The Sisterhood Ch. 03

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“Time to start round two. April, you’re up.”

April touched the screen and the numbers scrolled. “18”

She grinned, thinking to herself as she pulled the book from her bag and thumbed through the pages.

That one should be easy.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness. Tempt your partner into a shower and treat him or her like a god. What we mean is get on your knees and worship him or her while the water rains down.”

She gulped. She had never considered oral sex. She looked up at the others and they looked back at her each with a wide knowing grin. Mags chuckled.

“That should be interesting.”

Aprils mind was turning and she thought she saw an out.

“There is no way I can video it. If I try to use my phone it will get wet and be ruined.”

Ariel was quick to answer.

“I have one of those sports cameras in the waterproof housing. You can mount it in the shower. Hide it behind the curtain or a towel. You control it from your phone so when the time is right, turn it on. Simple.”

April glared at Ariel before dropping her shoulders resignedly.

“Ok. When can I get the camera?”

Ariel dropped the camera off at April’s house the next day. April found it between the glass door and the front door. Taking it inside, she put it in her lingerie drawer. The camera stayed snuggled with her panties. She kept putting off the inevitable until there were only three days left until the next sisterhood meeting. It was Sunday and Pete had gone to play golf early that morning. She took the opportunity to hide the camera. It mounted using a suction cup near the ceiling at the back of the shower. She hung a towel over it and then made a hole in the towel just big enough for the lens. Ariel had left instruction on how to download the app to her phone to turn on the device and stream the video. It took only moments to download the AP and connect her phone to the camera. She could see the entire shower clearly. She shut it down, placed her phone on the bathroom vanity and went to the living room to wait.

He came in a little after noon. He kissed her as he announced he was going to take a shower. When she heard the bathroom door shut, she ran to the bedroom, stripped down and waited until she heard the water splashing in the shower. She slipped into the bathroom using her phone to turn on the camera, making sure it was still operating. She could see him clearly on her phone, covered in lather. She took a deep breath, pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped into the shower with him. He turned, shampoo in his hair and all over his hands. He cracked one eye to see what was going on and saw her enter the shower. His eyes followed her as she knelt. Before he realized what she was doing he felt her hand on his cock and then her lips. He wiped at his face, trying to keep the shampoo out of his eyes. His cock responded despite the sting of the shampoo as it washed down into her surprised eyes. Turning his face to the stream of water, he rinsed the soap clear. His eyes wide, he braced his hands against the shower wall. He gasped as he felt her tongue on the underside of his cock and then her hand cup his balls. Sensing his incredulity, she looked up at him, her lips firmly around his cock. Her eyes smiled at him despite the water cascading down. She remembered watching Mags in the video and slipped his cock from her mouth. Lifting it slightly she ran her tongue from the base up the shaft and then slid it back between her lips, flicking her tongue over the tip. She watched as he closed his eyes and she heard him groan. Almost instinctively she began to move her head up and down, her hand wrapped around the bottom of his throbbing cock. He groaned again and she felt one of his hands at the back of her head. He pulled, forcing more of his cock into her mouth until she gagged slightly. Distracted by her gag reflex, she was caught off guard when the first jet of his semen splashed against her throat. She choked but his hand held her firm. Her mouth filled with his cum, oozing around his cock and spilling down her chin. She was forced to swallow or choke again. His hand left her head and she rocked back onto her heels. She found him looking down at her with a stunned expression.

He would admit later that April gave a respectable blow job, bringing him to orgasm as the water cascaded over them. In fact, the sight of her kneeling in the shower, hair drenched and cum dripping from her chin onto her tits was about the sexiest thing he had ever seen. By the time they were done he was leaning against the corner of the shower breathing heavily. She rose without a word and rinsed her face and her tits, smiled at him provocatively and stepped out of the shower Grabbing a towel she dried off quickly, turned off the camera and stepped into the bedroom. When he finally recovered enough to rinse himself, he came into the bedroom still dripping wet.

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

She lay down on the bed rolling onto one side and pulling her top leg up. It was a pose she had g├╝venilir bahis seen in some of the erotic photography online.

“Is there a problem?”

He looked flustered.

