The Ride Home

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As we exit off the highway on our way back to your place I think to myself that it has been a great evening. My mind strays back to us on the dance floor, losing ourselves to each other and the music. There is the particularly fond memory of our bodies pressed firmly together etched in my mind. A medium paced reggae song was sending out a smooth beat that had all of the couples dancing sensuously. I was dancing behind you, my face next to yours, partially buried in your hair. As I recall the wonderful smell of your hair and it sends a shiver of pleasure up my spine. I take my hand off the gear shift and put it on yours and tell you how wonderful you look tonight. The look in your eyes says all I all need to know. However, the wonderful moment is crushed when I recall that we won’t be able to complete the evening with some fantastic love making. I have to be up first thing in the morning for an important business trip and need my rest. My mood softens quickly though as I recall how you handled the news of my trip and how we would have to cut our date short because of the unexpected business trip. I squeeze your hand slightly and tell you that you’re the best. I let my mind stray back to the dance floor and recallÔÇŽ

ÔÇŽHow it felt to have your body pressed up against mine. Feeling the moment of your body against me, the bass of the beat working its way to the core of our being. My arms wrapped around your sexy waist, moving slowly down to your thighs, savoring every inch. The silky fabric of your dress matches the silky smooth feel of your skin. I start to get hard thinking about running my hands across your naked body. I can feel you start to press the wonderful curve of your bottom firmly against my hips. I alter the movement of my hips so that you can feel my body moving back and forth across your bottom, following the wonderful curves of your cheeks. I whisper into your ear that you are just too sexy. You turn around and we kiss passionately, our tongues mimicking the dance of our bodies. I want you, I want you badly and curse this stupid business trip that will prevent us from being together all nightÔÇŽ

Recalling all of this has made me hard again and I unconsciously withdraw my hand from yours and adjust myself to a position that is more comfortable. As I go to put my hand back in yours, out of the corner of my eye I catch a very mischievous smile on your face. I look over at you, give you my most innocent, I didn’t do anything look, and ask “What?”. You playfully point out that your glad that your not the only one who got a little revved up by our dancing tonight. I tell you how could I not? I was dancing with the sexiest woman in the world. I then mumble something about the stupid business trip and not being able to follow through on a night of passion.

What I so often forget is that underneath that cool exterior is a very playful woman. I should have not been the least bit surprised when you hike up your dress, spread your legs and start to gently caress the surface of your panties. Even in the dim light of the passing streetlights I can your sweet wetness glistening through your panties. I go “Oh honey no, you know I can’t take this. Not tonight!” You laugh and tell me how much I deserve to be tortured for having altered our night. You point out that it is only fair that I be thinking about what I am missing while I am away. Not being able to resist I start to move my hand up your leg towards your sweet kitty. You push my hand away and tell me something about me having to suffer. I can see you getting more turned on by my dilemma. You know I want you. You know how I love to lose myself in you, feel your body pressed against mine, dancing a far more intimate dance. I love the way you look, smell and feel. Most of all I cherish that magical connection that unites us. It was there from the moment that we first me a year ago.

I can see those nipples that I love to lick and suck, poking through the fabric of your bra and dress, rock hard with excitement. You reach over and run you hand along my manhood and tell me how good and hard it is, just the way you like it. I watch you slip a finger under your panties, tip your head back and let out a soft moan. I let out a small whimper, wanting to feel g├╝venilir bahis your smooth lips and slick juices. I mumble something about killing my partner for scheduling an early out of town meeting first thing in the morning. Making a mental note to find him a girlfriend. Seeing my obvious discomfort you withdraw your finger from your womanhood and it glistens in the streetlights, wet from your juices. You then take that same finger and run it across my lips and tell me to remember this while I am at the meeting tomorrow. That kills me, I can smell your sweet juices with every breath. Your sweet scent overwhelming me as we pull up to your driveway.

Lowering your skirt, you step out the car as I walk around to try to open the door. I watch you walk towards your door and let out a small sigh. The sight of watching you walking sexily up to your door combined with your scent drive me wild. I sit there totally entranced watching the hints of your curves move underneath that sexy dress. This is too much for any man to take. Something snaps inside of me and I decide that I am going to fulfill one of your fantasies right here and now. Several months ago you had expressed to me a desire to be taken forcefully. This was radically different from our usual soft and tender love making and I had been hesitant about trying it, but seeing our sexy body and smelling your juices on my mustache sent all of those hesitations went right out the window. You knew that you had me under your spell, be careful about what you ask for.

