The Robinsons Ch. 03

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Authors Note

My thanks to AquaFire for editing and ReadyOne for help with punctuation.

This section contains a bit of GM action. I’m told some people are offended by accidently stumbling across this when it’s not expected. So please take this warning and expect it. You can always shut your eyes for that bit it; doesn’t exist if you can’t see it.

This is the third chapter in a longish series I have planned. I have written(ish) the first five chapters whether I finish the rest will be dependent on whether people are reading and enjoying and whether I’m still enjoying writing

The full story will explore themes such as incest, water sports, male on male, submission, if any of these turn you off then don’t read at all or skip the bits you don’t like.

I’d like to acknowledge Beaverhunt. I wanted to do that from Ch 1 but I couldn’t find the story that inspired me to write this but someone has pointed this out in a comment for Ch 2. Whilst the idea (family being controlled by a game) is undoubtedly his; these are my own works.

Sorry for the delay it was rejected for punctuation issues; Hopefully Ch 4 isn’t far behind.

Everyone in this story is over 18.


The next morning was fairly normal. I was in the kitchen by 7am as always and the kids were still in bed. Kath came into the kitchen with an armful of bedding; she was wearing my blue work shirt from yesterday, it wasn’t quite long enough to cover the white cotton panties that were obviously fresh from her underwear drawer and she’s only fastened a few buttons exposing the heave of her breasts. I loved that look I could have stayed and watched her all morning but I had an early meeting to prepare for.

“Sorry baby, we made a mess last night didn’t we?”

I don’t know why I apologized but it just seemed right given that I didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of last night’s activities.

“Ha! No need to apologise.”

She shoved her nose into the bedding and theatrically inhaled.

“It smells like we had a good time anyway,” she said with a wink and walked off towards the wash room.

I took one last look at her magnificent ass and shapely legs disappearing down the corridor; groaning as I headed out for work.

I returned home about 5 and I was greeted with a similar scene to the previous night. All three were stood around a white box, all three looking at me expectantly.

“Hurry up Steve! The kids are close to exploding.”

I approached the counter and saw an open letter next to the sealed box; I picked it up and read aloud.

“Well done for entering the game. As before, the box must be opened when you are all together.”

“Ok,” I said as I scanned the other three’s faces; I suspected I knew the answer to this but needed to ask anyway, “Is anyone not wanting to continue?”

There was no objections just enthusiastic agreement and excitement at what was to come. I opened the box; inside were seven envelopes and four smaller packages. I took them out and placed them on the counter. Four of the envelopes were fatter and had our names on, I handed them out and we all tore them open.

“Wow, OMG it’s real!” shouted Mary running around waving a fist full of cash and doing a little skipping dance.

The rest of us pulled out our money with a bit more restraint and decorum. It felt slightly wrong, I didn’t need or want the cash, but I knew that I had to be included otherwise it would look odd.

With the money set aside; I opened the envelope marked No. 1 and continued to read.

“Tonight’s game is in three parts. Part one must be completed before part 2 and the same for part 3. You will wear only the clothes I have provided for you which you must wear for an hour before starting the next phase.

“After the allotted hour you will masturbate until you come, you will not remove the pants when you do. I have provided vibrators for the women, however, you are free to use your own toys if you prefer or using any other method that works for you. You will sit opposite each other whilst you masturbate and cum, but you must not expose yourself. You will video the masturbation session and upload as before. Complete this task and your reward will be $4000 each.”

I looked around but again, no one seemed disgusted by the idea. In fact just the opposite everyone’ face told me that they were keen to get on with it.

I opened my box and found a very similar pair of shorts to last night; Pete opened his and found the same. We both turned to the girls to see what sexy numbers they had been sent but they pulled out exactly the same that me and Pete had except theirs were light grey. Puzzled, we looked at each other and peered into the box looking for the rest. There weren’t any other items of clothes but there were 4 dice which I lifted out and put on the counter.

“That’s an unusual definition of ‘clothes’ this isn’t going to cover much,” Kath said, holding up the pants.

“Sounds awful,” I joked, bahis firmaları Pete and I burst out laughing.

“Perverts,” Mary accused with a smile. “You two just want to see our tits.”

