The Stepmom Ch. 1

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Maggie was a very sexy forty-one year old woman, whose husband Tony spent alot of time away on business. It was Tony’s second marriage and his son Stephen lived with them while attending a local college. He was twenty-one years old, with curly, brown hair and eyes. Stephen was tall and extremely handsome, with a great build… the picture of his father. Maggie was statuesque, with dark auburn hair and green eyes. She still had a very voluptuous figure and looked ten years younger, with her girlish smile and gorgeous skin. Men always noticed her right away and seemed in awe of her exquisite beauty.

Lately Tony had been staying away from home more and more, supposedly on business trips, which made Maggie very upset. In the past seven years, it seemed her sexuality had gone into overdrive and she wanted Tony to make love to her every night. Since he wasn’t around much, when the need overwhelmed her, Maggie would take out a vibrator and pleasure herself. Something which she really hated doing, but couldn’t help at times.

One night Maggie had taken a shower, then went into her bedroom and closed the door. She dropped the towel from her form and assessed herself in the mirror. Her breasts were big and full, capped with very large red nipples. She cupped them in her hands and rubbed her fingers over the nipples, causing them to harden and flush. Then she smoothed her hands down over her flat stomach to the dark red triangle between her legs. Maggie parted the lips with her fingers and exposed her swollen clit, staring at it in the mirror. Then she turned around and checked out her ass. It was still high and firm, heart-shaped and very sexy. “Not bad for forty-one,” she thought. Her fingers wandered back to her pussy and she felt the dampness there. “Oh no,” Maggie thought, “I have to cum or I’ll never sleep.” “Why couldn’t I be one of those women with no libido?,” she wondered.

Maggie retrieved a vibrating dildo from her lingerie drawer and turned it on. Running the tool around her heaving breasts and over her aching nipples heightened her arousal. She got on the bed and spread her legs, teasing her outer pussy lips and clit with the toy, before getting ready to push the toy inside of her. Meanwhile her stepson Stephen had just come home from a date and was going to his room. As he passed Maggie’s door, he thought he heard a moan and wondered what was going on. He decided to try and see what she was up to by spying through the keyhole. As he neared the door, it opened slightly. Stephen couldn’t believe his luck. There on the queensize bed was Maggie with her legs spread wide, working a dildo in and out of her wet pussy as she pinched and pulled on her nipples. Steve’s cock was hard instantly and he knew he was going to watch this show for as long as possible.

Without bahis firmalar─▒ realizing what he was doing, Steve unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big, throbbing cock. He started stroking it up and down, matching Maggie’s thrusts, as he watched the toy slide in and out of her hot cunt. She lifted her ass off the bed, fucking her dildo harder and harder. Stephen fantasized that the dildo was his cock plowing into his stepmom’s lovenest. He had the hots for her for as long as he could remember. This was a dream come true for him to see Maggie naked, much less masturbating. Thinking that her pussy looked so warm and wet, Steve wanted to lick it until she came. “Oh God, he thought, “what an opportunity this is… and I’m gonna let it pass me by.”

Stephen jerked his cock harder as he observed Maggie bring herself to countless orgasms with the vibrator, her body wracked in spasms. He thought she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. Finally, he decided to move away from her door before she caught him looking, so Steve tiptoed to his room and brought himself off quickly with those visions of Maggie in his head.

The next morning when they were eating breakfast together all he could think of was seducing his stepmother. After seeing her naked, he had to have Maggie. It turned him on to think of himself making her cum, even if all he got to do was touch her. Steve was intent on getting his stepmom into bed and nothing was going to stop him, including his father.

After work, Maggie arrived home with a splitting headache and decided to lay down on the couch for a short nap. Almost as soon as she fell asleep, Stephen came home and saw her there. He watched her sleep, her bosom rising and falling with each breath, and he longed to touch her… Steve made some noise to try and wake her, but when there was no response, he sat at the end of the couch and placed her stockinged feet in his lap. Slowly and lovingly, he massaged his stepmother’s feet, first the left, then the right. As he kneaded his fingers into her silk covered toes, his cock began to rise.

Gently he took her right foot and placed it over his throbbing appendage, sighing contentedly. He rubbed her foot up and down on his shaft, reveling in the sweet sensations. Stephen put her foot back on his lap and slid a hand between her legs, caressing and fondling her shapely thighs. Maggie seemed to be responding to him while she slept. As Stephen massaged her inner thighs, he realized Maggie had on a garter belt and stockings with no panties. This got him extremely aroused and then he caught a whiff of her womanly scent as she lifted her hips for his touch. With all the pent up lust of the previous evening, Steve lifted Maggie’s left leg to his lips, voraciously licking and sucking on her calve through the stockings, causing ka├žak iddaa goosebumps to form all over her body. Maggie thought she was dreaming and didn’t want to wake up. It felt so good…

Stephen raised his hands to her blouse and slowly unbuttoned it all the way down. Underneath she was wearing a lace bra and her large nipples were peeking over the top. He wanted to suck on those hard buds more than anything. He shimmied his way up the couch, getting closer to her chest and lowered his head to her bosom. Drinking in her delicious scent as he licked her erect nubs, yearning to devour them in his mouth.

