The Oral Feast

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Upon entering the room…they slowly embrace. Her kisses are so moist and perfect. He feels waves of pleasure pulsate from his mouth through his body. He pulls back so he can get another look at those lusty beautiful eyes. The kissing then intensifies and he knows his lips have to explore more! His kisses move to her cheek and towards her ear.

As he passes it he simply whispers, “I must have you…will you give yourself to me?”

She whispers heavily back, “Take me.”

So he proceeds down her neck…kissing, nibbling, and very gently sucking…but leaving no mark….they know they must be careful. His hands begin to feel her again, caressing around her body, roaming where ever the moment leads. Her curves are exquisite…he can’t believe he’s privileged to have her. His mouth moves down her neck, kissing where it meets her body. He kisses the other side exposing her shoulders. She smells so good! He now knows he has to move to her bulging front…lowering himself to put his face into her pushed up amazing cleavage. His bahis firmalar─▒ lips and tongues move down it, and he has to press his face in, both of them breathing heavier.

He then kisses and licks across the tops of her breasts…finally pulling her straps over her shoulder. He then goes lower, his jaw pushing her dress & bra down more…his tongue yearning to go lower. Finally, he has to see more. He’s so close to her nipple…he reaches around and unsnaps her bra. It loosens and he can glimpse what he so longs to kiss and suck. The bra drops and her sensuous breasts are finally before him. He licks and sucks all around her nipples, but restrains from touching them yet. Her ass is so wonderful to feel! He goes back and forth, but just letting his hot breath stimulate her nipples for now.

But her moans finally tell him she can wait no longer. His lips finally touch her erect nipples, his tongue swaying back and forth, and then up and down. He has to suck. He moves to the other one, his hand now squeezing what he just tasted. ka├žak iddaa She feels herself getting so wet, her pussy begins to throb…her knees are so weak. His hands now take both breasts and squeeze them together and he delights in going back and forth between the nipples now so close together.

He knows he needs to gently take her onto the bed, so they lower onto it. You are so curvy! So his mouth moves slowly down her body, kissing her stomach and sides. His tongue dances over her bully button and she knows she has to have more of his tongue. Her panties are so erotic, perfect for her! His mouth moves down pressing into her through them. He can tell she is so wet! His mouth moves to the inside of her legs, his lips stimulating her soft skin. His tongue keeps going from side to side, from leg to leg, but making sure his mouth strokes her vulva each time, though it is still covered.

Throbbing beyond control, needing his tongue, she has to pull her sensuous panties off. And he is exhilarated! It’s so perfect, so wet, ka├žak bahis and his nose is saturated with the erotic smell of its strong yearning. So his tongue begins to lick all around her pussy but not yet on it, up and down, on each side. Her breathing is so quickened! She can feel his breath, lips barely not touching her! And his hands have moved up massaging her nipples.

Now he can wait no longer. His tongue first lightly dances across her clit. His face then buries in her lips and clit, licking as sensuously as he can. He then sucks all of her lips and clit into his mouth and presses his tongue in and she moans with delight. His hands still up her body, know that her nipples are sending waves of extra pleasure & wonderful sensitivity to her pussy as he stimulates them perfectly. She feels it building and feels herself losing control. The licks are sending her into pure pleasure…the room disappears and the only thing she can feel is his mouth and hands, the only thing she can hear is his feasting on her, and her own groans of pleasure!

“I’m cuming!” she shouts.

She finally explodes into a climax, pulling his head on to her harder! She calls out again and again and he is so delighted. He didn’t know he could be this turned on…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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