The Scorpion Diaries Ch. 1

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a journey of passion
with Athena Phoenix
Part One: Teacher, Teacher

Once in a dozen years you meet someone who is so magnetic and so intriguing that they remain stitched into your conscious for years and years to come, despite having only met them once. Sometimes they even cross into your dreams and hover there like an apparition, waiting for the right time to appear before you in a haze, only to leave a moment later leaving you to wonder if they were ever really there at all.

But once in a lifetime you meet a goddess like creature, who is neither mortal nor immortal, sacred or demonic, pure virgin or whore. If you’re lucky, you may have more than just a second of eyes meeting, flesh brushing up against you so casually you wonder if it may have been an accident. You may actually get the esteemed honor of hearing her soft voice say hello, and a smile to hint at the delicate raging passion that burns so hotly just beneath her cool, confident gaze.

Athena Phoenix is that kind of person. Just like the Goddess she was named after, her wisdom and her strategy is to encounter power in its truest sense and steal it in the blink of an eye. Born under the sign of Scorpio, she does seem to possess the deepest secrets of human desire, and even the meaning of life and death itself. The tall raven-haired beauty seems to hide it all so well beneath her sea green eyes, so stark and startling beneath dark full lashes. Just one glance and your whole body feels as though it was robbed of thought, reason, and even the very air you breathe.

This magnetism was inborn, and even as a child she had men adoring her angelic face and mysterious demeanor. It only got stronger as she grew into her power, and by her teenage years there wasn’t a boy or man alive who didn’t fantasize about her full body, her mysterious eyes, her long silken hair. But Athena was smart. She knew far better than to waste her efforts on boys or grown men who sought to control her young and budding womanhood by stealing what was only hers to give away. She would save it until the right one came along. One whose seductive power was only matched by her own, and whose full abandon to her passion would create in her the woman she wanted to be.

That opportunity came in her senior year of college. Her English professor, Dr. Gregory Sterling, was more potent than any drug. His dark eyes seemed to stare right through her until she felt naked and liberated before him. All that year it was a subtle, slow deliberate seduction that she managed to hide from her fellow students, but was all to plain to the thirty something professor who had thus far managed to fend off wayward advances from his students. He did, after all, have a career to protect. He was a highly esteemed professor at a major University, and no young pussy was worth losing his job. It was too hard won. Somehow Athena sensed this and it made her all the more determined to seduce him, to reduce him to the animal inside and give her the power she sought to recreate herself just like the Phoenix for whom she was named.

He was so cool and collected while she challenged him on ideals and principles, her fine mind a complete match for a battle of wits she considered foreplay. He rose to the challenge quite gracefully, never giving an inch, even when she was right and making it totally seem as though he never released control of the conversation directly to her. Not until he was good and ready at least. The eternal give and take of female and male was waged like a battle almost weekly between them, as the other students watched and made notations of the ideals being expressed, without ever really noticing the seductive dance being played out before them. The more it went on, the more of a match he proved to be, the more Athena knew he was the one Fate had chosen to carry her across the threshold of childhood to womanhood. She could hardly wait to lie beneath him, feeling him break through every last barrier remaining between virtue and raw desire.

And even though he knew his job could be jeopardized, he found himself compelled by this raven-haired vixen, who challenged him at his very core at every given opportunity. He had to admit that the fire in her eyes quickened his pulse, the full curve of her breast beneath the chaste clothing she wore only made him hunger for more. Athena had deliberately chosen to not give too much away after watching him so quickly dismiss the darling little fanciers who nearly unbuttoned to the navel to get his attention. So that was the way he wanted it? She would just make him work for glimpses of the gifts she had to offer. It was a smart move that proceeded to drive him insane, until he found himself dreaming of her. Then soon after he would even masturbate to the thought of her while he was at home alone, trying to push thoughts of her from his fevered brain with outrageous amounts of alcohol.

He found himself wishing again and again she’d would be as brash as some of his other illegal bahis admirers and show up at his door. While he was in this state it would have not taken anymore than a hello to fall from those full pouting lips before he took her right there against the door. He would groan as he thought of her dancing for him, stripping away all the clothes she kept using to hide herself from his now searching gaze, hungry for anything to fuel his dreams.