“Guilty,” I admitted, my eyes scanning the tight tee shirts that wrapped their chests imagining what was hidden below.

Suddenly, the realization of what we were considering doing kicked in. Mary reached into the box and pulled out the two pink vibrators.

“What do you think mom, are we up for this?”

“Well these two saw my tits and your nipples yesterday, so that’s not much of a step. My worry is that when I cum, I get wet and these pants won’t hide much.” Kath looked around the room searching for support. Her eyes settled on Pete hoping for his permission and perhaps some encouragement.

“Fuck mom, I really want to see that,” his voice was husky, “I don’t know why you are worried, if me and dad come in our pants it’s going to be a lot wetter for us.” That was all the encouragement that Kath needed.

“Ok then,” she shrugged, “I’m in if everyone else is.” With that Kath and Mary went to get changed.

Pete and I put our shorts on; again they were tight and gave no chance for us to hide our cocks. At my suggestion, we busied ourselves. We had 2 three-seat sofas laid out in an L shape which faced the TV; we rearranged them so they were facing each other only about 4 feet apart and set the camera up ready. I dimmed the lighting to set the mood but left it bright enough so that we could easily see.

We both gave a collective wolf whistle as the girls walked back into the room. The scene was both mind blowing and cock hardening. It was the first time I had seen Mary’s tits in their full glory and oh my god they were every bit as perfect as I imagined that they would be. A good size for her frame perhaps a C cup; they didn’t droop at all and had small pink nipples straining from the barely visible areola. It was all I could do to stop myself rushing across to her and devouring those perfect titties.

I glanced across at Pete, his eyes were roaming between his sister’s and mom’s tits and pantie clad pussies.

“Fuck me!” he mumbled under his breath.

Their gaze was every bit as hungry, travelling between mine and Pete’s fully erect cocks, clearly outlined in the pants we were wearing. I swear I saw Kath lick her lips as she scanned Pete’s torso.

Kath asked, “So what do we do now?” Her voice was sultry dripping with sexual anticipation.

“The letter said we have to stay like this for an hour,” Pete responded with a shrug.

The next hour dragged and it was clear that we were all keen to move onto the task. We had wine, we ate, we chatted but we spent most of the time gazing at each other with abandon. Gone was any idea of decorum or surreptitious glances, we openly stared at what each other had to offer.

I soon realized that the tight grey boy shorts was a genius idea; not only did the colour help provide definition but because there was no gusset the material covering their pussy was a thin stretch cotton. The folds, creases and lips, the rise and fall of their pussies were all clearly visible through the material that wrapped their sex. And after a few minutes, a thin dark line appeared showing where their pussies gave way to their deep inner wetness, an obvious sign of their arousal. Any notion of us only doing this for the money to fund the kids’ college was gone, although it was a great pretence, we were ready to fuck.

After the allotted hour we started the camera and took up our positions. Each of us sat in the corner with the girls sharing one sofa and me and Pete on another.

The girls sat with the knees demurely pressed together I sensed a nervousness to commit to what we were about to do or perhaps it was some sort of mock modesty especially given their obvious arousal; I couldn’t be sure.

Pete on the other-hand wasted no time; his hand went straight to his cock, his eyes fixed on his mother, scanning between her tits and between her legs.

Kath watched Pete’s frantic attempts and when she spoke her voice was thick with smoky passion.

“Pete slow down baby, if we’re going to do this, let’s take the time to enjoy it.”

With that, she opened her legs placing her right foot on the centre cushion giving her son a lewd display.

Pete let out a quiet, “Fuck me, look at that.” His voice was full of animal lust.

Whilst from the front there was only a thin line of wetness, when Kath revealed between her legs, that thin damp line gave way to a large glistening damp patch all the way from her pussy to where her puckered anus was.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I told you I got wet.”

“Mom that looks awesome,” Pete smiled at her.

Kath smiled back gazing at Pete making sure she had his full attention. She began to trace her finger along the fold of her pussy, her finger nail drawing a line from her clit, across her wet panties to her little brown hole; the pressure was gentle but kaçak iddaa insistent. When she removed her hand she had pressed her panties into the fold of her pussy and even a little into her puckered ass hole; making it obvious to Pete what lay below.