“You. . . you just have never acted like this before.”

“You don’t like it?”

That really stymied him. He sure as hell didn’t want her to quit but he was confused about what was causing it.

“Can you tell me why you are doing this?”

“Would that make a difference?”

Again, he was at a loss for words.

She rolled onto her stomach and swiveled to face him, another pose she had seen.

“I will quit if you want.”

He looked at her.

“Hell no!”

He turned back to find a towel and she grinned broadly.


They had to postpone sisterhood a week because Mags was out of town on business. A week later everyone was even more anxious to know how April had fared. She handed them each a thumb drive and they were soon bent over the tablet watching. The video was again rather short but very erotic. Rachel’s eyes were intense and a flush rose on her cheeks as she glanced at April.

“You swallowed?”

April nodded.

Mags looked at her appreciatively.

“April, you may have the makings of a slut yet!”

Everyone laughed and the chatter continued. Mags turned up her bottle and emptied the last of the wine into her glass as she glanced at her wrist watch, reached into her bag and laid the tablet down. She turned it to face everyone and pressed the button on the random number generator.


Mags put her hand out and April laid the book in it. Mags looked through the pages until she found the number and began to read.

“Play a little game and play to your guys desire to be a Daddy. If he is really tuned on to you and your play, he will pick right up and get into the role. Dress the part of a good catholic school girl. Guys, get your partner the costume and see if she can get into the role.”

She snapped the book shut, looked up and grinned.

“Well, at least I won’t have to go shopping!”

Everyone stared at her in open mouth surprise. She smiled back at them, picked up her bag and walked away, leaving them looking from one to another in amazement.

A month and a day later, they met again at the winery. Mags was late, which was unusual. The others were a bit concerned but the laughter and chatter picked up when Mags breezed in, all smiles, and handed each of them a small gift box, neatly and expensively wrapped. They looked at her puzzled.

“Go on. Open them! I got a bonus at work and I wanted to treat everyone.”

Wrapping paper flew, ribbons were shredded and in seconds, each of the women was holding a small pendant. It was in the shape of a heart and on the back was inscribed Sisterhood. A delicate gold chain was attached.

“I thought we needed something official. Something just for us!”

They all erupted from their seats and a mass hug ensued with Mags at the center. There were tears and laughter. It took a while for things to return to any semblance of normal.

“Well, don’t you all want to see how I fared?”

That was all it took. They all gathered around one end of the couch as Mags handed out the thumb drives and sat the tablet on the table. The screen flickered and they all began to watch.

The camera was in the same view point as it had been previously. It gave a wide angle view of the living room, the couch and a bit of the room beyond. A different man was sitting on the couch. Mags came from off screen. She wore a very short plaid pleated skirt. She wore white knee socks and patent leather Mary-janes. A short sleeve button down shirt and a neck tie that matched the plaid skirt completed the ensemble. She also wore black rimmed glasses and had her hair pulled into two pony tails on the side of her head. The four women giggled as they saw Mags skip into the room and stop in front of the man on the couch, being careful not to block the view of the camera.

“Hello Daddy!”

“Hello little girl. How was school today?”

“It was fine Daddy.”

“Were you a good girl?”

They saw Mags drop her head and swing her shoulders back and forth. From this angle they could see that she was not wearing a bra and her movements caused her breasts to sway sensuously beneath the blouse.


“No Daddy.”

“What happened?”

“I put salt in the teachers coffee and a thumbtack on Billy Bob’s seat.”

“Hmmmmmm . . . those are not nice. I suppose I should punish you.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Bring me the paddle.”

Mags scampered out of camera sight and returned in seconds bearing what looked like a Ping-Pong paddle. She handed it to the man who grasped in in his hand and swung it several times before looking up at her again.

“Over my knee you naughty little girl.”

Mags moved beside the man, dropped down and put herself across his lap, her bottom now turned up. He toes touched the ground on one side and her hands rested on the floor on the other. The man t├╝rk├že bahis flipped the skirt up over her back and everyone saw that she was not wearing panties. The man rubbed his bare hand over her nicely shaped ass.

“For being a naughty girl and putting salt in the teachers coffee, 10 spanks. For putting a tack on Billy Bob’s chair, 20 spanks, 10 on each cheek.”

