The Saga of Chelsea Hart Ch. 03

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Note We meet Chelsea as she deals with her unexpected circumstance.


In Brian’s Jeep, Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Brian’s proposal made sense, it made too much sense. They needed money, and Brian was offering a substantial amount, with the promise of more. Still, Alex didn’t feel comfortable with it. Today hadn’t gone as expected, he doubted Chelsea ever wanted to see Brian again. Hell, she might just decide to leave.

“Okay,” Alex finally decided. “Five hundred dollars a week. She doesn’t see anyone else except for me, and I always use a condom.”

Brian grinned, clearly satisfied that Alex had made the right decision.

“What about Chelsea? Do you think she’ll go along with this?” Brian asked.

“I’ll make sure she does,” Alex said cryptically.

At that moment, the rear left door of the jeep opened and Chelsea took her seat behind Brian. Without a word, she buckled in and folded her hands across her lap. Her face was still red from Alex’s slaps, but it was fading rapidly. Chelsea looked subdued, her gaze focused on a squirrel that skittered around the hotel’s side lawn. Despite her calm demeanor, Alex could still smell the pungent sent of her arousal. He felt rage stirring inside him, mixed with bewilderment. Didn’t she ever get enough?

“Well, there’s that beautiful lady,” Brian said with a smile.

“Here I am,” Chelsea echoed, not meeting Brian’s eyes in the mirror, not sensing Alex’s anger. She just continued her demure stare out the window.

“Alex and I have reached an agreement,” Brian started.

“Oh, is that right?” His statement captured her attention, and she finally met his stare.

“Yes,” Brian continued, “You and I will be meeting once a week. Just us. I’ll take you out, we’ll have some fun, and you’ll go home with five hundred dollars. There are some rules, though.”

“Okay,” Chelsea’s gaze dropped to her feet. “What are the rules?”

“You have to promise me you’ll never sell yourself to anyone else. Chelsea, look at me. Look directly into my eyes.”

Chelsea looked at Brian, who was straining to turn around in his seat and face her, but not quite managing since he’d left himself buckled. To compensate, he had his head twisted at an awkward angle. She would have smirked if Brian didn’t look so deadly serious. So she kept her face blank and obediently looked at his bulging eyes.

“I will never sell myself to anyone else,” she pledged.

“You will not sleep with anyone else except for Alex. Not for money, not for fun. When you do fuck Alex, you make sure he wears a condom. You got it?”

“Okay,” she replied uneasily. “No one except for you and Alex. Alex always wears a condom. I can do that.”

Alex had the worst migraine of his life. He felt sick to his stomach. The blood rushing behind his ears made the exchange between Chelsea and Brian hard to hear, but somehow he followed. Chelsea had agreed. She was going along with Brian’s plan. His head swam. He hadn’t expected Chelsea to accept this so readily. Could she be lying? Nothing in her face betrayed her, she looked calm, but maybe a little confused.

“Okay then!” Brian turned in his seat and shifted the Jeep into drive. As before, they rode out the drive from the hotel to the apartment complex in silence.

When the Jeep finally pulled up, Chelsea and Alex jumped out hastily. Brian immediately rolled down his window and called for Chelsea to come back. Alex didn’t even look back. Chelsea saw Alex’s long strides toward their building and she let out a small sigh before returning to Brian’s window.

“I just wanted you to know, I’m sorry he was so rough with you. Is he always like that?” Brian asked.

“No,” Chelsea said immediately. “I’ve never seen him behave that way.”

“Well, don’t you worry love.” Brian reached out and stroked her face. Chelsea leaned in to his caress, desperate for comfort as she was. “Things will get real easy for you, real soon. I’ll pick you up Wednesday at two. Okay?”

“Okay,” Chelsea said with a small smile. “Wednesday at two.”

Brian leaned in then and kissed her lips, poking his tongue into her mouth and exploring it. She returned his kiss with a passion that surprised both of them.

“Mmmm,” Brian moaned when they broke apart. “You’re a good kisser, I like that!”

Chelsea found herself giggling as she turned away. She made sure to sway her hips a little as she walked to her front door. Brian didn’t pull away, he just took in the sight of Chelsea’s rear end bouncing with each step. He was very pleased with the view, and he prayed he would get to drink it in time and time again.

Inside the apartment, Alex was in a frenzied state. He had watched Chelsea and Brian’s exchange from the window and it infuriated him. That’s it, he thought. Brian’s going to steal her away from me because he thinks he’s a fucking big shot. Well, you still have to pay for it buddy. I don’t. I can get it for free you stupid fuck.

