The New Rules

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“Maybe we need to set some ground rules,” you said as we pulled into the driveway of your house.

I paused for a moment, and then nodded. “Absolutely,” I agreed, but with some reluctance. “What did you have in mind?”

“No fucking,” you said looking me straight in the eye. “No matter how horny we get and how much we want to fuck each other, there will be no fucking.”

I’m sure I looked a bit confused. After all, I thought fucking was the whole point. “Well, I don’t know…”

“We can’t fuck!” you exclaimed. “Either you agree to that or we call this off right now.”

I’m sure I must’ve rolled my eyes. “Okay, okay,” I relented, certainly disappointed, but willing to compromise. “No fucking. Anything else?”

“Eyes forward at ALL times,” you replied.

“What? What do mean? I can’t look over at you?”

“No. We keep our eyes on the porn. You don’t watch what I’m doing and I don’t watch what you’re doing. We watch the fucking and sucking and licking on the screen ONLY!”

“What fun is that?” I argued. “Most of the fun is going to be watching you with that big pink vibrator you’ve been bragging about.”

“It’s purple. And I insist that you keep your eyes forward at all times. You can stroke your cock all you want and I can fuck myself all I want. But we don’t watch each other. Got it?”

Again, I was disappointed. When we first started talking about getting together to watch porn, I had an entirely different idea of how it would go. I imagined watching you slide that big pink, er, purple vibrator in and out of your pussy and watching as your eyes rolled back in your skull as immeasurable pleasure erupted inside of you. Hell, that was what was going to get ME off. Sure, the girl-on-girl action on the DVD would get me plenty hot, but it was the idea of you having a shuddering orgasm sitting next me on the couch that was going to get me launching my load sky high. And then, I figured we’d just end up fucking. I mean, it made sense to me.

“I think I want to object to that one,” I said firmly.

You just shook your head. “Then just back this car up and we’ll head back to work.”

“Dammit,” I uttered under my breath. You had all the power here, and you knew it. Women ALWAYS had all the power. “Okay, you win again. Is that it?”

You cocked her head pensively. “Hmmmm. Yep, I think that does it for now. But I might come up with some new rules as we go.”

“No, no, no,” I firmly protested. “No making up new rules as we go along.”

But you just smiled. “Come on. Do you really think you’re in ANY position to challenge me on this?”

You looked down at my crotch. My penis had been nearly bursting from the zipper since we left the office. Both my cock and I were well aware that there were two options: your way, or no way. And my cock knew that your way was the preferable of the two, even if it wasn’t exactly what I had planned.

I acquiesced. You just grinned. “Good. Let’s get going. Not sure how long this will take you, but I’m hoping to knock out a couple of killer orgasms and I’ll need a good 45 minutes to an hour.”

We went inside your house. “The DVD player is in the family room, ” you said pointing down the stairs to the basement. “I’m going to freshen up and I’ll be right down.”

I descended the stairs and quickly assessed the logistics. It was perfect. A large big screen plasma television was against the wall. A plush leather sofa was arranged directly in front of it.

I pushed the “eject” button on the DVD player and the tray slid out. I lifted “The Little Mermaid” out of the tray and replaced it with the DVD I’d brought and gave it a gentle push, which caused the tray to retract. I found the remote sitting on a side table and turned the television on. “DVD loading…” appeared on the blue screen.

Before long I had opened the menu and navigated to the scene we had both agreed we would watch. I’d watched it before and had described it to you. It was two gorgeous, blonde, deeply tanned women eating pussy and finger fucking each other on a beach. You seemed as eager to watch it as I was to have you see it.

I paused the scene when canl─▒ bahis it began, then sat down on the far right end of the sofa. It wasn’t long until you came down the stairs. You had two blankets in your arms. You tossed one to me and sat down on the left side of the sofa.

“What’s this?” I asked, a little more confused.

“New rule. We strip under the blankets and stay covered.”

“But why? My eyes will be forward at ALL times,” I insisted.

“What if they stray? This is just a safety precaution.”

I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t catch a break here. “Whatever,” I said, spreading the blanket over me as you did the same.

The DVD started and the two gorgeous blondes appeared in skimpy bikinis, strolling along the beach, splashing and playing. No question what those two had in mind.

Meanwhile, I noticed that you appeared to be undressing under your blanket, which was soon confirmed when your arm emerged holding a bra and flung it back over your head. You wiggled a bit more, and your panties were suddenly launched toward the TV with a flip of your foot.

I kicked off my shoes, pulled my t-shirt off, and tried pushing my shorts and boxers down, but with the hard-on I’d been sporting for the last 20 minutes, it was a little more effort than I expected. But I managed, and soon we were both naked under the covers. I glanced your way just as you happened to be glancing mine.

