The Summer of ’78 Ch. 03

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The greater part of that night I spent tossing and turning in my bed. The myriad thoughts bouncing around in my brain never allowed me to sink into a deep sleep. Not in a million years could I have imagined what had taken place the day before with my mother. At turns I was racked with guilt and then quite pleased with the image of her writhing on the dining room table in ecstasy. I wondered how this was going to alter our relationship and if we could ever be able to look at each other the same way ever again.

I finally managed to grab a few hours of uninterrupted sleep shortly before waking up. My mind was still foggy from the wine the night before. I had evidently kicked off my bedspread during my nocturnal thrashing about, so only a sheet remained to cover me. The morning light was breaking through a small opening in the curtains, directing a bright beam of sunlight on my bed. The warmth of the sun went through the sheet and onto my naked body.

Lazing about in bed was not something I could indulge myself in at camp. As a counselor, I was up at sunrise rousting the campers out of their bunks and into the mess hall. As I lay there that morning, I enjoyed the simple pleasure of doing nothing. As I rolled onto my back, the ray of son fell across my crotch, sending a gratifying sensation to my cock and balls. I thought again about my mom on the raft, and how her lips looked wrapped around my dick…how they rolled under on her down stroke and how they hugged my shaft on the up stroke.

With thoughts like these, my morning wood became more like an iron pipe. Back in those days, my erections always pointed straight up. Age and gravity don’t allow this for me anymore, but in 1978, I was as straight as they came. I admired the tent I was creating with my sheet and gave it a few bounces with my stiffy. My hands were behind my head, watching my handmade tent in the sun. I could make out the ridge of my cock head at the top of the big top and flexed my tip to expand it a bit.

I continued on in this way for a few minutes, enjoying myself and thinking about my mom while making myself ridiculously hard. Just then, I heard a noise in the hallway. I turned my head around bahis firmalar─▒ and saw that my mom was standing in my doorway, leaning against the doorframe. My oxford shirt, looking a bit rumpled from sleep, hung from her shoulders completely unbuttoned. She had been there for a while evidently, and her right hand was fast at work on her clit as she rubbed it in circles. She made absolutely no effort to stop or cover herself up.

“Um..Mom. How long have you been standing there?” I asked, sitting up my pillows and drawing my knees up to my chest.

“I have been here for a just a few minutes, Greg. Long enough to see the show you were putting on, so I thought I would stop and admire you. Lay back down the way you were. I want to see that again.” she said, as she walked slowly across my room to my bedside.

I lay back down, and my erection assumed its previous upright and locked position.

“Ah, that’s nice, Greg!” she purred. “VERY nice. Now look. We have some unfinished business, you and me, and not a lot of time. Your dad will be home in 30 minutes.”

She slipped the shirt off of her shoulders and put her left knee on the bed. Swinging her right leg over she straddled me and began a slow descent onto my cock. There was no need for her to guide it in with her hands as she expertly arched her back slightly and worked it in slowly. She was already wet, but she needed to take it in short strokes before she sank down all the way.

“Oh, Greg. You fill me up, hon! Wow. That is some piece of meat you have there. You are going to make a lot of girls happy with that! But first, you are going to make your favorite girl happy.” she said rather excitedly.

Mom was in complete command. She started out slowly, moistening the length of my shaft with her sweet juices. Once well lubricated, she put her hands on my chest and began a faster fuck pace. Her tits wobbled back and forth and I reached out to grab them. Man oh man, were ever they warm, and soft. I lifted up my head slightly so that I could suckle her tits while she rode me cowgirl style.

“Bite them, Greg.” she demanded.

“Huh?” I said, unsure if she realty meant it or not.

“Bite them! Not too ka├žak iddaa hard, but bite and suck at the same time!” she said, sounding rather like a naughty school teacher.

As I obeyed, she closed her eyes and moaned with satisfaction. She then began taking longer strokes on the entire length of my shaft, pulling all the way up until my dick head was at her pussy lips before rocking back down onto me. The pleasure was immense and sublime. It dawned on me that my cherry had been popped. By my mom!

Mom took her hands off my chest and arranged herself in a squat, keeping her feet flat on the bed. Using just her thigh muscles, she thrust her pussy up and down my total length. The view from my perspective was spectacular, with my mom in full frontal totally impaled be me. She grabbed at her own tits now and even managed to stuff one nipple into her mouth as she continued riding me. I grabbed her ankles for a bit more traction and started to buck my hips to meet her thrusts.

“Greg, you are quite a man!” mom blurted out. “I think this is the best fuck of my life!” She looked deeply into my eyes as she said those words, driving home her point even more firmly.

She continued, “Do something for your mom, hon. I am going to cum soon ’cause I am so turned on by that big cock inside me. It’s hard to do, but I want you to cum with me at the same time. Will you do that for me, hon?”

“I’ll try mom!” I panted, now quite ecstatic and flushed myself.

“Good!”, she said. “Now just hold on until I tell you that I’m close. Then you can bust loose one of those creamy loads I say yesterday right inside my pussy! How does that sound, hon?”

She closed her eyes and did not wait for a reply. Resuming her squats with relish, she worked herself back into a trance-like state. Alternately biting her bottom lip and opening her mouth to exhale deeply, her thrusts became increasingly more strong. Her pussy would bottom out as she slammed into me with force, only to rise again and again back to my cock head.

“That’s it, my boy. Don’t you cum yet! Wait for your mama.”

She could not hold out much longer. It looked like her pleasure receptors were on overload, judging from the ka├žak bahis erectness of her brown nipples and the river of pussy juice now running past my balls and into my ass. Thrust after thrust seemed to make her crazier. It seemed like it took forever for her to come, but in reality it was just about 15 minutes of raw hard penis that took her over the edge.

She whispered to me, “Okay, hon. Mama’s going to cum. Get ready, baby. Get ready….” Her voice trailed off as she slowed her pace considerably. She wanted to milk every possible ounce of pleasure of this orgasm. At the top of her stroke, she stopped to tighten her grip on my dick head before slowly coming down on me. After three or four torturously slow strokes, she looked directly into my eyes with a fiery intensity I had only seen when she was really angry. Only her eyes were now wide as saucers accompanied by a pained facial expression.

“OOHH, Greg!” she screamed, cumming now into a full-on vaginal orgasm. I noticed that this one was not quite as ugly or violent as the one I had given her on the kitchen table. Moaning soft and low with a smile appearing on her lips, she continued her slow ups and downs on me while gazing lovingly into my eyes. In her mid-orgasm, my balls tucked up telling me that sperm delivery was on its way.

“Okay mom, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in you! Oh, mom…I love you..oh”

I thrust into her with a vengeance as I came hard. There was the sound of skin colliding with skin accompanied by other sounds of wetness and joy. Mom was grinning from ear to ear, as she watched me cumming together with her. Thick semen was cascading down my shaft. She grinded into me and fell on top of my chest with her soft boobs on my stomach and her head on my chest. Managing a few more gentle ups and downs on my waning erection, she squeezed hard enough with her vaginal muscles to draw out the last of my jizz.

We both heard dad’s truck pull into the driveway, yanking us abruptly into reality. Mom grabbed the shirt she wore in, ran to her bedroom naked and slammed the door shut. I saw some of my cum shot on the floor after she left, and managed to clean up her trail of joy before my dad entered the house. I could tell from the sound of running water that she had jumped into the shower to remove the telltale signs of sex.

I went back to bed and slept until noon, dreaming the best dreams I ever had.

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