The front door opened and Alex broke from his pacing. He turned to the door, trying to urge the fire into his eyes. He was going g├╝venilir bahis to put Chelsea in her place. He would make her see that he owned her, Brian just rented her.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Chelsea whirled and screamed at him as soon as she had locked the door. Alex was too shocked to answer.

“That’s your idea of a romantic surprise? You are insane. You do know what today was don’t you?” Her pitch had raised higher and higher, it sounded like she was screeching in his ears.

“Of course I fucking know!” He shouted back at her, automatically responding to her anger and intensity.

“Then tell me,” she deadpanned him. “What was so important about today?”

Alex sighed and his voice broke as he responded.

“It’s our anniversary. One year today.”

Chelsea just shook her head in anger. He knew…he fucking knew what this day was. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. She saw the anger burning in his eyes, and she didn’t care. She had the right to be angry after what he had put her through.

“Exactly. So when we woke up this morning and you told me you had a romantic surprise…” Her voice broke as tears sprang to her eyes. “My God Alex, what the hell were you thinking?”

Alex didn’t answer, he just glowered and felt the twitch in his jaw.

“No,” Chelsea said. “You don’t get to stand there and close your lips. What the fuck were you thinking? Was I supposed to enjoy that? What he did to me, what you did to me? Tell me.”

Silence permeated the room like bad cologne. The air was dense, and the tension between Alex and Chelsea was so permeable you could have cut it with a spork.

“I-I just can’t do this right now,” Alex said. “I’m leaving.”

Alex walked toward the door, but Chelsea didn’t move.

“Where are you going?” Chelsea asked.

“I don’t know,” Alex said exasperated, the pounding in his head growing stronger every second.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Chelsea demanded, throwing her body against the door with a thump.

“Yes, I’m going,” Alex said moving towards Chelsea. His idea was to pick her up and move her out of the way, but Chelsea managed to surprise him.

When Alex reached out to lift her out of the way, Chelsea jumped into his arms and threw her weight into his upper body. Off balance, Alex stumbled into the wall. Their combined weight broke the sheet rock and made a hole, roughly three feet in diameter. Chelsea landed on top of Alex, pressing him down into the wall.

“Fuck!” Alex screamed. He stood up despite Chelsea’s weight bearing down on him, and wrapped his hands around her throat.

“Calm the fuck down!” Alex screamed, squeezing tighter and blocking Chelsea’s air flow.

It took a minute and a half for Chelsea to lose consciousness. Alex laid her down, maintaining pressure until he had her laid out flat. Once she was on the ground, he removed his hands and slipped out the door. He knew he hadn’t killed her, just gave her an involuntary nap. He realized he had to leave, if he stayed and she woke up angry, he might kill her.

Two minutes later, Chelsea awoke with a start, dazed. She was on the floor, there was a hole in the wall, her throat hurt…Then after seeing the hole and feeling the oxygen returning to her brain, she recalled the events leading up to her predicament. Alex had left, she knew. Despite everything that had transpired she felt scared. She hated being alone. It weighed on her heavily.

She managed to stand up, but fell again as she put her hand into the hole that had once been the wall. The doorbell rang and Chelsea froze, splayed out on the floor.

“Chelsea?” she heard a man’s voice call. “It’s me, it’s Dom.”

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. Dom lived on the floor above their apartment, technically the apartment directly above theirs. He was a nice guy, he had been over for visits many times, but constantly complained about how loud they were during sex. Chelsea had been frightened that someone had called the cops during the exchange.

Opening the door, Chelsea started to say, “I’m sorry for the noise-“

Dom cut her off with a hug.

“Shut up Chelsea.” He said affectionately. “I heard everything.”

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief and rested her head on Dom’s shoulder. Dom had been her pseudo-older brother ever since she and Alex had moved in. He was a larger than any average man, at two hundred pounds for his five feet five inch frame. He was always warm and empathetic. the latter of which Chelsea was grateful for in that moment.

“Dom,” She cried. “I fucked up, I fucked up bad.”

“No, no honey,” Dom said as he pulled her in tightly. He examined the hole in the wall, it explained the loud thud then crash he had heard. He reluctantly unwrapped Chelsea’s arms from his shoulders and glanced with meaning at the wall.

“Did he do that?” He looked deeply into her eyes.

“N-No,” Chelsea stammered, not dropping his gaze. “I did that.”

She was so serious he couldn’t help but laugh. She stomped her foot indignantly.

“What’s so funny about that?” t├╝rk├že bahis She huffed.

