The Seduction of My Mother

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My name is Jeff, I am 18 years old and I love my mom. Her name is Mary.

You may think so what we all love our moms, BUT I make love to my mom.

It all started when my dad left my mom for another woman, it was the worst day of her life, and she did everything for him and worshiped the ground he walked on. He came in one day and packed a bag and left, not a word why or a reason.

We found out three days later when a letter came from his lawyer stating he wanted a divorce and gave a financial settlement.

I came home and found my mom sobbing, she had kept it all from me but I eventually got the whole story from her.

Our lives changed that day, mom got a job and I left college and got a job in a sawmill, we refused to talk about him just carried on with our lives.

Many nights I heard mom crying in her room, I tried to comfort her but she refused to listen.

Christmas loomed upon us, we knew it would not be the same but we put up the decorations and sent out the usual cards to our friends. We had been invited to a friend’s party, mom tried to stay at home, but I managed to get her interested eventually.

When mom came out from her room I gasped, she looked stunning, gone was the dowdy clothes she had taken to wearing, she had a long flowing gown that hugged her body like a second skin.

She came up to me and hugged me. “Jeff today is the start of a new lease of life for this family, now lets go and get drunk”!

As I escorted mom from the house to the car I felt proud to be with her. As I opened the car door she slid into the seat, her gown had a slit running along the side; I was treated to a flash of bare thigh and the top of her stockings.

“WOW mom dead sexy” I laughed, she playfully slapped my wrist and called me a pervert who ogles old women.

We drove to the party and were greeted as a couple; my friends were astounded by the transformation of my mom. Many of them danced with her and complements came from all angles, at last she was relaxing.

A slow piece of music drifted through the night as I got a drink I felt a hand on my sleeve, turning, I saw mom.

“Too good to dance with an older woman eh”

I laughed and took her elbow and led her to the dance floor, her arms clasped behind my head and we moved together, she laid her head on my shoulder and I held her close.

I could smell her perfume it was so subtle but bahis firmalar─▒ arousing at the same time.

“Thanks Jeff, I am really glad we came tonight, ” suddenly she kissed my cheek gently, I felt elated, here I was dancing with the sexiest lady in the room and she was my mom.

We danced as lovers, close and hardly moving, I felt aroused as we clung to each other, soon the music stopped. We danced all night together, until the party ended at three o’clock; slowly we made our way to the car.

“When was the last time you saw the sunrise young man”, she quipped.” only from my bed I laughed. “Take me to needle point taxi” she laughed getting in the car.

Needle point was know as lovers lane, high above the town you could look onto the lights of the streets below. A we drove up the winding lane mom talked about the party, I didn’t realize before but she was a little drunk.

When we arrived it was deserted, the lovers had gone and the place was ours.

Mom looked at the town below; the odd car made it’s way along the deserted streets.

“Your dad brought me here the first night we went out,” she said quietly,” I let him make love to me, he was so gentle and hansom”.

Tears formed in her eyes as she spoke, I reached out and pulled her to me, her head lay on my shoulder and I stroked her auburn hair, the tears kept coming and I gently kissed her eyes.

Her hand reached for my head and she pulled it towards hers, her lips touched mine and we kissed slowly, I knew the drink had affected her and pulled away slowly. “Time to go home mom”. We drove home slowly and I helped her to her room, laying her on the bed I lent over and kissed her lips again, “goodnight you sexy momma” I smiled and went to my room.

I woke with a start, what was that noise, there it was again, pulling my robe over my nakedness I went to the hall, it was coming from mom’s room.

Putting my head against her door I could hear her sobbing, I knocked on the door and entered. She was wrapped in a sheet at the bottom of the bed, her clothes strewn around the room; her face was red with all the crying. I sat on the bed and pulled her to me, her sobs slowly dying.

“Oh Jeff, I felt so alive tonight, dancing and going to needle point made me think of happier times, the way you ran your fingers through my hair was the same as your father did”.