Mags whined.

“Daddy!! That is too much.”

“Hush girl or I will double it.”

Mags bit her lip and hung her head down. The man rubbed his hand over her ass slowly, then raised the paddle and brought it down sharply on Mag’s ass cheek. A sharp crack came from the speaker and they saw Mag’s jerk and heard her yelp shrilly. Over and over the paddle fell, each time the same sharp crack and each time Mag’s shrieked a little longer and a little louder until she was sobbing continuously, her ass a deep crimson. The four women were silent, eyes wide as the spanking finished.

“Now little girl. Show Daddy how much you appreciate him teaching you to be good.”

Mag’s slid from the mans lap, swiveled on her knees and quickly removed his erect cock from his pants. Even in the grainy screen of the tablet, they could see the glistening pre-cum on his cock as Mag’s slipped the turgid member into her mouth and began to move her head up and down slowly. Mags reached down and stopped the video. It was silent around the table. April looked at Mag’s.

“God. That looked like it hurt like hell!”

“It did. Still does. That was night before last.”

Mags leaned to one side in the chair and pulled the hem of her skirt up almost to her waist. They could all see the deep purple and black bruises on her ass, some beginning to turn slightly yellow.

Rachels eyes looked as if they were going to start raining tears.

“Jesus Mags. Why on earth would you let someone do that to you.”

Mags just grinned.

“Watch the rest of the tape when you get a chance. I haven’t been that turned on in years!”

April gasped

“Mags. Don’t tell us you enjoyed that?”

Mags shrugged.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.”

The conversation continued in that vein. Forgotten were the usual matters of husbands, boy friends, PTA, and domestic affairs. All anyone could talk about was how anyone could find that arousing. The wine flowed freely. At last, Mags stopped them.

“Ok. We could continue on this all night, but some of us have to work tomorrow. Lets get on with the game.”

She touched the screen of the tablet several times and when she laid it on the table, the random number generator was ready. She looked at Rachel.

“Your turn, hon.”

Rachel reached over and pressed the go button. The screen flashed and the number came up.


April had the book ready and Rachel flipped the pages until she came to the entry.

“Ever wonder how that guy got that girl. You know the type. To short, to ugly, to fat, to skinny. How did he manage to get and keep the woman that has every other man in the place drooling. It is a solid bet that he has mastered the art of cunnilingus. Guys, if you haven’t now is the time. Practice makes perfect and we can assure you that your partner will appreciate your efforts. Ladies. If your partner doesn’t or won’t practice, then you are missing a treat. The challenge here, cunnilingus my friends.”

Rachel closed her eyes tightly. Steve had never even talked about such a thing. How was she going to convince him to participate.

She heard Mags.


Rachel opened her eyes.

“I’ll try. I just don’t know how I will ever get Steve to do this one.”

The goodbyes this time were quiet as they left the winery.

Rachel worried with the task for a week. She came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was just to tell Steve the whole tale and ask him if he would help. She resolved to talk to him that night over dinner. She prepared a nice dinner, set the dining room table and waited for him to come home. She heard the car door close and then the lock on the front door. She stepped from the kitchen, smiled at him.

“Hey Baby. You hungry?”

“Starving. I didn’t get a chance to stop for lunch today.”

“Go get washed up. I’ll put it on the table.”

As she walked by her toward the bedroom, he stopped to kiss her and then swatted her on the behind. That was a good sign and she smiled.

At least he is in a good mood tonight. Everything must have gone well at work today.

She was just putting tea in the glasses when he came back in. He had showered quickly, changed out of his work clothes and was smiling. He looked at the table appreciatively, set with their china, candles and fresh flowers. She saw a flicker of concern cross his face.

“I didn’t forget out anniversary or your birthday did I?”


“What’s all this?”

“I just thought it might be nice to have a special dinner.”

He sat looking at her somewhat suspiciously. She smiled sweetly, asked about his day and they chatted quietly g├╝venilir bahis siteleri as they ate dinner. As she poured coffee after desert, she brought up the sisterhood.

“We need to talk about the sisterhood.”