“Nothing,” Dom said, chuckling. “I just wish I could have seen that smug bastards face when you put him through a wall.”

She smacked his arm playfully, but her eyes remained serious.

“He left you know.” She looked at him imploringly. “Where do you think he went?”

“In words spoken by a greater man than I. ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.'” He waited for Chelsea’s giggles to die down before gathering her in his arms again.

“I’m just happy you’re okay sweetheart.”

She shook in his arms at that statement.

“You are okay aren’t you?” He whispered against her hair, that gorgeous hair that looked like it had been kissed by strawberries. He felt his hands running circles over her shoulder blades, and he willed himself not to pop a boner against her. He knew she needed comfort, but he was very attracted to her, yet he wasn’t going to take advantage of the poor girl.

“I’m okay.” She said convincingly. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince him or herself. She broke away then and wiped the tears from her eyes. He hated how beautiful she looked when she cried.

“So,” she started, “Would you like a drink? I have a few beers, some vodka in the freezer.”

“No, I have something for you, just give me a minute to go grab it, okay?”

CHelsea nodded and smiled. “Guess I’m going to put on something a little more…comfortable.”

Dom smiled. “Aw, but you look great how you are.”

Chelsea swatted his arm. “Shut up.”

With that she turned and headed to her bedroom to change. He noted the briskness of her pace, the methodic way she walked away from him. It was clear to him that she didn’t consider him in a romantic sense. He accepted that, she was so beautiful and kind he was happy just to be in her presence.

She made him laugh and smile, she was smart to boot. He never got bored with Chelsea around. Finally he turned to the door and headed up the stairs to his apartment. He had been saving this bottle for a special occasion, but he couldn’t think of anything more special then having Chelsea to himself for an evening.

Smiling, he released his prized possession from the fridge. Johnnie Walker Black, full litre, never opened. It had been his graduation present from college. He had never tasted it. He bought handles of Johnnie Red on the regular, but the black felt special. He couldn’t wait to share it with Chelsea. She was so fascinating, so innocent and worldly at the same time.

He hastily returned to her apartment. He rang the bell and the door opened automatically, since she was waiting for him. He was mildly disappointed to find her in shorts and a tee shirt, he thought by more comfortable she meant more sexy. Not that he was complaining. She always looked fantastic.

“Johnnie!” He exclaimed.

“Hmm,” she said, pressing a finger to her lips. “I have a password now?”

“Um, no…I just was showing you…”

“Too late!” she exclaimed. “Johnnie is the password. You may enter, this time.” She shifted her eyes from side to side for emphasis.

Dom just laughed. It was going to be a great night.

Chelsea grabbed two glasses and put ice cubes in each. Dom poured his Johnnie over the two cups, filling them about three quarters of the way. They talked and talked, Chelsea laughing and smiling, contributing her own jokes now and then. Inevitably, when the conversation stilled, she would look down to her feet then take a sip. After an hour and two glasses, it was apparent she was becoming very intoxicated.

“He’s just such a bastard!” She cried. “Who does that on their anniversary?”

Dom just shook his head. He knew how drunk Chelsea was, but he knew she wasn’t wrong about Alex. The guy was a straight up loser. Irritable, condescending, mean..he really didn’t know what she saw in him.

Chelsea sighed suddenly, and stretched out on the couch. While she stretched, her shorts inched higher and higher up her thighs.

Alex drank in the sight of those creamy thighs, imagining the bounty that lay just north of them.

“You want me don’t you?” Chelsea said suddenly.

“I’m not going to lie to you Chelsea,” Dom breathed in deeply. “You are extremely attractive and you have the most amazing personality. Of course I want you.” He exhaled, steadying himself.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you,” he continued emphatically. “I can see how vulnerable you are right now. I don’t want to do something that you’ll end up regretting.”

Chelsea sat up straight at that, and look over at Dom.

“How could I regret something that I want so very much?”

Dom’s jaw dropped, shocked at what Chelsea had said, Could it be, she really wanted him too?

Chelsea crossed the short distance from the couch to the chair where Dom was sitting. Even in a plain tee and shorts, she oozed sensuality. She sat in his lap facing away from him, then reached back to caress his neck and shoulders, giving him a spectacular view of her slim body and large breasts. He didn’t touch her, he was g├╝venilir bahis siteleri afraid. Until she reached back and moved his hands to her ample breasts.

“Mmm..” She moaned with pleasure as she felt his hands cup them, then reach underneath her shirt and bra.