But she would strip away more than just clothes. She would strip away that fiery confidence and cool aloof exterior she used to keep him at arms length, while the look in her eyes dared him to fuck her right there on the spot. He could literally visualize her down on her knees before him; her amazing green eyes staring up with him with a look that begged that she service him in whatever way he desired. He could almost feel those lips around his cock, and he mastered her and guided her as his lover.

It was right around spring break when he was nearly at a breaking point himself. He was crazed to consummate this crazy affair with her; this wild woman/child who possessed his dreams and now even his waking thoughts. He found himself both longing for and fearing their heated confrontations in class. He was afraid that the other students would hear how his voice changed and deepened and worried that something would happen when he’d have to rise from his desk and they could see very well the evidence of his passion. As he dismissed the class that Friday before their week long vacation, he asked that she stay behind.

“Miss Phoenix, I am afraid to rain on your spring break parade but the last paper you turned in is totally unacceptable. I’m afraid that you will have to write another one.” He was shuffling papers on his desk, so that she could not see the desperation in his voice that she not go fuck amateur boys when she could warm his bed instead. And though jealousy was starting to consume him, it wasn’t entirely a ploy on his behalf about the paper. She had turned in work very much below her capabilities. He could only hope it was on purpose, and that she was willing to bring this game to a close once and for all.

Her voice was soft, and even though he was not looking at her, her gaze never wavered. “I’m sorry, Professor Gregory. I guess I just didn’t get the concept.”

His eyes met hers briefly, confidence starting to gain. He knew very well how sharp her mind was, this concept was nothing she wouldn’t “get”. “Well you know that you have to make high marks on this paper to maintain your grade average. I would hate for your GPA to suffer. Is there anything I can do?”

She smiled an almost bashful childlike smile that caused his engorged cock to jump. “Maybe you know a tutor who could help me?”

There it was in all its shining glory. Opportunity was knocking, no, opportunity was damn near breaking down his door. Thoughts of his career went out the window as he found himself offering the forbidden. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I could help you this week so that you could present a new paper by next Monday.”

There was that damn smile again. He almost came in his pants. “I would hate to impose, Professor. It’s your vacation too.”

He feigned a look of disappointment. “Yes, that’s true. I was going to go out on my houseboat for the week. But I do care about your education, Miss Phoenix, and I don’t mind putting that on hold if it helps you.”

Her voice dropped a notch. “Well, is there any way we can compromise? Maybe I can come out with you on your boat and that way you still get your vacation.”

“That’s highly improper, Miss Phoenix. Circumstances could easily be misconstrued and my job would be at risk.” He felt he had to say it, even though the idea of her on his boat for a week seemed highly worth the risk to him.

“That’s true, but that would only be if people were to find out. I’m not planning on telling anyone. Are you?”

He met her green eyes dead on. “I guess that solves that problem then, doesn’t it?”

“So what time should I meet you?”

“Make it early,” he said as he scribbled the address on scrap paper. “Small towns do like to talk.” Their fingers almost brushed as he handed her the address. “See you tomorrow morning, Miss Phoenix.”

“Bright and early, Professor Gregory,” she answered with a smile and then glided from the room.

For the next painful eighteen hours Gregory hovered between anticipation and anxiety. He wondered if he should cancel the whole thing and pass her inferior paper anyway. She was still just college girl pussy, and he had given that up the minute he himself graduated college. It didn’t matter how regally she held herself, how defiantly she challenged him, how damn gorgeous she was with the full curves and those piercing green eyes. He was not desperate; he could bed any number of fully-grown, professional and accomplished women who would not jeopardize his career. But then the thoughts of possessing her illegal bahis siteleri would fill his mind and he knew he just couldn’t turn the opportunity away. He knew in his heart that she was not a threat to him. She had been trying to seduce him since the first day of class, and it was a wholly passionate deliberation. Not vindictive. He could just sense it. She was not a whore, or a self-serving climber. She was a passionate woman who needed to be mastered, and she had set her sights on him. They would just have to be discreet.

