The ROTC Inspection Pt. 03

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NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual relations are over the age of 18. As with previous chapters of this story, my apologies in advance for any errors in military procedures or protocols. If you enjoy, please vote for this story. Thank you.


Capt. Ellen King wasn’t quite sure what to make of the text she’d just received from Marine Sgt. Maria Flores. The first part was clear; it was the address at which she was to meet Flores at noon. It was a location unfamiliar to Ellen, but just off campus and therefore more convenient than either of their homes for the lunchtime rendezvous. The two weren’t meeting for lunch but so that Ellen could make good on the bet she lost to Maria that morning. Ellen, however, was certain that paying off the bet meant eating something, just not food.

It was the second line of the text that really puzzled her. It read: bring one of your special cadets if you can! She knew who Maria was referring to, of course. Cadet Parsons or Cadet Jefferson, both of whom were enrolled in the Air Force ROTC unit to which King was assigned, and with whom both King and Flores had been having torrid sexual encounters whenever and wherever they could over the past several months. But never at the address listed, as far as Ellen could recall and she wondered who lived there.

She also couldn’t figure out why she needed to bring a cadet, since the bet only involved her and Sgt. Flores. Not that she was opposed to the idea of a lunchtime threesome in theory, if that’s what Maria had in mind. But her busy schedule made that pretty much impossible. She had a morning class for her master’s program, an afternoon meeting with her thesis advisor, and in-between barely enough time to finish a report for her boss, Lt. Col. Peterson, that was due by 1700 hours, or 5 p.m. in civilian speak.

That morning, she had been out for her morning jog on the still dark streets around campus when she’d spied a familiar figure come around a corner a block ahead. She had picked up her pace and caught up with the pretty Hispanic Marine, and they had decided to finish their runs together. As they approached the agreed-upon completion point, Maria had suggested a race to the finish, with the loser providing a lunchtime treat for the winner. Ellen had agreed both because she thought she could win and because losing most likely meant going down on Maria, and Ellen was always up for that anyway. She also reasoned that Maria would probably return the favor; she wasn’t the sort to leave a girl hanging.

As it was almost noon, she pushed back her office chair and wandered down the hallway, checking to see if either of the students in question was around. It being a Friday, she doubted it, especially since there were no formal cadet activities planned. However, she got lucky. Carey Jefferson was lounging on a couch in the cadet study room. She was wearing shorts and a sleeveless button-up blue blouse with sandals, looking the very picture of the relaxed college coed. She glanced at her captain as she appeared in the doorway and smiled.

“Hi captain, what’s up?”

“Hi Jefferson,” Ellen said. Even though they were regularly going down on each other, they never called each other by anything less formal than rank or last name, so that they would never inadvertently address the other in an inappropriate manner. They were very conscious how much damage a slip of the tongue could do.

“What are you doing for lunch, cadet?” Ellen asked.

“I didn’t have any plans, ma’am. Just grab something over at the union, I guess.”

“In that case, come with me. I need you to do me and Sgt. Flores a favor,” Ellen said. “And go ahead and bring your books. I’m not sure how long this will take.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Carey said, looking intrigued. She didn’t ask any questions, but inwardly hoped she was about to get lucky. She had a strong libido, even for a 21-year-old college student.

Less than 10 minutes later, the two women pulled up outside an upscale condo complex just off campus. They could have walked, but driving took less time, and Ellen figured she might need every minute she could get.

“Who lives here, ma’am,” Carey asked. She knew it wasn’t Ellen or Maria, since she had spent nights in both their beds over the past couple of months.

“I’m not sure,” Ellen replied. “But this is the address Flores sent me. It’s the upstairs one on the corner.”

They mounted a set of concrete steps and Ellen knocked on the door. The door was opened almost immediately by Maria Flores wearing camouflage pants, an olive-green USMC t-shirt and boots. She smiled at the two women.

“Hey captain, glad you could make it. And thanks for bringing Jefferson along.”

“Happy to be here, I guess,” Ellen said grinning. She stepped through the door, followed by Carey, and Maria closed the door behind them. Only then did Ellen step toward the marine and give her a very affectionate kiss.

“Hey, what about me, ma’ams,” Carey protested once they pulled illegal bahis apart.

“Sorry Jefferson,” Flores said and pulled the pretty African-American cadet to her and pushed her tongue into her mouth.

