The Road Trip

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Caroline Nicole

I’ve always had a thing for one of the girls at work, she is stunning and has a body to die for, nice long legs, firm pert breasts, curvy hips and an ass that some people would pay surgeons thousands to have. Everyone checks her out when she walks past but she acts like she doesnt know it and is, generally speaking a very nice girl, but she does have a wild side as i found out last weekend. She came through on friday afternoon a little flustered and told me that she had a wedding reception to attend to tonight but her lift had cancelled and she didnt know how to get to the venue as it was a few miles out of town. Being the nice guy i am i offered to take her there, i wasnt doing anything special anyway due to working the next day. She gave me her number and her address and asks me to collect her at 6pm.

I arrived at her place and she was waiting for me, she looked incredible, I couldn’t help but just stare at her with my mouth open in awe, she had on a beautiful purple dress, which floated just above her knees and it had a dipping neckline that showed off an impressive cleavage. She gave a coy smile as she walked towards my car. I had to adjust the growing bulge in my jeans as she slowly got into the car…this was exactly the kind of effect that she was after and she was loving it.

We hit the road and to begin with we both have an awkward nervousness about us, I break the silence by just starting up boring work conversation, soon things relax a and we just talk about anything, as we continue the journey I keep glancing over at her bare legs and notice that her hand bahis firmalar─▒ seems to be almost provocatively running along the length of her thigh and toying with the frilled edge at the bottom of the hem, she looks over to see me looking downwards and catches my eye, i bashfully clear my throat and compliment her saying how gorgeous she is looking and how nice the dress is, she blushes and gives a little giggle, i awkwardly shift in my seat as we pull off the main road towards the venue.

It was here that she took her opportunity to start the seduction. First she thanked me for helping her out with the lift and then for saying how nice she looks, she then begins to tell me that she loves this dress as it makes her feel sexy and she also loves the fact that it’s so light and floaty that a slight cool breeze feels so good when it blows up her dress especially when she is this hot! It took a minute for me to realise what was happening with that last remark and when I turn to her she starts to move her dress up along her thigh, she is looking at me the whole time biting her lip. She keeps going until she lifts it right up to expose her underwear to me, her breathing starts to get heavier as she tells me how she likes the ease of access a dress provides for someone to play with her pussy, she reclines the seat back and spread her legs, massaging her clit through her panties.

I don’t even try to hide my excitement at what is happening and she clearly couldnt wait to show me more as she pulled her pants to the side and slid two fingers inside her hot wet pussy, moaning loudly ka├žak iddaa as she brings herself to climax. I was already struggling to keep my eyes on the road and then she reached over and ran her hand over the now very visible bulge…It was taking all my focus to not crash when she touched me but fuck this felt amazing…she coaxes my cock out of my jeans and begins to stroke my shaft up and down, I needed to get off of this road and now…

She tells me to pull over not far from here as there is secluded spot a little further up the road that is well hidden by some high tree lines, it’s only now that it dawns on me that this was her plan all along…i see the layby and i pull the car in, as soon as i turn off the engine she immediately leans over and wrap her full thick lips around my throbbing cock, fuck this feels so good I can’t hold back and I shoot a load of cum down her throat, she eagerly laps it all up and then tell me it’s my turn to satisfy her, I don’t need asked twice. I lean over and begin teasing her clit with my tongue, I slide my fingers inside her, she is so wet and her pussy tastes incredible… I reach up so i can play with her breasts, she pulls the dress open to expose them and tells me to squeeze her nipples hard, this is getting me nice and hard again, she notices my cock twitching and she tells me that she wants to feel me inside her.

She gets out of the car and places her hands on the bonnet and pulls her dress up over her back, she stares at me through the windscreen sexily uses her finger to beckon me to join her. I jump out the car and move ka├žak bahis behind her, jer ass looks even more incredible up close and i give it a long firm squeeze, she stands up so I can kiss her and then I start to kiss her neck, she moans loudly as i make her body tingle with my lips before i force her downwards and slide my cock deep inside her…she gasps as she takes my whole length, grinding against me with every thrust, she slides her hand underneath so she can play with her clit but she also begins to massage my balls, I feel her pussy tighten as she cums again…she stands up and leans back, my hands are all over her body caressing every curve, we kiss again, this is the best sex I’ve ever had… she sucks on my fingers as I continue to fuck her in this standing position, her gyrating hips are pressing against me and her ass feels so amazing that I can’t help but slap it hard, this makes her squeal in pleasure so I bend her over again and grab her ass roughly, I slap the other cheek and she screams for me to do it harder, the spanking alone is making her cum again, she screams as I feel her cum drip over my cock and balls.

I flip her over onto her back and waste no time ploughing back inside her, the look of ecstasy on her face is enough to drive me wild but the feeling of her pussy round my cock is even better, I pull her dress up a bit and continue to fuck her like the way she is begging me to… I feel ready to explode so I pull my cock out and cover her pussy with my hot sticky cum, I squeeze out the last few drops and then gently slide my cock inside her a few more times just to enjoy the tingling sensation…she tells me that she is satisfied now and that she got exactly what she wanted and more, we kiss again and then she tells me to take her back to her place.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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