The Step Mom Pt. 08

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Nick showered and got dressed. He was still a little freaked out about what happened today. “I almost fucked my stepmom!” he thought.

The whole day flew by in his mind. Julie’s skirt hiking up in the car while driving to the mall, her sending him a pic from the dressing room, her masturbating with the dressing room door open, and finally walking naked from the car to the patio and cumming together. Now, he’d be having dinner with Julie and his dad on the patio in an hour.

He stepped out of his room and peeked down the hall. “Good,” he thought. “She’s not up here. I need a break.” He quickly thought to look out the window to the pool deck where he first saw her playing just last week. She wasn’t there either.

He went downstairs and took a Corona out of the fridge. He grabbed a wedge of lime from the bowl in the fridge and stuffed it in the neck of the bottle. He went out on the patio.

He sat in the same chair he had earlier, although not naked this time. He remembered cumming hard just an hour ago, with Julie hovering her naked body inches above him. He had to look on the back rest of the chair behind him to see if there was any cum on it after the first shot flew up to his face. There was none.

He took a long sip of his Corona and relished at its refreshing taste. “Can’t beat this on a summer day,” he thought.

Julie came through the patio doors. She was wearing one of her new dresses. The one in fact she was wearing in the picture she sent to him, revealing her bare ass from below and possibly her pussy if you looked hard enough. “Fuck,” Nick thought.

“Hey Nick,” she said smiling. “Would you mind getting the BBQ set up for your dad? He’ll be home in about fifteen minutes.”

He noted he wasn’t “Nicky boy” at present.

“Sure thing,” he replied. “What are we having?”

“Salmon, asparagus and rice,” she said.

Nick opened the cupboard under the outdoor kitchen and took out the necessary tools. He lifted the lid of the Weber gas grill and fired up two burners to clean the cooking grill. It would be hot and clean by the time his dad got home and changed his clothes after work.

He went inside and found the three slabs of salmon in the fridge. He placed them skin side down on a tray and seasoned them with salt and lemon pepper. He was just finishing them when his dad came home.

“Hey buddy,” his dad called.

Julie walked into the kitchen. bahis firmalar─▒

“Whoa, sexy new dress lady,” Steve said to her.

She smiled and twirled. Nick winced.

Steve turned back to Nick and inspected the salmon fillets. “Looks like you can take care of everything when I’m not home,” he said to Nick.

Nick shrugged and Julie stifled a smirk.

“He sure does,” Julie added.

Steve went up to change, leaving Nick and Julie in the kitchen.

Julie opened the fridge and got out a Corona for Steve and a glass of cold Pinot Grigio for herself.

“Salmon looks good,” she said softly to Nick, a lot closer to his ear than most would to speak to him.

“Thanks,” he replied.

They ate dinner on the patio again, as always during the nice weather. They chatted amongst themselves as if life was completely normal and Nick and Julie hadn’t watched and helped each other masturbate today.

Nick excused himself and headed up to his room. He stripped down to his boxers and lost himself in his XBox for a few hours. He opened his door at 11:00 to find Steve and Julie’s door closed. He made his way to the kitchen to grab another beer.

Once in the kitchen and his Corona in hand, he strolled out to the patio. It was a warm summer evening with a clear and starry sky. You could see the soft glow of the pool lights on the perimeter of the pool. He thought about it for one brief second and then acted. He dropped his boxers and slipped into the pool.

He leisurely swam a couple of laps. The sensation of the water flowing between his legs felt good. His cock grew a little each time his naked body rolled back and forth with each swim stroke. After two laps he was thick and firm. He rolled over and floated on his back. The weight of his growing cock very evident to him, he reached down and caressed it with his fingers.

He got out of the pool and walked over to the cupboard where the towels were kept. Naked, he dried himself and walked towards his boxers by the chair. His cock, still thick, dangling in front of him.

He was horny as hell once again so he opted to take advantage of the empty yard and enjoy some outdoor play. With his dad and Julie’s door closed he knew he’d be alone. He went over to the lounge chair, the one where he first watched Julie masturbate and cum in, and laid back.