“By the way, what is Jefferson doing here?” Ellen asked.

“Oh, well, as to that, I’d like you to meet Midshipman Tina Walker. This is her place and since she was willing to let us use it, I thought perhaps we might make it a double date, so to speak,” Maria said.

A tall, thin girl with short, strawberry blonde hair in a pixie cut stepped forward, smiled and extended her hand. Walker was wiry but muscular, and Ellen thought she was pretty in a homely, girl-next-door kind of way, although Walker had not been blessed with much in the way of a bosom. Her tits were the type sometimes rudely referred to as mosquito-bite breasts. She was wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a white tank top with no bra. Her long-thin nipples were erect and very noticeable.

Ellen and then Carey shook her hand, but both must have looked a little confused as the midshipman blushed, turning a deep red under the sprinkling of freckles covering her face. “I’m sorry, I thought… I supposed that you all had discussed this and…”

Her voice trailed off and she stepped back, casting a quick glance at her sergeant.

“I’m lost,” Carey said. “What should have been discussed?

“Here’s the deal, Jefferson,” Ellen said. “This morning, I lost a bet to Sgt. Flores and now I’m here to pay up and I think she is hoping that you can entertain Midshipman Walker while I take care of the sergeant.”

“So I’m like her payment for letting you two use this place?”

The room was suddenly tense, and Tina, still blushing, stepped forward again. “No, no, not at all. Really, it wasn’t meant like that at all. When Sarge told me about her rendezvous with your captain, she mentioned that she’d hooked up with a couple of cadets, and I just thought, well, that it would be cool to meet some other students like me.”

“So you and the sergeant…” Carey inquired.

“Um, yeah, a few times.”

Ellen wondered if Tina was going to faint as her face had grown a shade of red usually seen only on the ripest tomatoes. Carey drew in a deep breath and turned to Ellen and Maria.

“You know Sergeant, Captain, I might be a little ticked about this arrangement if she weren’t so darn cute,” she said, then smiled and cast a friendly glance at Tina. “But since you are, I’m think maybe we should head back to your bedroom and leave these two to whatever it is they have to do.”

Tina face split into a broad smile and Carey by the hand. “It’s just down here.”

“Oh, and Sarge,” Carey called back over her shoulder as the midshipman led her down the hall, “Please don’t do any permanent damage to the captain. A couple of us kind of like her.”

“Thanks, Jefferson,” Ellen called after her.

“Oh, don’t worry, Captain,” Maria said, sideling up to her and cupping her ass with one hand. “I think we both know what kind of treat I’m wanting.”

Ellen gave her a sexy grin. “That’s what I figured. In fact, that’s why I let you win.”

Maria gave a bark of laughter then moved over to the couch. She pulled off her boots and removed her pants and underwear. Sitting down, she spread her legs and coyly curled a finger at Ellen.

“Come on slowpoke,” she said. “And this time, definitely take your time.”

Ellen slowly stepped toward the sergeant, her mouth started to actually water at the site of the bare and glistening slit between Maria’s legs. She knelt before the sexy marine and leaned forward, delicately running the tip of her tongue along Maria’s swollen labia. She repeated the act several times before forcing just the tip deeper into the fold’s of Maria’s sex, eliciting a soft moan from her.

“Oh yeah, that’s so nice,” she whispered. “Just take it nice and slow, so I can really relish this.”

Maria was determined to make her treat last as long as possible. She loved the site of the beautiful Air Force captain, still in full uniform, on her knees worshiping at her cunt. Since being posted to the Naval ROTC unit at the university, she’d had a number of lovers including at least a dozen students, three professors and an associate dean. And that didn’t include Ellen or the three cadets she was regularly bedding. But it was Ellen who was her favorite. There was just something about a commissioned officer licking her non-com pussy that thrilled Maria no end.

Ellen, on the other hand, was determined to use all of her vast experience and skill to get Maria off as quickly as possible. Of course she had to start slow, but she had no intention of maintaining that pace. She only had so much time and she needed Maria to get off so she, or one of the two coeds down the hall, would have time to get her off.

She had been horny all morning. It started in her post-run shower, when she had begun to fantasize about giving Maria her treat. She had leaned against the tiled illegal bahis siteleri wall, eased back the water pressure and adjusted the hand-held shower head to massage. Then she let the water gently pound on her pussy, up and down the labia and then on the clit whiles with her other hand she tweaked first one nipple than the other. It took just a few minutes before a nice, gentle orgasm washed up her body and she slowly slid down the wall, resting for a few minutes before finishing her shower.

