The OWLS Club Pt. 09

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The story is about a group of people, an actual place, and a dream. While having a none too subtle dig at society in general. This is a work of pure fiction. None of the characters are real people, nor do they represent real people. It is a slow burn, a lot of romance and some gratuitous sex for those who need to get off on it. It is based in Australia so I have used local language. There is some Italian and French conversations, so if you want to really become attached to the characters I strongly recommend you use a google translator. It will help with the flow of the conversations. As I use the Queen’s English, I will apologise in advance to my American friends for the correct spelling of some words.

Some of the place names are correct.

There is no underage sex involved.

Part 9 — It’s all coming together.

I was hoping that Michelle would be able to deliver on said promise, but having once before tried to get a totally bored straight woman, to become active in her workplace, I knew it would even be beyond my scope and range.

I was proved right.

I waited in the room adjacent the change rooms when the assistant came out of your cubicle, red faced and in a hurry, glared at me as she stormed past. At least she didn’t scream at her I thought. I noticed she went straight over to the managers office, knocked and walked in.

Shortly afterwards, Michelle stuck her head out and called me over. “I am sorry madam, I have let you down. She has no interest in me.” I looked at her, cupped her face in my hand and gave her a gentle kiss. I told her to get dressed in a new shirt and the tight jeans that were still only halfway down her legs.

Smiling to myself I made the way to the counter where I was met by a rather more mature woman, of my vintage I suspect, she looked at me and said with half a smile. “Pity you asked the wrong assistant to help your little friend. I would have loved to have accommodated her. I also see she has fine taste in older women to boot.”

I stood there contemplating my next move. I held out my hand and introduced myself “I’m Kathleen and I will keep that in mind. Pity you don’t have a bigger range for a more mature clientele.”

She replied “Nice to meet you Kathleen, I’m Elizabeth, I’m the manager here. I have sent Juliette to grab a coffee and to calm down.” She then continued “Unfortunately the older ladies in the Port don’t seem to have much interest in high end fashion. It is all about fast turnover these days, so we concentrate on the younger ladies, which I enjoy.”

Michelle joined us carrying an armful of items. “Michelle, may I introduce you to Elizabeth. It seems I asked the wrong assistant to help you. But with luck we shall meet Elizabeth again.”

“Ello Madam, nice to meet you.” She told her.

“Hello Michelle, I see by your Collar you are just embarking on your journey. You are one lucky young lady to have such a refined and elegant woman looking out for you.”

She then looked at me smiled and continued. “It would be good to run into you both again, maybe somewhere not so public?”

I smiled escorts in london back, cocked my head a little to one side, wet my bottom lip and suggested. “If you aren’t too busy this coming Friday night, some friends and I share a glass of wine or two at Korked in Divitt Street in the Port. If you pop in after seven and ask for me, I am certain you would be most welcomed.”

“Oh, I would love that but I have a partner and I would need to check on our arrangements for the weekend.” She told me.

I took a plain bic biro from my hand bag and asked for her hand. She offer it to me palm up. I wrote my mobile number down for her across her palm. “Ring me and let me know if you can make it. I think you and your partner would find us a lot of fun.” I told her.

She tallied up the items, 6 shirts, 6 pairs of jeans and 4 pair of dress jeans. “That comes to one thousand, seven hundred and twenty six dollars madam.” Without flinching I withdrew my platinum MasterCard, swiped it, and entered my pin number. Then once again said to her. “I hope to see you come Friday.” Then turning to Michelle, “you would like that wouldn’t you Michelle?”

“Yes madam.” She said all the while looking into Elizabeth’s eyes.

We turned to leave with our bags of clothing. When Elizabeth called out to us. “Oh Kathleen, before you go.” And she walked up to us. She placed her hands on Michelle’s shoulders and spun her around. The tags were still attached to her new shirt and jeans.

“Come back here into the office and I’ll remove those tags for you.” Holding up the tags for me to see. I glared at Michelle for a brief second. I nodded and she took hold of Michelle’s hand and led her into a discrete office marked Manager, we entered, she closed the door and secured it.

She stood behind Michelle and put her hands on her hips, and tugged the shirt down tighter, as she put her hands around onto her belly and then moved them up to cup her small AA size breasts. Once there she tweaked her nipples. Michelle neither moved nor complained.

Such a good girl I thought to myself.

Elizabeth cut the tags from the shirt. Then tried to cut the tag from her jeans. Turning to me said. “I think I am going to have to take them down a little so I can get at things. These are so tight but a nice fit mind you. Would that be alright with you Madam?”

I smiled and nodded.

She turned Michelle around once more and unzipped her new jeans. Placed her hand inside her jeans and stood there letting her fingers get acquainted with Michelle’s naked core.

I saw Michelle bite her lip, push her head back and close her eyes.

I told her to remember “Who cums first Michelle?”

“You do Mistress, you always cum first.”

“Don’t forget it, you had better hold onto it, hadn’t you?” I reminded her.

I smiled across to Elizabeth who continued with her ministrations at the core of my newly collared sub. I moved towards them both. Looking at how weak and stressed young Michelle was. So much to learn I thought to myself.