Steve sat his coffee cup down, dabbed his mouth with his napkin and his eyes peered at her.

“I knew something was up. What have the bunch gotten into now?”

“We are still playing that game. You remember?”

“Oh yeah! I remember.”

He grinned at the thought of Rachel in that black corset and stockings. He hadn’t asked her to put it on in a while. Maybe it was time. He pulled his mind away from the images and back to the present.

“So what now?”

He saw her blush.

This one must be good.

“I got a new task.”

“Ok. I assume you need my help or we wouldn’t be talking.”

“Yes. Steve, what do you know about oral sex?”

His eyes opened wide.

“Um. I know that I haven’t ever really thought about it. Is that it? Are they expecting you to video us while you suck my cock?”

She dropped her eyes her voice getting quiet.

“Not exactly.”

“Then what?”

Her eyes rose slightly to look at him

“You have to perform oral sex on me.”

He sat with his mouth open, coffee cup halfway to his mouth. His lips moved but no sound came out. The cup clattered as he put it back on the saucer, spilling coffee over the rim.


‘You have to perform cunnilingus on me and I have to video it to prove you did it.”

“Jesus Christ Rachel. How far is this going to go?”

She shrugged.

“It’s just game.”

“Making videos of each other doing this kind of stuff, sharing it around and threatening each other with exposure doesn’t sound like ‘just a game’ to me.”

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“Will you help me or not?”

He leaned back in the dining room chair and looked at her. She could see the conflict on his face and the intensity of his stare.

“I want to see this book you are using to play this game. Get a copy and then we will talk about this.”

“Ok. I will go to the bookstore tomorrow. Will you at least consider it?”

“Rachel. I wouldn’t even know how to start.”

She brightened a bit.

“I think I can help with that.”


“Um. . there are some videos on the internet. We could watch them.”

He shook his head slowly.

“Rach. You have changed. I’m not sure it is for the better.”

“Just be patient. It is all going to be ok. I promise.”

“Ok. Get the book. Then we will talk more. Now. How about you go put on that corset while I clear the table!”

She grinned broadly.


She bounced out of the chair and down the hall. Steve sat for a few moments thinking before he cleared the table of the dishes and then turned toward the bedroom.

The next evening, Rachel again had dinner prepared. Next to Steve’s place at the table lay a copy of the book. She was a bit nervous. She wasn’t sure how he was going to react to some of the things in the book. She paced nervously in the kitchen until she heard him come in. She stepped out of the kitchen and frowned. He was covered in mud. That usually meant that his day had not gone well.

“Bad day?”

He grimaced as he pulled his muddy boots off and set them on the mat near the door.

“My idiot workers cut a water line. What should have been a simple task to put in a new valve turned into an all day ordeal knee deep in water and mud to fix the water line.”

She bit her lip.

“Go get cleaned up. You will feel better after a hot shower and clean clothes. I can hold dinner so take as long as you like.”

He nodded and walked past her to the bedroom. No kiss. No swats. Things weren’t looking good. Rachel heard the shower stop. She began to put dinner on the table and had everything ready when he came back into the dining room. He had on his usual cargo pants and polo shirt. He was barefooted but he was smiling.

“It smells wonderful!”

Rachel relaxed a bit at his smile and the tone of his voice.

“Your favorite. Pot roast and vegetables. I picked up a gallon of ice cream for desert.”

He brightened more as he sat down. He told her more about the problems that day and as he talked, he actually began to chuckle at some of the things that happened. He had noticed the book but ignored it until they dished up the ice cream. As he spooned ice cream into his mouth, he opened the book and began to read the first few pages. She watched carefully, especially as he began to thumb through the different parts of the book.

“Christ Rachel! Some of these are illegal!”

“We don’t use those. We only use the first 750.”

He riffled the paged and stopped. His eyebrows went up.

“Like number 643.”

He began to read

“Everyone loves a party. By now you should be comfortable with having more than one partner in your bed. Now it is time to up the ante. Guys, convince you partner that she needs to have the experience of more than one partner. The challenge is to make it a real gang. A gang bang. Invite at least 4 more of your friends to participate. Gals. Convince you partner that it will be a fabulous experience and that a gang bang is the way to go.”

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