Your still playing real coy as you fiddle with the key to your door and glance at me with an “I just got him good” grin on your face. As you wiggle the key in the lock, you seductively swivel your hips back and forth in the way that you know drives me crazy. You see me start to run towards the door and you start to hurry to get in before I can get to the door. You just mange to get the door open when I come rushing up behind you. I grab your right arm and push the door open with my left hand. I push you inside and kick the door shut with my foot. I turn you around and hesitate a fraction of a second to make sure that you are cool with this. The twinkle in your eyes tells me all I need to know and I kiss you passionately in the mouth. My tongue probing deep inside. I pull you tight to me. My large hands cupping your cheeks and pulling firmly against me. Pushing you up again the wall my tongue still probes deeper into your mouth seeking out yours. Your tongue attempts to evade mine. I squeeze you butt firmly with my hands, pressing your mound firmly against my very hard cock. I hear a moan escape from you mouth as our tongues meet and you begin to press your own attack deep into my mouth.

Still kissing you, I use my right hand to unfasten my belt. I pull away and say “So you like to tease, huh?” A coy “who me?” grin appears on your face. “I’ll take that as a yes. Well now I am going to show you what happens to women who like to tease!” At that I spin you around so that you are now facing the couch and firmly push you in that direction. I can feel you starting to resist so I grab your hair and twist it in my hand so that I can control your head, turn you around and say “So you want to tease, well now you can please and you can start by sucking on my cock!” At that I pull your head down to my crotch and tell you to finish undoing my pants. You hesitate and I add “Now!” You unbutton my pants, undo my zipper, pull off my shoes and then slide my pants and underwear off. I hold your head close so that my cock slaps you in the side of your face as it springs free from my underwear. A bit of pre-cum remains on your face we my cock slid against your face. Finally free to breath my cock stands straight up and hard, almost touching my belly button. Pre-cum begins to flow in earnest at the head.

I use my finger to wipe the pre-cum off of your face and stick it in front of your mouth. “Lick it! Lick it good and clean! Do a good job on my finger and I’ll give you a reward!” Your lips wrap around my finger. The wetness and heat of your mouth it sends a shiver of pleasure throughout my body causing my cock to jump. The pre-cum that had been forming on the head flies free and lands on your breast. Soaking the t├╝rk├že bahis material of your dress. I let out a soft moan as you start to move your mouth up and down my finger. I withdraw my finger from your mouth and guide your mouth to my cock.

You start at the base and run you tongue slowly up my shaft. My cock jumps at the initial touch of your tongue, electric charges of pleasure run through my entire body. There I am in the middle of the living room, naked from the waist down, cock out hard in front of me, a handful of your hair in my hand and your hands on my ass, squeezing my firm cheeks. You are on your knees, working my member with your skilled mouth.

Your hands clutching my firm butt and you take the head into your mouth. I nearly shoot my load into your mouth as you envelop me. I can feel your warm moist mouth sucking on me, pulling me into you. I can feel your nails digging into my cheeks as you try to take all of me into your mouth. “Yeah that’s right, show me how a big tease sucks cock! Yeah that is it babe, keep on sucking on it because I am going to shoot a big load into your mouth! That’s right now start stroking my balls with your hand! Massage them so that they generate a big burning load for me to shoot right into your mouth!” I look down and you look so incredibly gorgeous. Your head bobbing up and down on my cock. Flashes of your cleavage visible every so often. Ugh, your killing me, I want to explode, I can feel the pressure building. One hand pumping my shaft in unison with your mouth, the other massaging my balls, coaxing them to generate a huge load. I can feel my cock begin to shudder the load begins to work its way up from my balls to my throbbing member. I shout “I’m cumming!” as my cock shudders and spurts for the first time tonight. I can feel you pumping harder with you mouth now, trying to coax out every last drop. Oh you are so beautiful. I can feel you cleaning me with your tongue, I pull you up and kiss you passionately. The sweet taste of my cum is still in your mouth. I kiss you all over your lips, savoring their softness and work my way up to your ear and start nibbling on the lobe.

Meanwhile start slowly massaging our mound with my hand. I work my way down your throat and start to nibble on your collar bone and the small little hollow out by your shoulder and then follow the neckline of your dress down to your cleavage. While kissing and nibbling the center of your chest and throat I bring my hands up to your breast and begin to slowly circle them with my thumbs. Slowly making the circles smaller and smaller until I start to brush against your nipples, teasing them as I feel them growing harder and harder with each pass until they are fully erect. I then make full contact and start to flick them with my thumbs, a moan of pleasure escapes from your mouth.