His hand lightly stroked his growing cock. He looked up to the window ka├žak iddaa from where he watched Julie, which was now dark, and realized she must have seen him. He suddenly realized the rush she must get from being watched. He was quickly getting harder imagining Julie standing at the window now, watching him.

The thoughts went through his mind. She could be fingering her pussy as he was stroking his cock. She could be pinching her nipples like she did in the change room earlier today. She could be cumming, squirting, all over the floor and wall just like he did that first time. But she was more the exhibitionist and not the voyeur. Still though, you can’t have one without the other.

He was closing in on his orgasm and decided to hold off a while. He got up from the chair and walked towards the house, carrying his boxers. His very hard cock was now bouncing in front of him with each step. He could feel himself dripping and the urge to grab his cock and suppress the ache was strong, but he resisted.

He stepped into the kitchen and quietly closed the door behind him. He walked naked through the kitchen to the hall, which was softly lit from the outdoor light. He realized he left his half empty beer on the table by the pool and went back for it.

He picked up the beer and turned to go back in. Julie was standing at the door.

She was wearing a tee shirt and nothing else. Her nipples evidently hard, even in the dim light by the pool.

“Looks like you have a problem there Nicky boy,” she said, staring at his hard on.

“Nothing that’s not fixable,” he smirked.

She peeled off her shirt and walked toward him. “I’ll fix it,” she said.

Nick wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that but he sat down in the chair. His cock was straight up in his lap, ooozing pre-cum.

Julie folded her tee shirt and put it in the patio in front of Nick. She knelt down on the shirt and put her hands on his legs. Looking up at him, she swayed back and forth seductively as her hands moved on his thighs. She looked at his cock and licked her lips. She looked up at him again and opened her mouth, letting her tongue out. Nick slightly nodded his head affirmatively.

Finally she touched him. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock and slid her fingers light up the shaft. He pre-cum flowed out of him and over her fingers. She the took hold of his cock in her left hand and spread the ka├žak bahis globs of wetness over the shaft and under the head with the index finger of her right hand. She ran her nails down his thighs and lightly scraped his balls. She felt him throb and knew he was close.

“Were you playing with your cock out here Nicky boy?” she asked knowingly.

Nick nodded.

“I can tell. You’re so hard! Do you want to cum again?” she asked, also knowingly.

Nick nodded again.

“I’ll make you cum,” Julie said.

She held the base of his cock with both hands and leaned her face into him. She wiggled the tip of her tongue between her lips.

Both she and he were eager for her to taste him. Nick was fighting between the morality and the excitement of this. It’s his step mom and his dad is upstairs in bed but he was so fucking turned on that didn’t seem to matter as much at the moment.

Julie flicked her tongue out and licked a blob of pre-cum ooozing out of him and dribbling down his shaft, barely touching his cock.

Nick was thinking “No no no!” but his body was overriding those thoughts. “Stop!” he thought. “Stop!” He was going to say that exact word out loud, but it was too late.

Julie closed her mouth over the very swollen head of Nicks cock. She lowered her head an inch or two. Nick felt his “face fuck” switch engage. He gently held her head and rocked himself so he slid in and out of her warm mouth.

Julie started to moan at his movements and the vibration of her moan pushed him ever closer to the quickly nearing finish line.

Nick rocked more, sliding deeper in her mouth and almost out on the downstroke. Two, three, four more strokes and he was at the point of no return.

“I’m gonna cum,” Nick said.

Julie took him out of her mouth and waited for the eruption. Even though he had cum, in this very chair, earlier that day, an eruption is exactly what happened.

Nick shot a huge stream of cum flying straight up into the dark night. They were both watching the white ribbon fly upwards when the second one followed. Julie slid her knees under his chair and both streams splashed down on her tummy. Nick looked at her and she was just admiring him having his orgasm. She was smiling. Nick was trying to smile back but he kept cumming. Four, five , six more pulses before his orgasm subsided and the remaining cum just oozed out of him, dribbling over his knuckles.

Julie cleaned him up with her mouth. “Have a good sleep Nicky boy,” she said. Then she slipped into the pool to clean herself off.

Nick picked up his boxers, put them on and walked up to his room.

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