His cock was pulsating wildly as he pulled her left tit out of the bra and sucked it into his mouth. Maggie quivered and moaned under his ministrations, giving Steve the green light to continue on his mission. He gently lifted her body from his and stood up. Steve slipped the blouse from her shoulders and pulled down the bra straps. Then he unzipped her skirt, leaving it in place. He hurriedly took off his jeans and knelt down beside his sleeping stepmom. Cupping those luscious melons in his hands and squeezing them before he pushed them together and sucked both nipples into his mouth. Maggie was writhing with passion from his efforts. Stephen boldly pushed up her skirt and stared at her pussy, longing to touch it. He moved down closer to his target and pressed his nose against her pubic hairs, feeling the dampness there. He parted the lips and ran his forefinger up and down her wet slit, brushing it over her engorged clit.

Steve took her left foot and placed it on the floor as he moved up between her legs. With one swift movement he plunged his tongue into her honeypot, savoring the taste of her womanhood. His hands instinctively went to Maggie’s breasts, kneading the firm flesh as he tugged on her clitoris with his lips. Slowly he took the little nub in his mouth and gently started to suck on it, feeling the desire well up within her. All of a sudden Maggie woke up, staring in disbelief at her half naked stepson with his tongue in her pussy. She tried to get up, but was trapped beneath his weight.

Steve grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders, tongue fucking her pussy harder and faster as he pinched and twisted her erect nipples. She couldn’t stop herself from giving in to this pleasure, it felt so damn good and God knows she needed it. Maggie grinded her pussy into his face and let him go to work. Her sexy stepson grabbed her ass and pulled it apart, squeezing the cheeks as he took her clit between his teeth. Putting pressure on it with his tongue and sucking until she quivered and moaned as orgasm after orgasm washed over her body.

When Maggie went limp Steve licked his way up her body and gave her a long, deep passionate kiss on the lips. ka├žak bahis She wrapped her arms around him and sucked on his tongue, feeling his hard cock jerk against her belly.

Maggie pushed Steve off of her and told him to sit up, then she knelt between his legs and licked her way up to his engorged prick. Kissing, nibbling and sucking on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs as she caressed his heavy balls. She grabbed her tits and wrapped them around Steve’s cock, pressing his thighs against them to hold her breasts in place as she flicked her tongue over the tip of his dick. Steve moaned loudly as he felt her mouth envelop him. Maggie sucked on the head of his cock as she forced his thighs together with her hands, causing her tits to jiggle up and down on his shaft. Steve was in ecstasy when Maggie took his entire length deep in her mouth, sucking on it slowly and lovingly. She twisted her lips around his cock as he watched her go down on it. He grabbed her auburn tresses and began fucking her mouth in wild abandon, forcing his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Maggie started swallowing the head each time Steve forced his cock inside her. His unbridled lust arousing her immensely as she sucked him until he erupted like a volcano. The hot strands of cum sliding down her throat and causing her to climax yet again.

Steve pulled her up onto his lap and roughly rubbed her clit, while nursing on an erect nipple. The friction making her wild with desire. “Steve, please fuck me,” Maggie begged. He pulled her leg over his and guided her hot pussy down onto his pulsating erection. The heat of their union entirely enveloping them with lust for each other. He grabbed her hips and plowed his cock deep into her womb, feeling the walls of her pussy lock around his shaft. “Oh God,” he cried out. “I’m gonna cum again.” “Me too,” screamed Maggie as she rode him faster and harder. Both of them exploding in simultaneous orgasms.

Neither Maggie nor Stephen moved for what seemed like hours. Then he picked her up while she was still straddling him, and took her up to bed. Steve gently laid Maggie down on his bed and climbed in beside her. His lips and hands wandering all over her luscious body. He yearned to make love to his stepmother all night. Again, as she slept, he licked her pussy until her body convulsed in pleasure. Then he entered her from above and thrust his cock in and out of her lovehole, while sucking on her nipples. Steve had been with a lot of girls, in high school and college, but none felt as hot and tight as Maggie. He wanted to keep his cock buried inside her forever…

The next day Maggie called into work sick and Stephen cut his classes. They got up, ate breakfast together, showered and changed into their swimsuits. Both of them agreed to spend a nice, relaxing day sunbathing by the pool. Steve followed Maggie out onto the deck, carrying the towels and suntan lotion. Each of them sank into a lounge chair and basked in the warmth of the sun.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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