The Red Dress

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Female Ejaculation

A/N: I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing this.


It had been 2 years since you made love to me in this dress. I had been taunting you all that night with this dress, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You pulled me into the coatroom and made me moan. And I loved every moment.

You didn’t know that I was wearing this dress tonight. But when you’d see it, you’d remember the way you kissed my neck and inhaled my scent, the way you touched and teased my skin, and the way you held my hips as you endlessly thrust into my passion in that dim room.

The dress would just about bring any man to his knees, but that night it was I who found themselves on their knees. It was a silky red dress with an open slit down the middle, showing the cleavage of my rounded breasts and my toned stomach, and stopped just below the ribcage. The top of the dress clasped around the back of my neck, leaving it open in the back and presenting in the front. And your favorite feature, the slit on the right side that begins mid-thigh, showing off the length of my long, luscious legs that led to my lacy red thong…yes, I could almost taste the memory in my mind.

Looking myself over in the mirror, a naughty grin crept across my lips. My hairstyle had changed since then from short pixie red to long dark brown curled locks, falling over my slender shoulders and back. Makeup was lightly applied, as always, to enhance my sapphire eyes. Reaching for my perfume, a faint amount misted onto my neck, remembering the way it drives you crazy when I wear it. I clasped on my gold choker, adorned in small rubies, putting the matching earrings on next. And the remaining item, my 6-inch red heels, slipped onto my feet and I stepped over to the full height mirror.

Ooh, you’re going to be so intrigued when you see me. My pussy is tingling so bad right now just thinking about it, even more so than it had in the bathroom. The look in your sexy green eyes, the way you’ll lick your lips and the way you’ll strain to speak when I ask you how I look will be so sexy…

I hear a noise in the bedroom and turn my head towards the door. I had locked myself in the bathroom so that you would get no chance to see me until I was ready. But I was raring now, preparing to step out and exude my sexual powers over you. I strongly strutted towards the door, turning the lock and then the knob. Upon opening the door, your back was turned and your hands were up by your neck. You were probably fixing your tie but turned when I cleared my throat…

“Hey…” you started to say before abruptly stopping. I grinned, knowing I’d done just the trick.

“How do I look?” I drawl seductively, my tone smooth and sweet like honey. The hand that was at your tie was now pulling at it to loosen. I could feel my nipples stand out like pebbles, a soft moan in my throat sounded as they rubbed against the soft fabric. You stepped forward, a hungry look in your eyes, your tongue licking those juicy lips…

“You look like you’re not going to make it out of this house.” You said, looking down at me. I could feel your power overwhelming me from your tall, strong build. Wearing a black suit with a white blouse and black tie, you’d probably expected me to wear the black dress that you had bought me earlier in the week. But today was Valentine’s Day and red seemed more canl─▒ bahis fitting to me. Looking into your eyes, those naughty green orbs were now flecked with gold, which could only mean one thing…

“Honey, we have to go. We’re going…to…ohh, Joey…”

Your lips had found my neck, searing my skin with hot, delectable kisses. I could smell your cologne, crisp like clean sheets, the scent enrapturing my senses. My heart started to beat very fast, my face flushed with arousal. The tingling between my thighs had quickly become a painful throb, needing the kind of feeling that only you could give me. You looked into my eyes, curious as to know why I’d gone and put on this dress. I’m sure you knew that we actually enjoyed the last time that I was in it and that I was a naughty little girl.

Flashing a smug grin, you understood very quickly and kissed me. Loving the feel of your firm lips against mine, I let out a throaty groan and your hands start to wander. Your palms smoothed over my tanned skin, upwards towards my breasts. Searching underneath the fabric, your fingertips caress the attention-starved nubs, pinching them and causing more wetness to seep out of my pussy. Your lips were still caressing mine, our tongues now playing with one another’s. Brief gasps and moans were escaping my lips, that lightning feeling shooting from my nipples straight to my pussy in mind-blowing waves. Your hands left my chest, much to my chagrin, and found they were unclasping the neck closure of my dress.


But you were hearing none of that. The front of my dress slowly fell, revealing my soft mounds, and you grinned. Pulling me into your arms, you pressed flatly against me, smelling my scent on the nape of my neck. You loved that soft flowery scent of roses and the way it mixed in with my lusty pheromones, driving you wild. I felt your erection against my hip, my waist moving a bit to rub you. A brief groan slipped your lips, followed by a growl. I loved turning you on.

“We’re not going anywhere.”

Though strained, your voice was as rough as sandpaper, causing a shiver to run down my spine. I held on to your shoulders as you picked me up in your strong arms, putting me against the wall nearest to the bed. The cool surface against my hot skin caused me to gasp, my arms tighter around you. You took a kiss from my lips before setting me down on my feet, bending down to take my breasts in your hands. I smiled, adoring the way you worshipped my chest, biting my lip as you began to kiss around the nipples. They were standing out so much, like they were begging to be licked and sucked. But knowing you and the way you like to tease, that time would come. Kissing the cleavage in the middle, you looked up at me. I had a teased look on my face and you liked that. You moved to the right and tongue kissed my skin, still locking eyes with me. I watched as your tongue slowly darted out to meet my nipple. I started to breathe deeper, my arms wanting to reach down and guide you. But I took in the moment, finally getting what I needed: your mouth and tongue on my nipples.