Pete made some sort of animal growling noise; his hips were bucking back and forth as he fucked some imaginary pussy. Fuck he was turned on but eventually he restrained himself and slowed his pace.

I turned to Mary, she looked so amazing, so beautiful, so sexy, the lithe young form of my daughter just feet away clad in just a pair of grey shorts. I slipped my hand inside my pants and began to massage the head of my cock between my thumb and forefinger. We’d definitely crossed a line. I was now openly playing with myself whilst my eyes scanned my nearly naked daughter. She was watching her mom’s lewd show as she stroked her wet pussy through her pants; the arousal on her face was clear.

She turned to me and with a smile lifted her left leg onto the sofa; her calf resting against her mom’s. With the base of her panties exposed, I could see that hers weren’t quite as wet as her mom’s but she had definitely creamed her pants and was every bit as turned on as the rest of us. The outline of her young pussy was clearly visible through the thin wet cotton. We were so close I thought I could smell her.

As she watched me massage my cock she cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger, making it stand out even further. Her breath quickened as she stimulated herself then her hand slowly slipped down her rib cage; across her tight stomach and slipped under the waistband of her panties. She cupped her young pussy; rubbing herself and enjoying spreading her wetness as she made her sex slippery. Then slipped her middle finger into her slit; I could see her knuckle pressing against the damp cotton material of her panties as she pleasured herself her finger slipping easily in to her sex. She waited until we made eye contact then pulled her hand out and brought her finger to her nose and inhaled deeply; she put her finger in her mouth and made a show of wrapping her tongue around it and sucking it clean.

It was Kath’s turn to groan as she watched the show from our daughter; she looked at the finger as if she wanted to devour it. She grabbed the vibrator and began to rub it along the groove she’d created earlier; pressing it into her cunt as far as the pants would allow. Any idea of slow and gentle appeared to have gone. Kath needed to come now.

We all took Kath’s lead and picked up the pace. I could see Pete take a hold of his cock and once again masturbate. His pace matched his breaths as he watched his mom’s lewd show. His eyes flicking between his moms face contorted with pleasure and the pink vibrator between her legs.

I too began rubbing with more urgency. I didn’t need to stroke; in this charged atmosphere the small amount of stimulation I could get within the confines of the tight pants would be enough.

Mary picked up the other vibrator. She roughly pulled her waistband forward and down which allowed her to get the buzzing head against her clit. Her pussy was still hidden from me but only just; I could see the smooth hairless skin which I knew was the gateway to her tight young cunt. The noise of the two vibes, the rapid course breathing and smell of sex added to the intense heavy atmosphere of the room, we were all getting close.

Pete came first. His hips lifted from the sofa as he grunted.

“Fuck, mommy I’m coming!” he cried as he released his seed into his pants. His orgasm seemed to go on for minutes, his body jerked as stream after stream soaked the inside of his shorts.

“That’s it baby, come for mommy,” Kath managed to rasp out as her own orgasm hit.

She whimpered as her own release came, her hips thrusting forward as if fucking some invisible cock, her pants were soaking and I could smell her from here.

I looked across at Mary; I think she knew that I wanted to come last. The urgency of the vibrator increased and her breath got quicker.

“Daddy, look at me when I come,” she pleaded.

Hell, I was never going to look anywhere else.

“Cum for him, cum for your daddy baby he wants to see it,” Kath urged her on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk, ” she screamed as her climax hit.

She came, hard, her body racked as her orgasm overtook her. Her chest and breasts flush with colour as she released. The wet stain spreading as her pussy gushed new wetness and as her climax subsided she finished with a shiver.

I was ready. I had built up the pressure with small rapid movements and was now ready for my own release.

“Fuck I’m coming,” was all I could say as my own orgasm hit. I felt my cum push through my cock and release with a force I hadn’t felt since I was a young man. I groaned and fell forward as the last spurt left me.

We all sat there recovering, no talking just breathing as we all came down. We had crossed kaçak bahis any line of normal behaviour and we could, maybe even should, have been embarrassed but I didn’t see that in anyone’s face. All I saw was excitement, satisfaction, warmth. I knew that the tension had been built to the point where one orgasm wasn’t enough to properly satisfy anyone but there were two more tasks waiting for us that hopefully, would provide some relief.