The next morning he was expending his nervous energy tidying up the boat and getting it ready to push off, when she practically danced on board just a touch after daybreak. He had an amused look on his face.

“You said early,” she reminded him with a confident grin.

“You follow orders well. That should make this week a lot more productive,” he murmured.

She just laughed. “I follow orders very well. I also give them well.”

Always that defiant air. He couldn’t wait to fuck her until she completely surrounded to him.

But that could wait. They had a lot to do to get ready. By mid morning they had finally shoved off and were far enough out that the shore was barely visible. She walked through the houseboat, taking command of her surroundings with ease.

“Have you been on a boat before?” he asked as he started cutting up vegetables for lunch.

“Once or twice,” she answered offhand. “I like the rocking of the water. It’s very comforting.”

“You should sleep like a baby tonight then,” he grinned. “That’s why I vacation out here. You can never get that kind of rest on solid ground.”

“You have a really nice boat,” she complimented. “I’m glad you let me come with you.”

He tossed a stern look her way, attempting in every way to retain a sense of decorum for as long as possible. “I shouldn’t have, you know. If anyone at the University were to find out my ass would be in a sling.”

She came to stand beside him, grabbing a handful of veggies for the salad he was making so she could help him cut. “If it weren’t up to the University, would you have asked me?”

“That’s a loaded question, Athena,” he responded, using her first name perhaps for the first time ever. “Perhaps we shouldn’t discuss such things.”

“Why not?” was her petulant reply. “I am a woman, you’re a man. That’s all it boils down to, isn’t it?”

“You’re a college student and I’m a teacher. It’s a little more complicated than that.”

“It doesn’t have to be. Weren’t you the one who was saying that barriers are what humans give to themselves to get a false sense of security?”

He laughed softly. “That was the point of that paper that you totally botched, Miss Phoenix. Care to tell me why you played it down?”

“You already know.”

Her voice was soft and her body so close he could feel her heat. He cleared his throat a bit, wondering exactly who was mastering whom. “I might. I might not. Why don’t you tell me?”

She turned to face him totally. “Because I need a teacher in another area, and I think that you’re the one.”

His eyes met hers, boring into them intensely. “What area is that?”

She pressed against him, the thin fabric of her tank top barely concealing the fact she wore no bra underneath. Slowly she reached a hand behind his neck and drew his mouth onto hers, kissing him so soft it was driving him mad. He forgot everything else and crushed her to him, shoving his tongue down into her mouth and taking full possession. His breathing was ragged as he pulled away. “You’re a very bad girl, Athena.”

Her eyes were cloudy with the raw passion his kiss invoked. “Perhaps. Maybe I need to be punished.”

He almost growled as he kissed her again. She groaned as she pressed against him, her hips grinding a bit against his almost painful erection.

He broke them apart. He had the look of a wild man in his eyes; he had never ever wanted anyone more. But he knew it had to be on his terms. That was what he had dreamed of, and that was what he would deliver.

“We have a week,” he managed to eke out. “Why rush perfection?”

Her face almost fell, and that defiance wavered. He had to admit the rush of power that gave him was an immediate high. It helped him not spray his shorts immediately as he went about preparing lunch. She helped, though in silence, and he could almost swear she was moping.

“Let’s eat out on the deck,” he suggested, knowing they were too far from any prying eyes to worry about getting caught.

Some of the defiance returned. “Sure. Maybe I can work on getting a tan.”

When she emerged onto the deck she had on a bright red bikini. It was showing a LOT more flesh than he was used to seeing on her, which made his resolve weaken somewhat. He assumed that was her intention. Two can play at that game, he decided, and stripped down to the trunks he was wearing underneath his shorts. He was impressive even semi hard, and Athena canl─▒ bahis siteleri groaned at the sight of him. He smiled but stayed at arm’s length. Their lunch time chatter was filled with innuendo and not so subtle flirting and by its end Athena had regained her composure and was in full control of the situation again. The huge tent in his swimming trunks was proof enough.