“Joey.” I breathed. If pinching had shot electricity through me, just imagine what sucking them would do! I throbbed, taking a gasp every time I contracted, almost orgasmic at this point. You moved to the left and paid attention to that nipple, pinching my right bahis siteleri at the same time. I didn’t want to come yet, but the temptation was there. You brought me right to the edge and then stopped. Standing up again, you looked into my eyes, your hand sliding down underneath the slit of my dress. I parted my legs, begging you to touch me more. You growled as you kissed me, your fingertips grazing the lace of my thong. I was soaking through the material, feeling my juices seep between my thighs. Teasing again, you found my hardened clitoris and rubbed at it, featherlike. I whimpered, my legs beginning to quiver, loving the feel of the lace against my sensitive bud, but needing your fingers now. Your hand swept under the fabric and pulled it aside, your thumb caressing it entirely.


You began to rub in tiny circles, your middle finger teasing the entrance to my love portal. I grasped at your suit jacket, physically begging you to proceed. You rubbed harder, my hips becoming separate from my body and seeking their own need, riding your thick finger. It was only at that moment that my thighs started to tense that you stopped. My breathing was hard and raspy, my heart still beating fast as I looked down at you. You gave me this taunting grin, probably a bit of revenge for the way I was turning you on. You then kneeled down on the floor, reaching up and pulling my thong down, kissing my legs as they fell to my ankles. I kicked it off and you propped my leg up onto the bedside table, the cool air hitting my wet skin. After a few seconds, I felt nothing, and looked down to see you looking up at me. You were waiting for me to look into your eyes, your tongue darting out to tease me.


You knew that no matter what else you did that I would come, so you went in straight for the kill. You began to lap at my slit, sucking on my clit and sliding a finger up inside of my wet pussy. I pushed my head back, my hands gripping my thighs and my moans increasing in volume. The pending orgasm was beginning to come back again and you were doing all you could to make me explode. You now had two fingers inside, pumping them in and out as though they were your big, hard cock. My hips began to move up and away from the wall, my breaths harsh and the tingling in my spine becoming electric as I screamed.

“Oh, Joey!!”

I thrashed and moaned, my juices pouring out of me, the sensations overwhelmingly delightful. Feeling your tongue devour me, I continued to clench until my orgasm subsided, my breathing calming. You licked me clean, letting my leg down and standing up. I pulled your lips to mine, kissing you and tasting myself on your lips, which riled me up even more. You grabbed my hips and turned to that now you were against the wall. I’m going to play this moment exactly as it happened last time. Remembering what I did, my hands reached down and unbuckled your belt, bringing down the zipper. I reached in, teasing your cock with light fingertips as I found the opening of your boxers, bringing your hard cock out for me to adore. I licked my lips, watching the veined, purplish staff pulse and jump with your heartbeat. A bit of precum pooled at the slit, my tongue lashing out to have a taste. You moaned, thrusting your hip forward a bit to suggest what I should do. I looked up at you, finding your eyes looking into mine.

“Sweetheart…” bahis ┼čirketleri you exhaled, your voice not as rough but now rich. I took your cock in my hand, feeling how big and hard it was as I gave it a stroke, bringing my mouth forward to wrap my lips around you. You let out a groan of relief, your body jerking pleasurably to the wonderful sensations of my warm, wet mouth. My mouth began to work around your stiff, wide rod, my tongue working in tandem to make sure you received nothing but the best. I myself got myself all worked up again, my hand under my dress, rubbing my clit. As always, the more that I tasted of you, the more that I wanted, so my hand began to stroke in time with my mouth, feeling your cock pulse between my lips. I then felt your hands push me away, my mouth releasing from you as you pulled me up to stand.

You crushed your mouth against mine, turning back to press me against the wall. You held my leg up, your cock nestling comfortably between my pussy lips, sliding just a little to tease both of us. I heard you fumbling with your pants, like you had before, now lifting my other leg. I wrapped my arms around you, gasping as the head of your cock stood at my entrance. You leaned down, kissing my neck as you pushed forward, sheathing yourself inside of me. A brief gasp escaped my lips, my wet pussy widening to accept you as deep as you would go. You were the perfect size for me and it drove me wild the way you filled me. You did not move at all; just savoring the sensations we shared. Your head then came up, taking my lips as your hips began to swiftly thrust your cock in me. My legs had now locked around you, letting our bodies touch more intimately, your pelvis rubbing against mine. You’d become rough now, pushing deeper and harder, my teeth gritting together from my back sliding up and down the wall.

“Fuck me, baby…fill me with that cock…mmm…”

I loved egging you on; it got me so much more in the end. You grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head, your cock driving faster and even deeper in my cunt. Looking straight into my eyes, you could see the animalistic passions of a woman who loved the way you fucked. And I could see in your eyes a man who loved catering to my every need. I could hear the sounds of my wetness seeping down your cock with each thrust, my legs quivering as my body got ready to implode once more. Your teeth bit my neck with a little pressure and that was all I needed. My pussy clamped around you, bursting with ecstasy, my heart pumping amazingly fast and my breaths more harsh than the first time as my stomach got tight and my hands balled into fists. You were still moving, grunts and growls flying from your mouth, your movements halting as you started to come. I sighed, feeling jet after jet of your warm cum deep inside of me. For a moment, time stood still, our bodies immobile. Everything had gone just like I planned and like I remembered. Then your hands let go of my wrists and you held me, carefully stepping back to sit on the bed. I straddled you comfortably, pulling the dress from under my ass so that it wouldn’t rip and then wrapping my arms around your neck. I kissed the side of your neck softly, rubbing my nose against your skin like a kitten would to show affection. Our lips met, giving one another a loving kiss, your hands massaging my thighs tenderly. And when I looked into your eyes this time, I saw the love and admiration that I give you and I knew that today was the best day of my life.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.” I said. You smiled.

“And to you, my dear.”

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