching movies, because I knew each selection would be a compromise between the tastes of four different people and, as such, at least two of us wouldn’t enjoy the film. The first one was pre-determined, and of course it was a chick flick—The Wedding Planner. I had seen it before and was ambivalent.

What I wasn’t prepared for was my dad and Doris camping on the floor with a couple of blankets and pillows. That left the couch to Natalie and I. After seeing their blanket, Natalie darted back upstairs and grabbed one of her own. It was dark blue and fluffy, but a little too short to cover both of us when we laid at opposite ends. Natalie’s bare feet ended up resting at my hip on the inside of the couch, under the blanket, while one of mine hung over the edge on the outside. Sadly, parental presence mandated we dress in full pajamas.

My father switched off the lights, while Doris prepared the movie. I glanced over at Natalie. She was bathed in the white glow coming from the screen and it made her look like an angel. Her white top had soft, loose straps leaving her pale arms and shoulders bare. I stared at the rounded mounds of her breasts, remembering the feel of her nipple in my mouth, how she moaned when I toyed with it. When I met her eyes, she blew me a secret kiss. Her leg shifted a little under the blanket, kaçak iddaa making me all too aware of how we were touching.

Sometime around the fifteen minute mark, when my eyes were beginning to droop and I was no longer listening to the dialog, Natalie shifted her leg, lifting it slowly over mine, and then lowering it to the other side. I stifled a gasp when her foot gently came down on my crotch. My eyes flew open and I found Natalie grinning at me. Ever so slowly, she stroked me with her foot. In seconds I was hard.

Despite how good it felt, it was far too dangerous with my parents laying cuddled on the floor several feet away. Even with their backs to us in a dimly lit room, I was terrified they’d notice. I took her foot away from my crotch, as gently as I could and to appease her gave her a quiet and slow-motion foot massage under the blanket. I glanced up at her again to find she had slid down a little on the couch, and was smiling with her eyes closed. Danger averted. I’d have to talk to her about her gambles when we were alone.

Then she lifted her other foot over and began stroking me again. It felt even better now that my adrenaline was pumping. Frightened, I glanced down at our parents. They were oblivious to what was going on. Natalie blew me another kiss, when I met her eyes again. I squeezed her foot. My message clear—stop it before we get caught. But, she didn’t stop. The sensation began to overwhelm me and I had to force a fake cough to cover a groan of pleasure. I tried to force her other foot away, gently again, but she just resumed with her first.

“You two all right up there?” my dad asked. His voice was foggy with sleep. I knew he couldn’t make it all the way through. He regularly fell asleep in front of the TV in their room.

Natalie’s foot froze over my cock. I felt her individual toes on my shaft.

Our parents must have heard us moving around. “Sorry,” I said, “the blanket’s a little small for this.” I tugged on it, pulling it further up on me and down on Natalie.

Doris turned toward us. “Nattie, share the blanket with your brother.”

Natalie rolled her eyes, as if she weren’t already sharing with me. “Fine,” she said dramatically. In moments, she had pulled her legs in and completely turned herself around. The former-gymnast girl showing her skills again. She scooted up on the outside of my legs and laid her head on my chest. Then snatched at the blanket, seemingly impatient, so it covered her up to the chin.

“Awww,” Doris crooned. “That’s so cute. You OK with that, Josh?”

Under the blanket, Natalie’s hand had already settled on my erection. “Uh … yeah … yes,” I stuttered.

“Glad that’s settled,” Doris said and laid back down next to my dad.

Natalie’s hands were more agile than her feet and soon all notion of watching the movie had fled from my mind. She moved slow and firm, sliding her hand up and down my shaft. Despite two layers of clothes between her hand and my cock—my pajama pants and my boxers, both of which were thin—I felt every stroke as if there was nothing at all between her skin and mine. My breathing grew heavier and I did everything I could to remain quiet, including holding my breath for twenty seconds or more as Natalie teased me. The pleasure built, and my balls became sensitive and tight. A dizziness overcame me and I had to shut my eyes.

My father started to snore. “Oh, Martin,” Doris mumbled and snuggled closer to him. They were still in their honeymoon phase and everything he did was adorable.