I started to unbutton Michelle’s shirt and put my hand inside Escort in dubai to toy with her nipples, undid some more of her buttons to allow Elizabeth free access to them and with a smile she took a nipple in her mouth and used her tongue to flick, and tease her small and bit firm nipples. She stared to moan. I looked down to her wet moist womanhood and saw Elizabeth insert a finger into her, and her thumb rested on her pearl and that was it took. She reached out to me, I held onto her, she shook, she moaned. Her breathing was erratic but strong. She opened her legs as wide as she could then collapsed into my arms.

I was whispering into her ear. “Oh my Michelle, what have you done? Twice today now, you have failed me. Oh dear, you must learn control my sweet young thing. It will be OK I will teach you once I get you home.”

I turned to Elizabeth, and mouthed the words ‘Thank You’ then moved towards her, she didn’t resist me as we kissed. I grabbed her bosom and twisted her nipple. She sighed and smiled. “Oh Yes please.” She said in reply to a simple little gesture.

I told her to sit, and told Michelle. “Part of you training my Michelle, is to learn control, now you will service Elizabeth and you will not finish until she is satisfied. Do you understand my very simple instructions?”

Turning to Elizabeth, “you won’t have to do a thing except cum when you are ready.’ She smiled and said she too understood. She sat on the edge of her desk, and raised her long matronly type dress to reveal a suspender belt, and stockings, the panties that a mature woman would wear to work, large and comfortable.

Michelle got to her knees and start to kiss her inner thighs and scratching at her core. She tried hard to pull the bands around her legs away from her core, with no luck. I sat in a chair behind her so Elizabeth could see me, I started to rub my own core, wearing only a nylon pair of 1950’s type knickers she could see my hairy mound and just how aroused I had become.

I opened my legs to her, she licked her lips, not sure if it was because Michelle was making an impact or I was.

Soon I could see her breathing change. Her eyes closed and she moved her hips forward a bit further as she grabbed Michelle’s head, to hold it in place.

It was then I was certain is was Michelle who was having the most impact.

I pulled aside my knickers and inserted a finger and I could see Michelle was working hard at trying to pull the ‘Bridget Jones Granny knickers’ down, Elizabeth held fast at first, then relented. Lifted her backside off of her desk as Michelle took them down to reveal a well-trimmed mound, and a soaking wet pair of very aroused lips.

Michelle didn’t stop she removed the knickers completely, then helped Elizabeth by putting one of her legs over her shoulder. It was then and only then that Michelle’s true talents came to the fore.

Her rigid tongue assaulted Elizabeth’s core, licking, poking, and prying her lips open. Inserting her tongue into her warmth depths. She grabbed a handful of hair held it tightly and thrust her loins into Michelle’s Dubai Escorts face, she held her breath as she shook and shuddered, her eyes tightly closed as she came. I was certain that my Michelle had won a battle with this older woman.

She laughed and coughed. Catching her breath.

“Oh my, Oh my indeed.” She cried out. Almost too loudly. “I loved that, please come shopping here again and again.” She pleaded.

We all smiled. I was still working my own fingers to no avail. When Michelle turned around and shook her head, “No Mistress, let me, please.”

She scooted over to me on her hands and knees, still holding a large pair of white knickers. I withdrew my hands as Michelle settled in front of me and continued with her magic tongue. Once again in no time, she brought me to an orgasm without trying too hard I suspect.

I laid back in a chair, Elizabeth was crumpled up on her desk and Michelle was sitting in the centre of the room smiling, with her face glistening with the combined juices of two older women. She crawled over to me and hugged my legs. “I am sorry to be a disappointment to you my Mistress.”

I stroked her hair, and told her to shush.

Elizabeth looked at us both. “Can I have my knickers back please?” she asked. Michelle handed them to me, I took them and put them to my nose. “I think we shall keep these as a reminder of such a wonderful afternoon. Don’t lose my phone number Liz and I expect to see you on Friday night.”

I stood up and put the knickers in one of the carry bags. Got myself straighten up, as did Elizabeth. While Michelle stood there half undressed. “You too sweetie, you should be dressed.”

When we were all decent we exited the office. The shop was quiet as we approached the counter. The younger assistant was called over to join us. Elizabeth explained to her that she had talked both Michelle and Kathleen, who she introduced to her, out of issuing a formal complaint to head office, and that the change room incident was all a misunderstanding on her part.

The stunned look on her face was priceless. Michelle moved forward and planted kisses on each of her cheeks, as is the custom in France. There was no mistaking the aroma of two mature women who were still on her lips and then transferred to her cheeks. That unmistakable fragrance of a woman who has just enjoyed sex. Her eyes lit up as she noticed the aroma. We said our goodbyes and left the shop, we got a little way down the street when my phone rang. We stopped and I answered it.

“I shall see you on Friday night, and I think you have sown a few seeds back here as well. Little Juliette seems quite perplexed but happy, I think.”

I smiled and said I was pleased on both fronts. I hung up and we moved on.

I told Michelle she had done well and her little French kisses had made an impact. She giggled and hugged my arm. I put my arm around her and pulled her in close to me. We walked back to the car and went on home.

Michelle put her clothes away in her wardrobe, taking the tags off each of the garments. My phone rang again and Erica was there, reminding me of our 7am appointment with everyone at number 7 Divitt Street.

I looked across the room at Michelle as I wondered how to handle this next phase. It may be a tad too early to introduce this sweet French maiden to all the family at once.

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