“Care if I turn on some music?” she asked ever so innocently.

“Go right ahead,” he answered, his eyes daring her as she stood. She casually strolled over and turned on some very sexy, seductive music. He reclined back in his seat and said, “Why don’t you be a good girl and dance for me, Athena?”

Her smile was electric as she began to sway to the music, still meeting his with defiance and that ongoing battle of control. He slid his trunks down to expose his cock to her and her eyes nearly closed with the desire it inspired within her. Watching her dance he slowly pumped his cock. It was so sexy to watch her run her hands over her breasts and down in between her legs. She’d turn around and bend over, wiggling her perfectly round ass to tempt him and he would just groan as the movement of his hand quickened. “Take your top off for me, Athena,” he commanded softly.

With her back to him she reached behind to untie the strings. She swirled around, clutching her top to her breasts while she danced. She needed no teacher, he decided. She knew quite a lot about temptation on her own. What she really needed, was a master. “Take it off.” The tone of his voice left no room for argument. She smiled as she walked toward him, straddling a leg on either side of the chaise lounge chair on which he sat. With one hand she covered her breasts, with the other she strung the bikini top around his neck. Slowly she ground her way down to sit on his legs and she finally let him see her perfect, full breasts. Her nipples were dark and tight, her desire for him as complete as his for her. Her eyes never left his as she pushed her tits together as an offering then let them go only to pinch each nipple with her fingers.

“As good as you imagined?” she asked.

“I’ve imagined a lot,” he answered.

“So have I,” was her reply. Easily she moved to her knees beside him, awaiting his command.

“Take my cock into your mouth, Athena,” he demanded softly. She obliged quickly, the silk of her hair falling to his thighs as her hot breath danced upon the head of his cock. He groaned loudly, gripping her hair in one hand and pressing her down. Slowly he slid into her warm, wet mouth, her tongue slithering around him like a snake as she took him deeper and deeper into her throat. She couldn’t take much, but he was a patient man. He knew that by the end of their week together, she would take him to the balls with no difficulty at all. He let her take as much of him as she could before he stilled her mouth and kept her there just for a moment, relishing the feeling of her mouth all around his hard cock. “Suck it,” he whispered harshly and to his complete delight she did so with unabashed abandon. Up and down she sucked his cock, licking, teasing, cupping his balls, groaning against him and vibrating the sensitive skin until he thought he would erupt. Just as he felt it build, she raised her head quickly and smiled.

“That’s as far as I’ve imagined it,” she told him with a coy grin. She snatched her bikini top from around his neck and pranced off the deck, leaving him trembling and throbbing on the brink of orgasm. He was very sorely tempted to finish himself off, but he knew it would be wasted. He wanted her to be the recipient of his load, no matter what shape or form. He would not rape her, nor force her. She would give herself to him totally and willingly.

He gave himself a few minutes to calm down before he went to find her. She was watching a video in his bedroom, one from his “private stash”. She lay naked on his bed, on her stomach, her full ass in need of a spanking. He slid out of his trunks as he approached the bed, and she pretended like she couldn’t hear him. The minute she felt his weight on the bed she teased, “That’s some collection you have here, Professor Gregory. Planning on teaching an annex course?”

“Only one,” he replied easily as he slid her legs apart with his hand, running his fingers up and down the insides of her thighs.

Her breath caught. “Only one?”

“There’s only one student,” he said softly, his fingers dancing closer and closer to the heat of her pussy. She groaned a little and spread her legs slightly further apart. “Why don’t you turn over, Miss Phoenix?”

She obliged him without a fight, and the raw beauty of her naked flesh stunned him. He began at her toes and his fingers explored the length of her tanned legs, the fullness of her hips, the taunt stomach and finally the swell of each breast. She was moaning and beginning to writhe, but he kept teasing her with just the touch of his fingertips. She was going to beg him; he was going to make damn sure of that. Her legs opened, she even whimpered, but he ignored all the places she wanted his fingers to be. “Please,” she managed to whisper, to which he replied, “Please what?” Her eyes opened and she looked at him.

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