Beneath the blanket, Natalie hooked her thumb into the waistband of my pajama pants and my boxers. With exaggerated care, she pulled them down a little. My hard cock popped out. Or rather, only the head. The rest couldn’t be freed until I lifted my butt and let her pull everything down. Had we been alone, that would have been automatic. Here, with our parents in the room, it was unthinkable. She had pulled the blanket up so that the head of my cock was covered, but I’m sure it looked fishy from floor level.

Natalie’s fingers played with the head of my penis. I reached under the blanket and gripped her back. ‘Be careful’ my hand said. My message was acknowledged when she leaned down and kissed the kaçak bahis head. I clamped my mouth shut as the sensation shot through me like lightning. Then her lips were around the head of it, and her tongue started to swirl. I let my head fall back, closed my eyes and concentrated on keeping my mouth closed.

And then a bigger danger approached, I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her tongue and lips felt amazing. More than amazing. A buzzing had started in my head, the dizziness grew worse. I took silent gulps of air and then held my breath, trying not to make a sound.

I squeezed Natalie’s back again and again, and then tugged on her hair. ‘Please, stop. Please’. If I came, I didn’t know if I’d be able to remain motionless and quiet. And then afterwards, if she didn’t swallow all of it, the smell. Semen has a very distinctive odor. I should know, I’ve jerked off into tissues more times than … well, I might be nearing a Guiness World Record.

My body trembled uncontrollably. I tensed for the inevitable orgasm when, mercifully, Natalie stopped. She pulled the waistbands of my pajama pants and boxers back up so I was covered. The blanket readjusted itself to just below her chin. I stared at the top of her head, my mind fuzzy with lust. I wanted to grab her, pull her on top of my erection and fuck her right then and there.

She tilted her head toward me and gave me an impish, satisfied grin.

I let out a long sigh, nearly at the edge of tears, and let my head fall back a second time.

“How did you like it?” Doris asked.

I opened my eyes, saw Doris sitting up, talking to me. For a panicky second I thought she meant what Natalie had just done. “What? What did … I like?”

“The movie?” She stood up and pointed to the TV. The credits were scrolling.

Of course. The movie. “I’d seen it before,” I said quietly.

“Well, the two of you can choose the next movie.” Doris woke my father up and they began collecting their things.

“Matthew McConaughey was yummy,” Natalie said. “I’d like to lick him until—”

“Nattie, behave yourself,” Doris said, stuffing a pillow under one arm and a blanket under the other.

My heart was hammering in my chest. “Yeah, Nattie. Behave,” I said. She hit me with a nearby pillow.

“I’m so glad the two of you are getting along,” Doris said, moved over to us and kissed Natalie on the forehead.

“Goodnight, kids,” my father said, he had a pillow and a blanket too. Tufts of greying hair stuck out at all angles from his head. It’s what he looked like first thing in the morning. A big yawn opened his mouth wide just before he turned and ambled toward the hall.

“Can you turn off the TV and the lights?” Doris asked as she followed.

“Yes, mom,” Natalie called out and hopped off me.

When our parents turned the corner and disappeared up the stairs, Natalie knelt by me. I still hadn’t moved. A part of me wanted her to finish the job. Oh, who am I kidding? All of me did. The feel of her warm breath, her lips and her tongue on the head of my cock had been far better than I’d imagined.

Still, my mind reeled at how our parents would have reacted if they’d noticed what was happening.

“That was really dangerous,” I whispered. “What if we had been caught?”

“We didn’t get caught. The risk is half the fun.” She smiled at me and for a brief moment I thought she was going to reach for me again. My cock ached for her touch. “I was so turned on doing that. Look.” She pushed her chest out. Her nipples stood out prominently against her soft tank top. She hadn’t been wearing a bra.

Our parents shuffled around upstairs. Their heavy footsteps moving about, floorboards creaking. There was no way they could hear us from there.

I reached for one of my step-sister’s breasts. Natalie let me touch her, my fingers gliding over the inviting swell. My thumb slid over the bump of her nipple. At the same time I let out a shuddery breath, she inhaled sharply and pulled back.

“Bad boy.” Natalie playfully slapped my hand away. She stared at me for a moment then licked her lips. In a hushed, conspiratorial tone she whispered, “I tasted your pre-cum and really liked it.”

A big self-satisfied smile followed, and before my fuzzy mind could craft a reply she was gone, trotting down the hall, her cute ass sashaying back and forth.

I lay there, a puddle of need and frustration, concocting a way to get her back.

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