“Do you realize when you called me sexy ka├žak iddaa tonight I felt sexy, I forgot you were my son, I thought you were a lover, I hadn’t felt like that for years”. Her sheet had fallen from her shoulder, exposing the hill of her breast, she made no attempt to cover up, my eyes feed on the sight of her soft skin, her eyes followed mine and she smiled. “Not bad for an old biddy am I son”?

“I think you are one sexy woman mom,” I gasped as the sheet fell further down exposing her full breast; I could feel my penis rising under my robe.

Her eye’s saw the tent created by my hardon, she gasped. “I’m sorry mom, I choked out, rising I went to leave, her hand grabbed my arm and pulled me down to her side. “Jeff, you have paid me the biggest complement any person could, you have told me that I am still sexy to another man”

Pulling me close she said, “Jeff please kiss me, not like a son, but as a man, I need to feel wanted again”

I gently reached for her, slowly our lips met, I knew this was wrong, but she needed some confidence back.

We kissed slowly I felt her tongue part my lips and work into my mouth, the sheet had fallen from her totally and she was nude from the waist up.

We clutched at each other as the kiss progressed; it became more urgent, my hands roamed across her naked back she moaned as she worked my robe off.

I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest; my penis throbbed as our kisses became engulfed with passion. My hands moved to her breasts involuntarily, driven by lust for my mother’s body, as I felt the hard nipple poking into the palm of my hand she moaned loudly and covered my hands with hers, pushing them into her breasts.

“Oh god Jeff, that feels so good, don’t stop please” she begged, her body starved of any sexual relief for eight months, responded to his caresses.

Jeff laid his mother down on the bed, taken his robe off he pulled the sheet away from his mothers opening body. He saw the full breasts heaving as he reached for them again, laying on the bed his lips covered the pronounced nipple and he sucked it deep into his mouth. Her body writhed on the bed as she felt the start of her first orgasm take control of her.

His hand rubbed her thighs as they parted, she was exposing her inner secrets to her son, her pussy ached to be touched, and as his hand moved closer he knew he could not and did not want to stop. ka├žak bahis His fingers delved deep into her, he felt the tightness grip his finger as he explored her, her legs thrashing as her second orgasm shook her body.

“Please Jeff fuck me” she pleaded, he moved between her open thighs, his rock hard prick dripping with pre-come, slowly he entered her tight portal, her blood engorged lips parting as he pressed forward into her pussy, my god she was tight.

Soon Jeff was deep inside her, she was crying uncontrollably as he moved slowly in and out of his mother. Back into the place he came from, her legs trapped him as he built up speed, his own passion driving him deeper and deeper, he could feel her cervix pound the tip of his prick. They kissed in a frenzy, she begged for him to come deep into her, Jeff felt the sperm rising, speeding up even more her plunged deep and the first wave shot hard against her cervix sending her into another orgasm. Shot after shot filled her pussy with his love juice until it overflowed onto the bed. They lay entwined Jeff still hard and deep in her pussy, slowly the sexual heat from their bodies relaxed and drifted into a deep sleep.

Mary was the first to wake, Jeff was still inside her, she had no guilt, and she felt a woman again. Slowly, so as not to wake him, she moved out and went to the bathroom, running the shower she looked at her body in the full length mirror, she had a glow all over, she felt she was in love again, quickly she got under the shower and cleaned the cum from her thighs, she felt like a schoolgirl that had just had her first fuck, and she wanted more. Jeff woke up slowly, he felt his mom move on the bed, she took his hard prick and kissed it, it jerked in her hand as her lips opened to allow it deep into her mouth, her tongue swirled over the head making it tingle.

Mary rose above and lowered herself onto the rampant prick, slowly she moved side to side as it went the full length, she bent her head and kissed his lips, it was a slow kiss, a lovers kiss.

Jeff slowly turned her over so he was on top, lifting her legs over his shoulders he went deeper into her love nest.

“Good morning you sexy woman” he said quietly, still moving his prick deep inside her. They made love slowly; the lust had gone; now it was love.

They shared the same bed from that day, living as man and wife in the house and mother and son at other times, they knew their love could never be talked about but it was theirs. Three years later they moved to a different town, Mary was pregnant, they set up house as man and wife and they knew that was all they wanted.

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