The Pool Game

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Double Penetration

Twisting her hair round her fingers, Lisa stared openly across the room at Nathan. Memories from last nights dream sending shivers over her skin. It had seemed so real, the taste of his lips, the smell of his skin as it brushed over hers, the feel of him thrusting into her until she woke moaning in pleasure, hands covered in her own juices.

She watched him bending over the pool table for his next shot, his jeans pulled taught over the ass that her nails dug into in her dream. Lisa had never thought of him like that, but the dream had fuelled her desires to the point of almost exploding, she had to do something, she could already feel the wetness between her legs.

As the night wore on Lisa knew Nathan wouldn’t be going home with anyone, the glances she had been stealing had begun to be returned by his twinkling green eyes, but there was something else there, she knew it. She saw her chance, sidling up to the table she set up the next game, knowing he’d be staying on the table. She walked round to where he was, standing close enough to feel the heat from his skin and the cotton of her shirt rubbing against her nipples, sliding her fingers round the que she said, “I think its my turn to break”.

Lisa managed canl─▒ bahis to engineer the game so Nathan would be in a prime position to take full advantage of her breasts or ass at all times. Deliberately brushing against him as she walked past to take her shots, when she caught his eyes now it wasn’t just a twinkling glance he was returning, but naked lust. It was good to know she still had the power to turn men to jelly.

The end of the night was drawing near, and as she had already unburdened herself of her panties she knew there was going to be a good ending to it. Gathering up her bag and coat she walked out the pub just in front of him. As she started to walk towards her house she felt a hand on her ass, turning she came face to face with a smiling Nathan. Without a word he took her hand and led her into an alley, pushing her roughly against the wall. His trembling hands pushed up her top to cup her breasts as his tongue probed her mouth. Lisa’s hands snaked round his waist to grab the ass she had fantasised about the night before, sighing she pushed herself further against him, feeling his hardness throbbing against her.

Kissing her neck, Nathan squeezed her nipples hard, she gasped and moaned. His hands ran bahis siteleri down her supple skin, causing shivers to follow his fingers as he moved them towards her wetness. As he pushed up her skirt she could feel the coldness of the wall on her ass, but that just made the heat between her legs pulse even more. All it took was one rub over her clit to start her moaning again. Nathan began to trace noughts and crosses over her clit and she could feel her knees begin to tremble. Still they kissed that deep, hungry kiss of lust. His fingers moved off her clit to find the yearning lust that was her moist pussy and began to probe, softly at first then deeper and with more urgency as her moans became louder and stronger. Her head was thrown back and the moans became cries as Nathan took her to new levels of pleasure. With all her concentration she reached down and unzipped his jeans, releasing his penis. He moaned in her ear as her fingers curled round his manhood and as she moved her hand she could feel it pulsating, yearning to be used.

Knowing she could take it no longer she pulled his soaking hand from her pussy and drew it up to her mouth. Looking into his eyes she slowly sucked the juice from his fingers, tasting bahis ┼čirketleri that stickiness which brought back the memories of her dream. All of a sudden the heat rushed through her and she realised she could take no more, Nathan seemed to read her mind as he picked her up and eased his hot penis into her moist pussy. Moaning she felt him filling her as he pushed deeper, fingers entwined over their heads. Lisa’s legs wrapped about his waist pulling him even deeper. As they moved together Lisa could feel his skin rubbing against her clit as he pushed deeper and more hungrily into her. She found his mouth and pushed her tongue deep, matching the thrusting from below. The heat began to travel up through her body as they thrust against each other, each thrust becoming more frantic as they could feel the approaching orgasm. Reaching down, his lips wrapped round her hard nipple as his hands reached back and kneaded her ass. Her cries became louder and more frantic as they thrust together. Suddenly Nathan tensed, and with one last thrust that pushed Lisa over the edge the orgasm filled them.

They both collapsed against the wall, hearts racing and mouths gasping as they tried to get their breath back. He pulled back and gazed deeply into her eyes, “maybe we should go somewhere more comfortable?”, still breathing deeply Lisa nodded and lowered her feet to the ground, knees still shaking. Nathan kissed her deeply again as they moved off to her house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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