The Shower

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We spend the early part of the morning lounging around in our pj’s. After a while, I head down the hall thinking of taking a shower. Before doing it, I decide to walk out and tell you my plan. As I walk out of my bedroom, there you are.

Together we say, “I was going to take an outdoor shower.”

Our jaws drop and I say, “Great minds.”

“We’re alone,” you whisper to me.

I give you a big hug and we begin to kiss. I cup your sweet ass with my hands and we both moan. You slide your hands up my boxers and wrap your hands around my dick. You move your hands up and down. I moan and slide one of my hands between your legs. You rest your head on my shoulder as I find your pussy.

“You’re so wet.”

“I can’t help it. You make me so horny.”

We break off and I say “I’ll get the towels, dear.”

You reply ”I’ll undress.”

I run into the bathroom, grab two towels, rip my boxers off and run back to meet you. You wasted no time getting your pj’s off. I look at your naked body and am instantly hard. We can’t keep our hands off of each other. I run my hands down your back and over your beautiful butt. You press yourself against me and rub yourself against my rock-hard dick. We both moan, pull ourselves apart and head güvenilir bahis down the hall towards the door.

As we get near the door, I catch you from behind and press my dick up against your ass. You press against me. I reach around and begin to rub your pussy. You bend your head back and moan in my ear. I rub my fingers fast and gentle against your clitoris. You moan harder. I slid my cock into your ass crack. You reach down with one hand and guide me into your wet, hot pussy. It feels so hot and wet. We both moan as I begin to move my dick in and out. We work together to find that rhythm. Together we move; your ass pushing against my groin as we bury my cock as deep as it can go. We moan together. My cock begins to swell even bigger as I get closer to coming. You tell me that you can’t wait for me to cum inside you and you squeeze your hot twat around my cock.

I tell you, “I can’t hold back any longer.”

I come deep inside you. You scream and moan as you cum with me. We stand shaking and then pull apart.

“Now we really need a shower,” I say and we laugh at each other as the sweat drips down our bodies.

We walk hand in hand to the shower and turn it on. We kiss slowly as we wait for the water to get hot. I run my türkçe bahis hands over your small breasts and tug at your nipples.

You tell me as you moan, “That’s feels sooo gooodd.”

We move under the shower and the warm water runs down our bodies sluicing the sweat and cum away. I get the soap and rub it on the puff and begin washing your back. I work my way down over your buttocks paying special attention to your ass crack. I move down your legs. I can feel you tremble as I work my way down to your feet. After I wash your feet, I asked you to turn around. The puff moves its way up your legs. As I get closer to your twat, you spread your legs to give me easier access. I rub the puff across your clitoris. You shiver and moan. I move it around and then slightly into your twat. Your head rolls back and you moan loudly and shake as another orgasm hits you. I begin to move up to your breasts and rub them. I wash your neck and bend down and kiss you. The kiss turns passionate as we both moan. Our tongues lash against each other. We wrap our arms around each other and hug hard.

You step back and moan, “Now it is my turn.”

You put more soap on the puff and begin washing my chest working your way slowly down to my waist. When you güvenilir bahis siteleri reach my waist, you tell me to turn around. You wash my back, moving the puff in slow, lazy circles and laugh at my frustration. You thoroughly wash my ass and crack making especially sure my ass hole is completely clean.

You wash the back of my legs; I am shaking with pleasure moaning loudly. You tell me to turn around. As you move up my legs, your mouth wraps around my cock. I grab the walls to prevent myself from falling. You bring the puff up and massage my balls while your mouth bobs up and down my dick. You drop the puff.

“ I want you inside me NOW.”

I bend my legs and you stand on your toes. You take your hands and guide my cock into your hot pussy. We kiss hungrily. I begin to move in and out, faster and faster until I am lifting you off your feet with every up stroke. You wrap your long, lean legs around my waist as I lean you against the wall. I go as fast as I can.

You are screaming, “Harder, baby!! Harder.”

Your twat squeezes hard on my cock as you cum over and over. You tell that you want me to come now. My dick swells as I get closer and closer to a massive orgasm. Finally, I cum over and over again into your pussy.

You scream as you orgasm with me. My pace slows; your moans slow. My cock shrinks and slides out. We hug and kiss slowly. Our breathing returns to normal.

“If we want to get clean, I think we need to take turns in the shower, dear,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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