You start to speak, but I say “No not yet, we’re not done, now I going to give it to you good and hard!” I pick up my belt and push you over to the edge of the couch. You turn around to look at me, but I turn you back around and push you over the arm of the couch. I grab your hands and use my belt to tie them behind your back. You can see me in the mirror across the way. You see me hike up you dress and then take a step back and admire your nice ass. “Honey, you are fine., now I am going to give you something that you deserve for being such a tease!” I step up behind you, you can feel the head of my hardening cock against you leg, the head still moist with your saliva and cum. I then give your bottom a good slap. The stinging sound of my hand connecting with your ass is sharp and crisp. Then with my hand still stinging I give you another slap. I hear a moan of pleasure escape from your lips and say “yeah, what every good tease deserves!” My hand still on your ass I start to massage it slowly, working my way down between your legs. Your panties are so wet! I start massaging your lips through your panties, feeling every curve. You start to wiggle your bottom to get more of my hand on your pussy. I give your lovely ass a smack and tell you that you will get what I give you when I am ready. I slide a finger underneath your panties and start to rub my finger up and down you slit. I can feel your juices flowing over g├╝venilir bahis siteleri my finger. You feel absolutely incredible, you are so wet, part of me wonders why we never did this before. “Yeah that is a good tease nice and wet!” I can feel you starting to wiggle you hips again to get my finger up by your clit, but I am not going to that. “yeah, you want me to touch your clit, don’t you?” I hear you whimper something that sounds like yes, but I don’t give in because you didn’t say it loud enough, so I continue to gently play with your lips intentionally avoiding your clit, occasionally giving your ass a good smack when you start moving too much. Then I slide a finger deep into your pussy. I feel my finger instantly become enveloped by your pussy. My finger is slick with your juices. I start pumping it in and out rubbing along the top of your pussy looking for your G-Spot. Felling the muscles of your pussy opening up t receive me I stick in a second finger and start pumping furiously. You start bucking your hip like a wild woman. I get down on my knees and bury my face deep into your pussy. I penetrate you with my tongue and plow through your pussy as I work my way to your clit. I find the spot on your clit that you like me to caress with my tongue and lick, twirl and suck for all I am worth. You juice are running down my chin. With my hand spread across your ass I slide my thumb deep inside your pussy to assist my tongue as I lick your clit. You are like a wild woman, bucking up and down on my face. I grab your ass to push you closer to me, your right on the edge, I can feel your orgasm building as moans of pleasure escape from your mouth. Your orgasm hits and it takes all my strength for me to hold onto your bucking hips and keep the pressure on your clit. Feeling your orgasm start to pass I bury my tongue in your clit wanting to full your wonderful pussy pulse in post orgasm pleasure. I then stand up and say, “Liked that didn’t you? Well now I am going to push my cock deep inside you.” I stand up and grab your ass and spread it with my hands, squeezing the flesh and savoring the view. My cock has long since been hard again and is wet with pre-cum. I start sliding the head of my cock around your ass and legs, and then take your panties and push the to on side. I then slide the head of my cock along your very wet pussy. Gently moving it back and forth. I then take my shaft in hand and start using the head to massage your clit. I can hear you begging me to put it inside of you, but I still want to tease you, show you what it feels like.

Then I put the head in your pussy so that I am just starting to penetrate. You try to get more of me inside, but because your legs are off the ground and your hands tied you can’t get the leverage to do so. I bend over and whisper in your ear “you want it don’t you? You want to feel my hard cock buried deep inside you.” You respond “yes! I want you deep inside me!” I slide it in slow and deep savoring every sweet inch as your pussy sucks me in and envelops me as I sink in to the hilt and let out a loud “Oh baby, you are so good and tight!” Then I slowly withdraw so that only my head is inside and then plunge it back deep inside. I repeat this a few more times, each time picking up speed until I am pounding you fast and hard. The only sound in the room is the sound of our flesh slapping together, now wet with sweat and our juices with an occasional moan of pleasure form each of us.

I look down and see my cock thrusting in and out of you, glistening with your juices. I see you gorgeous ass jiggle every time I drive it in deep. I can feel my ball slapping against your pussy and your juices dribbling down my leg as they leak out along my shaft. You are so beautiful! I can feel you getting ready to cum. I can feel your pussy pulsating on my shaft. Your muscles squeezing me, not wanting to let me go. I can feel my own orgasm building up in me! I start pumping faster and faster. “oh baby I’m gonna cum!” I feel my cock throb inside of you as hot cum goes spurting out inside of you. I can your orgasm hit and your juices wash over my cock and your pussy starts to pulsate. I untie your hands and turn you over, kiss you passionately and tell you how you are the sexiest woman alive and how much I love you as we collapse in a heap on the couch.

We wake up the next morning still entangled on the couch to the sound of my pager going off and we look to see my partner’s number on it and both break out laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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