“Eyes forward!” you commanded.

“But YOU were looking!”

“I was just checking on you. Eyes FORWARD!”

Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated by the apparent double standard, but I was suddenly distracted by the two blondes on the screen, who were both now totally naked and squeezing each other’s tits and fingering each other with a refreshing enthusiasm.

My cock was already throbbing with excitement, both at the scene on the screen and knowing that you were totally naked sitting just a couple feet away. I used my peripheral vision to sneak a peak, and I’m sure I could perceive some furtive movements suggesting that you were rubbing your clit.

“Mmmmmm,” I heard you moan when one of the blondes pushed the other onto the sand, spread her partner’s pussy and drove her face into that heavenly slit. You were definitely starting to get into it

I suddenly realized I was stroking myself a little too vigorously and if I didn’t slow down I’d be milking this cow prematurely. “Take it slow,” I told myself, but that was easier said than done, as you were moaning a little more loudly and the sofa was vibrating from your movements. I could hear wet sounds coming from what was no doubt the combination of your fingers and your wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhh, that’s what I’m talking about, bitch,” you suddenly said in a throaty, lust covered voice. “Suck that cunt! Yeah!!!” The two blondes were now sixty-nining, and the close-ups of their tongues hungrily eating each other’s pussies were elevating both of our states of arousal to dangerous, yet wonderful levels.

I tried to stay focused on the two girls, but it was impossible to not think about you. I wanted to look so badly. I wanted to reach over and become a part of the pleasure that you were bestowing upon yourself.

I hesitated but took a risk and snuck a glance toward you. Your blanket had fallen to the side, and I could see your firm, tight, naked body– the body that I had aspired to see and touch and fuck for so long. And I was not disappointed. It was captivating, and I could not make myself look away. Your tits are large, ample and enticing. The thought of taking them in my mouth and sucking them made my hand accelerate on my cock.

I let my eyes linger and wander down your body. Your hands slightly obscured your pussy, but I could tell it was freshly shaved, and it effused an aroma of sex that I could almost taste. And oh, how I wanted to taste it. I wanted to slip my tongue inside your dripping cunt and lick and suck you for hours.

My own feverish stroking had dislodged my blanket as well, and it fell away without me realizing it. By pure happenstance, one of your rules had been violated. But you didn’t seem to mind. And bahis siteleri I sure as hell didn’t either.

So both of us were naked, exposed to the other. And while at first I thought it was only me that had broken the rule about “Eyes Forward at All Times”, you too were letting your gaze wander, beholding the throbbing cock that I was firmly stroking.

We both had our hands in our respective crotches. I was caressing my massive cock, which I was sure had swollen larger than it ever had in my recent recollection, and you were happily rubbing the lips of your bare pussy. You watched my shaft in fascination as you fingered yourself, and I watched your juices gather on the lips of your slit and over your fingers.

“God you do have a nice cock,” you finally commented absently, your eyes focused on my rigid member. “You have no idea how hot it makes me to watch you play with yourself”

“Mmmmm, me too,” I replied, because watching you play with your pussy was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

The DVD continued to play, but we had long forgotten about it. We went on fondling and stroking ourselves, stirred not by the hot licking lesbians, but instead by the sight of each other, intrigued of the other’s efforts at self-gratification.

At once our eyes seemed to shift simultaneously; our gazes met. The look on your face almost made me come in that instant. It was the look of total desire, and I was sure my eyes were burning with the same.

“Fuck me!” you suddenly cried, a sense of urgency and desperation filling your voice.

“What about the rules?” I said, regretting immediately that I had reminded you.

But I had no reason to worry. “Fuck the rules,” you shouted, and with cat-like reflexes you leaped from your side of the sofa and landed on top of me, your legs astride my hips, burying your mouth against mine, our tongues instinctively vying to enter the other’s mouth.

My hands immediately reached up and enveloped your breasts. I squeezed them and played with the outer rim of your areoles as you sighed lightly. I pinched your nipples with my index finger and thumb, making you moan loudly.

You pulled your mouth from mine, leaned back and looked into my eyes. “New rule,” you said breathlessly.

“Oh yeah?” I answered just as breathless.

“Yeah,” you replied, standing up on the sofa with your legs on either side of me. Your soft, clean pussy was now directly in front of my face. “Pussy licking is allowed.”

Finally, a rule that I was only too glad to obey.

Your pussy was completely drenched. I licked my lips and slowly moved my head to it. I extended my tongue and teasingly touched your glistening slit. Your body stiffened and you gasped, then relaxed and moaned.

I lightly breathed on your pussy; your back arched a little as you felt my hot breath make your pussy hotter. I lightly licked your inner thigh and tasted your juices. I lingered my tongue over your slit and pussy for a few minutes while I sucked up all your sweet nectar.

