The Surprise

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Looking in the mirror, Janet couldn’t help but notice how well she still looked at 45. After four kids she still had a nice curvy figure, round ass, and tits like an 18 year olds. She stood for a few minutes, turning back and forth before getting ready to go watch her youngest daughter’s volleyball game. The doorbell rang just as she was grabbing for her car keys, causing her to jump a bit. Janet opened the door and couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing before her was a young man with broad shoulders, short brown hair, and the most gorgeous green eyes. For a moment, all Janet could think about was how incredibly sexy this guy was, but the thought was shaken when he spoke.

“Hey mom! Surprise!”

Janet blushed a little for the thoughts she had just had, then smiled her always warm motherly smile.

“Eric…Why, I hardly recognized you! Why didn’t you were telling us you were taking leave? How’s military life been treating you?”

“Okay… and that’s the purpose of a surprise mom, you’re not supposed to know. Where were you headed?”

“Natalie has a game tonight, you want to come?”

“Sure, just let me put my stuff down.”

While Eric was taking his bag to his room, Janet noticed how great his ass looked in those jeans he was wearing. She hadn’t seen him in over a year; he had been stationed halfway across the country, and hadn’t found the time to take leave apparently until now. When Eric came back to the door she noticed he’d changed into a tank top, showing his shoulders and biceps off more, as well as the tan he’d been getting. She smiled again at him, taking her hand and rubbing the back of his head, then walked out to the car with him following.

The two of them watched Natalie play, then all went out for dinner afterwards at one of Eric’s favorite restaurants. Some of the fantasies Janet had been having since his arrival appalled even her, and she was beginning to feel a bit ashamed for being attracted to her own son. When they got home, she decided to take a shower pendik escort and try to take her mind off of such matters. Feeling the hot water run over her body didn’t help out the situation much, but at least she had some privacy to release some tension. She closed her eyes and began to think about what an irresistible young man she had created, how she wished he wasn’t hers just so she could fuck him, take his cock in her mouth, feel his cum all over her pussy…She had begun to furiously play with her clit, hoping that maybe these thoughts would disappear after she had her own orgasm. She was so far in to what she was doing she didn’t hear the door open.


Janet’s heart stopped. She had no idea what to do. He wasn’t a little kid anymore, so she couldn’t make it look like she was doing something else. But wait, he can’t see her anyway; the shower curtain makes everything blurry. So if she just kept still and calm, he wouldn’t ever find out what she’d been doing, and if he did, so what…he couldn’t read her mind.

“Yes honey?”

“You mind if I brush my teeth in here, Natalie’s in the other bathroom.”

“Sure sweety, go ahead.”

Janet could hear the water running to the sink, and stood under the showerhead while Eric was only a few feet from her, brushing his teeth. She really wanted to know what he would think about her, and this gave her the perfect opportunity to find out. She turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower to get a fresh towel out of the linen closet. She looked out of the corner of her eye as she passed by the mirror over the sink, and she saw he was definitely looking, no longer brushing his teeth, standing there in his boxer shorts. After wrapping up she walked over and grabbed her hairbrush, then looked at her son.

“Well dear, I’m going to bed. If you need anything, you know where I’m at.”

“Okay mom, I know. Goodnight. Oh, and your towel…”

He pointed to the top of her towel, actually touching the top of her maltepe escort breast, which had managed to almost fall completely out. Janet adjusted it, then smiled at him. She went to kiss him on the cheek, but as she did he turned his head, causing her to lock lips with him. Instead of pulling back though, Eric lingered a little bit, kissing her firmly, pushing his body closer to her, letting her feel the massive erection he had. The tingle in Janet’s pussy returned, she would never be able to get any rest without him fucking her first. Reaching out, she began to rub the front of his boxers with her fingertips. Eric gasped a little; looking at his mother questioningly, wondering what she would do next.

The truth was, she didn’t know what to do next. This man was her son. Incredibly sexy, yes, but he was still her little boy. Sighing, she pulled her hand away, and walked to her room. She could feel her wetness starting to run down her thigh as she bent down to pick up her towel off the floor. All of a sudden, she felt the warmth of someone’s hand on her ass. Janet jumped a little and stood up as Eric took his hands and swept them around her waist.

“Mom, you have no idea how much you turned me on in the bathroom. I know you’re interested in me, or you wouldn’t have grabbed me like that. So do you want me or not?”

Janet couldn’t believe her ears. It was like a dream come true.

“Eric, baby, don’t tease me like this. I’ve been having these thoughts…all I have been able to think about is having you fuck me.”

Eric turned his mother around and kissed her before she could say anymore. Janet began to move back until she could feel the bed and slowly sat down, keeping her lips on his until she was completely settled. Eric pressed further, laying her down with her legs spread apart hanging off the side of the bed, as he began to kiss and suck on her earlobes and her neck. Janet still couldn’t believe this was all happening as she grabbed his cock and began to kartal escort guide it to her throbbing cunt.

“Oh baby, I was waiting for this. Don’t make me wait any longer. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, fill mommy up with that huge cock of yours.”

“Okay mom, you asked for it.”

Without further hesitation, Eric rammed his prick into her pussy and began to thrust deep and hard, making her tits bounce up and down with each motion. He began to suck and pull at her nipples with his teeth as she ran her hands over his back and shoulders. Janet was in heaven; she never thought her baby boy could fuck her this well. She could feel her cunt begin to tighten around his cock as her orgasm began to start pulsating throughout her body.

“Oh god…Fuck me Eric…FUCK ME!”

Eric began to pound her pussy faster now, she could feel him begin to tense as well. By the time she began to come down, her son pulled out of her dripping twat and started to stream cum onto her body. Normally this repulsed Janet, but right now she was still on cloud nine. Somewhere in the midst of this bliss, she must have fallen asleep, because when she woke up it was daylight outside, and she was still spread out on her bed covered in cum, with Eric nowhere in sight.

After getting cleaned up, she went down stairs to see where the kids were. Her daughter was still asleep, and Eric was getting his things ready to go.

“What? Leaving so soon?” Janet poured herself a cup of coffee, and sat down on the sofa.

“Yeah, coming here was actually a little detour. I only have two days left, and I wanted to be back at the post by the weekend. Right now I’m heading to some friends. I’m really glad I got to see you though, mom…REALLY glad.”

Janet walked with him to his car, then gave him a peck on the cheek. The whole time she couldn’t help but notice the grin he had on his face.

“Well, I was glad to have you here, sweetheart. Be sure to come back when you can stay longer.”

“Oh, I will…don’t worry about that, I will. Take care, mom.”

Janet kissed him one more time, then allowed him to get in the car as she headed back up the front walk. She couldn’t wait until the next time her little boy would pay her another surprise visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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