But for Ellen King, masturbation was like Chinese food; her arousal always returned in spades, and such was the case this morning. It wasn’t helped by her having Prof. Carter’s class at 10 a.m. Dennis Carter looked like he could be George Clooney’s long-lost younger brother. He had short, well-groomed dark hair, broad shoulders, and shiny white teeth and was always dressed impeccably. On more than one occasion, Ellen had given serious thought to a seduction attempt, but didn’t want to jeopardize getting her master’s degree.

Her arousal was boosted even more by having Nina Earhardt sitting next to her in class. Nina was the only undergraduate in the class, a six-foot-tall Amazon goddess with long, straight raven-black hair, a nose ring and half-sleeve tattoos running up both arms from her elbows to her shoulders. She was a fifth-year senior on the university’s volleyball team who was getting a head start on her graduate degree and had an ass that Ellen was certain was as hard as reinforced steel. One day, she’d worn her tight volleyball shorts to class and Ellen almost creamed herself.

Ellen had barely been able to focus on the morning’s lecture, since she kept picturing herself in a threesome with Nina and Dennis at various locations across campus: the 50-yard line on the football field, the faculty lounge in the union, the sauna at the student gym and, most bizarrely, among the dusty stacks of books in the library’s basement. On the walk back to her office, she was convinced her pussy was leaving a trail of drops as she traversed campus. Once in her office, she thought about getting herself off again, but disciplined herself into working on Col. Peterson’s report, counting on Maria’s talented tongue to ease her need come noon.

Now that she was finally with Maria, she was determined not to let the opportunity go to waste. She increased the pace of her licking, ignoring her partner’s protests, and began using her fingers, lips and tongue in an all-out effort to get Maria off. Maria fought her urge and even tried to pull back a little to buy herself more time, but Ellen was too determined and eventually, and with time to spare, the marine’s body bucked and her increasingly tense muscles convulsed as the orgasm finally hit.

“Oh fuck yes,” she cried out, legs clamping down on Ellen’s head.

About fucking time, Ellen thought. She stood and looked down at the satisfied Latina. “My turn, right?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Maria purred softly, giving Ellen a soft smile. “You lost, remember. I don’t owe you shit, Captain.”

Ellen rolled her eyes and cocked her head at Maria. “Oh come on, you wouldn’t really do that, would you? I’m horny as fuck.”

“I’m just messing with you. Go ahead and shed that skirt.”

Ellen sighed in relief and had just reached back to undo the zipper when her cell phone rang. Shit, she thought, looking at the screen. “It’s my boss. Hold on.”

She answered and listened, then said, “that’s fine, sir, it’s not a problem,” and then, after a pause, “Not at all, sir, I can definitely have it to you by fifteen-hundred hours…yes sir…goodbye sir.”

“Fuck,” she exclaimed after she hung up. “Peterson needs my report two hours early. Shit, shit, shit.”

Maria looked sympathetically at her lover. “I’m so sorry Captain. I can make it as quick as possible.”

“No, I’ve got to get going. I better go tell Jefferson.” She shook her head, cursing the unfairness of life at times.

Ellen adjusted her uniform and headed down the hall. Maria, naked from the waist down, followed her. When they got to Tina’s room, they could hear the sounds of sex coming through the door. Ellen opened it without knocking and stuck her head in.

Carey and Tina were lying naked on the bed, their bodies entwined, their mouths pressed hard against each other. Carey had her hand between the midshipman’s legs, clearly fingering her cunt while Tina was mauling the Air Force cadet’s breasts. The contrast between her creamy white skin and Carey’s rich mahogany flesh was striking and incredibly erotic to Ellen. She had to fight the urge to tear off her clothes and join them.

Tina noticed her first and broke their kiss, turning to look at the door. “Hey Captain. Why don’t you get out of that uniform and join us? You too, Sarge.”

“God, I wish I could,” Ellen said, “But I’ve got to go. I’m assuming you’re staying, cadet?”

“If that’s alright with you Ma’am,” she said, running a finger around one of Tina’s long, canl─▒ bahis siteleri stiff nipples.

Maria gently squeezed passed Ellen and stepped toward the bed. She pulled off her t-shirt and shed her bra.