“I’m not vulnerable,” she breathed into his ear, with a confidence she didn’t know she possessed. “I need this, I need you. You look out for me, you take care of me. I want you-oh!” Chelsea exclaimed as Dom leaned around her body. Chelsea stripped her bra and shirt, giving Dom easy access to suck in one of her gorgeous nipples.

They’re perfect, Dom thought as he pulled the tiny pink bud into his mouth. Two perfectly even C cups, with medium sized pink nipples at the tips. These are the breasts mean dream about.

Chelsea writhed under Dom’s lips and tongue. She had been horribly aroused all day and now, with a man she knew she could trust, she allowed her barriers to break down. Dom’s tongue flicked the tip of her nipple as he sucked the skin around it into his mouth. Her nipple engorged, the blood rushing to the site where Dom’s lips had attached themselves. Chelsea was in heaven and hell. She wanted more.

“Oh,” she cried as she felt Dom’s free hand caressing her other breast. “Let’s do something else.”

Dom groaned audibly when she pulled away from him. Then Dom groaned for a different reason when he saw Chelsea kneel down and put her hands to his zipper. She freed his cock in seconds, but it refused to grow hard. It just lay there, limply, despite the arousal Dom felt and the sight of Chelsea’s spectacular breasts heaving up and down while she stroked his cock.

“Mmm,” Chelsea licked her lips and groaned, undeterred by the state of him.

“Looks like you want me to work for it, don’t you?”

Dom was torn. He couldn’t fathom the reason for his softness. Yeah, it had been awhile, but in front of him was the most beautiful girl he had ever pictured. He should be raging!

“Don’t stress babe,” Chelsea said. “I’ve wanted this for so long now, I’ll make sure we both get what we want.”

At that, she lowered her head down to his balls. Dom could feel her breath heating him. After his balls had been warmed sufficiently, Chelsea traced a line with the tip of her tongue from the seam of his balls to the tip of his dick,never stopping, just keeping her tongue soft yet stiff at the same time. Dom moaned, he had never experienced anything like this. He had experienced a few hasty blow jobs, but it seemed Chelsea truly enjoyed what she was doing to him. When her tongue reached his tip, she made circles around his head, taking care to flick his sensitive spot just underneath where it began.

Dom was lost in pleasure and he didn’t care. Chelsea’s tongue and lips were caressing him to heights of pleasure he didn’t know existed. He was tempted to bury his cock in her throat with one deep thrust but somehow he managed to hold back. He was enjoying her exploration and he got the sense she was enjoying it too.

Chelsea pulled back after a moment. She was completely naked. Dom breathed in and out deeply, his eyes glazed over as he watched the beautiful woman in front of him stand and reveal her bare pussy. He was greeted by the sight of her bald pussy, no hair at all, even lips meeting between the center of her legs. His cock finally grew to full hardness.

“Chelsea,” Dom breathed in and out. “You’re so damned beautiful.”

CHelsea started to giggle, but it was quickly stifled by Dom’s lips over hers. Chelsea returned his kiss, as it was full of passion and warmth. She relished this moment, it was so different from what she had experienced earlier in her day. Dom’s arms circled her back and pulled her closer to him. Chelsea moaned into Dom’s mouth. She even went so far as to press her tongue between his lips and explore him further. She was extremely turned on, his kiss was warm, supple, in a way that she hadn’t experienced from Brian or Alex.

As much as Chelsea enjoyed Dom’s kiss, she broke away and lowered herself to the ground, turning her body to face him as she unsheathed his cock. She was hungry to please him, Dom had never been crude to her, always kind and warm. She wanted to show him how kind and warm her mouth could be.

Dom could only sit back and groan when Chelsea enveloped his cock between her lips. She was so eager as she swallowed his entire length, then sucked in her cheeks and dragged her lips up to the tip of his cock. Dom was in heaven, writhing as Chelsea repeated her process. Eventually, Dom put his hands over the back of Chelsea’s head, but he didn’t force her head down. Instead he eased her off his cock.

“Did I do something wrong?” Chelsea implored, her eyes full of questions.

“No,” Dom smiled. “You are amazing.”

Chelsea looked even more confused.

“Just let me give you a little of what you gave me,” Dom said, encouraging Chelsea up off her feet and laying her back onto the couch.

Chelsea laid back completely naked, legs splayed and her bare pussy exposed. Dom had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life. Her right leg hooked over the edge of the sofa, and her left hung down to the ground, her knee almost pressing into the ground. He couldn’t believe her flexibility. She seemed fully relaxed. Dom couldn’t restrain himself.

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