The Outcome of Our Affair

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The water was warm and soothing, but now it’s beginning to cool. You push your arms up, throwing out two streams of water, and grip the edges of the deep, bath tub.

You hoist yourself to a standing position as the water rushes and then drips off of you, and reach for the soft, thick towel as you step onto the bath mat. You dry your hair and then pat your face, slowly working your way down, lifting each arm, and each breast to dry yourself thoroughly.

You run the towel down your belly and then pause, gently smoothing with your left hand, feeling the gentle curve of your new bump. You smile, and then you feel your entire body flushing, with happiness, with pride, with victory.

You have created, and your husband in the kitchen doesn’t know yet. And when he does find out, he still won’t know the wonderful, precious truth. The truth that this is my baby growing in your fertile womb.

We created it together, during stolen Sunday afternoons, and furtive weekday evenings. From Five to Seven, the daily period when the married people of France don’t question their spouses’ whereabouts.

It took a long time, to get from bahis firmalar─▒ meeting to acquaintance, to the first electric touch of your hand on my arm. I still feel those goosebumps of excitement.

My heart jumped whenever I saw you each morning, and your smile brightened. Then from acquaintance to friendship, to deep friendship. When was that first kiss? Late, after the office holiday party, after everyone else had gone. We stole into the supply room, and you turned your face up to mine and closed your eyes, and I knew that I must kiss you.

Our lips met for the first time, and the feeling was like nothing we had ever felt, the softness, the sweetness. We kissed just once, but it was a long kiss. I slide my right hand around your waist and down to cup the curve of your ass. I pulled you close to me and you felt my erection pressing through our clothes against your body.

You smiled, and dropped your gaze, and then rested your forehead against my chest.

“This will be a wonderful affair,” you said.

It wasn’t to be that night, however. Your husband and my wife were expecting us at our respective homes.

We ka├žak iddaa still saw each other every day, but we touched more.We stood closer together. When we spoke, it was with our faces close to each other, so we could smell the coffee on each other’s breaths.

Finally, weeks later, we attended a conference together in a hotel across town. But we left after the opening remarks, and you checked into a room, slipping a key card into my pocket as you headed for the elevator.

I followed a little later, and you opened the door to the room before I had even finished knocking, and we were in each other’s arms, kissing, feeling, touching, breathing.

You lifted your dress over your head, resealing you had been without underwear, your all breasts handing free, your thick, blonde, wide triangle of a bush already wet with your desire.

You pulled at my belt as I slipped out of my shirt, and we were on the bed together, our hands and lips all over each other. You pulled back, bracing against the headboard and pillows and spread your legs. You were ready, you had been ready for a long time.

And I climbed on top of you and ka├žak bahis as we smiled into each other’s eyes, the tip of my hard cock found the dense jungle of your bush, and you reached between our legs and gently took my cock and guided it between your cuntlips.

And we sighed as I pushed in, your hips rising to meet mine. And we fucked like animals. The months of anticipation made me climax quickly, and I filled your womb with my seed, and I felt your cunt muscles grip and hold on, as a collapsed onto you.

You never told me you were fertile. You never told me you weren’t using birth control. I never asked. I never offered to wear a condom. Day after day, we fucked and exchanged fluids, doing what our bodies were made to do, with no care, no caution, no protection.

And here you are, flush with excitement, and nervous and happy, and walking on air. You didn’t tell anyone when you missed your period. But now you’re going to show me your slightly swollen belly and tell me you are carrying my child.

Your husband you will tell later, and who knows what he will do when he sees that your baby has my dark coloring, dark hair, dark eyes? And maybe I will never tell my wife. But we will have each other, and this baby.

And you resolve that you will keep doing this, that you will never be protected from this, the feeling you love most.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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