“Wait, you’re staying,” Ellen asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I’m off this afternoon, and there’s no way I’m skipping this,” Maria said.

Ellen just shook her head, unable to believe her luck today. “I’ll lock the door on my way out. Have fun,” she said, not quite able to hide the jealousy in her voice.

She raced back to her office, knowing she needed to focus like a laser on her report in order to get it done in time. The colonel was flying to Washington this afternoon and he wanted her to email him a finished version well before he boarded the plane, which would be sometime around 16:00 hours. Since she had a meeting with her thesis advisor an hour earlier, she needed to get it done ASAP. So she somehow manage to push the images of Carey, Tina and Maria lying next to each other, their fingers and mouths roaming all over their soft, tender bodies, from her mind.

Less than two hours later, she leaned back in her chair, having just emailed a copy of the report to Col. Peterson and a backup to his civilian assistant, Christine Dowd. She glanced at the clock on the screen and saw she had about 15 minutes before she had to meet Prof. Hallowell. She stood, stretched her arms above her head, and checked her briefcase to make sure she had everything she needed for her meeting.

Shouldering her bag, she shut down the computer and headed down the hall toward Peterson’s office and the elevators. She decided to give Christine, who everyone called Chrissy, a head’s up that the report had been sent in case Peterson had any problems accessing it. But when she got to her desk, the woman was nowhere in sight; a sign taped to her monitor said she would be back in 10 minutes but did not say when she had left.

Ellen decided not to wait; opting to leave a note and call her once she got to Hallowell’s office to make sure she’d seen it. She pulled a ballpoint from a coffee cup adorned with a picture of Chrissy’s husband and twin 10-year-old boys. She was just about to put pen to paper when she heard a thump from Peterson’s office, followed by giggling. She frowned and looked over at his closed door. She guessed one or more cadets had taken advantage of Dowd’s absence to sneak into his office. They were either pulling some sort of prank or rifling through his files, maybe looking for test answers.

She quietly stepped to the door and tried the handle. It was locked, but as she stood there, she could definitely hear voices. She stepped back to Chrissy’s drawer and pulled out the spare keys she knew were kept there, and as silently as she could, unlocked the door, gently pushed it open and stealthily stepped inside.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Sitting on the colonel’s leather couch were Chrissy and Lynne Parsons, the cadet corps’ executive officer and the second of Ellen’s ‘special’ cadets. Chrissy’s long, floral patterned peasant skirt was pushed up to her waist and her mint-green blouse was unbuttoned. Her front-hook bra was undone and two large luscious mounds of pink flesh spilled out into Lynne Parson’s waiting and eager hands. All of the cadet’s clothing as well as Chrissy’s panties were lying on the floor by the couch. The pretty blonde student was squeezing tits while Chrissy’s arms roamed up and down the sexy coed’s body. The two women were so completely lost in their lustful makeout session that Ellen probably could have stood there for minutes watching them without either noticing.

“Good afternoon ladies,” she said in a soft, calm voice, hoping not to freak Chrissy out too much. Lynne she knew wouldn’t be the least bit panicked; just a little perturbed that her fun had been interrupted.

Soft voice or no, though, Chrissy immediately threw herself back from the young woman she had just been groping and desperately tried to cover up. She jumped t o her feet, looking terrified at Ellen.

“Oh God, Captain, I’m so sorry, it’s just…oh God,” she gasped. “I don’t know what to say. Please, I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell the Colonel.”

Ellen had intended to play at being the hard-ass, just for fun, but upon seeing Chrissy’s distress realized she couldn’t do it. Instead, she stepped up to the woman and took her hand.

“It’s okay, Chrissy, it’s okay. Just breathe deeply.” She looked into the secretary’s eyes, smiling gently down at the shorter woman, who just stared back at her, unable to speak.

“Yeah, Chrissy, just relax,” Lynne said, standing and walking over to them. “Captain King isn’t going to tell the Colonel, are you?”

She turned to Ellen, and then leaned in and kissed her, slipping her tongue into Ellen’s mouth. Ellen returned the kiss with equal fervor, wrapping an arm around Lynne and slipping her other hand into the student’s wet pussy, causing her to moan softly.

“What…what the hell?” Chrissy stuttered, her already strained mind struggling mightily to comprehend what she was seeing.

Ellen broke the kiss and turned back to Chrissy. “It’s a long story, but why don’t you tell me first how long this has been going on?”

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