After a minute or so, Kath broke the silence. “Well, this room smells like our bedroom did last night,” she said with a smile.

“Yep, it does,” I laughed, “Is everyone ok?” I looked around the room but no one else was ready to speak, they just smiled and nodded.

I got up and kissed each of them on the top of their heads. “Does anyone want a drink?”

They all wanted a wine so I got a bottle and 4 glasses from the kitchen along with envelope number two and returned to the living room. I poured everyone a drink and sat back in my place.

The wetness in my pants was extreme. I had released more cum than I could remember and I’d never cum into my own pants like this before. It wasn’t unpleasant, just unusual, but it focussed my mind and acted as a reminder of what we’d just done.

I twirled the envelope in my fingers. “Shall I open this?”

Everyone just looked at me and nodded; the sexual tension was palpable. We all expected some sort of escalation and I could see that everyone was excited about what was to come.

I opened the envelope and read aloud. “Hopefully, you all enjoyed the last task.” I looked around and was sure that everyone had. “The next stage of this task is simple but worth $10,000. Steve and Pete will swap underwear as will Kath and Mary. You will wear each other’s shorts for an hour before you open envelope number 3. You must remain in the room where you are now when you swap.”

My eyes shot up and I looked at the other three. This felt like a weird development and not the sort of escalation I expected. Pete’s shorts would be full of his cum as were mine and we could all see how wet the girls’ pants were.

“That’s different, I wasn’t expecting that,” Mary said.

“I know, I don’t know what to think about it,” I agreed. I’d never really had gay tendencies and covering my cock in Pete’s cum felt a bit…well…gay.

“Me and Mary will be ok, I suppose. It’s just…well…what do you two think?” Kath face looked concerned.

I looked at Pete’s pants; they were clearly soaked through although I also noticed his cock was twitching back to half-mast already.

He shrugged and said, “I’ll do it, the money is good and I don’t want to stop the game.”

I hadn’t really thought about that, presumably, the culmination of the game was Pete fucking his mom and me fucking Mary and that was something I really wanted; we were probably never going to get there if we chickened out now.

“Ok, I’m in,” I said with a shrug, “but I want to see you two go first.”

“No problem,” Kath responded confidently. “But you must do it as well as we do. There needs to be some entertainment factor.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that but clearly there was some competitive element to this; I was confident I wouldn’t be beaten. I shrugged and nodded accepting the challenge and Pete did the same.

Kath stood up and gestured to Mary that she should do the same. Mary stood happy to follow her mom’s lead for now. They both faced each other, their sides to us, and moved closer until they were only a couple of feet apart. Kath hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and Mary did the same.

“Are you ready baby. Are you ready to show them our pussies?” Kath whispered to Mary.

Mary just nodded, unable to speak as the tension dried out her mouth.

Kath slowly drew her pants down her long shapely legs bending at the waist as far as she could to accentuate her curves. Her face got within inches of Mary’ tits and at one point I thought she was going to kiss her nipple but she seemed to stop herself just short. She stepped out of her pants and stood up.

Mary did the same, slowly bending at the waist, her mouth dangerously close to her mother’s tits. She was lithe enough to get her panties all the way to her ankles without bending her knees before she too stepped out and stood up.

Kath’s eyes roamed up and down Mary’s body drinking in the sight. “Turn around baby; show them how beautiful you are, show them your nakedness, show them your pussy.”

Mary turned around and stood in front of us both. Fuck she was so hot, so beautiful, so tight, my heart felt like it might burst. I could see she was flushed but her rapid breathing and wide eyes told me she enjoyed showing me her nakedness her arousal was obvious. Her perfect tits flowed into her tight abdomen and pinched waist which flowed into her beautiful pussy and long shapely legs. As I thought and imagined she was shaved without any hint of hair. Her beautiful bare pussy still had the puffiness of youth, her slit seemingly folded from her skin with the barest hint of inner petals hanging below. I wanted to grab her, wrap her in my arms, pull her to me to cement this moment in my head with physical contact.

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