Slowly I moved over your slit and spread your lips to look at the light pink coloring inside your pussy and slowly went upward to your clit. Your breathing and moans became short and louder as I got closer, then all at once, I sucked, kissed, and licked your clit with a violent lust that you had never experienced before.

I pushed my tongue hard against your clit and flicked it over and over as you bucked your hips upward, then I stuck my tongue into your pussy and tasted all the juice inside of you. There was more than I could swallow as it started to dribble from the corner of my mouth.

“F-F-F-FUCK! OH GOD! FUCK,” you shouted, grabbing my head and pressing it hard into pussy, pulling at my hair as your body became electrified with delight. I breathed deeply of your nectar, the scent sending spasms through my throbbing cock. I lapped eagerly at your slit, and your entire body shivered and quaked with pleasure.

“OHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUCK…” you wailed, inspiring my tongue to lick harder and faster.

What seemed like minutes was only seconds. Your knees finally grew weak and you dropped down into my lap. bahis ┼čirketleri You sighed deeply, then lifted your head and kissed me deeply, licking my mouth and lips to taste your own juices.

“Oh fuck, that was incredible… but … New rule number two,” you said as you slid to the floor in front of the sofa and cast a wanton look at my patient, twitching cock

You put a hand on the shaft of my cock as it continued to twitch. Your hand’s heat made it throb more. You kissed the head of my dick and started to swallow.

I moaned and melted into the couch. My cock felt so warm and wet inside your mouth. Your head bobbed lightly at the tip, twirling your tongue around and over it, taking it a bit deeper, only to withdraw and tease the tip again with your dexterous tongue. Each time you took a little bit more into your mouth until after a few moments my entire cock was enveloped by your luscious, wet lips. I looked down at you. You were staring at me dead in the eye as you took my cock in and out of your mouth faster and faster. I gasped between moans, concentrating on holding on. You began to go faster, bringing your mouth to the base of my cock, your head sliding up and down on my shaft. You kept this up, urging me to fill your mouth with my milk, and more than anything I wanted to oblige your silent request, but I was not ready for it to end this way and it took everything in my power not to cum.

Finally, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “New rule number three,” I gasped desperately, and your stopped mid stroke. Your eyes seemed to say, “And that is?”

I breathed deeply, then said, “The ‘No fucking’ rule is hereby abolished.”

Even with my cock in your mouth I could see the smile. This new rule pleased you.

You unleashed my cock from your mouth, stood up, then lay down on the sofa, spreading your legs, setting one foot on the floor and draping your right leg over the back of the sofa.

Your pussy glistened in anticipation, eager to accept my pulsating piston of pleasure. I took my cock and aimed it toward you. I leaned in and you reached out and took hold of it, guiding it into your opening. Your labia parted and my cock disappeared inside.

You gasped and tensed your body as I entered your pussy, but you immediately relaxed once I had fully penetrated. You wrapped your legs around my ass and locked your ankles. Your hips slowly began to thrust against me.

My strokes were smooth and steady. Your pussy seemed the perfect fit for my cock as I rocked in and out of you with a gentle rhythm. You closed your eyes and floated in the delight of our union. I held myself above you on straightened arms, watching your face savor the pleasure of our fucking. I watched my cock gliding in and out of you. I would pull my cock back only to have your pussy suck it back in and swallow it whole again.

You began to breathe hard, and your head began to thrash from side to side. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” you shouted. “HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!” You thrust your hips forward to meet mine, and my cock was making perfect contact with your clit. Your frenzy was building, and as I saw you begin to rise toward your climax I felt the spreading urgency of my own. From deep within, from the pit of my groin I felt the expanding pressure.

Our bodies slammed against one another as we thrust in unison. You were panting and grunting as the wave of passion lifted you up, held you there for a brief respite, then sent your riding over the edge in a flood of pain and pleasure. Your body was seized in an immense quaking orgasm and you let out screams of unbridled ecstasy.

In the midst or your explosion I erupted like a white geyser, filling your pussy with my milky release. Together we continued to thrust, urging the pleasure to continue until the very last moment. Then, at last, as the waves receded and the geyser subsided, we were still.

We lay in each other’s arms, our bodies hot and slick, my cock still nestled inside of your drenched pussy. I looked into your eyes and you looked into mine. You smiled, warm and satisfied. “Can I make one last request? ” you asked.

I raised my eyebrows suspiciously. “Sure?”

“Can I invite Shelly tomorrow?”

I pictured the hot little brunette from payroll and smiled. “Definitely.” Then I added, “Eyes forward at all times?”

You giggled. “Absolutely not.”

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